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This is a summary of significant events in music in 1993. 1993 in music_sentence_0

Specific locations 1993 in music_section_0

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Specific genres 1993 in music_section_1

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Events 1993 in music_section_2

January–February 1993 in music_section_3

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March–April 1993 in music_section_4

1993 in music_unordered_list_3

May–June 1993 in music_section_5

1993 in music_unordered_list_4

  • May 6 – A government official announced that the Malaysian cabinet will commission musicians to speed up the tempo of the country's national anthem in an effort to make it more dynamic.1993 in music_item_4_31
  • May 10Hugh Whitaker, former drummer of The Housemartins, is sentenced to six years in jail for attacking an ex–business partner with an axe.1993 in music_item_4_32
  • May 15 – The 1993 Eurovision Song Contest, held at Green Glens Arena in Millstreet, Ireland, is won by singer Niamh Kavanagh, representing the host country with the song "In Your Eyes". Ireland equal France and Luxembourg's tally of five total Eurovision victories.1993 in music_item_4_33
  • Janet Jackson's "That's The Way Love Goes" reaches number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and spends eight consecutive weeks at the top spot.1993 in music_item_4_34
  • May 18 - Janet Jackson releases her 5th studio album titled Janet. It becomes her 3rd consecutive album to debut at number one on the Billboard 200, becoming the first album by a female artist to debut at number one in the Nielsen SoundScan Era. It also becomes the highest first week album sales by a female artist in history during that time, selling 350,000 copies.1993 in music_item_4_35
  • May 27 – June 6 – The second Brisbane Biennial International Music Festival is held.1993 in music_item_4_36
  • June 71993 in music_item_4_37
    • On his 35th birthday, Prince announces that he is changing his name to an unpronounceable symbol. This led to him being called The Artist Formerly Known as Prince until 2000.1993 in music_item_4_38

July–August 1993 in music_section_6

1993 in music_unordered_list_5

  • July 7 – Singer Mia Zapata of punk band The Gits is found dead after being beaten, sexually assaulted and strangled in the Capitol Hill district of Seattle. Her murder goes unsolved for a decade until DNA evidence leads to an arrest and conviction.1993 in music_item_5_39
  • July 17Guns N' Roses play the final gig on their Use Your Illusion Tour. This will be the last time the original band plays together on stage until 2016.1993 in music_item_5_40
  • July 18 – At a Lollapalooza concert in Philadelphia, Rage Against the Machine uses their entire 14-minute performance time to protest their single "Killing in the Name" being banned from radio. With only guitar feedback for sound, the group appears on stage naked with the letters "PMRC" painted on their chests and electrical duct tape over their mouths.1993 in music_item_5_41
  • July 21Ilaiyaraaja becomes the first Asian composer to have a symphony performed by a major UK orchestra (Royal Philharmonic Orchestra).1993 in music_item_5_42
  • August 3 – Aharon Gorev's Klezmer Symphony, the first of its kind, is featured on the opening concert of the sixth annual International Klezmer Festival in Safed, Israel.1993 in music_item_5_43
  • August 5 – Singer Natalie Merchant announces on MTV that she is leaving 10,000 Maniacs after 12 years in the band.1993 in music_item_5_44
  • August 10Mayhem guitarist Euronymous is stabbed to death by fellow band member Varg Vikernes in Oslo, Norway, causing the temporary end of Mayhem.1993 in music_item_5_45
  • August 24 – News breaks to the public that Michael Jackson is being investigated on allegations of child molestation.1993 in music_item_5_46
  • August 28Bruce Dickinson plays his final show with Iron Maiden (until his return in 1999) in London. The show is broadcast on British television, and later released on VHS and DVD.1993 in music_item_5_47

September–October 1993 in music_section_7

1993 in music_unordered_list_6

  • September 2Snoop Dogg and his bodyguard are charged with the August 25 murder of a 20-year-old gang member in a drive-by shooting. They are cleared of the charges in 1996.1993 in music_item_6_48
  • September 14 – A civil lawsuit is filed against Michael Jackson by thirteen-year-old Jordan Chandler and his parents, accusing the singer of sexually abusing the boy over the course of their friendship.1993 in music_item_6_49
  • September 20Depeche Mode becomes among the earliest bands to go on the Internet to interact with fans, as the group holds a question-and-answer session on AOL. The event is marred by technical difficulties as many participants, including the band members themselves, have trouble logging on to the chat.1993 in music_item_6_50
  • September 25Madonna starts The Girlie Show World Tour in London, England. And visit some countries for the very first time like Brazil, Argentina, Israel, Turkey, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Australia.1993 in music_item_6_51
  • September 30 – October 2 – The Abu Ghosh Vocal Music Festival is held, featuring music of Jewish, Christian, and Moslem cultural traditions, and a performance of Handel's Messiah by the Ave Sol Choir from Riga and the Rehovot Camerata Orchestra directed by Avner Biron.1993 in music_item_6_52
  • October 1MTV Latin America is launched.1993 in music_item_6_53
  • October 1–3 – Annual Australian Bush Music Festival takes place in Glen Innes.1993 in music_item_6_54
  • October 17Savatage guitarist and co-founder Christopher Michael "Criss" Oliva killed in a car accident.1993 in music_item_6_55
  • October 31Tupac Shakur is arrested and charged with shooting two off-duty police officers in Atlanta. The charges are later dropped.1993 in music_item_6_56

November–December 1993 in music_section_8

1993 in music_unordered_list_7

  • November 6–7 – The second annual Tooheys Sydney Country Music Festival, is held at Clarendon (Hawkesbury) Racecourse, in Sydney.1993 in music_item_7_57
  • November 11Michael Jackson ends his Dangerous World Tour in Mexico City, Mexico.1993 in music_item_7_58
  • November 12 – Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, responding to an announcement by the Arts Council that they would fund only two of London's four orchestras starting in 1994, confirms he plans to hand back his knighthood and consider leaving the country if this support were to be withdrawn.1993 in music_item_7_59
  • November 18Nirvana play their unplugged concert in New York for MTV.1993 in music_item_7_60
  • November 19Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder is arrested in New Orleans, USA on charges of public drunkenness after a bar room brawl.1993 in music_item_7_61
  • November 19Madonna ends her tour in Tokyo, Japan.1993 in music_item_7_62
  • December 22Michael Jackson makes his first public statement regarding the child molestation allegations leveled against him. In a videotaped address, Jackson calls the accusations "totally false" and asks the public to "wait to hear the truth before you label or condemn me."1993 in music_item_7_63
  • December 31 – The 22nd annual New Year's Rockin' Eve special airs on ABC, with appearances by Brooks & Dunn, Daryl Hall, Kiss, Joey Lawrence, SWV, and Barry Manilow.1993 in music_item_7_64

Also in 1993 1993 in music_section_9

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  • Rick Astley retires from the music industry at the age of 27 after selling 40 million records in a five-year period.1993 in music_item_8_65
  • Keiko Abe becomes the first woman to be inducted into the Percussive Arts Society Hall of Fame.1993 in music_item_8_66

Bands formed 1993 in music_section_10

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Bands disbanded 1993 in music_section_11

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Bands reformed 1993 in music_section_12

Albums released 1993 in music_section_13

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January–March 1993 in music_section_14

1993 in music_table_general_0

Date1993 in music_header_cell_0_0_0 Album1993 in music_header_cell_0_0_2 Artist1993 in music_header_cell_0_0_3 Notes1993 in music_header_cell_0_0_4

