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This is a list of notable events in the history of LGBT rights that took place in the year 2001. 2001 in LGBT rights_sentence_0

Events 2001 in LGBT rights_section_0

2001 in LGBT rights_unordered_list_0

  • U.S. state of Maryland bans sexual orientation discrimination in the private sector.2001 in LGBT rights_item_0_0
  • Indiana governor Frank O'Bannon issues an executive order banning sexual orientation discrimination in the public sector.2001 in LGBT rights_item_0_1

January 2001 in LGBT rights_section_1

2001 in LGBT rights_unordered_list_1

  • 26 – Italy abolishes the ban on gay and bisexual men donating blood2001 in LGBT rights_item_1_2

February 2001 in LGBT rights_section_2

2001 in LGBT rights_unordered_list_2

April 2001 in LGBT rights_section_3

2001 in LGBT rights_unordered_list_3

June 2001 in LGBT rights_section_4

2001 in LGBT rights_unordered_list_4

July 2001 in LGBT rights_section_5

2001 in LGBT rights_unordered_list_5

  • 17 - US state of Rhode Island bans gender identity discrimination in the private sector.2001 in LGBT rights_item_5_10
  • 23 – Eight British Columbia same-sex couples begin to petition the Supreme Court of British Columbia that the definition of marriage as between a man and a woman is unconstitutional.2001 in LGBT rights_item_5_11

August 2001 in LGBT rights_section_6

2001 in LGBT rights_unordered_list_6

  • 1 – In Germany, the Civil Union Bill goes into effect.2001 in LGBT rights_item_6_12

September 2001 in LGBT rights_section_7

2001 in LGBT rights_unordered_list_7

  • 5 – The first couples sign the Greater London Authority's partnership register. The partnership register is a way of recognising the partnership status of couples, both same-sex and opposite-sex.2001 in LGBT rights_item_7_13

November 2001 in LGBT rights_section_8

2001 in LGBT rights_unordered_list_8

  • 13 – In the U.S., the city council of Fort Wayne, Indiana, passes an ordinance which adds sexual orientation to its municipal anti-discrimination law.2001 in LGBT rights_item_8_14
  • 17 – Vancouver, British Columbia resident Aaron Webster is killed in what many believe to be a gay bashing attack. The Canadian court system is reluctant to prosecute the case as a hate crime, believing this would be too difficult to prove, and subsequently charges four youths with manslaughter.2001 in LGBT rights_item_8_15

Deaths 2001 in LGBT rights_section_9

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