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This is a list of notable events in music that took place in the year 2000. 2000 in music_sentence_0

This year was the peak of CD sales in the United States, with sales declining year on year since then. 2000 in music_sentence_1

Specific locations 2000 in music_section_0

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Specific genres 2000 in music_section_1

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Events 2000 in music_section_2

January 2000 in music_section_3

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February 2000 in music_section_4

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March 2000 in music_section_5

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  • March 6Foxy Brown is injured in a car accident in Brooklyn, New York, in which her car hit a fence. Police discover that Brown was driving with a suspended driver license and order her to appear in court in April. Brown's license was suspended for failing to appear in court for a parking violation.2000 in music_item_4_24
  • March 7 – heavy metal band Disturbed release their debut studio album The Sickness.2000 in music_item_4_25
  • March 11311 holds their first 3–11 Day concert at Tower Records in the French Quarter of New Orleans.2000 in music_item_4_26
  • March 13Blink-182 end their European tour early after guitarist/vocalist Tom DeLonge and drummer Travis Barker succumb to strep throat.2000 in music_item_4_27
  • March 21NSYNC rises to superstardom after the fast-paced sales of their second studio album No Strings Attached2000 in music_item_4_28
  • March 24 – After violating a prior probation agreement by getting drunk, Ol' Dirty Bastard is ordered to undergo a 90-day diagnostic evaluation at the California Institute For Men in Chino, California.2000 in music_item_4_29

April 2000 in music_section_6

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May 2000 in music_section_7

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June 2000 in music_section_8

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July–August 2000 in music_section_9

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September 2000 in music_section_10

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October 2000 in music_section_11

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November–December 2000 in music_section_12

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Bands formed 2000 in music_section_13

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Bands disbanded 2000 in music_section_14

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Albums released 2000 in music_section_16

See also: :Category:2000 albums 2000 in music_sentence_2

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2000 in music_table_general_0

Date2000 in music_header_cell_0_0_0 Album2000 in music_header_cell_0_0_2 Artist2000 in music_header_cell_0_0_3 Notes2000 in music_header_cell_0_0_4

A N U A R Y2000 in music_cell_0_1_0

12000 in music_cell_0_1_1 Lump2000 in music_cell_0_1_2 Presidents of the United States of America2000 in music_cell_0_1_3 Compilation2000 in music_cell_0_1_4
Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants2000 in music_cell_0_2_0 Tribe Of Gypsies2000 in music_cell_0_2_1 JVC /Victor Japan2000 in music_cell_0_2_2
42000 in music_cell_0_3_0 Amanda Stott2000 in music_cell_0_3_1 Amanda Stott2000 in music_cell_0_3_2 Debut2000 in music_cell_0_3_3
Any Given Sunday2000 in music_cell_0_4_0 Various Artists2000 in music_cell_0_4_1 Soundtrack2000 in music_cell_0_4_2
These Words2000 in music_cell_0_5_0 Angela Aki2000 in music_cell_0_5_1 Debut2000 in music_cell_0_5_2
112000 in music_cell_0_6_0 The Days In Between2000 in music_cell_0_6_1 Blue Rodeo2000 in music_cell_0_6_2 -2000 in music_cell_0_6_3
Live!2000 in music_cell_0_7_0 Chuck Berry2000 in music_cell_0_7_1 Live2000 in music_cell_0_7_2
Permanently2000 in music_cell_0_8_0 Mark Wills2000 in music_cell_0_8_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_8_2
This Present Darkness2000 in music_cell_0_9_0 Chimaira2000 in music_cell_0_9_1 EP2000 in music_cell_0_9_2
142000 in music_cell_0_10_0 The Screen Behind the Mirror2000 in music_cell_0_10_1 Enigma2000 in music_cell_0_10_2 -2000 in music_cell_0_10_3
172000 in music_cell_0_11_0 How Strange, Innocence2000 in music_cell_0_11_1 Explosions in the Sky2000 in music_cell_0_11_2 -2000 in music_cell_0_11_3
The Lioness2000 in music_cell_0_12_0 Songs: Ohia2000 in music_cell_0_12_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_12_2
Mirror2000 in music_cell_0_13_0 Flying Saucer Attack2000 in music_cell_0_13_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_13_2
Radio Video2000 in music_cell_0_14_0 Royal Trux2000 in music_cell_0_14_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_14_2
182000 in music_cell_0_15_0 Building Nothing Out of Something2000 in music_cell_0_15_1 Modest Mouse2000 in music_cell_0_15_2 Compilation2000 in music_cell_0_15_3
J.E. Heartbreak2000 in music_cell_0_16_0 Jagged Edge2000 in music_cell_0_16_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_16_2
Night Life2000 in music_cell_0_17_0 Outsidaz2000 in music_cell_0_17_1 Debut2000 in music_cell_0_17_2
The Skiffle Sessions – Live in Belfast 19982000 in music_cell_0_18_0 Van Morrison with Lonnie Donegan and Chris Barber2000 in music_cell_0_18_1 Live2000 in music_cell_0_18_2
242000 in music_cell_0_19_0 Razorblade Romance2000 in music_cell_0_19_1 HIM2000 in music_cell_0_19_2 -2000 in music_cell_0_19_3
252000 in music_cell_0_20_0 Designs for Automotion2000 in music_cell_0_20_1 Snapcase2000 in music_cell_0_20_2 -2000 in music_cell_0_20_3
Guy III2000 in music_cell_0_21_0 Guy2000 in music_cell_0_21_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_21_2
Life'll Kill Ya2000 in music_cell_0_22_0 Warren Zevon2000 in music_cell_0_22_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_22_2
Masters Of The 1 & 2 – History's Greatest DJ's2000 in music_cell_0_23_0 Various Artists2000 in music_cell_0_23_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_23_2
Southern Discomfort2000 in music_cell_0_24_0 Eyehategod2000 in music_cell_0_24_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_24_2
A Thought Crushed My Mind2000 in music_cell_0_25_0 Blindside2000 in music_cell_0_25_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_25_2
Voodoo2000 in music_cell_0_26_0 D'Angelo2000 in music_cell_0_26_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_26_2
We Are the Streets2000 in music_cell_0_27_0 The Lox2000 in music_cell_0_27_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_27_2
Introduction to Mayhem2000 in music_cell_0_28_0 Primer 552000 in music_cell_0_28_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_28_2
312000 in music_cell_0_29_0 XTRMNTR2000 in music_cell_0_29_1 Primal Scream2000 in music_cell_0_29_2 -2000 in music_cell_0_29_3
Deggial2000 in music_cell_0_30_0 Therion2000 in music_cell_0_30_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_30_2

E B R U A R Y2000 in music_cell_0_31_0

12000 in music_cell_0_31_1 Greatest Hits Volume Three: Best of the Brother Years 1970–19862000 in music_cell_0_31_2 The Beach Boys2000 in music_cell_0_31_3 Compilation2000 in music_cell_0_31_4
MP4: Days Since a Lost Time Accident2000 in music_cell_0_32_0 Michael Penn2000 in music_cell_0_32_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_32_2
New Day Dawning2000 in music_cell_0_33_0 Wynonna Judd2000 in music_cell_0_33_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_33_2
The Night2000 in music_cell_0_34_0 Morphine2000 in music_cell_0_34_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_34_2
Tha Eastsidaz2000 in music_cell_0_35_0 Tha Eastsidaz2000 in music_cell_0_35_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_35_2
22000 in music_cell_0_36_0 Sonic Dynamite2000 in music_cell_0_36_1 Pink Cream 692000 in music_cell_0_36_2 -2000 in music_cell_0_36_3
42000 in music_cell_0_37_0 Do Robots Dream of Electric Sheep?2000 in music_cell_0_37_1 Blackmail2000 in music_cell_0_37_2 Compilation2000 in music_cell_0_37_3
72000 in music_cell_0_38_0 Incipit Satan2000 in music_cell_0_38_1 Gorgoroth2000 in music_cell_0_38_2 -2000 in music_cell_0_38_3
The Art of Self Defense2000 in music_cell_0_39_0 High on Fire2000 in music_cell_0_39_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_39_2
What A Beautiful Waste2000 in music_cell_0_40_0 Socialburn2000 in music_cell_0_40_1 Debut2000 in music_cell_0_40_2
The Crybaby2000 in music_cell_0_41_0 The Melvins2000 in music_cell_0_41_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_41_2
82000 in music_cell_0_42_0 The Better Life2000 in music_cell_0_42_1 3 Doors Down2000 in music_cell_0_42_2 Debut2000 in music_cell_0_42_3
The Chainheart Machine2000 in music_cell_0_43_0 Soilwork2000 in music_cell_0_43_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_43_2
Demons and Wizards2000 in music_cell_0_44_0 Demons and Wizards2000 in music_cell_0_44_1 US2000 in music_cell_0_44_2
Let's Talk about Leftovers2000 in music_cell_0_45_0 Lagwagon2000 in music_cell_0_45_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_45_2
Live: A Night on the Strip2000 in music_cell_0_46_0 L.A. Guns2000 in music_cell_0_46_1 Live2000 in music_cell_0_46_2
Nia2000 in music_cell_0_47_0 Blackalicious2000 in music_cell_0_47_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_47_2
Suicide Pact – You First2000 in music_cell_0_48_0 Therapy?2000 in music_cell_0_48_1 US2000 in music_cell_0_48_2
Supreme Clientele2000 in music_cell_0_49_0 Ghostface Killah2000 in music_cell_0_49_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_49_2
Y2K: The Album2000 in music_cell_0_50_0 Screwball2000 in music_cell_0_50_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_50_2
152000 in music_cell_0_51_0 2gether2000 in music_cell_0_51_1 2gether2000 in music_cell_0_51_2 -2000 in music_cell_0_51_3
Automatic Midnight2000 in music_cell_0_52_0 Hot Snakes2000 in music_cell_0_52_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_52_2
The Big Bang!: Best of the MC52000 in music_cell_0_53_0 MC52000 in music_cell_0_53_1 Compilation2000 in music_cell_0_53_2
Bloodflowers2000 in music_cell_0_54_0 The Cure2000 in music_cell_0_54_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_54_2
Book of Thugs2000 in music_cell_0_55_0 Trick Daddy2000 in music_cell_0_55_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_55_2
Hear My Cry2000 in music_cell_0_56_0 Sonique2000 in music_cell_0_56_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_56_2
The Suicide Machines2000 in music_cell_0_57_0 The Suicide Machines2000 in music_cell_0_57_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_57_2
Telling Stories2000 in music_cell_0_58_0 Tracy Chapman2000 in music_cell_0_58_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_58_2
Wonder Boys: Music from the Motion Picture2000 in music_cell_0_59_0 Various Artists2000 in music_cell_0_59_1 Soundtrack2000 in music_cell_0_59_2
212000 in music_cell_0_60_0 The Next Best Thing2000 in music_cell_0_60_1 Madonna2000 in music_cell_0_60_2 Soundtrack2000 in music_cell_0_60_3
222000 in music_cell_0_61_0 And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out2000 in music_cell_0_61_1 Yo La Tengo2000 in music_cell_0_61_2 -2000 in music_cell_0_61_3
The Blue Room2000 in music_cell_0_62_0 Union2000 in music_cell_0_62_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_62_2
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome2000 in music_cell_0_63_0 Kid Koala2000 in music_cell_0_63_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_63_2
The Fourth Legacy2000 in music_cell_0_64_0 Kamelot2000 in music_cell_0_64_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_64_2
Frankenstein Girls Will Seem Strangely Sexy2000 in music_cell_0_65_0 Mindless Self Indulgence2000 in music_cell_0_65_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_65_2
Freak Magnet2000 in music_cell_0_66_0 Violent Femmes2000 in music_cell_0_66_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_66_2
Live at the Fillmore – February 19692000 in music_cell_0_67_0 The Byrds2000 in music_cell_0_67_1 Live2000 in music_cell_0_67_2
Look Away + 42000 in music_cell_0_68_0 The Apples in Stereo2000 in music_cell_0_68_1 EP2000 in music_cell_0_68_2
No One Does It Better2000 in music_cell_0_69_0 SoulDecision2000 in music_cell_0_69_1 Canada2000 in music_cell_0_69_2
Pennybridge Pioneers2000 in music_cell_0_70_0 Millencolin2000 in music_cell_0_70_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_70_2
232000 in music_cell_0_71_0 The Virgin Suicides2000 in music_cell_0_71_1 Air2000 in music_cell_0_71_2 Soundtrack2000 in music_cell_0_71_3
282000 in music_cell_0_72_0 Standing on the Shoulder of Giants2000 in music_cell_0_72_1 Oasis2000 in music_cell_0_72_2 -2000 in music_cell_0_72_3
Stiff Upper Lip2000 in music_cell_0_73_0 AC/DC2000 in music_cell_0_73_1 UK2000 in music_cell_0_73_2
292000 in music_cell_0_74_0 BTNHResurrection2000 in music_cell_0_74_1 Bone Thugs-N-Harmony2000 in music_cell_0_74_2 -2000 in music_cell_0_74_3
Get Some Go Again2000 in music_cell_0_75_0 Rollins Band2000 in music_cell_0_75_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_75_2
Venom2000 in music_cell_0_76_0 Breach2000 in music_cell_0_76_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_76_2
Live at the Greek2000 in music_cell_0_77_0 Jimmy Page and The Black Crowes2000 in music_cell_0_77_1 Live2000 in music_cell_0_77_2
Hooray for Boobies2000 in music_cell_0_78_0 Bloodhound Gang2000 in music_cell_0_78_1 US delayed release2000 in music_cell_0_78_2
Machina/The Machines of God2000 in music_cell_0_79_0 The Smashing Pumpkins2000 in music_cell_0_79_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_79_2
MTV Unplugged2000 in music_cell_0_80_0 Shakira2000 in music_cell_0_80_1 Live2000 in music_cell_0_80_2
NakedSelf2000 in music_cell_0_81_0 The The2000 in music_cell_0_81_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_81_2
One Endless Night2000 in music_cell_0_82_0 Jimmie Dale Gilmore2000 in music_cell_0_82_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_82_2
Passenger2000 in music_cell_0_83_0 Tara MacLean2000 in music_cell_0_83_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_83_2
The Truth2000 in music_cell_0_84_0 Beanie Sigel2000 in music_cell_0_84_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_84_2
Two Against Nature2000 in music_cell_0_85_0 Steely Dan2000 in music_cell_0_85_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_85_2

