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This article is about the band. !!!_sentence_0

For the band's eponymous album, see !!! !!!_sentence_1 (album). !!!_sentence_2

For other uses, see !!! !!!_sentence_3 (disambiguation). !!!_sentence_4


rowspan="1", colspan="2" ! !_header_cell_0_0_0
Background information !_header_cell_0_1_0
Also known as !_header_cell_0_2_0 Chk Chk Chk!!!_cell_0_2_1
Origin !_header_cell_0_3_0 Sacramento, California, United States!!!_cell_0_3_1
Genres !_header_cell_0_4_0 !!!_cell_0_4_1
Years active !_header_cell_0_5_0 1996–present!!!_cell_0_5_1
Labels !_header_cell_0_6_0 !!!_cell_0_6_1
Associated acts !_header_cell_0_7_0 !!!_cell_0_7_1
Website !_header_cell_0_8_0 !!!_cell_0_8_1
Members !_header_cell_0_10_0 !!!_cell_0_10_1
Past members !_header_cell_0_12_0 !!!_cell_0_12_1

!!! !!!_sentence_5

(/tʃ(ɪ)k.tʃ(ɪ)k.tʃ(ɪ)k/ ch(i)k-ch(i)k-ch(i)k) is an American dance-punk band from Sacramento, California, formed in 1996 by lead singer Nic Offer. !!!_sentence_6

Members of !!! !!!_sentence_7

came from other local bands such as the Yah Mos, Black Liquorice and Pope Smashers. !!!_sentence_8

They are currently based in New York City. !!!_sentence_9

The band's eighth album, Wallop, was released in August 2019. !!!_sentence_10

Background and history !!!_section_0

!!! !!!_sentence_11

is an American band formed in the fall of 1996 by the merger of members of the groups Black Liquorice and Popesmashers. !!!_sentence_12

After a successful joint tour, the two bands decided to mix the disco-funk with more aggressive sounds and integrate the hardcore singer Nic Offer from the Yah Mos. !!!_sentence_13

The band's name was inspired by the subtitles of the movie The Gods Must Be Crazy, in which the clicking sounds of the San people's Juǀʼhoan language were represented as "!". !!!_sentence_14

However, as the bandmembers themselves say, !!! !!!_sentence_15

is pronounced by repeating thrice any monosyllabic sound. !!!_sentence_16

"Chk Chk Chk" is the most common pronunciation, and the URL of their official website and the title of their Myspace page suggest it is the preferred pronunciation. !!!_sentence_17

The band's full-length debut record came out in 2000 as a self-titled album on the label Gold Standard Laboratories. !!!_sentence_18

This was followed in 2003 by the single "Me and Giuliani Down By the School Yard", a lengthy track combining house beats with sinewy basslines, psychedelic guitars, and simple lyrics which quote the title song of the musical Footloose. !!!_sentence_19

A second full-length, Louden Up Now, was released on Touch and Go in America and on Warp Records in Europe in June 2004. !!!_sentence_20

In June 2005 !!! !!!_sentence_21

released a new EP covering "Take Ecstasy with Me" by The Magnetic Fields, and "Get Up" by Nate Dogg. !!!_sentence_22

The following December, the original drummer for the band, Mikel Gius, was struck and killed by a car while riding his bike. !!!_sentence_23

They released their third album, Myth Takes in 2007. !!!_sentence_24

!!! !!!_sentence_25

is composed of Mario Andreoni (guitar), Dan Gorman (horns/percussion/keys), Nic Offer (vocals), Rafael Cohen (bass/various electronic devices), Chris Egan (drums) and Meah Pace (vocals). !!!_sentence_26

Vocalist and drummer John Pugh officially left the band in July 2007 to concentrate on his new band Free Blood. !!!_sentence_27

Vocalist Shannon Funchess stood in for Pugh during much of their 2007 tour. !!!_sentence_28

The band also shared membership with the similar, defunct group Out Hud (including Tyler Pope, who has played with LCD Soundsystem and written music for Cake). !!!_sentence_29

