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The 2018–19 FIA Formula E season was the fifth season of the FIA Formula E championship, a motor racing championship for electrically-powered vehicles recognised by motorsport's governing body, the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA), as the highest class of competition for electric open-wheel racing cars. 2018–19 Formula E Championship_sentence_0

The 2018–19 season saw the introduction of the all-new Gen2, second generation Formula E car, which boasted significant technological advances over the previous Spark-Renault SRT 01E chassis – its power output rose from 200 kW to 250 kW and top speeds rose to around 280 km/h (174 mph). 2018–19 Formula E Championship_sentence_1

The arrival of the Gen2 car also saw an end to the series’ mid-race car-swaps. 2018–19 Formula E Championship_sentence_2

Frenchman Jean-Éric Vergne entered as the defending Drivers’ Champion after securing his first title at the New York City ePrix, while Audi Sport Abt Schaeffler returned as defending Teams’ Champions – having beaten Vergne's Techeetah team by a narrow two point margin. 2018–19 Formula E Championship_sentence_3

The 2019 Hong Kong ePrix was the 50th race of Formula E since its inception in 2014. 2018–19 Formula E Championship_sentence_4

Formula E has raced in 22 cities in 17 countries across five continents and has seen 13 global manufactures compete in the series. 2018–19 Formula E Championship_sentence_5

Four drivers have started every Formula E race; they are Lucas di Grassi, Sam Bird, Daniel Abt and Jérôme d'Ambrosio. 2018–19 Formula E Championship_sentence_6

The 2018–19 season was the first to have an official support category since Greenpower ran the Schools Series during Formula E's debut 2014–15 season. 2018–19 Formula E Championship_sentence_7

The Jaguar I-Pace eTrophy featured at 10 of the 13 rounds of the calendar. 2018–19 Formula E Championship_sentence_8

After the first race in New York City, Jean-Éric Vergne secured enough points to become the Drivers' Champion, winning his second Formula E championship. 2018–19 Formula E Championship_sentence_9

Techeetah won their first constructor's championship. 2018–19 Formula E Championship_sentence_10

Teams and drivers 2018–19 Formula E Championship_section_0

All teams used the Spark Gen2 chassis. 2018–19 Formula E Championship_sentence_11

2018–19 Formula E Championship_table_general_0

Team2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_0_0_0 Powertrain2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_0_0_1 No.2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_0_0_2 Drivers2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_0_0_3 Rounds2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_0_0_4
United_Kingdom Envision Virgin Racing2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_1_0 Audi e-tron FE052018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_1_1 22018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_1_2 United_Kingdom Sam Bird2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_1_3 All2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_1_4
42018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_2_0 Netherlands Robin Frijns2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_2_1 All2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_2_2
United_Kingdom Panasonic Jaguar Racing2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_3_0 Jaguar I-Type 32018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_3_1 32018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_3_2 Brazil Nelson Piquet Jr.2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_3_3 1-62018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_3_4
United_Kingdom Alex Lynn2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_4_0 7-132018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_4_1
202018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_5_0 New_Zealand Mitch Evans2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_5_1 All2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_5_2
Germany HWA Racelab2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_6_0 Venturi VFE052018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_6_1 52018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_6_2 Belgium Stoffel Vandoorne2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_6_3 All2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_6_4
172018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_7_0 United_Kingdom Gary Paffett2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_7_1 All2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_7_2
United_States GEOX Dragon2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_8_0 Penske EV-32018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_8_1 62018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_8_2 Germany Maximilian Günther2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_8_3 1-3, 7-132018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_8_4
Brazil Felipe Nasr2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_9_0 4-62018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_9_1
72018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_10_0 Argentina José María López2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_10_1 All2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_10_2
United_Kingdom NIO Formula E Team2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_11_0 NIO Sport 0042018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_11_1 82018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_11_2 France Tom Dillmann2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_11_3 All2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_11_4
162018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_12_0 United_Kingdom Oliver Turvey2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_12_1 All2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_12_2
Germany Audi Sport ABT Schaeffler Formula E Team2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_13_0 Audi e-tron FE052018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_13_1 112018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_13_2 Brazil Lucas di Grassi2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_13_3 All2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_13_4
662018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_14_0 Germany Daniel Abt2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_14_1 All2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_14_2
Monaco Venturi Formula E Team2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_15_0 Venturi VFE052018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_15_1 192018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_15_2 Brazil Felipe Massa2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_15_3 All2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_15_4
482018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_16_0 Switzerland Edoardo Mortara2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_16_1 All2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_16_2
France Nissan e.dams2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_17_0 Nissan IM012018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_17_1 222018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_17_2 United_Kingdom Oliver Rowland2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_17_3 All2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_17_4
232018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_18_0 Switzerland Sébastien Buemi2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_18_1 All2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_18_2
China DS Techeetah2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_19_0 DS E-Tense FE 192018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_19_1 252018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_19_2 France Jean-Éric Vergne2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_19_3 All2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_19_4
362018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_20_0 Germany André Lotterer2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_20_1 All2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_20_2
United_States BMW i Andretti Motorsport2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_21_0 BMW IFE.182018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_21_1 272018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_21_2 United_Kingdom Alexander Sims2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_21_3 All2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_21_4
282018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_22_0 Portugal António Félix da Costa2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_22_1 All2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_22_2
India Mahindra Racing2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_23_0 Mahindra M5Electro2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_23_1 642018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_23_2 Belgium Jérôme d'Ambrosio2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_23_3 All2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_23_4
942018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_24_0 Sweden Felix Rosenqvist2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_24_1 12018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_24_2
Germany Pascal Wehrlein2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_25_0 2-132018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_0_25_1

