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Not to be confused with %, indicating parts per hundred, or with , indicating parts per ten thousand. Per mille_sentence_1

Permille may also be a 1000-quantile. Per mille_sentence_2

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For the Finnish video game, see Promille (video game). Per mille_sentence_4

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Per millePer mille_header_cell_0_1_0
In UnicodePer mille_header_cell_0_2_0 U+2030 ‰ PER MILLE SIGN (HTML ‰ · ‰)Per mille_cell_0_2_1
RelatedPer mille_header_cell_0_3_0
See alsoPer mille_header_cell_0_4_0 U+0025 % PERCENT SIGN

U+2031 ‱ PER TEN THOUSAND SIGN (Basis point)Per mille_cell_0_4_1

Per mille, (from Latin , "in each thousand"), is an expression that means parts per thousand. Per mille_sentence_5

Other recognised spellings include per mil, per mill, permil, permill, or permille. Per mille_sentence_6

The associated sign is written ‰, which looks like a percent sign % with an extra zero in the divisor. Per mille_sentence_7

The term occurs so rarely in English that major dictionaries do not agree on the spelling and some major dictionaries such as Macmillan do not even contain an entry. Per mille_sentence_8

The term is more common in other European languages where it is used to express fractions smaller than 1%. Per mille_sentence_9

One common usage is blood alcohol content, which is usually expressed as a percentage in English-speaking countries. Per mille_sentence_10

Per mil should not be confused with parts per million (ppm). Per mille_sentence_11

Computer systems Per mille_section_0

The code point for the glyph is included in the General Punctuation block of Unicode characters: U+2030 ‰ PER MILLE SIGN. Per mille_sentence_12

It may be typed using Alt+0137, Compose%o, or Ctrl+⇧ Shift+u 2030, according to operating system. Per mille_sentence_13

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