A R C H2000 in music_cell_0_86_0

12000 in music_cell_0_86_1 The Swiss Army Romance2000 in music_cell_0_86_2 Dashboard Confessional2000 in music_cell_0_86_3 Debut2000 in music_cell_0_86_4
32000 in music_cell_0_87_0 Blackout Analysis2000 in music_cell_0_87_1 Vendetta Red2000 in music_cell_0_87_2 Debut2000 in music_cell_0_87_3
62000 in music_cell_0_88_0 The Secret Language of Birds2000 in music_cell_0_88_1 Ian Anderson2000 in music_cell_0_88_2 -2000 in music_cell_0_88_3
72000 in music_cell_0_89_0 Adventures of the Imagination2000 in music_cell_0_89_1 Michael Schenker2000 in music_cell_0_89_2 -2000 in music_cell_0_89_3
The Art of Self Defense2000 in music_cell_0_90_0 High on Fire2000 in music_cell_0_90_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_90_2
Da Baddest Bitch2000 in music_cell_0_91_0 Trina2000 in music_cell_0_91_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_91_2
The Dwarves Come Clean2000 in music_cell_0_92_0 Dwarves2000 in music_cell_0_92_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_92_2
How to Meet Girls2000 in music_cell_0_93_0 Nerf Herder2000 in music_cell_0_93_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_93_2
Launched2000 in music_cell_0_94_0 Beatsteaks2000 in music_cell_0_94_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_94_2
Revelation2000 in music_cell_0_95_0 Armored Saint2000 in music_cell_0_95_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_95_2
Shades of Purple2000 in music_cell_0_96_0 M2M2000 in music_cell_0_96_1 Debut2000 in music_cell_0_96_2
Snowfall2000 in music_cell_0_97_0 Yanni2000 in music_cell_0_97_1 Compilation2000 in music_cell_0_97_2
The Sickness2000 in music_cell_0_98_0 Disturbed2000 in music_cell_0_98_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_98_2
The State2000 in music_cell_0_99_0 Nickelback2000 in music_cell_0_99_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_99_2
Swagger2000 in music_cell_0_100_0 Flogging Molly2000 in music_cell_0_100_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_100_2
Turn2000 in music_cell_0_101_0 Great Big Sea2000 in music_cell_0_101_1 US2000 in music_cell_0_101_2
82000 in music_cell_0_102_0 Romeo Must Die2000 in music_cell_0_102_1 Various Artists2000 in music_cell_0_102_2 Soundtrack2000 in music_cell_0_102_3
112000 in music_cell_0_103_0 Yesterday Was Dramatic – Today Is OK2000 in music_cell_0_103_1 múm2000 in music_cell_0_103_2 Debut2000 in music_cell_0_103_3
122000 in music_cell_0_104_0 Reflector2000 in music_cell_0_104_1 Killing Heidi2000 in music_cell_0_104_2 -2000 in music_cell_0_104_3
132000 in music_cell_0_105_0 He Has Left Us Alone but Shafts of Light Sometimes Grace the Corner of Our Rooms…2000 in music_cell_0_105_1 A Silver Mt. Zion2000 in music_cell_0_105_2 Debut2000 in music_cell_0_105_3
The Platinum Album2000 in music_cell_0_106_0 Vengaboys2000 in music_cell_0_106_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_106_2
Revelation 666 – The Curse of Damnation2000 in music_cell_0_107_0 Old Man's Child2000 in music_cell_0_107_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_107_2
142000 in music_cell_0_108_0 Additional Creations2000 in music_cell_0_108_1 Joe Satriani2000 in music_cell_0_108_2 -2000 in music_cell_0_108_3
Comatised2000 in music_cell_0_109_0 Leona Naess2000 in music_cell_0_109_1 Debut2000 in music_cell_0_109_2
Crack a Smile...and More!2000 in music_cell_0_110_0 Poison2000 in music_cell_0_110_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_110_2
Daisies of the Galaxy2000 in music_cell_0_111_0 Eels2000 in music_cell_0_111_1 US2000 in music_cell_0_111_2
Engines of Creation2000 in music_cell_0_112_0 Joe Satriani2000 in music_cell_0_112_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_112_2
From the Bottom to the Top2000 in music_cell_0_113_0 Sammie2000 in music_cell_0_113_1 Debut2000 in music_cell_0_113_2
Let's Get Free2000 in music_cell_0_114_0 Dead Prez2000 in music_cell_0_114_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_114_2
Maybe I'll Catch Fire2000 in music_cell_0_115_0 Alkaline Trio2000 in music_cell_0_115_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_115_2
The Road to El Dorado2000 in music_cell_0_116_0 Elton John2000 in music_cell_0_116_1 Soundtrack2000 in music_cell_0_116_2
Winners Never Quit2000 in music_cell_0_117_0 Pedro the Lion2000 in music_cell_0_117_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_117_2
162000 in music_cell_0_118_0 The Closer You Get2000 in music_cell_0_118_1 Six by Seven2000 in music_cell_0_118_2 -2000 in music_cell_0_118_3
202000 in music_cell_0_119_0 Both Sides Now2000 in music_cell_0_119_1 Joni Mitchell2000 in music_cell_0_119_2 -2000 in music_cell_0_119_3
The Noise Made by People2000 in music_cell_0_120_0 Broadcast2000 in music_cell_0_120_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_120_2
212000 in music_cell_0_121_0 Aquarius2000 in music_cell_0_121_1 Aqua2000 in music_cell_0_121_2 -2000 in music_cell_0_121_3
The Covers Record2000 in music_cell_0_122_0 Cat Power2000 in music_cell_0_122_1 Covers2000 in music_cell_0_122_2
Get Over It2000 in music_cell_0_123_0 Mr. Big2000 in music_cell_0_123_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_123_2
Gung Ho2000 in music_cell_0_124_0 Patti Smith2000 in music_cell_0_124_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_124_2
Latter Days: Best of Led Zeppelin Volume Two2000 in music_cell_0_125_0 Led Zeppelin2000 in music_cell_0_125_1 Compilation2000 in music_cell_0_125_2
Magica2000 in music_cell_0_126_0 Dio2000 in music_cell_0_126_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_126_2
Nickel Creek2000 in music_cell_0_127_0 Nickel Creek2000 in music_cell_0_127_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_127_2
No Strings Attached2000 in music_cell_0_128_0 NSYNC2000 in music_cell_0_128_1 Studio2000 in music_cell_0_128_2
Fishbone and the Familyhood Nextperience Present: The Psychotic Friends Nuttwerx2000 in music_cell_0_129_0 Fishbone2000 in music_cell_0_129_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_129_2
Reinventing the Steel2000 in music_cell_0_130_0 Pantera2000 in music_cell_0_130_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_130_2
Spend a Night in the Box2000 in music_cell_0_131_0 The Reverend Horton Heat2000 in music_cell_0_131_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_131_2
24 Hour Roadside Resistance2000 in music_cell_0_132_0 Against All Authority2000 in music_cell_0_132_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_132_2
War & Peace Vol. 2 (The Peace Disc)2000 in music_cell_0_133_0 Ice Cube2000 in music_cell_0_133_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_133_2
We Have the Facts and We're Voting Yes2000 in music_cell_0_134_0 Death Cab for Cutie2000 in music_cell_0_134_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_134_2
Drawing Black Lines2000 in music_cell_0_135_0 Project 862000 in music_cell_0_135_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_135_2
232000 in music_cell_0_136_0 Killermachine2000 in music_cell_0_136_1 Peter Pan Speedrock2000 in music_cell_0_136_2 -2000 in music_cell_0_136_3
262000 in music_cell_0_137_0 Perdition City2000 in music_cell_0_137_1 Ulver2000 in music_cell_0_137_2 -2000 in music_cell_0_137_3
272000 in music_cell_0_138_0 Drawn from Memory2000 in music_cell_0_138_1 Embrace2000 in music_cell_0_138_2 UK2000 in music_cell_0_138_3
Engelbert At His Very Best2000 in music_cell_0_139_0 Engelbert Humperdinck2000 in music_cell_0_139_1 Compilation2000 in music_cell_0_139_2
Punishing Kiss2000 in music_cell_0_140_0 Ute Lemper2000 in music_cell_0_140_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_140_2
282000 in music_cell_0_141_0 The Exies2000 in music_cell_0_141_1 The Exies2000 in music_cell_0_141_2 Debut2000 in music_cell_0_141_3
From the Screen to Your Stereo2000 in music_cell_0_142_0 A New Found Glory2000 in music_cell_0_142_1 EP2000 in music_cell_0_142_2
Infinite2000 in music_cell_0_143_0 Stratovarius2000 in music_cell_0_143_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_143_2
Like Water for Chocolate2000 in music_cell_0_144_0 Common2000 in music_cell_0_144_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_144_2
Opposite of H2O2000 in music_cell_0_145_0 Drag-On2000 in music_cell_0_145_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_145_2
Real Live Woman2000 in music_cell_0_146_0 Trisha Yearwood2000 in music_cell_0_146_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_146_2
Stage One2000 in music_cell_0_147_0 Sean Paul2000 in music_cell_0_147_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_147_2
Stomping Ground2000 in music_cell_0_148_0 Goldfinger2000 in music_cell_0_148_1 -2000 in music_cell_0_148_2

April–June 2000 in music_section_18

2000 in music_table_general_1

Date2000 in music_header_cell_1_0_0 Album2000 in music_header_cell_1_0_2 Artist2000 in music_header_cell_1_0_3 Notes2000 in music_header_cell_1_0_4

P R I L2000 in music_header_cell_1_1_0

32000 in music_cell_1_1_1 Live & Eclectic2000 in music_cell_1_1_2 Ronnie Wood2000 in music_cell_1_1_3 Live2000 in music_cell_1_1_4
Lost Souls2000 in music_cell_1_2_0 Doves2000 in music_cell_1_2_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_2_2
The Menace2000 in music_cell_1_3_0 Elastica2000 in music_cell_1_3_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_3_2
The Power2000 in music_cell_1_4_0 Vanessa Amorosi2000 in music_cell_1_4_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_4_2
42000 in music_cell_1_5_0 Auto Code 32000 in music_cell_1_5_1 Auto Boys 4002000 in music_cell_1_5_2 -2000 in music_cell_1_5_3
Can't Take Me Home2000 in music_cell_1_6_0 Pink2000 in music_cell_1_6_1 Debut2000 in music_cell_1_6_2
Dongs of Sevotion2000 in music_cell_1_7_0 Smog2000 in music_cell_1_7_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_7_2
Ecstasy2000 in music_cell_1_8_0 Lou Reed2000 in music_cell_1_8_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_8_2
Garage D'Or2000 in music_cell_1_9_0 Cracker2000 in music_cell_1_9_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_9_2
Grow Your Own2000 in music_cell_1_10_0 ThaMuseMeant2000 in music_cell_1_10_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_10_2
Nickels For Your Nightmares2000 in music_cell_1_11_0 The Headstones2000 in music_cell_1_11_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_11_2
Of One Blood2000 in music_cell_1_12_0 Shadows Fall2000 in music_cell_1_12_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_12_2
WYSIWYG2000 in music_cell_1_13_0 Chumbawamba2000 in music_cell_1_13_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_13_2
2000 in music_cell_1_14_0 Yeeeah Baby2000 in music_cell_1_14_1 Big Pun2000 in music_cell_1_14_2 2000 in music_cell_1_14_3
52000 in music_cell_1_15_0 Famous in the Last Century2000 in music_cell_1_15_1 Status Quo2000 in music_cell_1_15_2 -2000 in music_cell_1_15_3
102000 in music_cell_1_16_0 Buy Now... Saved Later2000 in music_cell_1_16_1 One Minute Silence2000 in music_cell_1_16_2 -2000 in music_cell_1_16_3
Heliocentric2000 in music_cell_1_17_0 Paul Weller2000 in music_cell_1_17_1 UK2000 in music_cell_1_17_2
Things to Make and Do2000 in music_cell_1_18_0 Moloko2000 in music_cell_1_18_1 First Moloko album with Paul Slowley (percussion), Eddie Stevens (keyboards) and Dave Cooke (guitar).2000 in music_cell_1_18_2
Veni Vidi Vicious2000 in music_cell_1_19_0 The Hives2000 in music_cell_1_19_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_19_2
112000 in music_cell_1_20_0 Beethoven's Last Night2000 in music_cell_1_20_1 Trans-Siberian Orchestra2000 in music_cell_1_20_2 -2000 in music_cell_1_20_3
Both Sides of the Brain2000 in music_cell_1_21_0 Del tha Funkee Homosapien2000 in music_cell_1_21_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_21_2
Husslin'2000 in music_cell_1_22_0 Kardinal Offishall2000 in music_cell_1_22_1 EP2000 in music_cell_1_22_2
L2000 in music_cell_1_23_0 Moe2000 in music_cell_1_23_1 Live2000 in music_cell_1_23_2
L Version 3.12000 in music_cell_1_24_0 Moe2000 in music_cell_1_24_1 Live2000 in music_cell_1_24_2
Return of Saturn2000 in music_cell_1_25_0 No Doubt2000 in music_cell_1_25_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_25_2
S Club2000 in music_cell_1_26_0 S Club2000 in music_cell_1_26_1 US2000 in music_cell_1_26_2
Special Brew2000 in music_cell_1_27_0 Bad Manners2000 in music_cell_1_27_1 Compilation2000 in music_cell_1_27_2
Unrestricted2000 in music_cell_1_28_0 Da Brat2000 in music_cell_1_28_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_28_2
132000 in music_cell_1_29_0 Rudeboys inna Ghetto2000 in music_cell_1_29_1 Buju Banton2000 in music_cell_1_29_2 Compilation2000 in music_cell_1_29_3
172000 in music_cell_1_30_0 Now That's What I Call Music! 45 (UK series)2000 in music_cell_1_30_1 Various Artists2000 in music_cell_1_30_2 Compilation2000 in music_cell_1_30_3
2000 in music_cell_1_31_0 Taxidermy2000 in music_cell_1_31_1 Queen Adreena2000 in music_cell_1_31_2 -2000 in music_cell_1_31_3
182000 in music_cell_1_32_0 The Discovery of a World Inside the Moone2000 in music_cell_1_32_1 The Apples in Stereo2000 in music_cell_1_32_2 -2000 in music_cell_1_32_3
Down Here2000 in music_cell_1_33_0 Tracy Bonham2000 in music_cell_1_33_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_33_2
Emotional2000 in music_cell_1_34_0 Carl Thomas2000 in music_cell_1_34_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_34_2
Figure 82000 in music_cell_1_35_0 Elliott Smith2000 in music_cell_1_35_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_35_2
Greatest Hits2000 in music_cell_1_36_0 Ace of Base2000 in music_cell_1_36_1 Compilation2000 in music_cell_1_36_2
Heavy Metal 20002000 in music_cell_1_37_0 Various Artists2000 in music_cell_1_37_1 Soundtrack2000 in music_cell_1_37_2
Is There Anybody Out There? The Wall Live 1980-812000 in music_cell_1_38_0 Pink Floyd2000 in music_cell_1_38_1 Live2000 in music_cell_1_38_2
Let's Make Sure We Kiss Goodbye2000 in music_cell_1_39_0 Vince Gill2000 in music_cell_1_39_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_39_2
Live from the Sun2000 in music_cell_1_40_0 Dokken2000 in music_cell_1_40_1 Live2000 in music_cell_1_40_2
My Name Is Joe2000 in music_cell_1_41_0 Joe2000 in music_cell_1_41_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_41_2
Stronger than Death2000 in music_cell_1_42_0 Black Label Society2000 in music_cell_1_42_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_42_2
Victory2000 in music_cell_1_43_0 Running Wild2000 in music_cell_1_43_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_43_2
Whitney: The Greatest Hits2000 in music_cell_1_44_0 Whitney Houston2000 in music_cell_1_44_1 Compilation2000 in music_cell_1_44_2
252000 in music_cell_1_45_0 After the Eulogy2000 in music_cell_1_45_1 Boysetsfire2000 in music_cell_1_45_2 -2000 in music_cell_1_45_3
The Distillers2000 in music_cell_1_46_0 The Distillers2000 in music_cell_1_46_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_46_2
Fear of Flying2000 in music_cell_1_47_0 Mýa2000 in music_cell_1_47_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_47_2
The Heat2000 in music_cell_1_48_0 Toni Braxton2000 in music_cell_1_48_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_48_2
Promotional Copy2000 in music_cell_1_49_0 Reggie and the Full Effect2000 in music_cell_1_49_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_49_2
Infest2000 in music_cell_1_50_0 Papa Roach2000 in music_cell_1_50_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_50_2
Relient K2000 in music_cell_1_51_0 Relient K2000 in music_cell_1_51_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_51_2
Silver & Gold2000 in music_cell_1_52_0 Neil Young2000 in music_cell_1_52_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_52_2
Skull & Bones2000 in music_cell_1_53_0 Cypress Hill2000 in music_cell_1_53_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_53_2
State of Flow2000 in music_cell_1_54_0 No Fun at All2000 in music_cell_1_54_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_54_2
Summer Day Reflection Songs2000 in music_cell_1_55_0 Donovan2000 in music_cell_1_55_1 Compilation2000 in music_cell_1_55_2
Thug Walkin'2000 in music_cell_1_56_0 Ying Yang Twins2000 in music_cell_1_56_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_56_2
Useless2000 in music_cell_1_57_0 Ünloco2000 in music_cell_1_57_1 EP2000 in music_cell_1_57_2
272000 in music_cell_1_58_0 Damned in Black2000 in music_cell_1_58_1 Immortal2000 in music_cell_1_58_2 -2000 in music_cell_1_58_3
282000 in music_cell_1_59_0 Hagnesta Hill2000 in music_cell_1_59_1 Kent2000 in music_cell_1_59_2 English version. Swedish version released 6 December 19992000 in music_cell_1_59_3

