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(pronounced “Exclamation Mark”) is the second studio album by American rapper and singer Trippie Redd. ! (Trippie Redd album)_sentence_1

It was released on August 9, 2019, by TenThousand Projects and Caroline Records. ! (Trippie Redd album)_sentence_2

The album features appearances from Diplo, The Game, Lil Duke, Lil Baby and Coi Leray. ! (Trippie Redd album)_sentence_3

The album also originally featured Playboi Carti, but was later removed from the album. ! (Trippie Redd album)_sentence_4

Background ! (Trippie Redd album)_section_0

In January 2019, Trippie Redd announced that he had two more projects to be released soon in an Instagram live stream, his second studio album, Immortal and Mobile Suit Pussy, which was reportedly set to be his fourth commercial mixtape, but it then became scrapped. ! (Trippie Redd album)_sentence_5

He explained that Immortal would have tracks where deep and romantic concepts are present, while Mobile Suit Pussy would have contained tracks that are "bangers". ! (Trippie Redd album)_sentence_6

Later in March 2019 in another Instagram live stream, Redd stated that his second album had "shifted and changed" and was no longer titled Immortal. ! (Trippie Redd album)_sentence_7

He later revealed that the album would be titled !, and inspired by former collaborator XXXTentacion's ? ! (Trippie Redd album)_sentence_8

album. ! (Trippie Redd album)_sentence_9

Trippie released the lead single to the album "Under Enemy Arms" on May 29, 2019. ! (Trippie Redd album)_sentence_10

He confirmed in an interview with Zane Lowe of Beats 1 Radio that the album would be titled ! ! (Trippie Redd album)_sentence_11

and was already completed, but that he wanted to add several more features as well as videos. ! (Trippie Redd album)_sentence_12

Critical reception ! (Trippie Redd album)_section_1

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Pitchfork! (Trippie Redd album)_cell_0_3_0 5.5/10! (Trippie Redd album)_cell_0_3_1

Rachel Aroesti of The Guardian described the album as "compelling but contradictory emo-rap", noting lyrical contradictions and concluding it "is doubtless part of the genre's forward march – but it's hard to get past the sense that White has sacrificed a coherent artistic identity in the name of progress." ! (Trippie Redd album)_sentence_13

Writing for Pitchfork, Andy O'Connor wrote that the "songs touch on being true to oneself at all costs, but these half-baked lessons land flat since Redd himself doesn't really have an identity, musical or otherwise", further commenting, "Most of what happens here couldn't even realistically be considered rapping", calling the verses "dull and unimaginative on top of being restrictive in form" and "nonsense bars". ! (Trippie Redd album)_sentence_14

O'Connor concluded that "the most enjoyable moments feel like controlled chaos. ! (Trippie Redd album)_sentence_15

Redd [...] does at least sound more composed. ! (Trippie Redd album)_sentence_16

That's to his credit as a person but it's not to his advantage as an artist." ! (Trippie Redd album)_sentence_17

Commercial performance ! (Trippie Redd album)_section_2

The album debuted at number three on the US Billboard 200 with 51,000 album-equivalent units, of which 7,000 were pure album sales in its first week. ! (Trippie Redd album)_sentence_18

Track listing ! (Trippie Redd album)_section_3

Credits adapted from Apple Music. ! (Trippie Redd album)_sentence_19

Notes ! (Trippie Redd album)_sentence_20

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  • "They Afraid of You" originally appeared on the album, but was later removed from the album (including physical), and from all streaming platforms.! (Trippie Redd album)_item_0_0

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