A N U A R Y1993 in music_cell_0_1_0

51993 in music_cell_0_1_1 Mark Collie1993 in music_cell_0_1_2 Mark Collie1993 in music_cell_0_1_3 -1993 in music_cell_0_1_4
Slo*Blo1993 in music_cell_0_2_0 Cell1993 in music_cell_0_2_1 -1993 in music_cell_0_2_2
61993 in music_cell_0_3_0 Lucky Thirteen1993 in music_cell_0_3_1 Neil Young1993 in music_cell_0_3_2 Compilation + unreleased1993 in music_cell_0_3_3
111993 in music_cell_0_4_0 So Close1993 in music_cell_0_4_1 Dina Carroll1993 in music_cell_0_4_2 -1993 in music_cell_0_4_3
The Way We Walk, Volume Two: The Longs1993 in music_cell_0_5_0 Genesis1993 in music_cell_0_5_1 Live1993 in music_cell_0_5_2
121993 in music_cell_0_6_0 American Grafishy1993 in music_cell_0_6_1 Flipper1993 in music_cell_0_6_2 -1993 in music_cell_0_6_3
Blue Funk1993 in music_cell_0_7_0 Heavy D & the Boyz1993 in music_cell_0_7_1 -1993 in music_cell_0_7_2
Edge of Excess1993 in music_cell_0_8_0 Triumph1993 in music_cell_0_8_1 US1993 in music_cell_0_8_2
No Cure for Cancer1993 in music_cell_0_9_0 Denis Leary1993 in music_cell_0_9_1 -1993 in music_cell_0_9_2
Tha Triflin' Album1993 in music_cell_0_10_0 King Tee1993 in music_cell_0_10_1 -1993 in music_cell_0_10_2
Wake Up Screaming1993 in music_cell_0_11_0 Every Mother's Nightmare1993 in music_cell_0_11_1 -1993 in music_cell_0_11_2
181993 in music_cell_0_12_0 Songs from the Mirror1993 in music_cell_0_12_1 Fish1993 in music_cell_0_12_2 Covers1993 in music_cell_0_12_3
191993 in music_cell_0_13_0 12 Inches of Snow1993 in music_cell_0_13_1 Snow1993 in music_cell_0_13_2 -1993 in music_cell_0_13_3
Body, Mind, Soul1993 in music_cell_0_14_0 Debbie Gibson1993 in music_cell_0_14_1 -1993 in music_cell_0_14_2
The Erosion of Sanity1993 in music_cell_0_15_0 Gorguts1993 in music_cell_0_15_1 -1993 in music_cell_0_15_2
The Juliet Letters1993 in music_cell_0_16_0 Elvis Costello and The Brodsky Quartet1993 in music_cell_0_16_1 -1993 in music_cell_0_16_2
The Wheel1993 in music_cell_0_17_0 Rosanne Cash1993 in music_cell_0_17_1 -1993 in music_cell_0_17_2
251993 in music_cell_0_18_0 Barry Live in Britain1993 in music_cell_0_18_1 Barry Manilow1993 in music_cell_0_18_2 Live1993 in music_cell_0_18_3
Dusk1993 in music_cell_0_19_0 The The1993 in music_cell_0_19_1 -1993 in music_cell_0_19_2
Perverse1993 in music_cell_0_20_0 Jesus Jones1993 in music_cell_0_20_1 -1993 in music_cell_0_20_2
Star1993 in music_cell_0_21_0 Belly1993 in music_cell_0_21_1 -1993 in music_cell_0_21_2
261993 in music_cell_0_22_0 Fire in the Dark1993 in music_cell_0_22_1 Billy Dean1993 in music_cell_0_22_2 -1993 in music_cell_0_22_3

E B R U A R Y1993 in music_cell_0_23_0

11993 in music_cell_0_23_1 Objection Overruled1993 in music_cell_0_23_2 Accept1993 in music_cell_0_23_3 -1993 in music_cell_0_23_4
Gorgeous1993 in music_cell_0_24_0 808 State1993 in music_cell_0_24_1 -1993 in music_cell_0_24_2
21993 in music_cell_0_25_0 In God We Trust1993 in music_cell_0_25_1 Brand Nubian1993 in music_cell_0_25_2 -1993 in music_cell_0_25_3
Rift1993 in music_cell_0_26_0 Phish1993 in music_cell_0_26_1 -1993 in music_cell_0_26_2
Black Mafia Life1993 in music_cell_0_27_0 Above the Law1993 in music_cell_0_27_1 -1993 in music_cell_0_27_2
31993 in music_cell_0_28_0 Earth 21993 in music_cell_0_28_1 Earth1993 in music_cell_0_28_2 -1993 in music_cell_0_28_3
81993 in music_cell_0_29_0 Native Tongue1993 in music_cell_0_29_1 Poison1993 in music_cell_0_29_2 -1993 in music_cell_0_29_3
Wandering Spirit1993 in music_cell_0_30_0 Mick Jagger1993 in music_cell_0_30_1 -1993 in music_cell_0_30_2
91993 in music_cell_0_31_0 Music1993 in music_cell_0_31_1 3111993 in music_cell_0_31_2 -1993 in music_cell_0_31_3
Off the Ground1993 in music_cell_0_32_0 Paul McCartney1993 in music_cell_0_32_1 -1993 in music_cell_0_32_2
Slip1993 in music_cell_0_33_0 Quicksand1993 in music_cell_0_33_1 -1993 in music_cell_0_33_2
Spilt Milk1993 in music_cell_0_34_0 Jellyfish1993 in music_cell_0_34_1 -1993 in music_cell_0_34_2
Where You Been1993 in music_cell_0_35_0 Dinosaur Jr.1993 in music_cell_0_35_1 -1993 in music_cell_0_35_2
101993 in music_cell_0_36_0 On the Mouth1993 in music_cell_0_36_1 Superchunk1993 in music_cell_0_36_2 -1993 in music_cell_0_36_3
151993 in music_cell_0_37_0 Serenades1993 in music_cell_0_37_1 Anathema1993 in music_cell_0_37_2 -1993 in music_cell_0_37_3
161993 in music_cell_0_38_0 Body Exit Mind1993 in music_cell_0_38_1 New Fast Automatic Daffodils1993 in music_cell_0_38_2 -1993 in music_cell_0_38_3
The Last Rebel1993 in music_cell_0_39_0 Lynyrd Skynyrd1993 in music_cell_0_39_1 -1993 in music_cell_0_39_2
Sarsippius' Ark1993 in music_cell_0_40_0 Infectious Grooves1993 in music_cell_0_40_1 -1993 in music_cell_0_40_2
Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z.1993 in music_cell_0_41_0 2Pac1993 in music_cell_0_41_1 -1993 in music_cell_0_41_2
Tabula Rasa1993 in music_cell_0_42_0 Einstürzende Neubauten1993 in music_cell_0_42_1 -1993 in music_cell_0_42_2
191993 in music_cell_0_43_0 Happy Nation1993 in music_cell_0_43_1 Ace of Base1993 in music_cell_0_43_2 Europe only1993 in music_cell_0_43_3
221993 in music_cell_0_44_0 New Wave1993 in music_cell_0_44_1 The Auteurs1993 in music_cell_0_44_2 -1993 in music_cell_0_44_3
Pablo Honey1993 in music_cell_0_45_0 Radiohead1993 in music_cell_0_45_1 Debut1993 in music_cell_0_45_2
231993 in music_cell_0_46_0 19 Naughty III1993 in music_cell_0_46_1 Naughty by Nature1993 in music_cell_0_46_2 -1993 in music_cell_0_46_3
Boy Krazy1993 in music_cell_0_47_0 Boy Krazy1993 in music_cell_0_47_1 -1993 in music_cell_0_47_2
The Crying Game: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Album1993 in music_cell_0_48_0 Various Artists1993 in music_cell_0_48_1 Soundtrack1993 in music_cell_0_48_2
Duran Duran1993 in music_cell_0_49_0 Duran Duran1993 in music_cell_0_49_1 -1993 in music_cell_0_49_2
Fuzzy1993 in music_cell_0_50_0 Grant Lee Buffalo1993 in music_cell_0_50_1 -1993 in music_cell_0_50_2
Hard Workin' Man1993 in music_cell_0_51_0 Brooks & Dunn1993 in music_cell_0_51_1 -1993 in music_cell_0_51_2
Joey Lawrence1993 in music_cell_0_52_0 Joey Lawrence1993 in music_cell_0_52_1 -1993 in music_cell_0_52_2
Live: Right Here, Right Now1993 in music_cell_0_53_0 Van Halen1993 in music_cell_0_53_1 2x CD, Live1993 in music_cell_0_53_2
Magic & Madness1993 in music_cell_0_54_0 Circus of Power1993 in music_cell_0_54_1 -1993 in music_cell_0_54_2
Scenes from the Second Storey1993 in music_cell_0_55_0 The God Machine1993 in music_cell_0_55_1 -1993 in music_cell_0_55_2
Sister Sweetly1993 in music_cell_0_56_0 Big Head Todd and the Monsters1993 in music_cell_0_56_1 -1993 in music_cell_0_56_2
Slow Dancing with the Moon1993 in music_cell_0_57_0 Dolly Parton1993 in music_cell_0_57_1 -1993 in music_cell_0_57_2
Smoke1993 in music_cell_0_58_0 Drivin N Cryin1993 in music_cell_0_58_1 -1993 in music_cell_0_58_2
Superstar Car Wash1993 in music_cell_0_59_0 Goo Goo Dolls1993 in music_cell_0_59_1 -1993 in music_cell_0_59_2
?1993 in music_cell_0_60_0 Mr. Machinery Operator1993 in music_cell_0_60_1 Firehose1993 in music_cell_0_60_2 -1993 in music_cell_0_60_3

