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"Awaken, My Love!" "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_0

is the third studio album by American rapper Donald Glover, under his stage name Childish Gambino. "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_1

It was released by Glassnote Records on December 2, 2016. "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_2

Consisting of tracks being sung rather than rapped, its fusion of psychedelic soul, funk and R&B influences was considered a bold departure from the predominantly hip hop style of his prior work. "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_3

The album was produced by Glover and his longtime collaborator, Ludwig Göransson. "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_4

"Awaken, My Love!" "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_5

received generally positive reviews from critics and debuted at number five on the US Billboard 200. "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_6

The album was supported by three singles, "Me and Your Mama", "Redbone" and "Terrified". "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_7

It received Grammy Award nominations for Album of the Year and Best Urban Contemporary Album at the 2018 Grammy Awards. "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_8

The single "Redbone" also earned nominations for Record of the Year, Best R&B Song, and won the Grammy Award for Best Traditional R&B Performance. "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_9

Background "Awaken, My Love!"_section_0

On June 17, 2016, after a hiatus from social media, Glover tweeted "pharos.earth", a link to download his new app. "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_10

The app itself placed the user in outer space looking at a small blue planet while a clock counted down to zero. "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_11

The app then had the user crash down into space, placing them on a map that was located on Joshua Tree, California. "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_12

The app then showed the dates of his upcoming performances in Joshua Tree, where the user could also purchase tickets. "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_13

The concert festival was to debut the album and give the audience the "full-album experience". "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_14

From September 3 to 5, nearly three months before the release of his album, Glover held three concert performances at Joshua Tree to debut the album. "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_15

Glover wore glow-in-the-dark paint on his braids and a pink and yellow skirt, with his bandmates wearing similar attire. "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_16

He performed eleven songs during the concert with minimal rapping, mainly featuring a funk/jazz vibe. "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_17

Upon its release, Glover updated his Pharos app so users could watch the performance of his first lead single, "Me and Your Mama" at Joshua Tree through a virtual reality lens on the phone. "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_18

Cover artwork "Awaken, My Love!"_section_1

The cover of "Awaken, My Love!" "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_19

features a photo by New York City-based creative director Ibra Ake, in which model Giannina Oteto wears a beaded headdress designed by Laura Wass of WXYZ Jewelry. "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_20

Prior to the album's release, the cover artwork was included as an easter egg in the episode "Juneteenth" of Glover's FX series Atlanta. "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_21

Singles "Awaken, My Love!"_section_2

"Me and Your Mama" was released as the album's lead single on Beats 1 radio and the iTunes Store on November 10, 2016, while "Redbone" was released a week later, premiering on Annie Mac's Hottest Record on BBC Radio 1. "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_22

On September 19, 2017, "Terrified" was sent to urban contemporary radio as the album's third single. "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_23

Critical reception "Awaken, My Love!"_section_3

"Awaken, My Love!"_table_general_0

Professional ratings"Awaken, My Love!"_table_caption_0
Aggregate scores"Awaken, My Love!"_header_cell_0_0_0
Source"Awaken, My Love!"_header_cell_0_1_0 Rating"Awaken, My Love!"_header_cell_0_1_1
AnyDecentMusic?"Awaken, My Love!"_cell_0_2_0 7.4/10"Awaken, My Love!"_cell_0_2_1
Metacritic"Awaken, My Love!"_cell_0_3_0 77/100"Awaken, My Love!"_cell_0_3_1
Review scores"Awaken, My Love!"_header_cell_0_4_0
Source"Awaken, My Love!"_header_cell_0_5_0 Rating"Awaken, My Love!"_header_cell_0_5_1
AllMusic"Awaken, My Love!"_cell_0_6_0 "Awaken, My Love!"_cell_0_6_1
The A.V. Club"Awaken, My Love!"_cell_0_7_0 A−"Awaken, My Love!"_cell_0_7_1
The Guardian"Awaken, My Love!"_cell_0_8_0 "Awaken, My Love!"_cell_0_8_1
The Irish Times"Awaken, My Love!"_cell_0_9_0 "Awaken, My Love!"_cell_0_9_1
Mojo"Awaken, My Love!"_cell_0_10_0 "Awaken, My Love!"_cell_0_10_1
The Observer"Awaken, My Love!"_cell_0_11_0 "Awaken, My Love!"_cell_0_11_1
Pitchfork"Awaken, My Love!"_cell_0_12_0 7.2/10"Awaken, My Love!"_cell_0_12_1
Q"Awaken, My Love!"_cell_0_13_0 "Awaken, My Love!"_cell_0_13_1
Rolling Stone"Awaken, My Love!"_cell_0_14_0 "Awaken, My Love!"_cell_0_14_1
XXL"Awaken, My Love!"_cell_0_15_0 4/5"Awaken, My Love!"_cell_0_15_1