Team changes 2018–19 Formula E Championship_section_1

2018–19 Formula E Championship_unordered_list_0

  • BMW entered Formula E as a manufacturer, partnering with Andretti Autosport.2018–19 Formula E Championship_item_0_0
  • Mercedes affiliate HWA entered the championship and establish a technical partnership with Venturi. The agreement sees HWA receive powertrains for the 2018–19 season, serving as a precursor to Mercedes' entry as a manufacturer team in the 2019–20 season.2018–19 Formula E Championship_item_0_1
  • Nissan entered the championship as a manufacturer replacing partner company Renault in their partnership with DAMS. Renault cited a desire to concentrate on their Formula One programme as their motivation for leaving Formula E.2018–19 Formula E Championship_item_0_2
  • Techeetah switched from Renault to DS Automobiles powertrain, becoming DS Performance's partner. Meanwhile, Virgin Racing switched to use an Audi powertrain.2018–19 Formula E Championship_item_0_3

Driver changes 2018–19 Formula E Championship_section_2

2018–19 Formula E Championship_unordered_list_1

Mid-season changes 2018–19 Formula E Championship_section_3

2018–19 Formula E Championship_unordered_list_2

Calendar 2018–19 Formula E Championship_section_4

The 2018-2019 championship was contested over thirteen rounds in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, North America and South America. 2018–19 Formula E Championship_sentence_12

2018–19 Formula E Championship_table_general_1

Round2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_1_0_0 ePrix2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_1_0_1 Country2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_1_0_2 Circuit2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_1_0_3 Date2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_1_0_4
12018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_1_1_0 Diriyah ePrix2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_1_1_1 Saudi Arabia2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_1_1_2 Riyadh Street Circuit2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_1_1_3 15 December 20182018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_1_1_4
22018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_1_2_0 Marrakesh ePrix2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_1_2_1 Morocco2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_1_2_2 Circuit International Automobile Moulay El Hassan2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_1_2_3 12 January 20192018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_1_2_4
32018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_1_3_0 Santiago ePrix2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_1_3_1 Chile2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_1_3_2 Parque O'Higgins Circuit2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_1_3_3 26 January 20192018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_1_3_4
42018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_1_4_0 Mexico City ePrix2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_1_4_1 Mexico2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_1_4_2 Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_1_4_3 16 February 20192018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_1_4_4
52018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_1_5_0 Hong Kong ePrix2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_1_5_1 Hong Kong2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_1_5_2 Hong Kong Central Harbourfront Circuit2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_1_5_3 10 March 20192018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_1_5_4
62018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_1_6_0 Sanya ePrix2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_1_6_1 China2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_1_6_2 Haitang Bay Circuit2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_1_6_3 23 March 20192018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_1_6_4
72018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_1_7_0 Rome ePrix2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_1_7_1 Italy2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_1_7_2 Circuito Cittadino dell'EUR2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_1_7_3 13 April 20192018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_1_7_4
82018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_1_8_0 Paris ePrix2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_1_8_1 France2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_1_8_2 Paris Street Circuit2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_1_8_3 27 April 20192018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_1_8_4
92018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_1_9_0 Monaco ePrix2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_1_9_1 Monaco2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_1_9_2 Circuit de Monaco2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_1_9_3 11 May 20192018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_1_9_4
102018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_1_10_0 Berlin ePrix2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_1_10_1 Germany2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_1_10_2 Tempelhof Airport Street Circuit2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_1_10_3 25 May 20192018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_1_10_4
112018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_1_11_0 Swiss ePrix2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_1_11_1 Switzerland2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_1_11_2 Bern Street Circuit2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_1_11_3 22 June 20192018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_1_11_4
122018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_1_12_0 New York City ePrix Race 12018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_1_12_1 United States2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_1_12_2 Brooklyn Street Circuit2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_1_12_3 13 July 20192018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_1_12_4
132018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_1_13_0 New York City ePrix Race 22018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_1_13_1 14 July 20192018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_1_13_2
Source:2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_1_14_0