Discography !!!_section_1

Albums !!!_section_2


List of albums, with selected chart positions!!!_table_caption_1
Title !_header_cell_1_0_0 Album details !_header_cell_1_0_1 Peak chart positions !_header_cell_1_0_2
US !_header_cell_1_1_0 US Elec. !_header_cell_1_1_1 FRA !_header_cell_1_1_2 JPN !_header_cell_1_1_3 UK !_header_cell_1_1_4
!!!!!!_cell_1_2_0 !!!_cell_1_2_1 !!!_cell_1_2_2 !!!_cell_1_2_3 !!!_cell_1_2_4 !!!_cell_1_2_5 !!!_cell_1_2_6
Louden Up Now!!!_cell_1_3_0 !!!_cell_1_3_1 !!!_cell_1_3_2 4!!!_cell_1_3_3 !!!_cell_1_3_4 !!!_cell_1_3_5 135!!!_cell_1_3_6
Myth Takes!!!_cell_1_4_0 !!!_cell_1_4_1 195!!!_cell_1_4_2 3!!!_cell_1_4_3 !!!_cell_1_4_4 36!!!_cell_1_4_5 135!!!_cell_1_4_6
Strange Weather, Isn't It?!!!_cell_1_5_0 !!!_cell_1_5_1 !!!_cell_1_5_2 !!!_cell_1_5_3 !!!_cell_1_5_4 54!!!_cell_1_5_5 !!!_cell_1_5_6
THR!!!ER!!!_cell_1_6_0 !!!_cell_1_6_1 !!!_cell_1_6_2 !!!_cell_1_6_3 117!!!_cell_1_6_4 62!!!_cell_1_6_5 121!!!_cell_1_6_6
As If!!!_cell_1_7_0 !!!_cell_1_7_1 !!!_cell_1_7_2 !!!_cell_1_7_3 !!!_cell_1_7_4 80!!!_cell_1_7_5 !!!_cell_1_7_6
Shake the Shudder!!!_cell_1_8_0 !!!_cell_1_8_1 !!!_cell_1_8_2 !!!_cell_1_8_3 !!!_cell_1_8_4 153!!!_cell_1_8_5 !!!_cell_1_8_6
Wallop!!!_cell_1_9_0 !!!_cell_1_9_1 !!!_cell_1_9_2 !!!_cell_1_9_3 !!!_cell_1_9_4 !!!_cell_1_9_5 !!!_cell_1_9_6
"—" denotes a recording that did not chart or was not released in that territory.!!!_cell_1_10_0

EPs !!!_section_3


  • GSL26/LAB SERIES VOL. 2 (Split with Out Hud, 1999, Gold Standard Labs)!!!_item_0_0
  • Live Live Live (November 2004, Beat Records, Japan only)!!!_item_0_1
  • Take Ecstasy with Me/Get Up (June 7, 2005, Touch and Go Records)!!!_item_0_2
  • Yadnus (2007)!!!_item_0_3
  • Jamie, My Intentions Are Bass E.P. (November 2010)!!!_item_0_4
  • MEGAMiiiX Vol.1: Shake Shake Shake (2018)!!!_item_0_5
  • Certified Heavy Kats (July 31, 2020)!!!_item_0_6

Singles !!!_section_4


List of singles, with selected chart positions!!!_table_caption_2
Title !_header_cell_2_0_0 Year !_header_cell_2_0_1 Peak chart positions !_header_cell_2_0_2 Album !_header_cell_2_0_3
UK !_header_cell_2_1_0
"The Dis-Ease/The Funky Branca" !_header_cell_2_2_0 1998!!!_cell_2_2_1 !!!_cell_2_2_2 Non-album single!!!_cell_2_2_3
"Me and Giuliani Down by the School Yard (A True Story)" !_header_cell_2_3_0 2003!!!_cell_2_3_1 84!!!_cell_2_3_2 Louden Up Now!!!_cell_2_3_3
"Pardon My Freedom" !_header_cell_2_4_0 2004!!!_cell_2_4_1 !!!_cell_2_4_2
"Hello? Is This Thing On?" !_header_cell_2_5_0 74!!!_cell_2_5_1
"Me and Giuliani Down by the School Yard (A Remix)" !_header_cell_2_6_0 !!!_cell_2_6_1
"Take Ecstasy With Me/ Get Down" !_header_cell_2_7_0 2005!!!_cell_2_7_1 213!!!_cell_2_7_2 Non-album single!!!_cell_2_7_3
"Heart of Hearts" !_header_cell_2_8_0 2007!!!_cell_2_8_1 !!!_cell_2_8_2 Myth Takes!!!_cell_2_8_3
"Must Be the Moon" !_header_cell_2_9_0 !!!_cell_2_9_1
"AM/FM" !_header_cell_2_10_0 2010!!!_cell_2_10_1 !!!_cell_2_10_2 Strange Weather, Isn't It?!!!_cell_2_10_3
"Slyd" !_header_cell_2_11_0 2013!!!_cell_2_11_1 !!!_cell_2_11_2 THR!!!ER!!!_cell_2_11_3
"One Girl / One Boy" !_header_cell_2_12_0 !!!_cell_2_12_1
"All U Writers" !_header_cell_2_13_0 2015!!!_cell_2_13_1 !!!_cell_2_13_2 As If!!!_cell_2_13_3
"Freedom '15" / "Sick Ass Moon" !_header_cell_2_14_0 !!!_cell_2_14_1
"Bam City" / "Ooo" !_header_cell_2_15_0 !!!_cell_2_15_1
I Feel So Free" (Lost Souls of Saturn Remix) !_header_cell_2_16_0 2016!!!_cell_2_16_1 !!!_cell_2_16_2 Non-album single!!!_cell_2_16_3
"The One 2" !_header_cell_2_17_0 2017!!!_cell_2_17_1 !!!_cell_2_17_2 Shake the Shudder!!!_cell_2_17_3
"Dancing Is the Best Revenge" !_header_cell_2_18_0 !!!_cell_2_18_1
"Serbia Drums" !_header_cell_2_19_0 2019!!!_cell_2_19_1 !!!_cell_2_19_2 Wallop!!!_cell_2_19_3
"Do the Dial Tone" !_header_cell_2_20_0 2020!!!_cell_2_20_1 !!!_cell_2_20_2 Certified Heavy Kats!!!_cell_2_20_3

Other projects !!!_section_5


  • !!! (1997, tour cassette)!!!_item_1_7

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