A R C H1993 in music_cell_0_61_0

11993 in music_cell_0_61_1 Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We?1993 in music_cell_0_61_2 The Cranberries1993 in music_cell_0_61_3 -1993 in music_cell_0_61_4
Against Perfection1993 in music_cell_0_62_0 Adorable1993 in music_cell_0_62_1 Debut1993 in music_cell_0_62_2
21993 in music_cell_0_63_0 CB41993 in music_cell_0_63_1 Various Artists1993 in music_cell_0_63_2 Soundtrack1993 in music_cell_0_63_3
Nanci Griffith1993 in music_cell_0_64_0 Nanci Griffith1993 in music_cell_0_64_1 -1993 in music_cell_0_64_2
Stain1993 in music_cell_0_65_0 Living Colour1993 in music_cell_0_65_1 -1993 in music_cell_0_65_2
The Weedkiller's Daughter1993 in music_cell_0_66_0 John & Mary1993 in music_cell_0_66_1 US1993 in music_cell_0_66_2
51993 in music_cell_0_67_0 Cereal Killer Soundtrack1993 in music_cell_0_67_1 Green Jellÿ1993 in music_cell_0_67_2 1993 in music_cell_0_67_3
81993 in music_cell_0_68_0 Frank Black1993 in music_cell_0_68_1 Frank Black1993 in music_cell_0_68_2 -1993 in music_cell_0_68_3
91993 in music_cell_0_69_0 Alibis1993 in music_cell_0_69_1 Tracy Lawrence1993 in music_cell_0_69_2 -1993 in music_cell_0_69_3
Animals with Human Intelligence1993 in music_cell_0_70_0 Enuff Z'nuff1993 in music_cell_0_70_1 -1993 in music_cell_0_70_2
Are You Gonna Go My Way1993 in music_cell_0_71_0 Lenny Kravitz1993 in music_cell_0_71_1 -1993 in music_cell_0_71_2
The Best of Van Morrison Volume Two1993 in music_cell_0_72_0 Van Morrison1993 in music_cell_0_72_1 Compilation1993 in music_cell_0_72_2
Everyday1993 in music_cell_0_73_0 Widespread Panic1993 in music_cell_0_73_1 -1993 in music_cell_0_73_2
Numb1993 in music_cell_0_74_0 Hammerbox1993 in music_cell_0_74_1 -1993 in music_cell_0_74_2
So Tough1993 in music_cell_0_75_0 Saint Etienne1993 in music_cell_0_75_1 -1993 in music_cell_0_75_2
Ten Summoner's Tales1993 in music_cell_0_76_0 Sting1993 in music_cell_0_76_1 -1993 in music_cell_0_76_2
Link1993 in music_cell_0_77_0 Øystein Sevåg1993 in music_cell_0_77_1 -1993 in music_cell_0_77_2
151993 in music_cell_0_78_0 Coverdale-Page1993 in music_cell_0_78_1 Coverdale-Page1993 in music_cell_0_78_2 -1993 in music_cell_0_78_3
161993 in music_cell_0_79_0 Colour of Your Dreams1993 in music_cell_0_79_1 Carole King1993 in music_cell_0_79_2 -1993 in music_cell_0_79_3
I Hear Black1993 in music_cell_0_80_0 Overkill1993 in music_cell_0_80_1 -1993 in music_cell_0_80_2
The Polyfuze Method1993 in music_cell_0_81_0 Kid Rock1993 in music_cell_0_81_1 -1993 in music_cell_0_81_2
191993 in music_cell_0_82_0 Till Death Do Us Part1993 in music_cell_0_82_1 Geto Boys1993 in music_cell_0_82_2 -1993 in music_cell_0_82_3
211993 in music_cell_0_83_0 Instant Replay1993 in music_cell_0_83_1 Pizzicato Five1993 in music_cell_0_83_2 Live1993 in music_cell_0_83_3
221993 in music_cell_0_84_0 A Real Live One1993 in music_cell_0_84_1 Iron Maiden1993 in music_cell_0_84_2 Live1993 in music_cell_0_84_3
Songs of Faith and Devotion1993 in music_cell_0_85_0 Depeche Mode1993 in music_cell_0_85_1 -1993 in music_cell_0_85_2
Space Age Bachelor Pad Music1993 in music_cell_0_86_0 Stereolab1993 in music_cell_0_86_1 EP1993 in music_cell_0_86_2
231993 in music_cell_0_87_0 Ahead of Their Time1993 in music_cell_0_87_1 The Mothers of Invention1993 in music_cell_0_87_2 Live 19681993 in music_cell_0_87_3
For the Beauty of Wynona1993 in music_cell_0_88_0 Daniel Lanois1993 in music_cell_0_88_1 -1993 in music_cell_0_88_2
The Bliss Album…? (Vibrations of Love and Anger and the Ponderance of Life and Existence)1993 in music_cell_0_89_0 P.M. Dawn1993 in music_cell_0_89_1 -1993 in music_cell_0_89_2
Glazed1993 in music_cell_0_90_0 Mystery Machine1993 in music_cell_0_90_1 -1993 in music_cell_0_90_2
Home Invasion1993 in music_cell_0_91_0 Ice-T1993 in music_cell_0_91_1 -1993 in music_cell_0_91_2
Independent Worm Saloon1993 in music_cell_0_92_0 Butthole Surfers1993 in music_cell_0_92_1 -1993 in music_cell_0_92_2
Songs from the Rain1993 in music_cell_0_93_0 Hothouse Flowers1993 in music_cell_0_93_1 -1993 in music_cell_0_93_2
This Time1993 in music_cell_0_94_0 Dwight Yoakam1993 in music_cell_0_94_1 -1993 in music_cell_0_94_2
251993 in music_cell_0_95_0 Big Body1993 in music_cell_0_95_1 P-Model1993 in music_cell_0_95_2 -1993 in music_cell_0_95_3
Peligro1993 in music_cell_0_96_0 Shakira1993 in music_cell_0_96_1 -1993 in music_cell_0_96_2
291993 in music_cell_0_97_0 Phobia1993 in music_cell_0_97_1 The Kinks1993 in music_cell_0_97_2 -1993 in music_cell_0_97_3
Suede1993 in music_cell_0_98_0 Suede1993 in music_cell_0_98_1 -1993 in music_cell_0_98_2
301993 in music_cell_0_99_0 Ask Questions Later1993 in music_cell_0_99_1 Cop Shoot Cop1993 in music_cell_0_99_2 -1993 in music_cell_0_99_3
Bacdafucup1993 in music_cell_0_100_0 Onyx1993 in music_cell_0_100_1 Debut1993 in music_cell_0_100_2
Here Come the Lords1993 in music_cell_0_101_0 Lords of the Underground1993 in music_cell_0_101_1 Debut1993 in music_cell_0_101_2
14 Shots to the Dome1993 in music_cell_0_102_0 LL Cool J1993 in music_cell_0_102_1 -1993 in music_cell_0_102_2

April–June 1993 in music_section_15

July–September 1993 in music_section_16

1993 in music_table_general_1

Date1993 in music_header_cell_1_0_0 Album1993 in music_header_cell_1_0_2 Artist1993 in music_header_cell_1_0_3 Notes1993 in music_header_cell_1_0_4

U L Y1993 in music_cell_1_1_0

11993 in music_cell_1_1_1 Walthamstow1993 in music_cell_1_1_2 East 171993 in music_cell_1_1_3 Debut1993 in music_cell_1_1_4
51993 in music_cell_1_2_0 Julius Caesar1993 in music_cell_1_2_1 Smog1993 in music_cell_1_2_2 -1993 in music_cell_1_2_3
61993 in music_cell_1_3_0 No World Order1993 in music_cell_1_3_1 TR-i (Todd Rundgren)1993 in music_cell_1_3_2 -1993 in music_cell_1_3_3
Sweet Relief: A Benefit for Victoria Williams1993 in music_cell_1_4_0 Various Artists1993 in music_cell_1_4_1 Victoria Williams tribute1993 in music_cell_1_4_2
Vagina Diner1993 in music_cell_1_5_0 Akinyele1993 in music_cell_1_5_1 Debut1993 in music_cell_1_5_2
Zooropa1993 in music_cell_1_6_0 U21993 in music_cell_1_6_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_6_2
101993 in music_cell_1_7_0 Yoreru Omoi1993 in music_cell_1_7_1 Zard1993 in music_cell_1_7_2 -1993 in music_cell_1_7_3
121993 in music_cell_1_8_0 The Sound of Speed1993 in music_cell_1_8_1 The Jesus and Mary Chain1993 in music_cell_1_8_2 Compilation1993 in music_cell_1_8_3
131993 in music_cell_1_9_0 Altered Beast1993 in music_cell_1_9_1 Matthew Sweet1993 in music_cell_1_9_2 -1993 in music_cell_1_9_3
Debut1993 in music_cell_1_10_0 Björk1993 in music_cell_1_10_1 Solo Debut1993 in music_cell_1_10_2
Toni Braxton1993 in music_cell_1_11_0 Toni Braxton1993 in music_cell_1_11_1 Debut1993 in music_cell_1_11_2
What Is a Rumpletilskin?1993 in music_cell_1_12_0 Rumpletilskinz1993 in music_cell_1_12_1 Debut1993 in music_cell_1_12_2
191993 in music_cell_1_13_0 Debravation1993 in music_cell_1_13_1 Deborah Harry1993 in music_cell_1_13_2 UK1993 in music_cell_1_13_3
201993 in music_cell_1_14_0 The Anthology1993 in music_cell_1_14_1 Bachman–Turner Overdrive1993 in music_cell_1_14_2 Compilation1993 in music_cell_1_14_3
Bargainville1993 in music_cell_1_15_0 Moxy Früvous1993 in music_cell_1_15_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_15_2
Black Sunday1993 in music_cell_1_16_0 Cypress Hill1993 in music_cell_1_16_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_16_2
Candlebox1993 in music_cell_1_17_0 Candlebox1993 in music_cell_1_17_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_17_2
Chrome1993 in music_cell_1_18_0 Catherine Wheel1993 in music_cell_1_18_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_18_2
Picture of Health1993 in music_cell_1_19_0 The Headstones1993 in music_cell_1_19_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_19_2
Whoomp! (There It Is)1993 in music_cell_1_20_0 Tag Team1993 in music_cell_1_20_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_20_2
261993 in music_cell_1_21_0 The Battle Rages On...1993 in music_cell_1_21_1 Deep Purple1993 in music_cell_1_21_2 -1993 in music_cell_1_21_3
Born Gangstaz1993 in music_cell_1_22_0 Boss1993 in music_cell_1_22_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_22_2
Evolution1993 in music_cell_1_23_0 Oleta Adams1993 in music_cell_1_23_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_23_2
271993 in music_cell_1_24_0 Haircut1993 in music_cell_1_24_1 George Thorogood1993 in music_cell_1_24_2 -1993 in music_cell_1_24_3
Fake Train1993 in music_cell_1_25_0 Unwound1993 in music_cell_1_25_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_25_2
Promises and Lies1993 in music_cell_1_26_0 UB401993 in music_cell_1_26_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_26_2
Represent1993 in music_cell_1_27_0 Fat Joe1993 in music_cell_1_27_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_27_2
Sex & Religion1993 in music_cell_1_28_0 Vai1993 in music_cell_1_28_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_28_2
Siamese Dream1993 in music_cell_1_29_0 The Smashing Pumpkins1993 in music_cell_1_29_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_29_2