A Y2000 in music_cell_1_60_0

12000 in music_cell_1_60_1 Bardot2000 in music_cell_1_60_2 Bardot2000 in music_cell_1_60_3 -2000 in music_cell_1_60_4
Internal Wrangler2000 in music_cell_1_61_0 Clinic2000 in music_cell_1_61_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_61_2
22000 in music_cell_1_62_0 2000 Years: The Millennium Concert2000 in music_cell_1_62_1 Billy Joel2000 in music_cell_1_62_2 Live2000 in music_cell_1_62_3
All Hands on the Bad One2000 in music_cell_1_63_0 Sleater-Kinney2000 in music_cell_1_63_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_63_2
Bachelor No. 22000 in music_cell_1_64_0 Aimee Mann2000 in music_cell_1_64_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_64_2
Ghost Stories2000 in music_cell_1_65_0 The Lawrence Arms2000 in music_cell_1_65_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_65_2
Goodfellas2000 in music_cell_1_66_0 504 Boyz2000 in music_cell_1_66_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_66_2
Homovore2000 in music_cell_1_67_0 Cattle Decapitation2000 in music_cell_1_67_1 Debut album2000 in music_cell_1_67_2
Pay Attention2000 in music_cell_1_68_0 The Mighty Mighty Bosstones2000 in music_cell_1_68_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_68_2
The Slash Years2000 in music_cell_1_69_0 L72000 in music_cell_1_69_1 Compilation2000 in music_cell_1_69_2
White Pepper2000 in music_cell_1_70_0 Ween2000 in music_cell_1_70_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_70_2
Don't Give Me Names2000 in music_cell_1_71_0 Guano Apes2000 in music_cell_1_71_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_71_2
42000 in music_cell_1_72_0 My Music at Work2000 in music_cell_1_72_1 The Tragically Hip2000 in music_cell_1_72_2 -2000 in music_cell_1_72_3
62000 in music_cell_1_73_0 Summer in the City: Live in New York2000 in music_cell_1_73_1 Joe Jackson2000 in music_cell_1_73_2 Live2000 in music_cell_1_73_3
82000 in music_cell_1_74_0 There Goes The Neighborhood2000 in music_cell_1_74_1 Hush2000 in music_cell_1_74_2 -2000 in music_cell_1_74_3
92000 in music_cell_1_75_0 3 for One2000 in music_cell_1_75_1 Chris Isaak2000 in music_cell_1_75_2 Box Set2000 in music_cell_1_75_3
100 Broken Windows2000 in music_cell_1_76_0 Idlewild2000 in music_cell_1_76_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_76_2
The Ballad Collection2000 in music_cell_1_77_0 Boyz II Men2000 in music_cell_1_77_1 Compilation2000 in music_cell_1_77_2
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Silence2000 in music_cell_1_78_0 Glassjaw2000 in music_cell_1_78_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_78_2
Hot Rail2000 in music_cell_1_79_0 Calexico2000 in music_cell_1_79_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_79_2
I Wanna Be with You2000 in music_cell_1_80_0 Mandy Moore2000 in music_cell_1_80_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_80_2
Live at Ernesto's2000 in music_cell_1_81_0 The Slackers2000 in music_cell_1_81_1 Live2000 in music_cell_1_81_2
Mission Impossible II soundtrack2000 in music_cell_1_82_0 Various Artists2000 in music_cell_1_82_1 Soundtrack2000 in music_cell_1_82_2
Mob Mentality2000 in music_cell_1_83_0 The Business/Dropkick Murphys2000 in music_cell_1_83_1 Split LP2000 in music_cell_1_83_2
Mystery White Boy2000 in music_cell_1_84_0 Jeff Buckley2000 in music_cell_1_84_1 Live2000 in music_cell_1_84_2
Open the Door2000 in music_cell_1_85_0 Roger Hodgson2000 in music_cell_1_85_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_85_2
The New America2000 in music_cell_1_86_0 Bad Religion2000 in music_cell_1_86_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_86_2
Smile2000 in music_cell_1_87_0 The Jayhawks2000 in music_cell_1_87_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_87_2
Survival Sickness2000 in music_cell_1_88_0 The (International) Noise Conspiracy2000 in music_cell_1_88_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_88_2
Thane to the Throne2000 in music_cell_1_89_0 Jag Panzer2000 in music_cell_1_89_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_89_2
This Time Around2000 in music_cell_1_90_0 Hanson2000 in music_cell_1_90_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_90_2
View from Masada2000 in music_cell_1_91_0 Killah Priest2000 in music_cell_1_91_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_91_2
When All Else Fails2000 in music_cell_1_92_0 Bracket2000 in music_cell_1_92_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_92_2
112000 in music_cell_1_93_0 The Abba Generation2000 in music_cell_1_93_1 A*Teens2000 in music_cell_1_93_2 US2000 in music_cell_1_93_3
152000 in music_cell_1_94_0 Excuses for Travellers2000 in music_cell_1_94_1 Mojave 32000 in music_cell_1_94_2 -2000 in music_cell_1_94_3
Supermodified2000 in music_cell_1_95_0 Amon Tobin2000 in music_cell_1_95_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_95_2
162000 in music_cell_1_96_0 Balance & Options2000 in music_cell_1_96_1 DJ Quik2000 in music_cell_1_96_2 -2000 in music_cell_1_96_3
Before The Calm2000 in music_cell_1_97_0 Witness2000 in music_cell_1_97_1 US; Debut album2000 in music_cell_1_97_2
The Big Black2000 in music_cell_1_98_0 Orange Goblin2000 in music_cell_1_98_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_98_2
Binaural2000 in music_cell_1_99_0 Pearl Jam2000 in music_cell_1_99_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_99_2
Celestial Hi-Fi2000 in music_cell_1_100_0 Sheavy2000 in music_cell_1_100_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_100_2
Ear-Resistible2000 in music_cell_1_101_0 The Temptations2000 in music_cell_1_101_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_101_2
The Ever Passing Moment2000 in music_cell_1_102_0 MxPx2000 in music_cell_1_102_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_102_2
Farmhouse2000 in music_cell_1_103_0 Phish2000 in music_cell_1_103_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_103_2
The First of the Microbe Hunters2000 in music_cell_1_104_0 Stereolab2000 in music_cell_1_104_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_104_2
I Got That Work2000 in music_cell_1_105_0 The Big Tymers2000 in music_cell_1_105_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_105_2
Invincible2000 in music_cell_1_106_0 Five2000 in music_cell_1_106_1 US2000 in music_cell_1_106_2
The Last Dance2000 in music_cell_1_107_0 Spice 12000 in music_cell_1_107_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_107_2
Let's Do It for Johnny!2000 in music_cell_1_108_0 Bowling for Soup2000 in music_cell_1_108_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_108_2
The Madding Crowd2000 in music_cell_1_109_0 Nine Days2000 in music_cell_1_109_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_109_2
NYC Ghosts & Flowers2000 in music_cell_1_110_0 Sonic Youth2000 in music_cell_1_110_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_110_2
Oops!... I Did It Again2000 in music_cell_1_111_0 Britney Spears2000 in music_cell_1_111_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_111_2
Resolver2000 in music_cell_1_112_0 Veruca Salt2000 in music_cell_1_112_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_112_2
We Are Motörhead2000 in music_cell_1_113_0 Motörhead2000 in music_cell_1_113_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_113_2
232000 in music_cell_1_114_0 Alma Caribeña2000 in music_cell_1_114_1 Gloria Estefan2000 in music_cell_1_114_2 US2000 in music_cell_1_114_3
Blazing the Crop2000 in music_cell_1_115_0 Rae & Christian2000 in music_cell_1_115_1 US2000 in music_cell_1_115_2
the construKction of light2000 in music_cell_1_116_0 King Crimson2000 in music_cell_1_116_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_116_2
Deathrace King2000 in music_cell_1_117_0 The Crown2000 in music_cell_1_117_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_117_2
Deviant2000 in music_cell_1_118_0 Pitchshifter2000 in music_cell_1_118_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_118_2
Inside Job2000 in music_cell_1_119_0 Don Henley2000 in music_cell_1_119_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_119_2
Love, God and Murder2000 in music_cell_1_120_0 Johnny Cash2000 in music_cell_1_120_1 Box Set2000 in music_cell_1_120_2
Mad Season2000 in music_cell_1_121_0 Matchbox Twenty2000 in music_cell_1_121_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_121_2
The Marshall Mathers LP2000 in music_cell_1_122_0 Eminem2000 in music_cell_1_122_1 LP2000 in music_cell_1_122_2
Masterpiece Theatre2000 in music_cell_1_123_0 En Vogue2000 in music_cell_1_123_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_123_2
Mer de Noms2000 in music_cell_1_124_0 A Perfect Circle2000 in music_cell_1_124_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_124_2
The Platform2000 in music_cell_1_125_0 Dilated Peoples2000 in music_cell_1_125_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_125_2
Please Come Home... Mr. Bulbous2000 in music_cell_1_126_0 King's X2000 in music_cell_1_126_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_126_2
The Singles Collection, Volume 12000 in music_cell_1_127_0 Dropkick Murphys2000 in music_cell_1_127_1 Compilation2000 in music_cell_1_127_2
Slick Shoes/Cooter Split2000 in music_cell_1_128_0 Slick Shoes/Cooter2000 in music_cell_1_128_1 Split EP2000 in music_cell_1_128_2
Superfast2000 in music_cell_1_129_0 Dynamite Hack2000 in music_cell_1_129_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_129_2
Vocalcity2000 in music_cell_1_130_0 Luomo2000 in music_cell_1_130_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_130_2
Wake Up Screaming2000 in music_cell_1_131_0 Slick Shoes2000 in music_cell_1_131_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_131_2
Wasp Star (Apple Venus Volume 2)2000 in music_cell_1_132_0 XTC2000 in music_cell_1_132_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_132_2
Wishville2000 in music_cell_1_133_0 Catherine Wheel2000 in music_cell_1_133_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_133_2
292000 in music_cell_1_134_0 Brave New World2000 in music_cell_1_134_1 Iron Maiden2000 in music_cell_1_134_2 -2000 in music_cell_1_134_3
Fevers and Mirrors2000 in music_cell_1_135_0 Bright Eyes2000 in music_cell_1_135_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_135_2
The Sophtware Slump2000 in music_cell_1_136_0 Grandaddy2000 in music_cell_1_136_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_136_2
302000 in music_cell_1_137_0 dwightyoakamacoustic.net2000 in music_cell_1_137_1 Dwight Yoakam2000 in music_cell_1_137_2 -2000 in music_cell_1_137_3
High as Hell2000 in music_cell_1_138_0 Nashville Pussy2000 in music_cell_1_138_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_138_2
The History of Rock2000 in music_cell_1_139_0 Kid Rock2000 in music_cell_1_139_1 Compilation +1 new track2000 in music_cell_1_139_2
Mermaid Avenue Vol. II2000 in music_cell_1_140_0 Billy Bragg and Wilco2000 in music_cell_1_140_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_140_2
Mind over Matter2000 in music_cell_1_141_0 Zion I2000 in music_cell_1_141_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_141_2

U N E2000 in music_cell_1_142_0

12000 in music_cell_1_142_1 Broken Bracelet2000 in music_cell_1_142_2 Michelle Branch2000 in music_cell_1_142_3 -2000 in music_cell_1_142_4
52000 in music_cell_1_143_0 The Captain2000 in music_cell_1_143_1 Kasey Chambers2000 in music_cell_1_143_2 US2000 in music_cell_1_143_3
62000 in music_cell_1_144_0 Another Joyous Occasion2000 in music_cell_1_144_1 Widespread Panic2000 in music_cell_1_144_2 Live2000 in music_cell_1_144_3
Brutal Planet2000 in music_cell_1_145_0 Alice Cooper2000 in music_cell_1_145_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_145_2
Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like a Peasant2000 in music_cell_1_146_0 Belle & Sebastian2000 in music_cell_1_146_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_146_2
The Holiday Has Been Cancelled2000 in music_cell_1_147_0 Mad Caddies2000 in music_cell_1_147_1 EP2000 in music_cell_1_147_2
Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons2000 in music_cell_1_148_0 Blonde Redhead2000 in music_cell_1_148_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_148_2
Nativity in Black II: A Tribute to Black Sabbath2000 in music_cell_1_149_0 Various Artists2000 in music_cell_1_149_1 Black Sabbath tribute2000 in music_cell_1_149_2
Problematic2000 in music_cell_1_150_0 ALL2000 in music_cell_1_150_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_150_2
Question in the Form of an Answer2000 in music_cell_1_151_0 People Under The Stairs2000 in music_cell_1_151_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_151_2
Rated R2000 in music_cell_1_152_0 Queens of the Stone Age2000 in music_cell_1_152_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_152_2
Reactionary2000 in music_cell_1_153_0 Face to Face2000 in music_cell_1_153_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_153_2
Tales Out of Luck (Me and the Drummer)2000 in music_cell_1_154_0 Willie Nelson2000 in music_cell_1_154_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_154_2
Transcendental Blues2000 in music_cell_1_155_0 Steve Earle2000 in music_cell_1_155_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_155_2
Voyage 34: The Complete Trip2000 in music_cell_1_156_0 Porcupine Tree2000 in music_cell_1_156_1 Compilation2000 in music_cell_1_156_2
122000 in music_cell_1_157_0 72000 in music_cell_1_157_1 S Club 72000 in music_cell_1_157_2 -2000 in music_cell_1_157_3
The Golden D2000 in music_cell_1_158_0 Graham Coxon2000 in music_cell_1_158_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_158_2
One2000 in music_cell_1_159_0 Sister2Sister2000 in music_cell_1_159_1 Debut2000 in music_cell_1_159_2
132000 in music_cell_1_160_0 Crush2000 in music_cell_1_160_1 Bon Jovi2000 in music_cell_1_160_2 -2000 in music_cell_1_160_3
Faith and Courage2000 in music_cell_1_161_0 Sinéad O'Connor2000 in music_cell_1_161_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_161_2
Fantastic, Vol. 22000 in music_cell_1_162_0 Slum Village2000 in music_cell_1_162_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_162_2
Mo Thugs III: The Mothership2000 in music_cell_1_163_0 Mo Thugs Family2000 in music_cell_1_163_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_163_2
The Moon & Antarctica2000 in music_cell_1_164_0 Modest Mouse2000 in music_cell_1_164_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_164_2
Power to the People2000 in music_cell_1_165_0 Poison2000 in music_cell_1_165_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_165_2
Pump Up the Valuum2000 in music_cell_1_166_0 NOFX2000 in music_cell_1_166_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_166_2
Riding with the King2000 in music_cell_1_167_0 B.B. King & Eric Clapton2000 in music_cell_1_167_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_167_2
The Unseen2000 in music_cell_1_168_0 Quasimoto2000 in music_cell_1_168_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_168_2
Z-Ro vs. the World2000 in music_cell_1_169_0 Z-Ro2000 in music_cell_1_169_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_169_2
162000 in music_cell_1_170_0 Not That Kind2000 in music_cell_1_170_1 Anastacia2000 in music_cell_1_170_2 -2000 in music_cell_1_170_3
192000 in music_cell_1_171_0 Pop Trash2000 in music_cell_1_171_1 Duran Duran2000 in music_cell_1_171_2 -2000 in music_cell_1_171_3
202000 in music_cell_1_172_0 Anarchy2000 in music_cell_1_172_1 Busta Rhymes2000 in music_cell_1_172_2 -2000 in music_cell_1_172_3
Chinese Work Songs2000 in music_cell_1_173_0 Little Feat2000 in music_cell_1_173_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_173_2
Classical Mushroom2000 in music_cell_1_174_0 Infected Mushroom2000 in music_cell_1_174_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_174_2
De Stijl2000 in music_cell_1_175_0 The White Stripes2000 in music_cell_1_175_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_175_2
Domestica2000 in music_cell_1_176_0 Cursive2000 in music_cell_1_176_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_176_2
Down with the Scene2000 in music_cell_1_177_0 Kid 6062000 in music_cell_1_177_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_177_2
Flash Flash Flash2000 in music_cell_1_178_0 The Explosion2000 in music_cell_1_178_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_178_2
Hold It Down2000 in music_cell_1_179_0 Madball2000 in music_cell_1_179_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_179_2
Invincible Summer2000 in music_cell_1_180_0 k.d. lang2000 in music_cell_1_180_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_180_2
Kaleidoscope Superior2000 in music_cell_1_181_0 Earthsuit2000 in music_cell_1_181_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_181_2
One Long Year2000 in music_cell_1_182_0 Todd Rundgren2000 in music_cell_1_182_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_182_2
One Voice2000 in music_cell_1_183_0 Billy Gilman2000 in music_cell_1_183_1 Debut2000 in music_cell_1_183_2
Quality Control2000 in music_cell_1_184_0 Jurassic 52000 in music_cell_1_184_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_184_2
Thunderstorm2000 in music_cell_1_185_0 Iron Fire2000 in music_cell_1_185_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_185_2
Universal Migrator Part 1: The Dream Sequencer2000 in music_cell_1_186_0 Ayreon2000 in music_cell_1_186_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_186_2
Universal Migrator Part 2: Flight of the Migrator2000 in music_cell_1_187_0 Ayreon2000 in music_cell_1_187_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_187_2
Versus God2000 in music_cell_1_188_0 Dillinger Four2000 in music_cell_1_188_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_188_2
White Pony2000 in music_cell_1_189_0 Deftones2000 in music_cell_1_189_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_189_2
222000 in music_cell_1_190_0 Sound of Water2000 in music_cell_1_190_1 Saint Etienne2000 in music_cell_1_190_2 -2000 in music_cell_1_190_3
262000 in music_cell_1_191_0 ØØ Void2000 in music_cell_1_191_1 Sunn O)))2000 in music_cell_1_191_2 Debut2000 in music_cell_1_191_3
Alone with Everybody2000 in music_cell_1_192_0 Richard Ashcroft2000 in music_cell_1_192_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_192_2
The Hour of Bewilderbeast2000 in music_cell_1_193_0 Badly Drawn Boy2000 in music_cell_1_193_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_193_2
272000 in music_cell_1_194_0 Anthology2000 in music_cell_1_194_1 Chuck Berry2000 in music_cell_1_194_2 Compilation2000 in music_cell_1_194_3
Country Grammar2000 in music_cell_1_195_0 Nelly2000 in music_cell_1_195_1 Debut2000 in music_cell_1_195_2
Fortress2000 in music_cell_1_196_0 Sister Hazel2000 in music_cell_1_196_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_196_2
Gift2000 in music_cell_1_197_0 Taproot2000 in music_cell_1_197_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_197_2
Greatest Hits2000 in music_cell_1_198_0 Queensrÿche2000 in music_cell_1_198_1 Compilation2000 in music_cell_1_198_2
Half Hour of Power2000 in music_cell_1_199_0 Sum 412000 in music_cell_1_199_1 EP2000 in music_cell_1_199_2
High Society2000 in music_cell_1_200_0 Kottonmouth Kings2000 in music_cell_1_200_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_200_2
The Notorious K.I.M.2000 in music_cell_1_201_0 Lil' Kim2000 in music_cell_1_201_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_201_2
Progress2000 in music_cell_1_202_0 Pedro the Lion2000 in music_cell_1_202_1 EP2000 in music_cell_1_202_2
Insineratehymn2000 in music_cell_1_203_0 Deicide2000 in music_cell_1_203_1 -2000 in music_cell_1_203_2
302000 in music_cell_1_204_0 Double Wide2000 in music_cell_1_204_1 Uncle Kracker2000 in music_cell_1_204_2 -2000 in music_cell_1_204_3