Calendar changes 2018–19 Formula E Championship_section_5

2018–19 Formula E Championship_unordered_list_3

  • The series returned to Monaco as the Monaco ePrix is run as a biennial event that alternates with the Historic Grand Prix of Monaco.2018–19 Formula E Championship_item_3_14
  • Formula E made its début in Saudi Arabia with the race to take place on a street circuit in the Ad Diriyah district of Riyadh. The event replaced the Hong Kong ePrix as the opening round of the championship.2018–19 Formula E Championship_item_3_15
  • The championship was due to race in São Paulo for the first time. The race had originally been included on the 2017–18 Formula E season calendar before being delayed for one year and replaced with the Punta del Este ePrix. However, the São Paulo race was not included on the provisional calendar published in June 2018 and the Punta del Este race was removed from the schedule.2018–19 Formula E Championship_item_3_16
  • A new ePrix in Mainland China was added to the calendar with the Hainan resort city of Sanya named as the venue. The series had previously raced in Beijing.2018–19 Formula E Championship_item_3_17
  • The Santiago ePrix changed its location from Parque Forestal to a bespoke circuit in O'Higgins Park. The move was made following complaints by the residents of Barrio Lastarria, who argued against the original track layout.2018–19 Formula E Championship_item_3_18
  • The Swiss ePrix was moved from Zürich to Bern after the former's city officials expressed concerns about the ability of the city's infrastructure to handle a series of large-scale events in quick succession. Organisers have the option to return to Zürich in future seasons.2018–19 Formula E Championship_item_3_19

European Races 2018–19 Formula E Championship_section_6

A separate competition within the overall Formula E Championship structure which includes all European cities that are part of the calendar has been included. 2018–19 Formula E Championship_sentence_13

The driver who achieves the best podium finishes of all five races will be awarded a trophy produced by voestalpine. 2018–19 Formula E Championship_sentence_14

Changes 2018–19 Formula E Championship_section_7

Technical regulations 2018–19 Formula E Championship_section_8

2018–19 Formula E Championship_unordered_list_4

  • The Spark-Renault SRT 01E, which was used by the championship since its inaugural season, was replaced by a brand-new chassis. The new chassis, which was also developed by Spark Racing Technology, is known as the SRT05e and eschews the conventional design of having a rear wing in favour of incorporating aerodynamic elements into the chassis and floor.2018–19 Formula E Championship_item_4_20
  • The category used a new standardised battery produced by McLaren Applied Technologies and Atieva. Each driver is only allowed to use one car per race, thus the battery life now lasts the whole race instead of half distance.2018–19 Formula E Championship_item_4_21
  • The series introduced new brakes, as Spark Racing Technology chose Brembo as the sole supplier of the entire braking system for all the single-seaters: discs, calipers, pads, bells and tandem pump.2018–19 Formula E Championship_item_4_22
  • The maximum power output of the cars increased to 250 kW. Cars have a series of pre-set power modes which were introduced to encourage strategic racing without allowing a team to gain a competitive advantage through powertrain development.2018–19 Formula E Championship_item_4_23
  • The series also introduced a system officially called "attack mode" or dubbed "Mario Kart mode" in which drivers receive an additional 25 kW of power by driving through a designated area of the circuit off the racing line. The duration of the boost mode and the number of boosts available was meant to only decided shortly ahead of each race by the FIA to stop teams from anticipating its use and incorporating it into race strategy. However, this largely did not happen, with all events except the second race in New York having two attack mode activations of 4 minutes each, with the final race having 3 activations, also of 4 minutes each.2018–19 Formula E Championship_item_4_24
  • The "halo" cockpit protection device was introduced on the chassis to meet the FIA rules that the halo should be involved in all single seater series by 2020.2018–19 Formula E Championship_item_4_25