U G U S T1993 in music_cell_1_30_0

11993 in music_cell_1_30_1 Now That's What I Call Music! 251993 in music_cell_1_30_2 Various Artists1993 in music_cell_1_30_3 Compilation UK1993 in music_cell_1_30_4
31993 in music_cell_1_31_0 Become What You Are1993 in music_cell_1_31_1 The Juliana Hatfield Three1993 in music_cell_1_31_2 -1993 in music_cell_1_31_3
Da Bomb1993 in music_cell_1_32_0 Kris Kross1993 in music_cell_1_32_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_32_2
The Outer Limits1993 in music_cell_1_33_0 Voivod1993 in music_cell_1_33_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_33_2
Tuesday Night Music Club1993 in music_cell_1_34_0 Sheryl Crow1993 in music_cell_1_34_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_34_2
Voice of Jamaica1993 in music_cell_1_35_0 Buju Banton1993 in music_cell_1_35_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_35_2
91993 in music_cell_1_36_0 Perfect Teeth1993 in music_cell_1_36_1 Unrest1993 in music_cell_1_36_2 1993 in music_cell_1_36_3
101993 in music_cell_1_37_0 Dig1993 in music_cell_1_37_1 I Mother Earth1993 in music_cell_1_37_2 -1993 in music_cell_1_37_3
Emergency on Planet Earth1993 in music_cell_1_38_0 Jamiroquai1993 in music_cell_1_38_1 US1993 in music_cell_1_38_2
Live1993 in music_cell_1_39_0 James Taylor1993 in music_cell_1_39_1 2-disc; Live1993 in music_cell_1_39_2
River of Dreams1993 in music_cell_1_40_0 Billy Joel1993 in music_cell_1_40_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_40_2
161993 in music_cell_1_41_0 Breaking Things1993 in music_cell_1_41_1 ALL1993 in music_cell_1_41_2 -1993 in music_cell_1_41_3
Liberation1993 in music_cell_1_42_0 The Divine Comedy1993 in music_cell_1_42_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_42_2
171993 in music_cell_1_43_0 Bloody Kisses1993 in music_cell_1_43_1 Type O Negative1993 in music_cell_1_43_2 -1993 in music_cell_1_43_3
Earth vs the Wildhearts1993 in music_cell_1_44_0 The Wildhearts1993 in music_cell_1_44_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_44_2
Enemy of the Sun1993 in music_cell_1_45_0 Neurosis1993 in music_cell_1_45_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_45_2
Everything1993 in music_cell_1_46_0 Joe1993 in music_cell_1_46_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_46_2
Over My Heart1993 in music_cell_1_47_0 Laura Branigan1993 in music_cell_1_47_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_47_2
Rise1993 in music_cell_1_48_0 Bad Brains1993 in music_cell_1_48_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_48_2
The World Is Yours1993 in music_cell_1_49_0 Scarface1993 in music_cell_1_49_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_49_2
Transnational Speedway League: Anthems, Anecdotes, and Undeniable Truths1993 in music_cell_1_50_0 Clutch1993 in music_cell_1_50_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_50_2
241993 in music_cell_1_51_0 For the Cool in You1993 in music_cell_1_51_1 Babyface1993 in music_cell_1_51_2 -1993 in music_cell_1_51_3
Kerosene Hat1993 in music_cell_1_52_0 Cracker1993 in music_cell_1_52_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_52_2
Pure Pleasure1993 in music_cell_1_53_0 Shaggy1993 in music_cell_1_53_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_53_2
Set the World on Fire1993 in music_cell_1_54_0 Annihilator1993 in music_cell_1_54_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_54_2
Sleeper1993 in music_cell_1_55_0 Tribe1993 in music_cell_1_55_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_55_2
Spinning Around the Sun1993 in music_cell_1_56_0 Jimmie Dale Gilmore1993 in music_cell_1_56_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_56_2
Transient Random-Noise Bursts with Announcements1993 in music_cell_1_57_0 Stereolab1993 in music_cell_1_57_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_57_2
You Been Played1993 in music_cell_1_58_0 Smooth1993 in music_cell_1_58_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_58_2
301993 in music_cell_1_59_0 Last Splash1993 in music_cell_1_59_1 The Breeders1993 in music_cell_1_59_2 -1993 in music_cell_1_59_3
Skydancer1993 in music_cell_1_60_0 Dark Tranquillity1993 in music_cell_1_60_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_60_2
Tales of Ephidrina1993 in music_cell_1_61_0 Amorphous Androgynous1993 in music_cell_1_61_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_61_2
Unknown Road1993 in music_cell_1_62_0 Pennywise1993 in music_cell_1_62_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_62_2
311993 in music_cell_1_63_0 Giant Steps1993 in music_cell_1_63_1 The Boo Radleys1993 in music_cell_1_63_2 -1993 in music_cell_1_63_3
In Pieces1993 in music_cell_1_64_0 Garth Brooks1993 in music_cell_1_64_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_64_2
Music Box1993 in music_cell_1_65_0 Mariah Carey1993 in music_cell_1_65_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_65_2
Up on the Roof: Songs from the Brill Building1993 in music_cell_1_66_0 Neil Diamond1993 in music_cell_1_66_1 Covers album1993 in music_cell_1_66_2