July–September 2000 in music_section_19

2000 in music_table_general_2

Date2000 in music_header_cell_2_0_0 Album2000 in music_header_cell_2_0_2 Artist2000 in music_header_cell_2_0_3 Notes2000 in music_header_cell_2_0_4

U L Y2000 in music_cell_2_1_0

32000 in music_cell_2_1_1 G-A-Y2000 in music_cell_2_1_2 Various Artists2000 in music_cell_2_1_3 Compilation, UK2000 in music_cell_2_1_4
42000 in music_cell_2_2_0 Cries of the Past2000 in music_cell_2_2_1 Underøath2000 in music_cell_2_2_2 -2000 in music_cell_2_2_3
Days Of The White Owl2000 in music_cell_2_3_0 The Nerve Agents2000 in music_cell_2_3_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_3_2
82000 in music_cell_2_4_0 The Real Thing2000 in music_cell_2_4_1 Midnight Oil2000 in music_cell_2_4_2 Live2000 in music_cell_2_4_3
102000 in music_cell_2_5_0 Parachutes2000 in music_cell_2_5_1 Coldplay2000 in music_cell_2_5_2 UK; Debut2000 in music_cell_2_5_3
112000 in music_cell_2_6_0 Ad Astra2000 in music_cell_2_6_1 Spiritual Beggars2000 in music_cell_2_6_2 -2000 in music_cell_2_6_3
Art and Life2000 in music_cell_2_7_0 Beenie Man2000 in music_cell_2_7_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_7_2
New Tattoo2000 in music_cell_2_8_0 Mötley Crüe2000 in music_cell_2_8_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_8_2
Killswitch Engage2000 in music_cell_2_9_0 Killswitch Engage2000 in music_cell_2_9_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_9_2
Lightbulb Sun2000 in music_cell_2_10_0 Porcupine Tree2000 in music_cell_2_10_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_10_2
Live on Stage2000 in music_cell_2_11_0 Chuck Berry2000 in music_cell_2_11_1 Live2000 in music_cell_2_11_2
Offerings: A Worship Album2000 in music_cell_2_12_0 Third Day2000 in music_cell_2_12_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_12_2
Out of Control2000 in music_cell_2_13_0 Anti-Nowhere League2000 in music_cell_2_13_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_13_2
S.I.O.S.O.S.2000 in music_cell_2_14_0 The Spooks2000 in music_cell_2_14_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_14_2
Somewhere to Elsewhere2000 in music_cell_2_15_0 Kansas2000 in music_cell_2_15_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_15_2
Songs from an American Movie Vol. One: Learning How to Smile2000 in music_cell_2_16_0 Everclear2000 in music_cell_2_16_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_16_2
Swing Set2000 in music_cell_2_17_0 Ani DiFranco2000 in music_cell_2_17_1 EP2000 in music_cell_2_17_2
Wasting Time2000 in music_cell_2_18_0 Mest2000 in music_cell_2_18_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_18_2
122000 in music_cell_2_19_0 Walk of Life2000 in music_cell_2_19_1 Billie Piper2000 in music_cell_2_19_2 -2000 in music_cell_2_19_3
132000 in music_cell_2_20_0 19562000 in music_cell_2_20_1 Soul-Junk2000 in music_cell_2_20_2 -2000 in music_cell_2_20_3
162000 in music_cell_2_21_0 The Hunter2000 in music_cell_2_21_1 Persuader2000 in music_cell_2_21_2 -2000 in music_cell_2_21_3
172000 in music_cell_2_22_0 Minor Earth Major Sky2000 in music_cell_2_22_1 A-ha2000 in music_cell_2_22_2 -2000 in music_cell_2_22_3
Who Needs Guitars Anyway?2000 in music_cell_2_23_0 Alice DeeJay2000 in music_cell_2_23_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_23_2
182000 in music_cell_2_24_0 2000 B.C.2000 in music_cell_2_24_1 Canibus2000 in music_cell_2_24_2 -2000 in music_cell_2_24_3
City of Syrup2000 in music_cell_2_25_0 Big Moe2000 in music_cell_2_25_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_25_2
From the Darkness into the Light2000 in music_cell_2_26_0 Mellow Man Ace2000 in music_cell_2_26_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_26_2
The Leprechaun2000 in music_cell_2_27_0 Lil' Flip2000 in music_cell_2_27_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_27_2
MobySongs 1993–19982000 in music_cell_2_28_0 Moby2000 in music_cell_2_28_1 Compilation2000 in music_cell_2_28_2
Now That's What I Call Music! 4 (U.S. series)2000 in music_cell_2_29_0 Various Artists2000 in music_cell_2_29_1 Compilation2000 in music_cell_2_29_2
Pokémon the Movie 2000: The Power of One: Music From and Inspired by the Motion Picture2000 in music_cell_2_30_0 Various Artists2000 in music_cell_2_30_1 Soundtrack2000 in music_cell_2_30_2
Stay Out of Order2000 in music_cell_2_31_0 The Casualties2000 in music_cell_2_31_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_31_2
This Business of Art2000 in music_cell_2_32_0 Tegan and Sara2000 in music_cell_2_32_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_32_2
Who Is Jill Scott? Words and Sounds Vol. 12000 in music_cell_2_33_0 Jill Scott2000 in music_cell_2_33_1 Debut2000 in music_cell_2_33_2
Wishmaster2000 in music_cell_2_34_0 Nightwish2000 in music_cell_2_34_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_34_2
202000 in music_cell_2_35_0 Punk-O-Rama 52000 in music_cell_2_35_1 Various Artists2000 in music_cell_2_35_2 Compilation2000 in music_cell_2_35_3
242000 in music_cell_2_36_0 Now That's What I Call Music! 46 (UK series)2000 in music_cell_2_36_1 Various Artists2000 in music_cell_2_36_2 Compilation2000 in music_cell_2_36_3
252000 in music_cell_2_37_0 Clayman2000 in music_cell_2_37_1 In Flames2000 in music_cell_2_37_2 -2000 in music_cell_2_37_3
Covenant2000 in music_cell_2_38_0 UFO2000 in music_cell_2_38_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_38_2
Disconnected2000 in music_cell_2_39_0 Fates Warning2000 in music_cell_2_39_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_39_2
The Ecleftic: 2 Sides II a Book2000 in music_cell_2_40_0 Wyclef Jean2000 in music_cell_2_40_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_40_2
The Greyest of Blue Skies2000 in music_cell_2_41_0 Finger Eleven2000 in music_cell_2_41_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_41_2
Horrorscope2000 in music_cell_2_42_0 Eve 62000 in music_cell_2_42_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_42_2
If Then Else2000 in music_cell_2_43_0 The Gathering2000 in music_cell_2_43_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_43_2
Left and Leaving2000 in music_cell_2_44_0 The Weakerthans2000 in music_cell_2_44_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_44_2
Outbound2000 in music_cell_2_45_0 Béla Fleck and the Flecktones2000 in music_cell_2_45_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_45_2
The Savage Poetry2000 in music_cell_2_46_0 Edguy2000 in music_cell_2_46_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_46_2
Who Let the Dogs Out2000 in music_cell_2_47_0 Baha Men2000 in music_cell_2_47_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_47_2
312000 in music_cell_2_48_0 Ronan2000 in music_cell_2_48_1 Ronan Keating2000 in music_cell_2_48_2 -2000 in music_cell_2_48_3

U G U S T2000 in music_cell_2_49_0

12000 in music_cell_2_49_1 Almost Human2000 in music_cell_2_49_2 Voltaire2000 in music_cell_2_49_3 -2000 in music_cell_2_49_4
The Big Picture2000 in music_cell_2_50_0 Big L2000 in music_cell_2_50_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_50_2
Fragments of Freedom2000 in music_cell_2_51_0 Morcheeba2000 in music_cell_2_51_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_51_2
Rancid2000 in music_cell_2_52_0 Rancid2000 in music_cell_2_52_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_52_2
Spirit They're Gone, Spirit They've Vanished2000 in music_cell_2_53_0 Avey Tare & Panda Bear2000 in music_cell_2_53_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_53_2
Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia2000 in music_cell_2_54_0 The Dandy Warhols2000 in music_cell_2_54_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_54_2
Vavoom!2000 in music_cell_2_55_0 The Brian Setzer Orchestra2000 in music_cell_2_55_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_55_2
72000 in music_cell_2_56_0 Summer's Stellar Gaze2000 in music_cell_2_56_1 Silverstein2000 in music_cell_2_56_2 EP2000 in music_cell_2_56_3
82000 in music_cell_2_57_0 Art Official Intelligence: Mosaic Thump2000 in music_cell_2_57_1 De La Soul2000 in music_cell_2_57_2 -2000 in music_cell_2_57_3
Deaf Forever: The Best of Motörhead2000 in music_cell_2_58_0 Motörhead2000 in music_cell_2_58_1 Compilation2000 in music_cell_2_58_2
Hot Shot2000 in music_cell_2_59_0 Shaggy2000 in music_cell_2_59_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_59_2
1000 Hurts2000 in music_cell_2_60_0 Shellac2000 in music_cell_2_60_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_60_2
OVO2000 in music_cell_2_61_0 Peter Gabriel2000 in music_cell_2_61_1 Soundtrack2000 in music_cell_2_61_2
Resurrection2000 in music_cell_2_62_0 Halford2000 in music_cell_2_62_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_62_2
To Hell and Back2000 in music_cell_2_63_0 Sinergy2000 in music_cell_2_63_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_63_2
Until the Ink Runs Out2000 in music_cell_2_64_0 Eighteen Visions2000 in music_cell_2_64_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_64_2
102000 in music_cell_2_65_0 Ace Troubleshooter2000 in music_cell_2_65_1 Ace Troubleshooter2000 in music_cell_2_65_2 -2000 in music_cell_2_65_3
142000 in music_cell_2_66_0 Little Kix2000 in music_cell_2_66_1 Mansun2000 in music_cell_2_66_2 -2000 in music_cell_2_66_3
Raging Speedhorn2000 in music_cell_2_67_0 Raging Speedhorn2000 in music_cell_2_67_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_67_2
152000 in music_cell_2_68_0 Consent to Treatment2000 in music_cell_2_68_1 Blue October2000 in music_cell_2_68_2 -2000 in music_cell_2_68_3
Dubbing with the Banton2000 in music_cell_2_69_0 Buju Banton2000 in music_cell_2_69_1 Remix2000 in music_cell_2_69_2
Into the Abyss2000 in music_cell_2_70_0 Hypocrisy2000 in music_cell_2_70_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_70_2
Souls Aflame2000 in music_cell_2_71_0 O.A.R.2000 in music_cell_2_71_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_71_2
Water to Drink2000 in music_cell_2_72_0 Victoria Williams2000 in music_cell_2_72_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_72_2
We Still Crunk!2000 in music_cell_2_73_0 Lil Jon & the Eastside Boyz2000 in music_cell_2_73_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_73_2
Wheatus2000 in music_cell_2_74_0 Wheatus2000 in music_cell_2_74_1 Debut2000 in music_cell_2_74_2
212000 in music_cell_2_75_0 Liverpool Sound Collage2000 in music_cell_2_75_1 Paul McCartney2000 in music_cell_2_75_2 -2000 in music_cell_2_75_3
222000 in music_cell_2_76_0 Broke2000 in music_cell_2_76_1 Hed PE2000 in music_cell_2_76_2 -2000 in music_cell_2_76_3
False Cathedrals2000 in music_cell_2_77_0 Elliott2000 in music_cell_2_77_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_77_2
V2000 in music_cell_2_78_0 Spock's Beard2000 in music_cell_2_78_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_78_2
L.D. 502000 in music_cell_2_79_0 Mudvayne2000 in music_cell_2_79_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_79_2
Playmate of the Year2000 in music_cell_2_80_0 Zebrahead2000 in music_cell_2_80_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_80_2
A Retrospective2000 in music_cell_2_81_0 KRS-One2000 in music_cell_2_81_1 Compilation2000 in music_cell_2_81_2
Steppin' Out2000 in music_cell_2_82_0 Cleopatra2000 in music_cell_2_82_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_82_2
Super Hits2000 in music_cell_2_83_0 Donovan2000 in music_cell_2_83_1 Compilation2000 in music_cell_2_83_2
Unchained Spirit2000 in music_cell_2_84_0 Buju Banton2000 in music_cell_2_84_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_84_2
When Incubus Attacks Volume 12000 in music_cell_2_85_0 Incubus2000 in music_cell_2_85_1 EP2000 in music_cell_2_85_2
Young World: The Future2000 in music_cell_2_86_0 Lil Zane2000 in music_cell_2_86_1 Debut2000 in music_cell_2_86_2
252000 in music_cell_2_87_0 ID; Peace B2000 in music_cell_2_87_1 BoA2000 in music_cell_2_87_2 Debut2000 in music_cell_2_87_3
262000 in music_cell_2_88_0 The Best Of2000 in music_cell_2_88_1 Motörhead2000 in music_cell_2_88_2 Compilation2000 in music_cell_2_88_3
282000 in music_cell_2_89_0 Sing When You're Winning2000 in music_cell_2_89_1 Robbie Williams2000 in music_cell_2_89_2 -2000 in music_cell_2_89_3
292000 in music_cell_2_90_0 Four Cornered Night2000 in music_cell_2_90_1 Jets to Brazil2000 in music_cell_2_90_2 -2000 in music_cell_2_90_3
Genuine2000 in music_cell_2_91_0 Stacie Orrico2000 in music_cell_2_91_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_91_2
Look What I Almost Stepped In...2000 in music_cell_2_92_0 The Vandals2000 in music_cell_2_92_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_92_2
La Luna2000 in music_cell_2_93_0 Sarah Brightman2000 in music_cell_2_93_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_93_2
Mas Borracho2000 in music_cell_2_94_0 Infectious Grooves2000 in music_cell_2_94_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_94_2
Moment of Glory2000 in music_cell_2_95_0 Scorpions2000 in music_cell_2_95_1 With Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra2000 in music_cell_2_95_2
R.A.W2000 in music_cell_2_96_0 Daz Dillinger2000 in music_cell_2_96_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_96_2
The Supremes2000 in music_cell_2_97_0 The Supremes2000 in music_cell_2_97_1 Box Set2000 in music_cell_2_97_2
2gether: Again2000 in music_cell_2_98_0 2gether2000 in music_cell_2_98_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_98_2
Woody's Roundup2000 in music_cell_2_99_0 Riders in the Sky2000 in music_cell_2_99_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_99_2
You Were Here2000 in music_cell_2_100_0 Sarah Harmer2000 in music_cell_2_100_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_100_2
Set it Off2000 in music_cell_2_101_0 Shuvel2000 in music_cell_2_101_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_101_2
302000 in music_cell_2_102_0 Chrysalis2000 in music_cell_2_102_1 Anggun2000 in music_cell_2_102_2 -2000 in music_cell_2_102_3