Sporting regulations 2018–19 Formula E Championship_section_9

2018–19 Formula E Championship_unordered_list_5

  • Races were no longer run to a set number of laps. Rather, they ran for forty-five minutes and complete an additional lap once the time limit has expired.2018–19 Formula E Championship_item_5_26

Results and standings 2018–19 Formula E Championship_section_10

ePrix 2018–19 Formula E Championship_section_11

2018–19 Formula E Championship_table_general_2

Round2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_2_0_0 Race2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_2_0_1 Pole position2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_2_0_2 Fastest lap2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_2_0_3 Winning driver2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_2_0_4 Winning team2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_2_0_5 Report2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_2_0_6
12018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_2_1_0 Saudi_Arabia Ad Diriyah2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_1_1 Portugal António Félix da Costa2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_1_2 Germany André Lotterer2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_1_3 Portugal António Félix da Costa2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_1_4 United_Kingdom BMW i Andretti Motorsport2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_1_5 Report2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_1_6
22018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_2_2_0 Morocco Marrakesh2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_2_1 United_Kingdom Sam Bird2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_2_2 Brazil Lucas di Grassi2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_2_3 Belgium Jérôme d'Ambrosio2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_2_4 India Mahindra Racing2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_2_5 Report2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_2_6
32018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_2_3_0 Chile Santiago2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_3_1 Switzerland Sébastien Buemi2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_3_2 Germany Daniel Abt2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_3_3 United_Kingdom Sam Bird2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_3_4 United_Kingdom Envision Virgin Racing2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_3_5 Report2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_3_6
42018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_2_4_0 Mexico Mexico City2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_4_1 Germany Pascal Wehrlein2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_4_2 Germany Pascal Wehrlein2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_4_3 Brazil Lucas di Grassi2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_4_4 Germany Audi Sport Abt Schaeffler2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_4_5 Report2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_4_6
52018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_2_5_0 Hong_Kong Hong Kong2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_5_1 Belgium Stoffel Vandoorne2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_5_2 Germany André Lotterer2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_5_3 Switzerland Edoardo Mortara2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_5_4 Monaco Venturi Formula E Team2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_5_5 Report2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_5_6
62018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_2_6_0 China Sanya2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_6_1 United_Kingdom Oliver Rowland2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_6_2 France Jean-Éric Vergne2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_6_3 France Jean-Éric Vergne2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_6_4 China DS Techeetah2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_6_5 Report2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_6_6
72018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_2_7_0 Italy Rome2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_7_1 Germany André Lotterer2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_7_2 France Jean-Éric Vergne2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_7_3 New_Zealand Mitch Evans2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_7_4 United_Kingdom Panasonic Jaguar Racing2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_7_5 Report2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_7_6
82018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_2_8_0 France Paris2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_8_1 United_Kingdom Oliver Rowland2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_8_2 France Tom Dillmann2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_8_3 Netherlands Robin Frijns2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_8_4 United_Kingdom Envision Virgin Racing2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_8_5 Report2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_8_6
92018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_2_9_0 Monaco Monaco2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_9_1 United_Kingdom Oliver Rowland2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_9_2 Germany Pascal Wehrlein2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_9_3 France Jean-Éric Vergne2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_9_4 China DS Techeetah2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_9_5 Report2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_9_6
102018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_2_10_0 Germany Berlin2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_10_1 Switzerland Sébastien Buemi2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_10_2 Brazil Lucas di Grassi2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_10_3 Brazil Lucas di Grassi2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_10_4 Germany Audi Sport Abt Schaeffler2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_10_5 Report2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_10_6
112018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_2_11_0 Switzerland Bern2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_11_1 France Jean-Éric Vergne2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_11_2 Portugal António Félix da Costa2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_11_3 France Jean-Éric Vergne2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_11_4 China DS Techeetah2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_11_5 Report2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_11_6
122018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_2_12_0 United_States New York City2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_12_1 Switzerland Sébastien Buemi2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_12_2 France Jean-Éric Vergne2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_12_3 Switzerland Sébastien Buemi2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_12_4 France Nissan e.dams2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_12_5 Report2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_12_6
132018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_2_13_0 United_Kingdom Alexander Sims2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_13_1 Germany Daniel Abt2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_13_2 Netherlands Robin Frijns2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_13_3 United_Kingdom Envision Virgin Racing2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_2_13_4