E P T E M B E R1993 in music_cell_1_67_0

11993 in music_cell_1_67_1 One Night in Time1993 in music_cell_1_67_2 Donovan1993 in music_cell_1_67_3 -1993 in music_cell_1_67_4
Shinola1993 in music_cell_1_68_0 Energy Orchard1993 in music_cell_1_68_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_68_2
21993 in music_cell_1_69_0 Chaos A.D.1993 in music_cell_1_69_1 Sepultura1993 in music_cell_1_69_2 -1993 in music_cell_1_69_3
61993 in music_cell_1_70_0 Post Historic Monsters1993 in music_cell_1_70_1 Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine1993 in music_cell_1_70_2 -1993 in music_cell_1_70_3
Wild Wood1993 in music_cell_1_71_0 Paul Weller1993 in music_cell_1_71_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_71_2
71993 in music_cell_1_72_0 American Caesar1993 in music_cell_1_72_1 Iggy Pop1993 in music_cell_1_72_2 -1993 in music_cell_1_72_3
Human Wheels1993 in music_cell_1_73_0 John Mellencamp1993 in music_cell_1_73_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_73_2
101993 in music_cell_1_74_0 Grin1993 in music_cell_1_74_1 Coroner1993 in music_cell_1_74_2 -1993 in music_cell_1_74_3
Icky Mettle1993 in music_cell_1_75_0 Archers of Loaf1993 in music_cell_1_75_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_75_2
131993 in music_cell_1_76_0 Into the Labyrinth1993 in music_cell_1_76_1 Dead Can Dance1993 in music_cell_1_76_2 -1993 in music_cell_1_76_3
141993 in music_cell_1_77_0 August and Everything After1993 in music_cell_1_77_1 Counting Crows1993 in music_cell_1_77_2 -1993 in music_cell_1_77_3
Cure for Pain1993 in music_cell_1_78_0 Morphine1993 in music_cell_1_78_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_78_2
Bat Out of Hell II: Back into Hell1993 in music_cell_1_79_0 Meat Loaf1993 in music_cell_1_79_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_79_2
Focus1993 in music_cell_1_80_0 Cynic1993 in music_cell_1_80_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_80_2
The Hits/The B-Sides1993 in music_cell_1_81_0 Prince1993 in music_cell_1_81_1 3-disc compilation; Discs 1 and 2 also sold separately1993 in music_cell_1_81_2
Judgement Night1993 in music_cell_1_82_0 Various Artists1993 in music_cell_1_82_1 Soundtrack1993 in music_cell_1_82_2
Some Fantastic Place1993 in music_cell_1_83_0 Squeeze1993 in music_cell_1_83_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_83_2
Traffic from Paradise1993 in music_cell_1_84_0 Rickie Lee Jones1993 in music_cell_1_84_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_84_2
War of Words1993 in music_cell_1_85_0 Fight1993 in music_cell_1_85_1 debut album1993 in music_cell_1_85_2
211993 in music_cell_1_86_0 Concentration1993 in music_cell_1_86_1 Machines of Loving Grace1993 in music_cell_1_86_2 -1993 in music_cell_1_86_3
Face the Heat1993 in music_cell_1_87_0 Scorpions1993 in music_cell_1_87_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_87_2
Houdini1993 in music_cell_1_88_0 The Melvins1993 in music_cell_1_88_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_88_2
In Utero1993 in music_cell_1_89_0 Nirvana1993 in music_cell_1_89_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_89_2
The Problem with Me1993 in music_cell_1_90_0 Seam1993 in music_cell_1_90_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_90_2
Recipe for Hate1993 in music_cell_1_91_0 Bad Religion1993 in music_cell_1_91_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_91_2
Show1993 in music_cell_1_92_0 The Cure1993 in music_cell_1_92_1 Live1993 in music_cell_1_92_2
Stone Cold World1993 in music_cell_1_93_0 A.L.T.1993 in music_cell_1_93_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_93_2
Yes I Am1993 in music_cell_1_94_0 Melissa Etheridge1993 in music_cell_1_94_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_94_2
221993 in music_cell_1_95_0 Double Easy – The U.S. Singles1993 in music_cell_1_95_1 Happy Mondays1993 in music_cell_1_95_2 US-only Compilation1993 in music_cell_1_95_3
241993 in music_cell_1_96_0 Buhloone Mindstate1993 in music_cell_1_96_1 De La Soul1993 in music_cell_1_96_2 -1993 in music_cell_1_96_3
271993 in music_cell_1_97_0 Very1993 in music_cell_1_97_1 Pet Shop Boys1993 in music_cell_1_97_2 -1993 in music_cell_1_97_3
Reachin' (A New Refutation of Time and Space)1993 in music_cell_1_98_0 Digable Planets1993 in music_cell_1_98_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_98_2
Transfusion1993 in music_cell_1_99_0 Powderfinger1993 in music_cell_1_99_1 EP1993 in music_cell_1_99_2
281993 in music_cell_1_100_0 93 'til Infinity1993 in music_cell_1_100_1 Souls of Mischief1993 in music_cell_1_100_2 -1993 in music_cell_1_100_3
187 He Wrote1993 in music_cell_1_101_0 Spice 11993 in music_cell_1_101_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_101_2
Believe in Me1993 in music_cell_1_102_0 Duff McKagan1993 in music_cell_1_102_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_102_2
Body & Soul1993 in music_cell_1_103_0 Rick Astley1993 in music_cell_1_103_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_103_2
Cowgirl's Prayer1993 in music_cell_1_104_0 Emmylou Harris1993 in music_cell_1_104_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_104_2
Easy Come, Easy Go1993 in music_cell_1_105_0 George Strait1993 in music_cell_1_105_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_105_2
Faithlift1993 in music_cell_1_106_0 Spirit of the West1993 in music_cell_1_106_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_106_2
Icon1993 in music_cell_1_107_0 Paradise Lost1993 in music_cell_1_107_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_107_2
Live Seeds1993 in music_cell_1_108_0 Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds1993 in music_cell_1_108_1 Live1993 in music_cell_1_108_2
Message in a Box: The Complete Recordings1993 in music_cell_1_109_0 The Police1993 in music_cell_1_109_1 Box set1993 in music_cell_1_109_2
Morbid Florist1993 in music_cell_1_110_0 Anal Cunt1993 in music_cell_1_110_1 EP1993 in music_cell_1_110_2
Nothing Above My Shoulders but the Evening1993 in music_cell_1_111_0 Ray Lynch1993 in music_cell_1_111_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_111_2
Return of the Boom Bap1993 in music_cell_1_112_0 KRS-One1993 in music_cell_1_112_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_112_2
They're All Gonna Laugh at You!1993 in music_cell_1_113_0 Adam Sandler1993 in music_cell_1_113_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_113_2
Violent New Breed1993 in music_cell_1_114_0 Shotgun Messiah1993 in music_cell_1_114_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_114_2
Water1993 in music_cell_1_115_0 Saigon Kick1993 in music_cell_1_115_1 -1993 in music_cell_1_115_2
291993 in music_cell_1_116_0 Real1993 in music_cell_1_116_1 Belinda Carlisle1993 in music_cell_1_116_2 -1993 in music_cell_1_116_3

October–December 1993 in music_section_17

1993 in music_table_general_2

Date1993 in music_header_cell_2_0_0 Album1993 in music_header_cell_2_0_2 Artist1993 in music_header_cell_2_0_3 Notes1993 in music_header_cell_2_0_4