E P T E M B E R2000 in music_cell_2_103_0

42000 in music_cell_2_103_1 Ghost Stories2000 in music_cell_2_103_2 Amanda Ghost2000 in music_cell_2_103_3 UK; Debut2000 in music_cell_2_103_4
Gold: The Best of Spandau Ballet2000 in music_cell_2_104_0 Spandau Ballet2000 in music_cell_2_104_1 Compilation2000 in music_cell_2_104_2
Odyssey Number Five2000 in music_cell_2_105_0 Powderfinger2000 in music_cell_2_105_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_105_2
52000 in music_cell_2_106_0 Black Seeds of Vengeance2000 in music_cell_2_106_1 Nile2000 in music_cell_2_106_2 -2000 in music_cell_2_106_3
Evan and Jaron2000 in music_cell_2_107_0 Evan and Jaron2000 in music_cell_2_107_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_107_2
Heartbreaker2000 in music_cell_2_108_0 Ryan Adams2000 in music_cell_2_108_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_108_2
Hyacinths and Thistles2000 in music_cell_2_109_0 The 6ths2000 in music_cell_2_109_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_109_2
Loud Rocks2000 in music_cell_2_110_0 Various Artists2000 in music_cell_2_110_1 Compilation2000 in music_cell_2_110_2
Machina II/The Friends & Enemies of Modern Music2000 in music_cell_2_111_0 The Smashing Pumpkins2000 in music_cell_2_111_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_111_2
The Paper Route2000 in music_cell_2_112_0 Mack 102000 in music_cell_2_112_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_112_2
The Teaches of Peaches2000 in music_cell_2_113_0 Peaches2000 in music_cell_2_113_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_113_2
Trapped in Crime2000 in music_cell_2_114_0 C-Murder2000 in music_cell_2_114_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_114_2
112000 in music_cell_2_115_0 Felt Mountain2000 in music_cell_2_115_1 Goldfrapp2000 in music_cell_2_115_2 -2000 in music_cell_2_115_3
122000 in music_cell_2_116_0 Everything, Everything2000 in music_cell_2_116_1 Underworld2000 in music_cell_2_116_2 Live2000 in music_cell_2_116_3
Freaked Out and Small2000 in music_cell_2_117_0 The Presidents of the United States of America2000 in music_cell_2_117_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_117_2
Free Your Soul and Save My Mind2000 in music_cell_2_118_0 Suicidal Tendencies2000 in music_cell_2_118_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_118_2
G.O.A.T.2000 in music_cell_2_119_0 LL Cool J2000 in music_cell_2_119_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_119_2
The Good, the Bad, and the Funky2000 in music_cell_2_120_0 Tom Tom Club2000 in music_cell_2_120_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_120_2
Hellos & Goodbyes2000 in music_cell_2_121_0 Buck-O-Nine2000 in music_cell_2_121_1 Live2000 in music_cell_2_121_2
I2000 in music_cell_2_122_0 Nightingale2000 in music_cell_2_122_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_122_2
In Blue2000 in music_cell_2_123_0 The Corrs2000 in music_cell_2_123_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_123_2
It's Like This2000 in music_cell_2_124_0 Rickie Lee Jones2000 in music_cell_2_124_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_124_2
The Jimi Hendrix Experience2000 in music_cell_2_125_0 Jimi Hendrix2000 in music_cell_2_125_1 Box Set2000 in music_cell_2_125_2
King James Version2000 in music_cell_2_126_0 Harvey Danger2000 in music_cell_2_126_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_126_2
Maroon2000 in music_cell_2_127_0 Barenaked Ladies2000 in music_cell_2_127_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_127_2
Mi Reflejo2000 in music_cell_2_128_0 Christina Aguilera2000 in music_cell_2_128_1 Spanish-language2000 in music_cell_2_128_2
Music for People2000 in music_cell_2_129_0 VAST2000 in music_cell_2_129_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_129_2
Nathan Michael Shawn Wanya2000 in music_cell_2_130_0 Boyz II Men2000 in music_cell_2_130_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_130_2
Red Dirt Girl2000 in music_cell_2_131_0 Emmylou Harris2000 in music_cell_2_131_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_131_2
Relationship of Command2000 in music_cell_2_132_0 At the Drive-In2000 in music_cell_2_132_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_132_2
Righteous Love2000 in music_cell_2_133_0 Joan Osborne2000 in music_cell_2_133_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_133_2
Symbolic2000 in music_cell_2_134_0 Voodoo Glow Skulls2000 in music_cell_2_134_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_134_2
13 Ways to Bleed on Stage2000 in music_cell_2_135_0 Cold2000 in music_cell_2_135_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_135_2
Twilight As Played By The Twilight Singers2000 in music_cell_2_136_0 The Twilight Singers2000 in music_cell_2_136_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_136_2
Ultimate Collection2000 in music_cell_2_137_0 Aimee Mann2000 in music_cell_2_137_1 Compilation2000 in music_cell_2_137_2
The Worst2000 in music_cell_2_138_0 Tech N9ne2000 in music_cell_2_138_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_138_2
182000 in music_cell_2_139_0 Music2000 in music_cell_2_139_1 Madonna2000 in music_cell_2_139_2 -2000 in music_cell_2_139_3
Selmasongs2000 in music_cell_2_140_0 Björk2000 in music_cell_2_140_1 Soundtrack2000 in music_cell_2_140_2
192000 in music_cell_2_141_0 The Art of Drowning2000 in music_cell_2_141_1 AFI2000 in music_cell_2_141_2 -2000 in music_cell_2_141_3
Confederacy of Ruined Lives2000 in music_cell_2_142_0 Eyehategod2000 in music_cell_2_142_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_142_2
Fearless2000 in music_cell_2_143_0 Terri Clark2000 in music_cell_2_143_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_143_2
14 Diamonds2000 in music_cell_2_144_0 Stratovarius2000 in music_cell_2_144_1 Greatest Hits2000 in music_cell_2_144_2
The Friends of Rachel Worth2000 in music_cell_2_145_0 The Go-Betweens2000 in music_cell_2_145_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_145_2
The Harsh Light of Day2000 in music_cell_2_146_0 Fastball2000 in music_cell_2_146_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_146_2
Live Cannibalism2000 in music_cell_2_147_0 Cannibal Corpse2000 in music_cell_2_147_1 Live2000 in music_cell_2_147_2
Milk Cow Blues2000 in music_cell_2_148_0 Willie Nelson2000 in music_cell_2_148_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_148_2
The Prodigal Son2000 in music_cell_2_149_0 Nate Dogg2000 in music_cell_2_149_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_149_2
S.D.E.2000 in music_cell_2_150_0 Cam'ron2000 in music_cell_2_150_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_150_2
Solaris2000 in music_cell_2_151_0 Photek2000 in music_cell_2_151_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_151_2
Something Like Human2000 in music_cell_2_152_0 Fuel2000 in music_cell_2_152_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_152_2
The State of New York vs. Derek Murphy2000 in music_cell_2_153_0 Sadat X2000 in music_cell_2_153_1 EP2000 in music_cell_2_153_2
Suitcase: Failed Experiments and Trashed Aircraft2000 in music_cell_2_154_0 Guided by Voices2000 in music_cell_2_154_1 Box Set2000 in music_cell_2_154_2
Timeless: Live in Concert2000 in music_cell_2_155_0 Barbra Streisand2000 in music_cell_2_155_1 2xCD; Live2000 in music_cell_2_155_2
252000 in music_cell_2_156_0 Dopethrone2000 in music_cell_2_156_1 Electric Wizard2000 in music_cell_2_156_2 -2000 in music_cell_2_156_3
Enemy of the Music Business2000 in music_cell_2_157_0 Napalm Death2000 in music_cell_2_157_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_157_2
House of Yes: Live from House of Blues2000 in music_cell_2_158_0 Yes2000 in music_cell_2_158_1 Live2000 in music_cell_2_158_2
Into the Light2000 in music_cell_2_159_0 David Coverdale2000 in music_cell_2_159_1 UK2000 in music_cell_2_159_2
Light Years2000 in music_cell_2_160_0 Kylie Minogue2000 in music_cell_2_160_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_160_2
262000 in music_cell_2_161_0 Aaron's Party (Come Get It)2000 in music_cell_2_161_1 Aaron Carter2000 in music_cell_2_161_2 -2000 in music_cell_2_161_3
Ventilation: Da LP2000 in music_cell_2_162_0 Phife Dawg2000 in music_cell_2_162_1 LP2000 in music_cell_2_162_2
America Town2000 in music_cell_2_163_0 Five for Fighting2000 in music_cell_2_163_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_163_2
Arch Allies: Live at Riverport2000 in music_cell_2_164_0 REO Speedwagon and Styx2000 in music_cell_2_164_1 Live2000 in music_cell_2_164_2
Beware of Dog2000 in music_cell_2_165_0 Lil' Bow Wow2000 in music_cell_2_165_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_165_2
Bridging the Gap2000 in music_cell_2_166_0 The Black Eyed Peas2000 in music_cell_2_166_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_166_2
Friends for Schuur2000 in music_cell_2_167_0 Diane Schuur2000 in music_cell_2_167_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_167_2
Good Charlotte2000 in music_cell_2_168_0 Good Charlotte2000 in music_cell_2_168_1 Debut2000 in music_cell_2_168_2
The Hardest Part2000 in music_cell_2_169_0 Allison Moorer2000 in music_cell_2_169_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_169_2
Jazzmatazz, Vol. 3: Streetsoul2000 in music_cell_2_170_0 Guru2000 in music_cell_2_170_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_170_2
Learning to Breathe2000 in music_cell_2_171_0 Switchfoot2000 in music_cell_2_171_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_171_2
Let's Get Ready2000 in music_cell_2_172_0 Mystikal2000 in music_cell_2_172_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_172_2
New American Gospel2000 in music_cell_2_173_0 Lamb of God2000 in music_cell_2_173_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_173_2
New Found Glory2000 in music_cell_2_174_0 New Found Glory2000 in music_cell_2_174_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_174_2
New Train2000 in music_cell_2_175_0 Paul Pena2000 in music_cell_2_175_1 delayed 1973 release2000 in music_cell_2_175_2
Playaz of Da Game2000 in music_cell_2_176_0 Juvenile2000 in music_cell_2_176_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_176_2
Primitive2000 in music_cell_2_177_0 Soulfly2000 in music_cell_2_177_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_177_2
Revelation2000 in music_cell_2_178_0 98°2000 in music_cell_2_178_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_178_2
Sailing to Philadelphia2000 in music_cell_2_179_0 Mark Knopfler2000 in music_cell_2_179_1 -2000 in music_cell_2_179_2
Shyne2000 in music_cell_2_180_0 Shyne2000 in music_cell_2_180_1 Debut2000 in music_cell_2_180_2
272000 in music_cell_2_181_0 Duty2000 in music_cell_2_181_1 Ayumi Hamasaki2000 in music_cell_2_181_2 -2000 in music_cell_2_181_3
302000 in music_cell_2_182_0 Darkness Forever!2000 in music_cell_2_182_1 Turbonegro2000 in music_cell_2_182_2 US; Live2000 in music_cell_2_182_3

October–December 2000 in music_section_20

2000 in music_table_general_3

Date2000 in music_header_cell_3_0_0 Album2000 in music_header_cell_3_0_2 Artist2000 in music_header_cell_3_0_3 Notes2000 in music_header_cell_3_0_4