"Awaken, My Love!" "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_24

was met with generally positive reviews. "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_25

At Metacritic, the album received an average score of 77, based on 25 reviews. "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_26

Aggregator AnyDecentMusic? "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_27

gave it 7.4 out of 10, based on their assessment of the critical consensus. "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_28

Mosi Reeves of Rolling Stone wrote that "'Awaken, My Love!' "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_29

is an enthralling trip into the land of funk," while Dan Bogosian from The A.V. "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_30 Club wrote "Is Childish Gambino suddenly the new Prince, a virtuoso multi-instrumentalist always ready to keep the world an arm’s length away from knowing what he's thinking? "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_31

Is he D'Angelo, a soul god fighting against his first image with all-time great music? "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_32

No. "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_33

He is Donald Glover, a man who can perform and write comedy, act in drama, and drop a truly wonderful album on short notice with all the influences and instructions spelled out." "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_34

Perry Kostidakis of the FSView & Florida Flambeau wrote that "with each successive album, Childish Gambino has exhibited phenomenal growth, but no more than on his latest release. "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_35

Unflinchingly ambitious and boldly different, 'Awaken, My Love' calls back the sounds and themes of the 1970s funkadelic movement to provide a wholly original, emotional and immersive musical experience," with The Guardian's Gwilym Mumford adding "only the limitations of his voice occasionally let him down – he doesn't quite have the range to nail Awaken's more ostentatious vocal lines. "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_36

Still, it's a minor gripe when there's so much here to enjoy." "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_37

Jon Pareles of The New York Times said, "It's at once a homage and a parody, equally aware of that era's excesses and its glories, of the way that the most memorable 1970s R&B merged sensuality, activism, humor, toughness, outlandishness, futurism, soul roots, wild eccentricity and utopian community spirit. "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_38

That's an extremely high bar, but at its best, 'Awaken, My Love!' "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_39

recalls many of those virtues." "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_40

Tim Sendra of AllMusic said, "'Awaken, My Love!' "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_41

is a stone-cold blast from beginning to end." "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_42

Matthew Strauss of Pitchfork said, "There are times, however, when that nodding feels more like mimicry than anything else. "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_43

Maybe he'll figure out how to smuggle Donald Glover's heart into Childish Gambino's brain eventually, but if he hasn't figured out what he wants out of Childish Gambino yet, it's increasingly rewarding watching him try." "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_44

Scott Glaysher of XXL said, "Childish Gambino gets definite props for pushing the envelope and refusing to operate within any genre confinements on this refreshing 49-minute trip through the funkadelic 1970s. "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_45

While these blurred lines make this album a little hard to follow, 'Awaken, My Love!' "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_46

proves his versatility as a rapper turning over a new leaf." "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_47

Kitty Empire of The Observer said, "Throughout, Glover's genre fluency is unimpeachable; the only minor drawback is the overmannered air of some of these period pieces, where there could be more straight-up abandon, as on the persuasive 'Me and Your Mama'." "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_48

Vice negatively described the album as "pure Funkadelic cosplay." "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_49

Critic Robert Christgau regarded the album as "a seriously overrated piece of romantic P-Funk retro that owes its Grammy nomination to Atlanta". "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_50