C T O B E R1993 in music_cell_2_1_0

11993 in music_cell_2_1_1 Those of the Unlight1993 in music_cell_2_1_2 Marduk1993 in music_cell_2_1_3 -1993 in music_cell_2_1_4
41993 in music_cell_2_2_0 Get into You1993 in music_cell_2_2_1 Dannii Minogue1993 in music_cell_2_2_2 -1993 in music_cell_2_2_3
Thirteen1993 in music_cell_2_3_0 Teenage Fanclub1993 in music_cell_2_3_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_3_2
Wolverine Blues1993 in music_cell_2_4_0 Entombed1993 in music_cell_2_4_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_4_2
51993 in music_cell_2_5_0 Alapalooza1993 in music_cell_2_5_1 "Weird Al" Yankovic1993 in music_cell_2_5_2 -1993 in music_cell_2_5_3
Anodyne1993 in music_cell_2_6_0 Uncle Tupelo1993 in music_cell_2_6_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_6_2
The Body-Hat Syndrome1993 in music_cell_2_7_0 Digital Underground1993 in music_cell_2_7_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_7_2
Christmas Interpretations1993 in music_cell_2_8_0 Boyz II Men1993 in music_cell_2_8_1 Christmas1993 in music_cell_2_8_2
Dos1993 in music_cell_2_9_0 Altered State1993 in music_cell_2_9_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_9_2
Gentlemen1993 in music_cell_2_10_0 The Afghan Whigs1993 in music_cell_2_10_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_10_2
Laid1993 in music_cell_2_11_0 James1993 in music_cell_2_11_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_11_2
Mezcal Head1993 in music_cell_2_12_0 Swervedriver1993 in music_cell_2_12_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_12_2
Painful1993 in music_cell_2_13_0 Yo La Tengo1993 in music_cell_2_13_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_13_2
Phaseshifter1993 in music_cell_2_14_0 Redd Kross1993 in music_cell_2_14_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_14_2
Retro Active1993 in music_cell_2_15_0 Def Leppard1993 in music_cell_2_15_1 Compilation1993 in music_cell_2_15_2
So Tonight That I Might See1993 in music_cell_2_16_0 Mazzy Star1993 in music_cell_2_16_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_16_2
Steppin' Out1993 in music_cell_2_17_0 Tony Bennett1993 in music_cell_2_17_1 Fred Astaire Tribute1993 in music_cell_2_17_2
Titanic Days1993 in music_cell_2_18_0 Kirsty MacColl1993 in music_cell_2_18_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_18_2
Shame + A Sin1993 in music_cell_2_19_0 Robert Cray1993 in music_cell_2_19_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_19_2
81993 in music_cell_2_20_0 A Bigger Piece of Sky1993 in music_cell_2_20_1 Robert Earl Keen1993 in music_cell_2_20_2 -1993 in music_cell_2_20_3
101993 in music_cell_2_21_0 C'est déjà ça1993 in music_cell_2_21_1 Alain Souchon1993 in music_cell_2_21_2 -1993 in music_cell_2_21_3
111993 in music_cell_2_22_0 Everything Changes1993 in music_cell_2_22_1 Take That1993 in music_cell_2_22_2 -1993 in music_cell_2_22_3
I'm Alive1993 in music_cell_2_23_0 Jackson Browne1993 in music_cell_2_23_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_23_2
Imaginary Friend1993 in music_cell_2_24_0 Th' Faith Healers1993 in music_cell_2_24_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_24_2
Tindersticks1993 in music_cell_2_25_0 Tindersticks1993 in music_cell_2_25_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_25_2
121993 in music_cell_2_26_0 Angst1993 in music_cell_2_26_1 KMFDM1993 in music_cell_2_26_2 -1993 in music_cell_2_26_3
Aurora Gory Alice1993 in music_cell_2_27_0 Letters To Cleo1993 in music_cell_2_27_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_27_2
Come On Feel The Lemonheads1993 in music_cell_2_28_0 The Lemonheads1993 in music_cell_2_28_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_28_2
Common Thread: The Songs of the Eagles1993 in music_cell_2_29_0 Various Artists1993 in music_cell_2_29_1 Eagles tribute1993 in music_cell_2_29_2
Hey, Man, Smell My Finger1993 in music_cell_2_30_0 George Clinton1993 in music_cell_2_30_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_30_2
Take Me as I Am1993 in music_cell_2_31_0 Faith Hill1993 in music_cell_2_31_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_31_2
Very Necessary1993 in music_cell_2_32_0 Salt-n-Pepa1993 in music_cell_2_32_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_32_2
181993 in music_cell_2_33_0 Heartwork1993 in music_cell_2_33_1 Carcass1993 in music_cell_2_33_2 -1993 in music_cell_2_33_3
A Real Dead One1993 in music_cell_2_34_0 Iron Maiden1993 in music_cell_2_34_1 Live1993 in music_cell_2_34_2
Silhouette in Red1993 in music_cell_2_35_0 Bonnie Tyler1993 in music_cell_2_35_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_35_2
Together Alone1993 in music_cell_2_36_0 Crowded House1993 in music_cell_2_36_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_36_2
191993 in music_cell_2_37_0 4-Track Demos1993 in music_cell_2_37_1 PJ Harvey1993 in music_cell_2_37_2 Demos1993 in music_cell_2_37_3
Counterparts1993 in music_cell_2_38_0 Rush1993 in music_cell_2_38_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_38_2
The Christmas Album1993 in music_cell_2_39_0 David Foster and Various Artists1993 in music_cell_2_39_1 Christmas1993 in music_cell_2_39_2
Electra 20001993 in music_cell_2_40_0 Hum1993 in music_cell_2_40_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_40_2
Enta da Stage1993 in music_cell_2_41_0 Black Moon1993 in music_cell_2_41_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_41_2
Inhaler1993 in music_cell_2_42_0 Tad1993 in music_cell_2_42_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_42_2
Mexican Moon1993 in music_cell_2_43_0 Concrete Blonde1993 in music_cell_2_43_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_43_2
Plantation Lullabies1993 in music_cell_2_44_0 Meshell Ndegeocello1993 in music_cell_2_44_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_44_2
Possum Dixon1993 in music_cell_2_45_0 Possum Dixon1993 in music_cell_2_45_1 debut1993 in music_cell_2_45_2
Show1993 in music_cell_2_46_0 The Cure1993 in music_cell_2_46_1 Live1993 in music_cell_2_46_2
Vs.1993 in music_cell_2_47_0 Pearl Jam1993 in music_cell_2_47_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_47_2
201993 in music_cell_2_48_0 Greatest Hits1993 in music_cell_2_48_1 Richard Marx1993 in music_cell_2_48_2 Compilation1993 in music_cell_2_48_3
221993 in music_cell_2_49_0 Fumbling Towards Ecstasy1993 in music_cell_2_49_1 Sarah McLachlan1993 in music_cell_2_49_2 -1993 in music_cell_2_49_3
231993 in music_cell_2_50_0 Get in Where You Fit In1993 in music_cell_2_50_1 Too Short1993 in music_cell_2_50_2 -1993 in music_cell_2_50_3
241993 in music_cell_2_51_0 It's On (Dr. Dre) 187um Killa1993 in music_cell_2_51_1 Eazy-E1993 in music_cell_2_51_2 -1993 in music_cell_2_51_3
261993 in music_cell_2_52_0 Born to Choose1993 in music_cell_2_52_1 Various Artists1993 in music_cell_2_52_2 -1993 in music_cell_2_52_3
Five Dollar Bob's Mock Cooter Stew1993 in music_cell_2_53_0 Mudhoney1993 in music_cell_2_53_1 EP1993 in music_cell_2_53_2
I'm Ready1993 in music_cell_2_54_0 Tevin Campbell1993 in music_cell_2_54_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_54_2
God Shuffled His Feet1993 in music_cell_2_55_0 Crash Test Dummies1993 in music_cell_2_55_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_55_2
MTV Unplugged1993 in music_cell_2_56_0 10,000 Maniacs1993 in music_cell_2_56_1 Live1993 in music_cell_2_56_2
No Alternative1993 in music_cell_2_57_0 Various Artists1993 in music_cell_2_57_1 AIDS Benefit1993 in music_cell_2_57_2
Paris1993 in music_cell_2_58_0 The Cure1993 in music_cell_2_58_1 Live1993 in music_cell_2_58_2
Pussy Whipped1993 in music_cell_2_59_0 Bikini Kill1993 in music_cell_2_59_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_59_2
Shaq Diesel1993 in music_cell_2_60_0 Shaquille O'Neal1993 in music_cell_2_60_1 Debut1993 in music_cell_2_60_2
The Song Remembers When1993 in music_cell_2_61_0 Trisha Yearwood1993 in music_cell_2_61_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_61_2
Try Anything Once1993 in music_cell_2_62_0 Alan Parsons1993 in music_cell_2_62_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_62_2
When My Heart Finds Christmas1993 in music_cell_2_63_0 Harry Connick, Jr.1993 in music_cell_2_63_1 Christmas1993 in music_cell_2_63_2
World Gone Wrong1993 in music_cell_2_64_0 Bob Dylan1993 in music_cell_2_64_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_64_2