C T O B E R2000 in music_cell_3_1_0

22000 in music_cell_3_1_1 Cult2000 in music_cell_3_1_2 Apocalyptica2000 in music_cell_3_1_3 -2000 in music_cell_3_1_4
The Best of Richard Marx2000 in music_cell_3_2_0 Richard Marx2000 in music_cell_3_2_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_2_2
DJ-Kicks: Nightmares on Wax2000 in music_cell_3_3_0 Nightmares on Wax2000 in music_cell_3_3_1 Compilation2000 in music_cell_3_3_2
Kid A2000 in music_cell_3_4_0 Radiohead2000 in music_cell_3_4_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_4_2
On Earth to Make the Numbers Up2000 in music_cell_3_5_0 Fosca2000 in music_cell_3_5_1 Debut2000 in music_cell_3_5_2
Hell's Kitchen2000 in music_cell_3_6_0 Maxim2000 in music_cell_3_6_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_6_2
32000 in music_cell_3_7_0 102000 in music_cell_3_7_1 Enuff Z'Nuff2000 in music_cell_3_7_2 Japan2000 in music_cell_3_7_3
Destroy the Opposition2000 in music_cell_3_8_0 Dying Fetus2000 in music_cell_3_8_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_8_2
If I Could Tell You2000 in music_cell_3_9_0 Yanni2000 in music_cell_3_9_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_9_2
The Last of a Dying Breed2000 in music_cell_3_10_0 Scarface2000 in music_cell_3_10_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_10_2
Mardraum - Beyond the Within2000 in music_cell_3_11_0 Enslaved2000 in music_cell_3_11_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_11_2
Melodie Citronique2000 in music_cell_3_12_0 Blonde Redhead2000 in music_cell_3_12_1 EP2000 in music_cell_3_12_2
Oui2000 in music_cell_3_13_0 The Sea & Cake2000 in music_cell_3_13_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_13_2
Rhode Island2000 in music_cell_3_14_0 Pelican City2000 in music_cell_3_14_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_14_2
Saints & Sinners2000 in music_cell_3_15_0 All Saints2000 in music_cell_3_15_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_15_2
Sibling Rivalry2000 in music_cell_3_16_0 The Doobie Brothers2000 in music_cell_3_16_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_16_2
So Much for the Ten Year Plan: A Retrospective 1990-20002000 in music_cell_3_17_0 Therapy?2000 in music_cell_3_17_1 Compilation2000 in music_cell_3_17_2
Soul Assassins II2000 in music_cell_3_18_0 Soul Assassins2000 in music_cell_3_18_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_18_2
Soul Caddy2000 in music_cell_3_19_0 Cherry Poppin' Daddies2000 in music_cell_3_19_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_19_2
Violent by Design2000 in music_cell_3_20_0 Jedi Mind Tricks2000 in music_cell_3_20_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_20_2
Vivo2000 in music_cell_3_21_0 Luis Miguel2000 in music_cell_3_21_1 Live2000 in music_cell_3_21_2
A War Story Book I2000 in music_cell_3_22_0 Psycho Realm2000 in music_cell_3_22_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_22_2
Warning2000 in music_cell_3_23_0 Green Day2000 in music_cell_3_23_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_23_2
You Win Again2000 in music_cell_3_24_0 Van Morrison & Linda Gail Lewis2000 in music_cell_3_24_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_24_2
You're the One2000 in music_cell_3_25_0 Paul Simon2000 in music_cell_3_25_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_25_2
Inches from the Mainline2000 in music_cell_3_26_0 Slaves on Dope2000 in music_cell_3_26_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_26_2
92000 in music_cell_3_27_0 Black Market Music2000 in music_cell_3_27_1 Placebo2000 in music_cell_3_27_2 -2000 in music_cell_3_27_3
Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven2000 in music_cell_3_28_0 Godspeed You! Black Emperor2000 in music_cell_3_28_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_28_2
Renegade2000 in music_cell_3_29_0 HammerFall2000 in music_cell_3_29_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_29_2
102000 in music_cell_3_30_0 5th Dog Let Loose2000 in music_cell_3_30_1 Flesh-N-Bone2000 in music_cell_3_30_2 -2000 in music_cell_3_30_3
Ain't Life Grand2000 in music_cell_3_31_0 Slash's Snakepit2000 in music_cell_3_31_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_31_2
Alone in a Crowd2000 in music_cell_3_32_0 Catch 222000 in music_cell_3_32_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_32_2
Bette2000 in music_cell_3_33_0 Bette Midler2000 in music_cell_3_33_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_33_2
Blender2000 in music_cell_3_34_0 Collective Soul2000 in music_cell_3_34_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_34_2
Blue Moon2000 in music_cell_3_35_0 Steve Holy2000 in music_cell_3_35_1 Debut2000 in music_cell_3_35_2
Breach2000 in music_cell_3_36_0 The Wallflowers2000 in music_cell_3_36_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_36_2
The Door2000 in music_cell_3_37_0 Keb' Mo'2000 in music_cell_3_37_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_37_2
The Height of Callousness2000 in music_cell_3_38_0 Spineshank2000 in music_cell_3_38_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_38_2
The Very Best of Yanni2000 in music_cell_3_39_0 Yanni2000 in music_cell_3_39_1 Compilation2000 in music_cell_3_39_2
If I Could Only Fly2000 in music_cell_3_40_0 Merle Haggard2000 in music_cell_3_40_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_40_2
Rule 3:362000 in music_cell_3_41_0 Ja Rule2000 in music_cell_3_41_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_41_2
V-The New Mythology Suite2000 in music_cell_3_42_0 Symphony X2000 in music_cell_3_42_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_42_2
Vapor Transmission2000 in music_cell_3_43_0 Orgy2000 in music_cell_3_43_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_43_2
Warriorz2000 in music_cell_3_44_0 M.O.P.2000 in music_cell_3_44_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_44_2
Statement2000 in music_cell_3_45_0 Nonpoint2000 in music_cell_3_45_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_45_2
162000 in music_cell_3_46_0 Atomhenge 762000 in music_cell_3_46_1 Hawkwind2000 in music_cell_3_46_2 Live2000 in music_cell_3_46_3
Back to Mine: Faithless2000 in music_cell_3_47_0 Faithless2000 in music_cell_3_47_1 Compilation2000 in music_cell_3_47_2
High Visibility2000 in music_cell_3_48_0 The Hellacopters2000 in music_cell_3_48_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_48_2
The House of Atreus Act II2000 in music_cell_3_49_0 Virgin Steele2000 in music_cell_3_49_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_49_2
Renaissance2000 in music_cell_3_50_0 Lionel Richie2000 in music_cell_3_50_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_50_2
The Very Beast of Dio2000 in music_cell_3_51_0 Dio2000 in music_cell_3_51_1 Compilation2000 in music_cell_3_51_2
172000 in music_cell_3_52_0 American III: Solitary Man2000 in music_cell_3_52_1 Johnny Cash2000 in music_cell_3_52_2 -2000 in music_cell_3_52_3
Back for the First Time2000 in music_cell_3_53_0 Ludacris2000 in music_cell_3_53_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_53_2
Bedlam Ballroom2000 in music_cell_3_54_0 Squirrel Nut Zippers2000 in music_cell_3_54_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_54_2
Born to Do It2000 in music_cell_3_55_0 Craig David2000 in music_cell_3_55_1 UK2000 in music_cell_3_55_2
Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water2000 in music_cell_3_56_0 Limp Bizkit2000 in music_cell_3_56_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_56_2
Deltron 30302000 in music_cell_3_57_0 Deltron 30302000 in music_cell_3_57_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_57_2
Eat at Whitey's2000 in music_cell_3_58_0 Everlast2000 in music_cell_3_58_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_58_2
In the Valley of Dying Stars2000 in music_cell_3_59_0 Superdrag2000 in music_cell_3_59_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_59_2
Iommi2000 in music_cell_3_60_0 Tony Iommi2000 in music_cell_3_60_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_60_2
Lounge Against the Machine2000 in music_cell_3_61_0 Richard Cheese2000 in music_cell_3_61_1 Covers album2000 in music_cell_3_61_2
Music from and Inspired by The Little Vampire2000 in music_cell_3_62_0 Various Artists2000 in music_cell_3_62_1 Soundtrack2000 in music_cell_3_62_2
PS I Love You2000 in music_cell_3_63_0 Kid 6062000 in music_cell_3_63_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_63_2
The Rose that Grew from Concrete2000 in music_cell_3_64_0 2Pac2000 in music_cell_3_64_1 Poetry2000 in music_cell_3_64_2
Skinhead Girl2000 in music_cell_3_65_0 The Specials2000 in music_cell_3_65_1 Covers album2000 in music_cell_3_65_2
Southern Rain2000 in music_cell_3_66_0 Billy Ray Cyrus2000 in music_cell_3_66_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_66_2
The Curtain Falls: Live At The Flamingo2000 in music_cell_3_67_0 Bobby Darin2000 in music_cell_3_67_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_67_2
Train of Thought2000 in music_cell_3_68_0 Reflection Eternal2000 in music_cell_3_68_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_68_2
182000 in music_cell_3_69_0 Casino2000 in music_cell_3_69_1 Alcazar2000 in music_cell_3_69_2 -2000 in music_cell_3_69_3
212000 in music_cell_3_70_0 Spacebrock2000 in music_cell_3_70_1 Hawkwind2000 in music_cell_3_70_2 -2000 in music_cell_3_70_3
232000 in music_cell_3_71_0 The Collector's Series, Volume One2000 in music_cell_3_71_1 Celine Dion2000 in music_cell_3_71_2 Compilation2000 in music_cell_3_71_3
Folkémon2000 in music_cell_3_72_0 Skyclad2000 in music_cell_3_72_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_72_2
Lemonjelly.ky2000 in music_cell_3_73_0 Lemon Jelly2000 in music_cell_3_73_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_73_2
Right Now2000 in music_cell_3_74_0 Atomic Kitten2000 in music_cell_3_74_1 Debut2000 in music_cell_3_74_2
Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea2000 in music_cell_3_75_0 PJ Harvey2000 in music_cell_3_75_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_75_2
242000 in music_cell_3_76_0 Bedlam Born2000 in music_cell_3_76_1 Steeleye Span2000 in music_cell_3_76_2 -2000 in music_cell_3_76_3
Borders & Boundaries2000 in music_cell_3_77_0 Less Than Jake2000 in music_cell_3_77_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_77_2
Capitol Punishment: The Megadeth Years2000 in music_cell_3_78_0 Megadeth2000 in music_cell_3_78_1 Compilation2000 in music_cell_3_78_2
Days In Avalon2000 in music_cell_3_79_0 Richard Marx2000 in music_cell_3_79_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_79_2
The Forbidden Love E.P.2000 in music_cell_3_80_0 Death Cab for Cutie2000 in music_cell_3_80_1 EP2000 in music_cell_3_80_2
Fozzy2000 in music_cell_3_81_0 Fozzy2000 in music_cell_3_81_1 Debut2000 in music_cell_3_81_2
Greatest Hits2000 in music_cell_3_82_0 Lenny Kravitz2000 in music_cell_3_82_1 Compilation +1 new track2000 in music_cell_3_82_2
Hybrid Theory2000 in music_cell_3_83_0 Linkin Park2000 in music_cell_3_83_1 Debut2000 in music_cell_3_83_2
Just Go Ahead Now: A Retrospective2000 in music_cell_3_84_0 Spin Doctors2000 in music_cell_3_84_1 Compilation2000 in music_cell_3_84_2
Ladies, Women and Girls2000 in music_cell_3_85_0 Bratmobile2000 in music_cell_3_85_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_85_2
Live @ the Key Club2000 in music_cell_3_86_0 Pennywise2000 in music_cell_3_86_1 Live2000 in music_cell_3_86_2
Love Ways2000 in music_cell_3_87_0 Spoon2000 in music_cell_3_87_1 EP2000 in music_cell_3_87_2
My Kind of Christmas2000 in music_cell_3_88_0 Christina Aguilera2000 in music_cell_3_88_1 Christmas2000 in music_cell_3_88_2
Night and Day II2000 in music_cell_3_89_0 Joe Jackson2000 in music_cell_3_89_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_89_2
Not the Tremblin' Kind2000 in music_cell_3_90_0 Laura Cantrell2000 in music_cell_3_90_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_90_2
Play: The B Sides2000 in music_cell_3_91_0 Moby2000 in music_cell_3_91_1 Compilation2000 in music_cell_3_91_2
Scattered, Smothered and Covered2000 in music_cell_3_92_0 Hootie & the Blowfish2000 in music_cell_3_92_1 Covers compilation2000 in music_cell_3_92_2
Shine: The Hits2000 in music_cell_3_93_0 Newsboys2000 in music_cell_3_93_1 Compilation2000 in music_cell_3_93_2
Take a Bite Outta Rhyme: A Rock Tribute to Rap2000 in music_cell_3_94_0 Various Artists2000 in music_cell_3_94_1 Rap covers by rock artists2000 in music_cell_3_94_2
Ten 132000 in music_cell_3_95_0 Sammy Hagar2000 in music_cell_3_95_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_95_2
Whoa, Nelly!2000 in music_cell_3_96_0 Nelly Furtado2000 in music_cell_3_96_1 Debut2000 in music_cell_3_96_2
302000 in music_cell_3_97_0 All That You Can't Leave Behind2000 in music_cell_3_97_1 U22000 in music_cell_3_97_2 -2000 in music_cell_3_97_3
Blur: The Best Of2000 in music_cell_3_98_0 Blur2000 in music_cell_3_98_1 Compilation2000 in music_cell_3_98_2
Buzz2000 in music_cell_3_99_0 Steps2000 in music_cell_3_99_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_99_2
Follow the Reaper2000 in music_cell_3_100_0 Children of Bodom2000 in music_cell_3_100_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_100_2
312000 in music_cell_3_101_0 Awake2000 in music_cell_3_101_1 Godsmack2000 in music_cell_3_101_2 -2000 in music_cell_3_101_3
Bizaar2000 in music_cell_3_102_0 Insane Clown Posse2000 in music_cell_3_102_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_102_2
Bizzar2000 in music_cell_3_103_0 Insane Clown Posse2000 in music_cell_3_103_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_103_2
Christmas Around the World2000 in music_cell_3_104_0 Bradley Joseph2000 in music_cell_3_104_1 Christmas2000 in music_cell_3_104_2
The Dynasty: Roc La Familia2000 in music_cell_3_105_0 Jay-Z2000 in music_cell_3_105_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_105_2
The Essential Bob Dylan2000 in music_cell_3_106_0 Bob Dylan2000 in music_cell_3_106_1 Compilation2000 in music_cell_3_106_2
Freek Show2000 in music_cell_3_107_0 Twiztid2000 in music_cell_3_107_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_107_2
Gotta Tell You2000 in music_cell_3_108_0 Samantha Mumba2000 in music_cell_3_108_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_108_2
Haunted2000 in music_cell_3_109_0 Poe2000 in music_cell_3_109_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_109_2
King of the Beach2000 in music_cell_3_110_0 Chris Rea2000 in music_cell_3_110_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_110_2
Kissproof World2000 in music_cell_3_111_0 Jane Wiedlin2000 in music_cell_3_111_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_111_2
The Least Worst Of2000 in music_cell_3_112_0 Type O Negative2000 in music_cell_3_112_1 Compilation with remixes and unreleased tracks2000 in music_cell_3_112_2
Liquored Up and Lacquered Down2000 in music_cell_3_113_0 Southern Culture on the Skids2000 in music_cell_3_113_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_113_2
Loveboat2000 in music_cell_3_114_0 Erasure2000 in music_cell_3_114_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_114_2
Made Me Do It2000 in music_cell_3_115_0 The Haunted2000 in music_cell_3_115_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_115_2
No Name Face2000 in music_cell_3_116_0 Lifehouse2000 in music_cell_3_116_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_116_2
The Perfect Element, part I2000 in music_cell_3_117_0 Pain of Salvation2000 in music_cell_3_117_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_117_2
Road Rage2000 in music_cell_3_118_0 Great Big Sea2000 in music_cell_3_118_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_118_2
Sindustries2000 in music_cell_3_119_0 Gardenian2000 in music_cell_3_119_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_119_2
Stankonia2000 in music_cell_3_120_0 OutKast2000 in music_cell_3_120_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_120_2
Tomorrow's Sounds Today2000 in music_cell_3_121_0 Dwight Yoakam2000 in music_cell_3_121_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_121_2
Underground Vol. 3: Kings of Memphis2000 in music_cell_3_122_0 Three 6 Mafia2000 in music_cell_3_122_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_122_2
The Very Best of the Specials and Fun Boy Three2000 in music_cell_3_123_0 The Specials and Fun Boy Three2000 in music_cell_3_123_1 Compilation2000 in music_cell_3_123_2
We Have Come for Your Parents2000 in music_cell_3_124_0 Amen2000 in music_cell_3_124_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_124_2