Accolades "Awaken, My Love!"_section_4

"Awaken, My Love!"_table_general_1

Year-end lists"Awaken, My Love!"_table_caption_1
Publication"Awaken, My Love!"_header_cell_1_0_0 Accolade"Awaken, My Love!"_header_cell_1_0_1 Rank"Awaken, My Love!"_header_cell_1_0_2
Clash"Awaken, My Love!"_header_cell_1_1_0 Clash Albums of the Year 2016"Awaken, My Love!"_cell_1_1_1 22"Awaken, My Love!"_cell_1_1_2
Exclaim!"Awaken, My Love!"_header_cell_1_2_0 Exclaim!'s Top 10 Soul and R&B Albums Best of 2017"Awaken, My Love!"_cell_1_2_1 7"Awaken, My Love!"_cell_1_2_2
Pigeons & Planes"Awaken, My Love!"_header_cell_1_3_0 Best Albums of 2016"Awaken, My Love!"_cell_1_3_1 43"Awaken, My Love!"_cell_1_3_2
Variance"Awaken, My Love!"_header_cell_1_4_0 50 Best Albums of 2016"Awaken, My Love!"_cell_1_4_1 15"Awaken, My Love!"_cell_1_4_2

"Awaken, My Love!"_table_general_2

Awards for "Awaken, My Love!""Awaken, My Love!"_table_caption_2
Year"Awaken, My Love!"_header_cell_2_0_0 Ceremony"Awaken, My Love!"_header_cell_2_0_1 Category"Awaken, My Love!"_header_cell_2_0_2 Result"Awaken, My Love!"_header_cell_2_0_3
2018"Awaken, My Love!"_header_cell_2_1_0 Grammy Awards"Awaken, My Love!"_cell_2_1_1 Album of the Year"Awaken, My Love!"_cell_2_1_2 Nominated"Awaken, My Love!"_cell_2_1_3
Best Urban Contemporary Album"Awaken, My Love!"_cell_2_2_0 Nominated"Awaken, My Love!"_cell_2_2_1

Commercial performance "Awaken, My Love!"_section_5

"Awaken, My Love!" "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_51

debuted at number five on the US Billboard 200 with 101,000 album-equivalent units, marking the third highest debut of the week. "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_52

It was the fourth best-selling album of the week, selling 72,000 copies according to Nielsen SoundScan. "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_53

The album was also streamed 41.5 million times in the first week. "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_54

It is Glover's highest-charting album. "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_55

As of December 28, 2016, the album has sold 151,000 album-equivalent units, with 100,000 in physical album sales. "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_56

On September 27, 2018, the album was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for combined sales, streaming and track-sales equivalent of a million units in the United States. "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_57

Track listing "Awaken, My Love!"_section_6

All lyrics written by Donald Glover, except "Zombies" by Glover and Ludwig Göransson; all music composed and produced by Glover and Göransson, except where noted. "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_58

Notes "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_59

"Awaken, My Love!"_unordered_list_0

  • signifies an additional producer"Awaken, My Love!"_item_0_0

Sample credits "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_60

"Awaken, My Love!"_unordered_list_1

  • "Riot" contains a sample of "Good to Your Earhole" by Funkadelic."Awaken, My Love!"_item_1_1

Personnel "Awaken, My Love!"_section_7

Credits adapted from the album's liner notes. "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_61

Musicians "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_62

Production "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_63

Design "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_64

Managerial "Awaken, My Love!"_sentence_65

Charts "Awaken, My Love!"_section_8

Certifications "Awaken, My Love!"_section_9

"Awaken, My Love!"_table_general_3

Certifications for "Awaken, My Love!""Awaken, My Love!"_table_caption_3
Region"Awaken, My Love!"_header_cell_3_0_0 Certification"Awaken, My Love!"_header_cell_3_0_1 Certified units/sales"Awaken, My Love!"_header_cell_3_0_2
Canada (Music Canada)"Awaken, My Love!"_header_cell_3_1_0 Platinum"Awaken, My Love!"_cell_3_1_1 80,000"Awaken, My Love!"_cell_3_1_2
Denmark (IFPI Denmark)"Awaken, My Love!"_header_cell_3_2_0 Gold"Awaken, My Love!"_cell_3_2_1 10,000"Awaken, My Love!"_cell_3_2_2
United Kingdom (BPI)"Awaken, My Love!"_header_cell_3_3_0 Silver"Awaken, My Love!"_cell_3_3_1 60,000"Awaken, My Love!"_cell_3_3_2
United States (RIAA)"Awaken, My Love!"_header_cell_3_4_0 Platinum"Awaken, My Love!"_cell_3_4_1 1,000,000"Awaken, My Love!"_cell_3_4_2
sales+streaming figures based on certification alone"Awaken, My Love!"_cell_3_5_0

See also "Awaken, My Love!"_section_10

"Awaken, My Love!"_unordered_list_2

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