O V E M B E R1993 in music_cell_2_65_0

11993 in music_cell_2_65_1 The Red Shoes1993 in music_cell_2_65_2 Kate Bush1993 in music_cell_2_65_3 -1993 in music_cell_2_65_4
21993 in music_cell_2_66_0 The Black Rider1993 in music_cell_2_66_1 Tom Waits1993 in music_cell_2_66_2 Soundtrack1993 in music_cell_2_66_3
Duets1993 in music_cell_2_67_0 Frank Sinatra1993 in music_cell_2_67_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_67_2
Even Cowgirls Get the Blues1993 in music_cell_2_68_0 k.d. lang1993 in music_cell_2_68_1 Soundtrack1993 in music_cell_2_68_2
Find Your Way1993 in music_cell_2_69_0 Gabrielle1993 in music_cell_2_69_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_69_2
First Christmas1993 in music_cell_2_70_0 BeBe & CeCe Winans1993 in music_cell_2_70_1 Christmas1993 in music_cell_2_70_2
Full Moon, Dirty Hearts1993 in music_cell_2_71_0 INXS1993 in music_cell_2_71_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_71_2
Jericho1993 in music_cell_2_72_0 The Band1993 in music_cell_2_72_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_72_2
So Far So Good1993 in music_cell_2_73_0 Bryan Adams1993 in music_cell_2_73_1 Compilation1993 in music_cell_2_73_2
The Yellow Shark1993 in music_cell_2_74_0 Frank Zappa1993 in music_cell_2_74_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_74_2
31993 in music_cell_2_75_0 Angels Cry1993 in music_cell_2_75_1 Angra1993 in music_cell_2_75_2 -1993 in music_cell_2_75_3
Espresso Logic1993 in music_cell_2_76_0 Chris Rea1993 in music_cell_2_76_1 UK1993 in music_cell_2_76_2
81993 in music_cell_2_77_0 The Buddha of Suburbia1993 in music_cell_2_77_1 David Bowie1993 in music_cell_2_77_2 TV soundtrack1993 in music_cell_2_77_3
Live at Donington1993 in music_cell_2_78_0 Iron Maiden1993 in music_cell_2_78_1 Live1993 in music_cell_2_78_2
Paul Is Live1993 in music_cell_2_79_0 Paul McCartney1993 in music_cell_2_79_1 Live1993 in music_cell_2_79_2
Freedom1993 in music_cell_2_80_0 Yothu Yindi1993 in music_cell_2_80_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_80_2
91993 in music_cell_2_81_0 Both Sides1993 in music_cell_2_81_1 Phil Collins1993 in music_cell_2_81_2 -1993 in music_cell_2_81_3
The Colour of My Love1993 in music_cell_2_82_0 Celine Dion1993 in music_cell_2_82_1 North America1993 in music_cell_2_82_2
Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)1993 in music_cell_2_83_0 Wu-Tang Clan1993 in music_cell_2_83_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_83_2
12 Play1993 in music_cell_2_84_0 R. Kelly1993 in music_cell_2_84_1 Debut1993 in music_cell_2_84_2
Intimacy1993 in music_cell_2_85_0 Jody Watley1993 in music_cell_2_85_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_85_2
Love Tara1993 in music_cell_2_86_0 Eric's Trip1993 in music_cell_2_86_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_86_2
Midnight Marauders1993 in music_cell_2_87_0 A Tribe Called Quest1993 in music_cell_2_87_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_87_2
Poetenes Evangelium1993 in music_cell_2_88_0 Morten Harket1993 in music_cell_2_88_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_88_2
Remember Two Things1993 in music_cell_2_89_0 The Dave Matthews Band1993 in music_cell_2_89_1 Independent release1993 in music_cell_2_89_2
Stone Free: A Tribute to Jimi Hendrix1993 in music_cell_2_90_0 Various Artists1993 in music_cell_2_90_1 Jimi Hendrix tribute1993 in music_cell_2_90_2
151993 in music_cell_2_91_0 Flashback1993 in music_cell_2_91_1 Joan Jett and the Blackhearts1993 in music_cell_2_91_2 Compilation1993 in music_cell_2_91_3
Now That's What I Call Music! 261993 in music_cell_2_92_0 Various Artists1993 in music_cell_2_92_1 Compilation1993 in music_cell_2_92_2
On1993 in music_cell_2_93_0 Aphex Twin1993 in music_cell_2_93_1 EP1993 in music_cell_2_93_2
161993 in music_cell_2_94_0 Black Reign1993 in music_cell_2_94_1 Queen Latifah1993 in music_cell_2_94_2 -1993 in music_cell_2_94_3
Deluxe1993 in music_cell_2_95_0 Better Than Ezra1993 in music_cell_2_95_1 Swell Records; re-issued on Elektra in 19951993 in music_cell_2_95_2
Desire Walks On1993 in music_cell_2_96_0 Heart1993 in music_cell_2_96_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_96_2
Hand on the Torch1993 in music_cell_2_97_0 Us31993 in music_cell_2_97_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_97_2
The One Thing1993 in music_cell_2_98_0 Michael Bolton1993 in music_cell_2_98_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_98_2
Romulus Hunt: A Family Opera1993 in music_cell_2_99_0 Carly Simon1993 in music_cell_2_99_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_99_2
Shock of the Hour1993 in music_cell_2_100_0 MC Ren1993 in music_cell_2_100_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_100_2
The Singles Collection1993 in music_cell_2_101_0 David Bowie1993 in music_cell_2_101_1 Compilation1993 in music_cell_2_101_2
Straight Up Sewaside1993 in music_cell_2_102_0 Das EFX1993 in music_cell_2_102_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_102_2
181993 in music_cell_2_103_0 Montage1993 in music_cell_2_103_1 Kenny G1993 in music_cell_2_103_2 Compilation1993 in music_cell_2_103_3
211993 in music_cell_2_104_0 Dreams Never Die1993 in music_cell_2_104_1 Tiffany1993 in music_cell_2_104_2 -1993 in music_cell_2_104_3
221993 in music_cell_2_105_0 Jump Back: The Best of The Rolling Stones1993 in music_cell_2_105_1 The Rolling Stones1993 in music_cell_2_105_2 Compilation1993 in music_cell_2_105_3
Nightcap1993 in music_cell_2_106_0 Jethro Tull1993 in music_cell_2_106_1 UK; archive recordings1993 in music_cell_2_106_2
231993 in music_cell_2_107_0 The Beavis and Butt-head Experience1993 in music_cell_2_107_1 Various Artists1993 in music_cell_2_107_2 -1993 in music_cell_2_107_3
Doggystyle1993 in music_cell_2_108_0 Snoop Doggy Dogg1993 in music_cell_2_108_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_108_2
Duets1993 in music_cell_2_109_0 Elton John1993 in music_cell_2_109_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_109_2
Gypsy1993 in music_cell_2_110_0 Bette Midler1993 in music_cell_2_110_1 Soundtrack1993 in music_cell_2_110_2
The Album1993 in music_cell_2_111_0 Haddaway1993 in music_cell_2_111_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_111_2
High-Tech Redneck1993 in music_cell_2_112_0 George Jones1993 in music_cell_2_112_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_112_2
Live Shit: Binge & Purge1993 in music_cell_2_113_0 Metallica1993 in music_cell_2_113_1 Live Box1993 in music_cell_2_113_2
No Need for Alarm1993 in music_cell_2_114_0 Del the Funky Homosapien1993 in music_cell_2_114_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_114_2
Pale Sun, Crescent Moon1993 in music_cell_2_115_0 Cowboy Junkies1993 in music_cell_2_115_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_115_2
The Sign1993 in music_cell_2_116_0 Ace of Base1993 in music_cell_2_116_1 North American/Japanese version of Happy Nation1993 in music_cell_2_116_2
"The Spaghetti Incident?"1993 in music_cell_2_117_0 Guns N' Roses1993 in music_cell_2_117_1 Covers album1993 in music_cell_2_117_2
Squint1993 in music_cell_2_118_0 Steve Taylor1993 in music_cell_2_118_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_118_2
Winter Light1993 in music_cell_2_119_0 Linda Ronstadt1993 in music_cell_2_119_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_119_2
261993 in music_cell_2_120_0 Live MCMXCIII1993 in music_cell_2_120_1 The Velvet Underground1993 in music_cell_2_120_2 Live1993 in music_cell_2_120_3
291993 in music_cell_2_121_0 Bastards1993 in music_cell_2_121_1 Motörhead1993 in music_cell_2_121_2 -1993 in music_cell_2_121_3
Incunabula1993 in music_cell_2_122_0 Autechre1993 in music_cell_2_122_1 1993 in music_cell_2_122_2

E C E M B E R1993 in music_cell_2_123_0

11993 in music_cell_2_123_1 Acid Eaters1993 in music_cell_2_123_2 Ramones1993 in music_cell_2_123_3 -1993 in music_cell_2_123_4
Dubnobasswithmyheadman1993 in music_cell_2_124_0 Underworld1993 in music_cell_2_124_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_124_2
61993 in music_cell_2_125_0 Songs of Faith and Devotion Live1993 in music_cell_2_125_1 Depeche Mode1993 in music_cell_2_125_2 Live1993 in music_cell_2_125_3
The Cross of Changes1993 in music_cell_2_126_0 Enigma1993 in music_cell_2_126_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_126_2
71993 in music_cell_2_127_0 Domino1993 in music_cell_2_127_1 Domino1993 in music_cell_2_127_2 -1993 in music_cell_2_127_3
Lethal Injection1993 in music_cell_2_128_0 Ice Cube1993 in music_cell_2_128_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_128_2
Right Back at Cha1993 in music_cell_2_129_0 Shai1993 in music_cell_2_129_1 EP1993 in music_cell_2_129_2
What's the 411? Remix1993 in music_cell_2_130_0 Mary J. Blige1993 in music_cell_2_130_1 Remix1993 in music_cell_2_130_2
81993 in music_cell_2_131_0 Charlie Hunter Trio1993 in music_cell_2_131_1 Charlie Hunter Trio1993 in music_cell_2_131_2 -1993 in music_cell_2_131_3
91993 in music_cell_2_132_0 Pop Smear1993 in music_cell_2_132_1 The Verve Pipe1993 in music_cell_2_132_2 -1993 in music_cell_2_132_3
101993 in music_cell_2_133_0 Soli Deo Gloria1993 in music_cell_2_133_1 Apoptygma Berzerk1993 in music_cell_2_133_2 -1993 in music_cell_2_133_3
141993 in music_cell_2_134_0 Dance of December Souls1993 in music_cell_2_134_1 Katatonia1993 in music_cell_2_134_2 -1993 in music_cell_2_134_3
Desensitized1993 in music_cell_2_135_0 Pitchshifter1993 in music_cell_2_135_1 -1993 in music_cell_2_135_2
Wayne's World 21993 in music_cell_2_136_0 Various Artists1993 in music_cell_2_136_1 Soundtrack1993 in music_cell_2_136_2
211993 in music_cell_2_137_0 Diary of a Mad Band1993 in music_cell_2_137_1 Jodeci1993 in music_cell_2_137_2 -1993 in music_cell_2_137_3
N/A1993 in music_cell_2_138_0 Dick's Picks Volume 11993 in music_cell_2_138_1 Grateful Dead1993 in music_cell_2_138_2 Live1993 in music_cell_2_138_3
Quique1993 in music_cell_2_139_0 Seefeel1993 in music_cell_2_139_1 1993 in music_cell_2_139_2

Release date unknown 1993 in music_section_18

Biggest hit singles 1993 in music_section_19

The following songs achieved the highest in the charts of 1993. 1993 in music_sentence_2

