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ǂKá̦gára or ǂKáʻgára (pronunciation (help·)) is a character in ǀXam (San) mythology associated with lightning. ǂKá̦gára_sentence_0

Mythology ǂKá̦gára_section_0

A story recorded in the 19th century tells of ǂKá̦gára falling out with his brother-in-law ǃHãunu (pronunciation (help·)). ǂKá̦gára_sentence_1

ǂKá̦gára came to fetch his sister and take her home, but ǃHãunu pursued them. ǂKá̦gára_sentence_2

ǃHãunu began to throw lightning at ǂKá̦gára, but ǂKá̦gára was unhurt and threw lightning back. ǂKá̦gára_sentence_3

ǃHãunu died slowly, thundering, while ǂKá̦gára went to sleep, also thundering. ǂKá̦gára_sentence_4

The story is told to young children to explain lightning and thunder during a storm. ǂKá̦gára_sentence_5

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  • 469705 ǂKá̦gára, an astronomical body named after ǂKá̦gára, and its large moon ǃHãunu. (The likely pronunciations of these names are described there.)ǂKá̦gára_item_0_0
  • San mythologyǂKá̦gára_item_0_1

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