Drivers' Championship standings 2018–19 Formula E Championship_section_12

Points were awarded to the top ten classified finishers in every race, the pole position starter, and the driver who set the fastest lap, using the following structure: 2018–19 Formula E Championship_sentence_15

2018–19 Formula E Championship_table_general_3

Position2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_3_0_0 1st2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_3_0_1 2nd2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_3_0_2 3rd2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_3_0_3 4th2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_3_0_4 5th2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_3_0_5 6th2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_3_0_6 7th2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_3_0_7 8th2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_3_0_8 9th2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_3_0_9 10th2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_3_0_10 Pole2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_3_0_11 FL2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_3_0_12
Points2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_3_1_0 252018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_3_1_1 182018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_3_1_2 152018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_3_1_3 122018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_3_1_4 102018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_3_1_5 82018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_3_1_6 62018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_3_1_7 42018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_3_1_8 22018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_3_1_9 12018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_3_1_10 32018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_3_1_11 12018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_3_1_12

† – Drivers did not finish the race, but were classified as they completed more than 90% of the race distance. 2018–19 Formula E Championship_sentence_16

Voestalpine European races Trophy 2018–19 Formula E Championship_section_13

2018–19 Formula E Championship_table_general_4

European Races standings2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_4_0_0
Pos.2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_4_1_0 Driver2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_4_1_1 RME
Italy2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_4_1_2
France2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_4_1_3
Monaco2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_4_1_4
Germany2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_4_1_5
Switzerland2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_4_1_6
Podiums2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_4_1_7 (total)2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_4_1_10
12018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_4_2_0 France Jean-Éric Vergne2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_2_1 142018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_2_2 62018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_2_3 12018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_2_4 32018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_2_5 12018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_4_2_6 22018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_2_7 02018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_2_8 12018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_2_9 32018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_4_2_10
22018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_4_3_0 New_Zealand Mitch Evans2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_3_1 12018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_3_2 162018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_3_3 62018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_3_4 122018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_3_5 22018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_3_6 12018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_3_7 12018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_3_8 02018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_3_9 22018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_4_3_10
32018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_4_4_0 Germany André Lotterer2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_4_1 22018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_4_2 22018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_4_3 72018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_4_4 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_4_5 142018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_4_6 02018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_4_7 22018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_4_8 02018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_4_9 22018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_4_4_10
42018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_4_5_0 Switzerland Sébastien Buemi2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_5_1 52018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_5_2 152018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_5_3 52018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_5_4 22018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_5_5 32018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_5_6 02018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_5_7 12018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_5_8 12018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_5_9 22018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_4_5_10
52018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_4_6_0 Netherlands Robin Frijns2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_6_1 42018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_6_2 12018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_6_3 17†2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_6_4 132018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_6_5 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_6_6 12018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_6_7 02018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_6_8 02018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_6_9 12018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_4_6_10
52018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_4_7_0 Brazil Lucas di Grassi2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_7_1 72018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_7_2 42018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_7_3 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_7_4 12018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_7_5 92018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_7_6 12018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_7_7 02018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_7_8 02018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_7_9 12018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_4_7_10
62018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_4_8_0 United_Kingdom Oliver Rowland2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_8_1 62018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_8_2 122018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_8_3 22018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_8_4 82018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_8_5 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_8_6 02018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_8_7 12018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_8_8 02018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_8_9 12018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_4_8_10
72018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_4_9_0 Belgium Stoffel Vandoorne2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_9_1 32018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_9_2 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_9_3 92018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_9_4 52018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_9_5 102018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_9_6 02018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_9_7 02018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_9_8 12018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_9_9 12018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_4_9_10
72018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_4_10_0 Germany Daniel Abt2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_10_1 18†2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_10_2 32018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_10_3 152018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_10_4 62018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_10_5 62018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_10_6 02018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_10_7 02018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_10_8 12018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_10_9 12018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_4_10_10
72018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_4_11_0 Brazil Felipe Massa2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_11_1 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_11_2 92018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_11_3 32018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_11_4 152018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_11_5 82018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_11_6 02018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_11_7 02018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_11_8 12018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_11_9 12018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_4_11_10
Jean-Éric Vergne has won the trophy.2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_4_12_0