O V E M B E R2000 in music_cell_3_125_0

12000 in music_cell_3_125_1 3LW2000 in music_cell_3_125_2 3LW2000 in music_cell_3_125_3 -2000 in music_cell_3_125_4
32000 in music_cell_3_126_0 Cosmic Genesis2000 in music_cell_3_126_1 Vintersorg2000 in music_cell_3_126_2 -2000 in music_cell_3_126_3
42000 in music_cell_3_127_0 Origin2000 in music_cell_3_127_1 Evanescence2000 in music_cell_3_127_2 -2000 in music_cell_3_127_3
62000 in music_cell_3_128_0 Coast to Coast2000 in music_cell_3_128_1 Westlife2000 in music_cell_3_128_2 -2000 in music_cell_3_128_3
Genesis Archive 2: 1976–19922000 in music_cell_3_129_0 Genesis2000 in music_cell_3_129_1 Box Set2000 in music_cell_3_129_2
Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars2000 in music_cell_3_130_0 Fatboy Slim2000 in music_cell_3_130_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_130_2
The Unutterable2000 in music_cell_3_131_0 The Fall2000 in music_cell_3_131_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_131_2
Planet Pop2000 in music_cell_3_132_0 ATC2000 in music_cell_3_132_1 2000 in music_cell_3_132_2
72000 in music_cell_3_133_0 El Cancionero Mas y Mas2000 in music_cell_3_133_1 Los Lobos2000 in music_cell_3_133_2 Box Set2000 in music_cell_3_133_3
Châtelet Les Halles2000 in music_cell_3_134_0 Florent Pagny2000 in music_cell_3_134_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_134_2
Close to a World Below2000 in music_cell_3_135_0 Immolation2000 in music_cell_3_135_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_135_2
The Color of Silence2000 in music_cell_3_136_0 Tiffany2000 in music_cell_3_136_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_136_2
Forever2000 in music_cell_3_137_0 Spice Girls2000 in music_cell_3_137_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_137_2
Hits+2000 in music_cell_3_138_0 Kylie Minogue2000 in music_cell_3_138_1 Compilation2000 in music_cell_3_138_2
The Mark, Tom, and Travis Show: The Enema Strikes Back2000 in music_cell_3_139_0 blink-1822000 in music_cell_3_139_1 Live2000 in music_cell_3_139_2
Myths, Legends, and Other Amazing Adventures, Vol. 22000 in music_cell_3_140_0 The Aquabats2000 in music_cell_3_140_1 Compilation2000 in music_cell_3_140_2
Pure2000 in music_cell_3_141_0 Gary Numan2000 in music_cell_3_141_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_141_2
Ride Wit Us or Collide Wit Us2000 in music_cell_3_142_0 Outlawz2000 in music_cell_3_142_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_142_2
Rugrats in Paris: The Movie: Music from the Motion Picture2000 in music_cell_3_143_0 Various Artists2000 in music_cell_3_143_1 Soundtrack2000 in music_cell_3_143_2
Saturday People2000 in music_cell_3_144_0 Prozzäk2000 in music_cell_3_144_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_144_2
The Seventh Song2000 in music_cell_3_145_0 Steve Vai2000 in music_cell_3_145_1 Compilation2000 in music_cell_3_145_2
Stilelibero2000 in music_cell_3_146_0 Eros Ramazzotti2000 in music_cell_3_146_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_146_2
Strait Up2000 in music_cell_3_147_0 Snot2000 in music_cell_3_147_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_147_2
TP-2.com2000 in music_cell_3_148_0 R. Kelly2000 in music_cell_3_148_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_148_2
War to End All Wars2000 in music_cell_3_149_0 Yngwie Malmsteen2000 in music_cell_3_149_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_149_2
132000 in music_cell_3_150_0 12000 in music_cell_3_150_1 The Beatles2000 in music_cell_3_150_2 Compilation2000 in music_cell_3_150_3
Familiar to Millions2000 in music_cell_3_151_0 Oasis2000 in music_cell_3_151_1 Live2000 in music_cell_3_151_2
Ghost Tropic2000 in music_cell_3_152_0 Songs: Ohia2000 in music_cell_3_152_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_152_2
Seul2000 in music_cell_3_153_0 Garou2000 in music_cell_3_153_1 Debut2000 in music_cell_3_153_2
142000 in music_cell_3_154_0 Aijuswanaseing2000 in music_cell_3_154_1 Musiq2000 in music_cell_3_154_2 -2000 in music_cell_3_154_3
Bridging the Gap2000 in music_cell_3_155_0 Charlie Wilson2000 in music_cell_3_155_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_155_2
The Collection: Volume Two2000 in music_cell_3_156_0 Bone Thugs-N-Harmony2000 in music_cell_3_156_1 Compilation2000 in music_cell_3_156_2
Conspiracy of One2000 in music_cell_3_157_0 The Offspring2000 in music_cell_3_157_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_157_2
Didn't See Me Coming2000 in music_cell_3_158_0 Keith Sweat2000 in music_cell_3_158_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_158_2
Enters the Colossus2000 in music_cell_3_159_0 Mr. Lif2000 in music_cell_3_159_1 EP2000 in music_cell_3_159_2
Exposed2000 in music_cell_3_160_0 Chanté Moore2000 in music_cell_3_160_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_160_2
Fuse2000 in music_cell_3_161_0 Colin James2000 in music_cell_3_161_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_161_2
Holy Wood (In the Shadow of the Valley of Death)2000 in music_cell_3_162_0 Marilyn Manson2000 in music_cell_3_162_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_162_2
Lovers Rock2000 in music_cell_3_163_0 Sade2000 in music_cell_3_163_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_163_2
Midian2000 in music_cell_3_164_0 Cradle of Filth2000 in music_cell_3_164_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_164_2
Musique2000 in music_cell_3_165_0 Theatre of Tragedy2000 in music_cell_3_165_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_165_2
My Favorite Headache2000 in music_cell_3_166_0 Geddy Lee2000 in music_cell_3_166_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_166_2
Now That's What I Call Music! 5 (U.S. series)2000 in music_cell_3_167_0 Various Artists2000 in music_cell_3_167_1 Compilation2000 in music_cell_3_167_2
The Playa Rich Project2000 in music_cell_3_168_0 Various Artists2000 in music_cell_3_168_1 Compilation2000 in music_cell_3_168_2
Sound Loaded2000 in music_cell_3_169_0 Ricky Martin2000 in music_cell_3_169_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_169_2
202000 in music_cell_3_170_0 Maxi On2000 in music_cell_3_170_1 Takako Minekawa2000 in music_cell_3_170_2 -2000 in music_cell_3_170_3
Now That's What I Call Music! 47 (UK series)2000 in music_cell_3_171_0 Various Artists2000 in music_cell_3_171_1 Compilation2000 in music_cell_3_171_2
Shut Your Mouth2000 in music_cell_3_172_0 Frenzal Rhomb2000 in music_cell_3_172_1 Australia2000 in music_cell_3_172_2
212000 in music_cell_3_173_0 Black & Blue2000 in music_cell_3_173_1 Backstreet Boys2000 in music_cell_3_173_2 -2000 in music_cell_3_173_3
Bottles to the Ground2000 in music_cell_3_174_0 NOFX2000 in music_cell_3_174_1 EP2000 in music_cell_3_174_2
Checkmate2000 in music_cell_3_175_0 B.G.2000 in music_cell_3_175_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_175_2
A Day Without Rain2000 in music_cell_3_176_0 Enya2000 in music_cell_3_176_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_176_2
Flashback2000 in music_cell_3_177_0 Electric Light Orchestra2000 in music_cell_3_177_1 Box Set2000 in music_cell_3_177_2
Greatest Hits2000 in music_cell_3_178_0 Tim McGraw2000 in music_cell_3_178_1 Compilation2000 in music_cell_3_178_2
Mama's Gun2000 in music_cell_3_179_0 Erykah Badu2000 in music_cell_3_179_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_179_2
Mass Romantic2000 in music_cell_3_180_0 The New Pornographers2000 in music_cell_3_180_1 Debut2000 in music_cell_3_180_2
Paradox Addendum2000 in music_cell_3_181_0 The Crüxshadows2000 in music_cell_3_181_1 EP2000 in music_cell_3_181_2
The Reunion2000 in music_cell_3_182_0 Capone-N-Noreaga2000 in music_cell_3_182_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_182_2
Songs from an American Movie Vol. Two: Good Time for a Bad Attitude2000 in music_cell_3_183_0 Everclear2000 in music_cell_3_183_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_183_2
Space Age 4 Eva2000 in music_cell_3_184_0 8Ball & MJG2000 in music_cell_3_184_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_184_2
Things Falling Apart2000 in music_cell_3_185_0 Nine Inch Nails2000 in music_cell_3_185_1 EP2000 in music_cell_3_185_2
The W2000 in music_cell_3_186_0 Wu-Tang Clan2000 in music_cell_3_186_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_186_2
222000 in music_cell_3_187_0 Futurama2000 in music_cell_3_187_1 Supercar2000 in music_cell_3_187_2 -2000 in music_cell_3_187_3
272000 in music_cell_3_188_0 The Early Chapters of Revelation2000 in music_cell_3_188_1 Therion2000 in music_cell_3_188_2 Box Set2000 in music_cell_3_188_3
In a Beautiful Place Out in the Country2000 in music_cell_3_189_0 Boards of Canada2000 in music_cell_3_189_1 EP2000 in music_cell_3_189_2
Intermission2000 in music_cell_3_190_0 dc Talk2000 in music_cell_3_190_1 Compilation2000 in music_cell_3_190_2
It's All About the Stragglers2000 in music_cell_3_191_0 Artful Dodger2000 in music_cell_3_191_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_191_2
One Touch2000 in music_cell_3_192_0 Sugababes2000 in music_cell_3_192_1 UK2000 in music_cell_3_192_2
Since I Left You2000 in music_cell_3_193_0 The Avalanches2000 in music_cell_3_193_1 2000 in music_cell_3_193_2
Thelema.62000 in music_cell_3_194_0 Behemoth2000 in music_cell_3_194_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_194_2
Tomorrow Comes Today2000 in music_cell_3_195_0 Gorillaz2000 in music_cell_3_195_1 EP2000 in music_cell_3_195_2
The Fake Sound of Progress2000 in music_cell_3_196_0 Lostprophets2000 in music_cell_3_196_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_196_2
Roll On2000 in music_cell_3_197_0 The Living End2000 in music_cell_3_197_1 Australia2000 in music_cell_3_197_2
282000 in music_cell_3_198_0 Catch the Wind2000 in music_cell_3_198_1 Donovan2000 in music_cell_3_198_2 Compilation2000 in music_cell_3_198_3
Dawn of Victory2000 in music_cell_3_199_0 Rhapsody2000 in music_cell_3_199_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_199_2
Ghetto Postage2000 in music_cell_3_200_0 Master P2000 in music_cell_3_200_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_200_2
Lyricist Lounge 22000 in music_cell_3_201_0 Various Artists2000 in music_cell_3_201_1 Compilation2000 in music_cell_3_201_2
Suburban Light2000 in music_cell_3_202_0 The Clientele2000 in music_cell_3_202_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_202_2

E C E M B E R2000 in music_cell_3_203_0

12000 in music_cell_3_203_1 Human Nature2000 in music_cell_3_203_2 Human Nature2000 in music_cell_3_203_3 -2000 in music_cell_3_203_4
52000 in music_cell_3_204_0 The Best Of The Doors2000 in music_cell_3_204_1 The Doors2000 in music_cell_3_204_2 Compilation2000 in music_cell_3_204_3
Burning Japan Live 19992000 in music_cell_3_205_0 Arch Enemy2000 in music_cell_3_205_1 Live2000 in music_cell_3_205_2
The Dark Ride2000 in music_cell_3_206_0 Helloween2000 in music_cell_3_206_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_206_2
In the Flesh – Live2000 in music_cell_3_207_0 Roger Waters2000 in music_cell_3_207_1 2xCD; Live2000 in music_cell_3_207_2
Live2000 in music_cell_3_208_0 Alice in Chains2000 in music_cell_3_208_1 Live2000 in music_cell_3_208_2
O Brother, Where Art Thou?2000 in music_cell_3_209_0 Various Artists2000 in music_cell_3_209_1 Soundtrack2000 in music_cell_3_209_2
Renegades2000 in music_cell_3_210_0 Rage Against the Machine2000 in music_cell_3_210_1 Covers Album2000 in music_cell_3_210_2
Sessions at West 54th: Recorded Live in New York2000 in music_cell_3_211_0 Keb' Mo'2000 in music_cell_3_211_1 Live DVD2000 in music_cell_3_211_2
The Understanding2000 in music_cell_3_212_0 Memphis Bleek2000 in music_cell_3_212_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_212_2
122000 in music_cell_3_213_0 Live at the Fillmore2000 in music_cell_3_213_1 Cypress Hill2000 in music_cell_3_213_2 Live2000 in music_cell_3_213_3
One Night Only2000 in music_cell_3_214_0 Elton John2000 in music_cell_3_214_1 Live2000 in music_cell_3_214_2
Paperdoll2000 in music_cell_3_215_0 Kittie2000 in music_cell_3_215_1 EP; remix +5 live tracks2000 in music_cell_3_215_2
Restless2000 in music_cell_3_216_0 Xzibit2000 in music_cell_3_216_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_216_2
Salival2000 in music_cell_3_217_0 Tool2000 in music_cell_3_217_1 Box Set2000 in music_cell_3_217_2
Spiritual Machines2000 in music_cell_3_218_0 Our Lady Peace2000 in music_cell_3_218_1 Canada2000 in music_cell_3_218_2
Tangents: The Tea Party Collection2000 in music_cell_3_219_0 The Tea Party2000 in music_cell_3_219_1 Compilation2000 in music_cell_3_219_2
Temple of Two Suns2000 in music_cell_3_220_0 Mob Rules2000 in music_cell_3_220_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_220_2
X2000 in music_cell_3_221_0 K-Ci & JoJo2000 in music_cell_3_221_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_221_2
152000 in music_cell_3_222_0 Flood2000 in music_cell_3_222_1 Boris2000 in music_cell_3_222_2 -2000 in music_cell_3_222_3
192000 in music_cell_3_223_0 Tha Last Meal2000 in music_cell_3_223_1 Snoop Dogg2000 in music_cell_3_223_2 -2000 in music_cell_3_223_3
Lights Out2000 in music_cell_3_224_0 Lil Wayne2000 in music_cell_3_224_1 -2000 in music_cell_3_224_2
Sessions at West 54th2000 in music_cell_3_225_0 Neil Finn2000 in music_cell_3_225_1 Live2000 in music_cell_3_225_2
262000 in music_cell_3_226_0 Past Life Trauma (1985–1992)2000 in music_cell_3_226_1 Kreator2000 in music_cell_3_226_2 Compilation2000 in music_cell_3_226_3

Release date unknown 2000 in music_section_21

2000 in music_unordered_list_15

Biggest hit singles 2000 in music_section_22

The following songs achieved the highest in the charts of 2000. 2000 in music_sentence_3

2000 in music_table_general_4

#2000 in music_header_cell_4_0_0 Artist2000 in music_header_cell_4_0_1 Title2000 in music_header_cell_4_0_2 Year2000 in music_header_cell_4_0_3 Country2000 in music_header_cell_4_0_4 Chart Entries2000 in music_header_cell_4_0_5
12000 in music_cell_4_1_0 Madonna2000 in music_cell_4_1_1 Music2000 in music_cell_4_1_2 20002000 in music_cell_4_1_3 United_States2000 in music_cell_4_1_4 UK 1 – Sep 2000 (23 weeks), US Billboard 1 – Aug 2000 (24 weeks), Japan (Tokyo) 1 – Aug 2000 (25 weeks), Sweden 1 – Aug 2000 (10 weeks), Switzerland 1 – Sep 2000 (15 weeks), Norway 1 – Sep 2000 (10 weeks), Canada RPM 1 for 9 weeks – Sep 2000, New Zealand 1 for 1 week – Oct 2000, Australia 1 for 4 weeks – Aug 2000, Europe 1 for 6 weeks – Sep 2000, Spain 1 for 1 week – Oct 2000, Grammy in 2000 (Nominated), US Platinum (certified by RIAA in Oct 2000), Holland 4 – Aug 2000 (12 weeks), Poland 4 – Aug 2000 (13 weeks), Germany 4 – Aug 2000 (3 months), France Gold (certified by SNEP in Jul 2001), Germany Gold (certified by BMieV in 2000), Austria 6 – Sep 2000 (3 weeks), Belgium 6 – Aug 2000 (11 weeks), Italy 7 of 2000, Brazil 8 of 2000, Australia 11 of 2000, US Radio 15 of 2000 (peak 2 17 weeks), ARC 19 of 2000 (peak 1 16 weeks), Switzerland 19 of 2000, Japan (Osaku) 27 of 2000 (peak 3 16 weeks), US BB 33 of 2000, RYM 33 of 2000, POP 33 of 2000, Party 41 of 1999, Scrobulate 87 of pop, Germany 196 of the 2000s (peak 2 8 weeks), UKMIX 533, Acclaimed 674 (2000)2000 in music_cell_4_1_5
22000 in music_cell_4_2_0 Britney Spears2000 in music_cell_4_2_1 Oops!... I Did it Again2000 in music_cell_4_2_2 20002000 in music_cell_4_2_3 United_States2000 in music_cell_4_2_4 UK 1 – May 2000 (14 weeks), Holland 1 – Apr 2000 (13 weeks), Sweden 1 – Apr 2000 (7 weeks), Switzerland 1 – May 2000 (17 weeks), Norway 1 – May 2000 (14 weeks), Canada RPM 1 for 6 weeks – May 2000, New Zealand 1 for 1 week – Jun 2000, Australia 1 for 2 weeks – May 2000, Europe 1 for 6 weeks – May 2000, Spain 1 for 1 week – Aug 2000, US BB 2 of 2000, Germany 2 – May 2000 (3 months), POP 2 of 2000, Japan (Tokyo) 3 – May 2000 (14 weeks), Austria 3 – May 2000 (4 weeks), Belgium 3 – Apr 2000 (15 weeks), France Gold (certified by SNEP in Jul 2001), Germany Gold (certified by BMieV in 2000), Switzerland 7 of 2000, US Billboard 9 – Apr 2000 (20 weeks), France 10 – May 2000 (1 week), ARC 17 of 2000 (peak 1 17 weeks), US Radio 19 of 2000 (peak 1 14 weeks), Australia 26 of 2000, Italy 34 of 2000, Party 39 of 1999, Brazil 44 of 2000, Germany 154 of the 2000s (peak 2 11 weeks), Acclaimed 2376 (2000)2000 in music_cell_4_2_5
32000 in music_cell_4_3_0 U22000 in music_cell_4_3_1 Beautiful Day2000 in music_cell_4_3_2 20002000 in music_cell_4_3_3 Republic_of_Ireland2000 in music_cell_4_3_4 UK 1 – Oct 2000 (16 weeks), Holland 1 – Sep 2000 (17 weeks), Norway 1 – Oct 2000 (6 weeks), Poland 1 – Sep 2000 (46 weeks), Republic of Ireland 1 for 3 weeks – Oct 2000, Australia 1 for 1 week – Oct 2000, Europe 1 for 2 weeks – Oct 2000, Spain 1 for 1 week – Nov 2000, Grammy in 2000, Japan (Tokyo) 2 – Sep 2000 (24 weeks), MTV Video of the Year 2001 (Nominated), Sweden 3 – Oct 2000 (5 weeks), US Gold (certified by RIAA in May 2005), Switzerland 6 – Oct 2000 (8 weeks), Belgium 8 – Oct 2000 (6 weeks), Italy 12 of 2000, RYM 13 of 2000, US Billboard 21 – Oct 2000 (25 weeks), Germany 21 – Oct 2000 (1 month), Scrobulate 22 of rock, Austria 23 – Nov 2000 (1 week), ARC 37 of 2001 (peak 4 18 weeks), Australia 46 of 2000, Europe 50 of the 2000s (2000), Party 62 of 2007, US Radio 77 of 2001 (peak 19 3 weeks), Brazil 83 of 2000, Virgin 99, TheQ 225, WXPN 471, Acclaimed 12232000 in music_cell_4_3_5
42000 in music_cell_4_4_0 The Corrs2000 in music_cell_4_4_1 Breathless2000 in music_cell_4_4_2 20002000 in music_cell_4_4_3 Republic_of_Ireland2000 in music_cell_4_4_4 UK 1 – Dec 2000 (17 weeks), Sweden 1 – Dec 2000 (10 weeks), Austria 1 – Jan 2001 (5 weeks), Switzerland 1 – Dec 2000 (22 weeks), Republic of Ireland 1 for 6 weeks – Dec 2000, Europe 1 for 10 weeks – Dec 2000, Germany 1 for 1 week – Jan 2001, Spain 1 for 1 week – Feb 2001, Holland 2 – Dec 2000 (11 weeks), Germany 2 – Jan 2001 (4 months), MTV Video of the Year 2001 (Nominated), UK Platinum (certified by BPI in Dec 2000), France Platinum (certified by SNEP in Feb 2001), Germany Platinum (certified by BMieV in 2001), Switzerland 3 of 2001, Norway 3 – Dec 2000 (13 weeks), Belgium 3 – Dec 2000 (13 weeks), Australia 3 of 2001, RYM 3 of 2000, Japan (Tokyo) 18 – Jan 2001 (11 weeks), Italy 26 of 2001, Poland 30 – Jan 2001 (5 weeks), US Billboard 51 – Nov 2000 (15 weeks), Scrobulate 53 of hip-hop, Germany 69 of the 2000s (peak 1 12 weeks), France (InfoDisc) 127 of the 2000s (peak 3, 26 weeks, 398k sales estimated, 2000), Rolling Stone 290, Acclaimed 323 (2000), UKMIX 7872000 in music_cell_4_4_5
52000 in music_cell_4_5_0 Bon Jovi2000 in music_cell_4_5_1 It's My Life2000 in music_cell_4_5_2 20002000 in music_cell_4_5_3 United_States2000 in music_cell_4_5_4 Japan (Tokyo) 1 – Apr 2000 (24 weeks), Holland 1 – May 2000 (14 weeks), Sweden 1 – May 2000 (6 weeks), Switzerland 1 – May 2000 (23 weeks), Poland 1 – Apr 2000 (27 weeks), Belgium 1 – May 2000 (17 weeks), Europe 1 for 4 weeks – Jun 2000, Spain 1 for 1 week – Jul 2000, Japan (Osaku) 2 of 2000 (peak 1 29 weeks), Austria 2 – May 2000 (7 weeks), Germany 2 – May 2000 (4 months), Germany Platinum (certified by BMieV in 2000), UK 3 – Jun 2000 (13 weeks), France 3 – Apr 2000 (2 weeks), Switzerland 3 of 2000, Norway 3 – May 2000 (16 weeks), Italy 3 of 2000, POP 8 of 2001, US BB 11 of 2001, Australia 19 of 2000, Germany 27 of the 2000s (peak 2 16 weeks), US Billboard 33 – Aug 2000 (20 weeks), US Radio 67 of 2000 (peak 14 6 weeks), Party 124 of 1999, RYM 144 of 19992000 in music_cell_4_5_5