1993 in music_table_general_3

#1993 in music_header_cell_3_0_0 Artist1993 in music_header_cell_3_0_1 Title1993 in music_header_cell_3_0_2 Year1993 in music_header_cell_3_0_3 Country1993 in music_header_cell_3_0_4 Chart entries1993 in music_header_cell_3_0_5
11993 in music_cell_3_1_0 Meat Loaf1993 in music_cell_3_1_1 I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)1993 in music_cell_3_1_2 19931993 in music_cell_3_1_3 United_States1993 in music_cell_3_1_4 UK 1 – Oct 1993, US BB 1 of 1993, The Netherlands 1 – Oct 1993, Austria 1 – Nov 1993, Switzerland 1 – Nov 1993, Norway 1 – Oct 1993, Germany 1 – Jan 1994, Republic of Ireland 1 – Oct 1993, New Zealand 1 for 5 weeks Sep 1993, Australia 1 for 8 weeks Dec 1993, Sweden 2 – Oct 1993, Poland 5 – Nov 1993, Australia 5 of 1993, France 10 – Sep 1993, US BB 15 of 1993, Europe 20 of the 1990s, Germany 28 of the 1990s, US CashBox 32 of 1994, POP 34 of 1993, Belgium 210 of all time, OzNet 3751993 in music_cell_3_1_5
21993 in music_cell_3_2_0 UB401993 in music_cell_3_2_1 I Can't Help Falling in Love With You1993 in music_cell_3_2_2 19931993 in music_cell_3_2_3 United_Kingdom1993 in music_cell_3_2_4 UK 1 – May 1993, US BB 1 of 1993, US CashBox 1 of 1993, The Netherlands 1 – May 1993, Sweden 1 – Jun 1993, Austria 1 – Jul 1993, New Zealand 1 for 11 weeks Jun 1993, Australia 1 for 7 weeks Oct 1993, Switzerland 2 – Jun 1993, Germany 2 – Jun 1993, Australia 3 of 1993, Norway 4 – Jun 1993, US BB 6 of 1993, POP 6 of 1993, France 10 – May 1993, Poland 12 – Aug 1993, Scrobulate 48 of reggae, Germany 85 of the 1990s, Italy 88 of 1993, OzNet 8361993 in music_cell_3_2_5
31993 in music_cell_3_3_0 4 Non Blondes1993 in music_cell_3_3_1 What's Up?1993 in music_cell_3_3_2 19931993 in music_cell_3_3_3 United_States1993 in music_cell_3_3_4 The Netherlands 1 – Jul 1993, Sweden 1 – Aug 1993, Austria 1 – Aug 1993, Switzerland 1 – Jul 1993, Norway 1 – Jul 1993, Poland 1 – Jul 1993, Germany 1 – Jul 1993, Republic of Ireland 1 – Jul 1993, UK 2 – Jun 1993, Italy 8 of 1993, Australia 10 of 1993, US BB 14 of 1993, Germany 17 of the 1990s, US BB 31 of 1993, Scrobulate 46 of 90s, US CashBox 50 of 1993, RYM 61 of 1993, Europe 62 of the 1990s, POP 67 of 1993, Belgium 209 of all time1993 in music_cell_3_3_5
41993 in music_cell_3_4_0 Snow1993 in music_cell_3_4_1 Informer1993 in music_cell_3_4_2 19921993 in music_cell_3_4_3 Canada1993 in music_cell_3_4_4 US BB 1 of 1993, Sweden 1 – Mar 1993, Switzerland 1 – Apr 1993, Norway 1 – Apr 1993, Germany 1 – Apr 1993, Republic of Ireland 1 – Apr 1993, New Zealand 1 for 3 weeks May 1993, Australia 1 for 5 weeks Sep 1993, UK 2 – Mar 1993, The Netherlands 2 – Mar 1993, Austria 3 – May 1993, Australia 6 of 1993, US CashBox 9 of 1993, US BB 13 of 1993, POP 51 of 1993, Germany 52 of the 1990s, Italy 68 of 19931993 in music_cell_3_4_5
51993 in music_cell_3_5_0 Haddaway1993 in music_cell_3_5_1 What is Love?1993 in music_cell_3_5_2 19931993 in music_cell_3_5_3 Trinidad_and_Tobago1993 in music_cell_3_5_4 US BB 1 of 1993, The Netherlands 1 – Apr 1993, France 1 – Apr 1993, Austria 1 – May 1993, Switzerland 1 – Apr 1993, Norway 1 – Apr 1993, Republic of Ireland 1 – Jul 1993, POP 1 of 1993, UK 2 – Jun 1993, Sweden 2 – Mar 1993, Germany 2 – Mar 1993, Scrobulate 4 of 90s, Italy 5 of 1993, Germany 10 of the 1990s, US BB 11 of 1993, RYM 154 of 19931993 in music_cell_3_5_5

Top hits 1993 in music_section_20

Top 10 selling albums of the year 1993 in music_section_21

1993 in music_ordered_list_11

  1. The Bodyguard: Original Soundtrack AlbumWhitney Houston1993 in music_item_11_69
  2. BreathlessKenny G1993 in music_item_11_70
  3. Unplugged- Eric Clapton1993 in music_item_11_71
  4. janet.Janet Jackson1993 in music_item_11_72
  5. Some Gave AllBilly Ray Cyrus1993 in music_item_11_73
  6. The ChronicDr. Dre1993 in music_item_11_74
  7. Pocket Full Of KryptoniteSpin Doctors1993 in music_item_11_75
  8. TenPearl Jam1993 in music_item_11_76
  9. The ChaseGarth Brooks1993 in music_item_11_77
  10. CoreStone Temple Pilots1993 in music_item_11_78

Top 10 best albums of the Year 1993 in music_section_22

All albums have been named albums of the year for their hits in the charts. 1993 in music_sentence_3

1993 in music_ordered_list_12

  1. NirvanaIn Utero1993 in music_item_12_79
  2. The Smashing PumpkinsSiamese Dream1993 in music_item_12_80
  3. Wu-Tang ClanEnter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)1993 in music_item_12_81
  4. Pearl JamVs.1993 in music_item_12_82
  5. Counting CrowsAugust And Everything After1993 in music_item_12_83
  6. BjörkDebut1993 in music_item_12_84
  7. BlurModern Life is Rubbish1993 in music_item_12_85
  8. Liz PhairExile in Guyville1993 in music_item_12_86
  9. SuedeSuede1993 in music_item_12_87
  10. SlowdiveSouvlaki1993 in music_item_12_88

Classical music 1993 in music_section_23

1993 in music_unordered_list_13

  • John AdamsViolin Concerto1993 in music_item_13_89
  • Mounir Anastas – Né du néant for alto saxophone & fixed media1993 in music_item_13_90
  • Luciano Berio – Rage and Outrage1993 in music_item_13_91
  • Pierre Boulez...explosante-fixe... (fourth version)1993 in music_item_13_92
  • Alvin CurranVSTO (string quartet)1993 in music_item_13_93
  • Michael Daugherty – Bizarro1993 in music_item_13_94
  • Mario Davidovsky – Shulamit's Dream for soprano and orchestra1993 in music_item_13_95
  • David Diamond – Symphony No. 111993 in music_item_13_96
  • Joël-François Durand – Concerto for Piano and Orchestra1993 in music_item_13_97
  • Ivan Fedele – Piano Concerto1993 in music_item_13_98
  • Lorenzo Ferrero1993 in music_item_13_99
    • Introito (from "Requiem per le vittime della mafia")1993 in music_item_13_100
    • Maschere (incidental music)1993 in music_item_13_101
  • Philip Glass – In the Summer House, incidental music1993 in music_item_13_102
  • Vinko Globokar – Discours IX , for two pianos1993 in music_item_13_103
  • Klaus Huber – Winter Seeds, for accordion1993 in music_item_13_104
  • Houtaf Khoury1993 in music_item_13_105
    • Concerto No. 1, for viola and orchestra1993 in music_item_13_106
    • Intermezzo, for large orchestra1993 in music_item_13_107
    • Sonate-Poème, for violin and piano1993 in music_item_13_108
    • String Quartet No. 21993 in music_item_13_109
    • Cantata, for baritone and large orchestra1993 in music_item_13_110
    • Piece, for piano1993 in music_item_13_111
  • Frederik Magle – Symphony for organ No. 2, Let There Be Light1993 in music_item_13_112
  • Krzysztof PendereckiPolish Requiem (revised version)1993 in music_item_13_113
  • R. Murray Schafer – Concerto for Accordion and Orchestra1993 in music_item_13_114
  • Harold Schiffmann – Sestetto concertato1993 in music_item_13_115
  • Alfred Schnittke1993 in music_item_13_116
    • Symphony No. 71993 in music_item_13_117
    • Concerto Grosso No. 6 for piano, violin and string orchestra1993 in music_item_13_118
    • Peer Gynt: Epiloque, for violoncello, piano and tape1993 in music_item_13_119
    • Improvisation, for solo cello1993 in music_item_13_120
  • Karlheinz StockhausenHelikopter-Streichquartett1993 in music_item_13_121
  • Bent Sørensen – Sterbende Gärten for violin and orchestra1993 in music_item_13_122
  • Takashi Yoshimatsu – Concerto for Trombone, Op. 55, Orion Machine1993 in music_item_13_123

Opera 1993 in music_section_24

1993 in music_unordered_list_14

Jazz 1993 in music_section_25

Main article: 1993 in jazz 1993 in music_sentence_4

Musical theater 1993 in music_section_26

1993 in music_unordered_list_15

Musical films 1993 in music_section_27

1993 in music_unordered_list_16

Births 1993 in music_section_28

1993 in music_unordered_list_17

Deaths 1993 in music_section_29

1993 in music_unordered_list_18

Awards 1993 in music_section_30

Filmfare Awards 1993 in music_section_31

1993 in music_unordered_list_19

Grammy Awards 1993 in music_section_32

1993 in music_unordered_list_20

Country Music Association Awards 1993 in music_section_33

1993 in music_unordered_list_21

Country Music Hall of Fame 1993 in music_section_34

1993 in music_unordered_list_22

Eurovision Song Contest 1993 in music_section_35

1993 in music_unordered_list_23

Japan Record Awards 1993 in music_section_36

1993 in music_unordered_list_24

Mercury Music Prize 1993 in music_section_37

1993 in music_unordered_list_25

Glenn Gould Prize 1993 in music_section_38

1993 in music_unordered_list_26

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 1993 in music_section_39

1993 in music_unordered_list_27

Charts 1993 in music_section_40

Triple J Hottest 100 1993 in music_section_41

Main article: Triple J Hottest 100, 1993 1993 in music_sentence_5

See also 1993 in music_section_42

1993 in music_unordered_list_28

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