Popular songs 2000 in music_section_23

See also: Hot 100 No. 2000 in music_sentence_4

1 Hits of 2000 (USA) and Billboard Year-End Hot 100 singles of 2000 2000 in music_sentence_5

Best selling albums of the year in the United States (Soundscan) 2000 in music_section_24

According to Soundscan, the best selling album of 2000 was No Strings Attached by NSYNC, selling nearly 10 million copies. 2000 in music_sentence_6

2000 in music_table_general_5

Rank2000 in music_header_cell_5_0_0 Album2000 in music_header_cell_5_0_1 Artist2000 in music_header_cell_5_0_2 Sales

(in millions)2000 in music_header_cell_5_0_3

12000 in music_cell_5_1_0 No Strings Attached2000 in music_cell_5_1_1 NSYNC2000 in music_cell_5_1_2 9.92000 in music_cell_5_1_3
22000 in music_cell_5_2_0 Oops!... I Did It Again2000 in music_cell_5_2_1 Britney Spears2000 in music_cell_5_2_2 8.82000 in music_cell_5_2_3
32000 in music_cell_5_3_0 The Marshall Mathers LP2000 in music_cell_5_3_1 Eminem2000 in music_cell_5_3_2 7.92000 in music_cell_5_3_3
42000 in music_cell_5_4_0 Human Clay2000 in music_cell_5_4_1 Creed2000 in music_cell_5_4_2 6.62000 in music_cell_5_4_3
52000 in music_cell_5_5_0 Supernatural2000 in music_cell_5_5_1 Santana2000 in music_cell_5_5_2 5.92000 in music_cell_5_5_3
62000 in music_cell_5_6_0 12000 in music_cell_5_6_1 The Beatles2000 in music_cell_5_6_2 5.12000 in music_cell_5_6_3
72000 in music_cell_5_7_0 Country Grammar2000 in music_cell_5_7_1 Nelly2000 in music_cell_5_7_2 5.12000 in music_cell_5_7_3
82000 in music_cell_5_8_0 Black & Blue2000 in music_cell_5_8_1 Backstreet Boys2000 in music_cell_5_8_2 4.72000 in music_cell_5_8_3
92000 in music_cell_5_9_0 20012000 in music_cell_5_9_1 Dr. Dre2000 in music_cell_5_9_2 3.92000 in music_cell_5_9_3
102000 in music_cell_5_10_0 The Writing's on the Wall2000 in music_cell_5_10_1 Destiny's Child2000 in music_cell_5_10_2 3.82000 in music_cell_5_10_3

Classical music 2000 in music_section_25

2000 in music_unordered_list_16

  • Thomas Adès – Piano Quintet, op. 202000 in music_item_16_128
  • John Coolidge AdamsEl Niño (opera-oratorio)2000 in music_item_16_129
  • John Luther Adams – The Light That Fills the World, for orchestra2000 in music_item_16_130
  • Julian Anderson – Alhambra Suite, for chamber orchestra2000 in music_item_16_131
  • Milton Babbitt2000 in music_item_16_132
    • Little Goes a Long Way, for violin and piano2000 in music_item_16_133
    • Pantuns, for soprano and piano2000 in music_item_16_134
  • Leonardo Balada – Music for Flute and Orchestra2000 in music_item_16_135
  • Chen Yi – KC Capriccio, for wind ensemble and mixed choir2000 in music_item_16_136
  • Edward Cowie2000 in music_item_16_137
    • Bad Lands Gold, for tuba and piano2000 in music_item_16_138
    • Concerto for oboe and orchestra2000 in music_item_16_139
    • Dark Matter, for brass ensemble2000 in music_item_16_140
    • Elysium IV, for orchestra2000 in music_item_16_141
    • Four Frames in a Row, for high voice and baroque ensemble2000 in music_item_16_142
    • The Healing of Saul, for violin and harp (or piano)2000 in music_item_16_143
    • Several Charms, for violin and piano2000 in music_item_16_144
  • Peter Maxwell DaviesSymphony No. 72000 in music_item_16_145
  • Peter Eötvös – Paris–Dakar, for ensemble2000 in music_item_16_146
  • Lorenzo Ferrero2000 in music_item_16_147
    • Glamorama Spies, for flute, clarinet, violin, violoncello, and piano2000 in music_item_16_148
    • Rastrelli in Saint Petersburg, for oboe and string orchestra2000 in music_item_16_149
    • Tempi di quartetto, for string quartet2000 in music_item_16_150
  • Stefano Gervasoni – Rigirio2000 in music_item_16_151
  • Frans Geysen2000 in music_item_16_152
    • Alles heeft zijn tijd 1, for orchestra2000 in music_item_16_153
    • Alles heeft zijn tijd 2, for string quartet2000 in music_item_16_154
    • Alles heeft zijn tijd 3, for string quartet2000 in music_item_16_155
    • Alles heeft zijn tijd 4, for keyboard instrument2000 in music_item_16_156
    • Alles heeft zijn tijd 5, for keyboard instrument2000 in music_item_16_157
    • Alles heeft zijn tijd 6, for string quartet2000 in music_item_16_158
    • Alles heeft zijn tijd 7, for four-part mixed choir (or string quartet, or trumpet, oboe, clarinet, and bassoon)2000 in music_item_16_159
    • Alles heeft zijn tijd 8, for keyboard instrument2000 in music_item_16_160
    • Alles heeft zijn tijd 9, for 4 trumpets2000 in music_item_16_161
    • Alles komt terug 2, for three-part choir2000 in music_item_16_162
    • Alles komt terug 3, for SSATB choir2000 in music_item_16_163
    • Alles komt terug 4, for carillon2000 in music_item_16_164
    • Alles komt terug 5, for keyboard instrument2000 in music_item_16_165
    • Benadering van de kern, for keyboard instrument2000 in music_item_16_166
    • Muziek voor toetsenbord 2, for piano2000 in music_item_16_167
    • Toetsing, for keyboard instrument2000 in music_item_16_168
  • Philip Glass2000 in music_item_16_169
    • Tirol Concerto, for piano and orchestra2000 in music_item_16_170
    • Concerto Fantasy, for two timpanists and orchestra2000 in music_item_16_171
  • Alexander Goehr2000 in music_item_16_172
    • Piano Quintet, op. 692000 in music_item_16_173
    • Suite, for two pianos, op. 702000 in music_item_16_174
  • Friedrich Goldmann2000 in music_item_16_175
    • Augenblick für Stimme, for mezzo-soprano, flute, oboe, clarinet, trombone, percussion, electric guitar, keyboard, viola and cello2000 in music_item_16_176
    • Etudes (3) for piano2000 in music_item_16_177
    • Quartet, for oboe, violin, viola, and cello2000 in music_item_16_178
    • 7 x 10 Takte für Dieter Schnebel, for flute and clarinet2000 in music_item_16_179
  • Ilja Hurník2000 in music_item_16_180
    • Con brio, for orchestra2000 in music_item_16_181
    • Symphony in C2000 in music_item_16_182
  • Karl Jenkins – Adiemus IV: The Eternal Knot2000 in music_item_16_183
  • Nigel Keay – Viola Concerto ()2000 in music_item_16_184
  • Wojciech Kilar2000 in music_item_16_185
    • Introitus for organ2000 in music_item_16_186
    • Missa pro pace, for solo voices, choir and orchestra or instrumental ensemble2000 in music_item_16_187
    • The Oscar fanfare2000 in music_item_16_188
  • Meyer Kupferman – Icon Symphony2000 in music_item_16_189
  • Mario Lavista2000 in music_item_16_190
    • Estudio, for four marimbas2000 in music_item_16_191
    • Mater dolorosa, for organ2000 in music_item_16_192
    • Tres Miniaturas, for guitar,2000 in music_item_16_193
  • György LigetiSíppal, dobbal, nádihegedüvel2000 in music_item_16_194
  • Magnus Lindberg2000 in music_item_16_195
    • Corrente – China Version2000 in music_item_16_196
    • Jubilees, for piano2000 in music_item_16_197
  • James MacMillan – Mass, for choir and organ2000 in music_item_16_198
  • Mesías Maiguashca – El Tiempo, for 2 flutes, 2 clarinets, 2 cellos, 2 percussionists, and electronics2000 in music_item_16_199
  • Tomás Marco – América (cantata)2000 in music_item_16_200
  • Donald Martino – Romanza, for violin solo2000 in music_item_16_201
  • Robert Morris2000 in music_item_16_202
    • In Concert, for ten instruments2000 in music_item_16_203
    • Still, for piano2000 in music_item_16_204
  • Bayan Northcott – Alma Redemptoris Mater, for three tenors, op. 7, no. 22000 in music_item_16_205
  • Gérard Pape – Tantric Transformations, eight-channel electronic music and digital video2000 in music_item_16_206
  • Henri Pousseur2000 in music_item_16_207
    • Anneaux du soleil, for piano2000 in music_item_16_208
    • Navigations, for harp2000 in music_item_16_209
    • Seize Paysages planétaires, ethno-electroacoustical music2000 in music_item_16_210
  • Wolfgang Rihm2000 in music_item_16_211
    • Auf einem anderen Blatt, for piano2000 in music_item_16_212
    • Concerto (Dithyrambe), for string quartet and orchestra2000 in music_item_16_213
    • Deus passus (Passions-Stücke nach Lukas), for soprano, mezzo-soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, mixed chorus, and orchestra2000 in music_item_16_214
    • ... fleuve V (omnia tempus habent), for mezzo-soprano, baritone, distant ensemble (2 trumpets, 3 percussion), and large orchestra2000 in music_item_16_215
    • Frage, for coloratura soprano, English horn, A-clarinet (+ bass clarinet), harp, viola, cello, double bass, piano, and percussion2000 in music_item_16_216
    • Im Anfang, for large orchestra2000 in music_item_16_217
    • In Frage, for English horn, bass clarinet, harp, viola, cello, double bass, piano, and percussion2000 in music_item_16_218
    • Rilke: Vier Gedichte, for tenor and piano2000 in music_item_16_219
    • Stilles Stück (text by Hermann Lenz), for baritone and 2 string quartets2000 in music_item_16_220
    • Vers une symphonie fleuve IV, for large orchestra2000 in music_item_16_221
    • Vier Male (Stücke), for A-clarinet2000 in music_item_16_222
  • Peter Ruzicka – Traces, for clarinet and orchestra2000 in music_item_16_223
  • Peter Sculthorpe2000 in music_item_16_224
    • Djilile, for string quartet2000 in music_item_16_225
    • From the River, for violin, viola, cello, double bass, and piano2000 in music_item_16_226
    • Harbour Dreaming, for piano (originally titled Between Five Bells)2000 in music_item_16_227
    • New Norcia, for brass and percussion2000 in music_item_16_228
    • Parting, for viola and piano2000 in music_item_16_229
    • Quamby, for chamber orchestra2000 in music_item_16_230
    • Reef Singing, for clarinet and piano2000 in music_item_16_231
    • Saibai, for unison voices and drums2000 in music_item_16_232
    • Song for a Penny, for solo piano (shorter and longer versions)2000 in music_item_16_233
    • Tailitnama Song, for viola and piano, or viola solo2000 in music_item_16_234
    • Three Shakespeare Songs, for voice and piano (Text: William Shakespeare)2000 in music_item_16_235
  • Roger Smalley – String Quartet No. 22000 in music_item_16_236
  • Juan Maria Solare2000 in music_item_16_237
    • Blockartig, for three recorders (TTB)2000 in music_item_16_238
    • Constelación (Nueva Suite Modal) [Constellation (New Modal Suite)], five pieces for flute and clarinet2000 in music_item_16_239
    • de capa caída, tango for two pianos2000 in music_item_16_240
    • Utopía caminante [Walking Utopia], for trombone and cello2000 in music_item_16_241
    • Viejo Fueye Deconstruido [Old, deconstructed bag (bellows)], postmodern tango for tenor saxophone, bandoneon, double bass, and piano2000 in music_item_16_242
  • Karlheinz Stockhausen2000 in music_item_16_243
  • John Tavener – Song of the Cosmos2000 in music_item_16_246
  • Eric WhitacreOctober2000 in music_item_16_247
  • Charles Wuorinen2000 in music_item_16_248
    • Fourth String Quartet2000 in music_item_16_249
    • Cyclops 2000, for twenty players2000 in music_item_16_250

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