Teams' Championship standings 2018–19 Formula E Championship_section_14

2018–19 Formula E Championship_table_general_5

Pos.2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_5_0_0 Team2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_5_0_1 No.2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_5_0_2 ADR
Saudi_Arabia2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_5_0_3
Morocco2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_5_0_4
Chile2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_5_0_5
Mexico2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_5_0_6
Hong_Kong2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_5_0_7
China2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_5_0_8
Italy2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_5_0_9
France2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_5_0_10
Monaco2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_5_0_11
Germany2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_5_0_12
Switzerland2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_5_0_13
United_States2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_5_0_14
Pts2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_5_0_16
12018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_5_1_0 China DS Techeetah2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_1_1 252018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_1_2 22018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_1_3 52018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_1_4 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_1_5 132018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_1_6 132018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_1_7 12018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_1_8 142018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_1_9 62018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_1_10 12018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_1_11 32018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_1_12 12018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_1_13 152018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_1_14 72018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_1_15 2222018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_5_1_16
362018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_2_0 52018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_2_1 62018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_2_2 132018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_2_3 52018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_2_4 142018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_2_5 42018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_2_6 22018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_2_7 22018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_2_8 72018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_2_9 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_2_10 142018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_2_11 172018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_2_12 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_2_13
22018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_5_3_0 Germany Audi Sport ABT Schaeffler Formula E Team2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_3_1 112018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_3_2 92018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_3_3 72018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_3_4 122018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_3_5 12018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_3_6 22018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_3_7 15†2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_3_8 72018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_3_9 42018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_3_10 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_3_11 12018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_3_12 92018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_3_13 52018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_3_14 18†2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_3_15 2032018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_5_3_16
662018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_4_0 82018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_4_1 102018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_4_2 32018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_4_3 102018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_4_4 42018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_4_5 52018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_4_6 18†2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_4_7 32018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_4_8 152018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_4_9 62018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_4_10 62018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_4_11 62018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_4_12 52018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_4_13
32018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_5_5_0 United_Kingdom Envision Virgin Racing2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_5_1 22018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_5_2 112018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_5_3 32018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_5_4 12018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_5_5 92018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_5_6 62018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_5_7 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_5_8 112018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_5_9 112018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_5_10 16†2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_5_11 92018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_5_12 42018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_5_13 82018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_5_14 42018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_5_15 1912018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_5_5_16
42018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_6_0 122018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_6_1 22018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_6_2 52018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_6_3 112018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_6_4 32018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_6_5 14†2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_6_6 42018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_6_7 12018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_6_8 17†2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_6_9 132018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_6_10 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_6_11 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_6_12 12018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_6_13
42018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_5_7_0 France Nissan e.dams2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_7_1 222018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_7_2 72018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_7_3 152018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_7_4 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_7_5 20†2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_7_6 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_7_7 22018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_7_8 62018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_7_9 122018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_7_10 22018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_7_11 82018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_7_12 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_7_13 142018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_7_14 62018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_7_15 1902018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_5_7_16
232018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_8_0 62018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_8_1 82018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_8_2 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_8_3 21†2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_8_4 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_8_5 82018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_8_6 52018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_8_7 152018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_8_8 52018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_8_9 22018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_8_10 32018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_8_11 12018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_8_12 32018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_8_13
52018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_5_9_0 United_States BMW i Andretti Motorsport2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_9_1 272018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_9_2 182018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_9_3 42018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_9_4 72018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_9_5 142018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_9_6 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_9_7 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_9_8 172018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_9_9 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_9_10 132018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_9_11 72018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_9_12 112018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_9_13 42018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_9_14 22018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_9_15 1562018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_5_9_16
282018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_10_0 12018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_10_1 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_10_2 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_10_3 22018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_10_4 102018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_10_5 32018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_10_6 92018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_10_7 72018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_10_8 DSQ2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_10_9 42018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_10_10 122018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_10_11 32018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_10_12 92018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_10_13
62018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_5_11_0 India Mahindra Racing2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_11_1 642018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_11_2 32018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_11_3 12018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_11_4 102018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_11_5 42018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_11_6 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_11_7 62018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_11_8 82018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_11_9 17†2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_11_10 112018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_11_11 172018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_11_12 132018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_11_13 92018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_11_14 112018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_11_15 1252018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_5_11_16
942018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_12_0 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_12_1 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_12_2 22018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_12_3 62018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_12_4 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_12_5 72018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_12_6 102018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_12_7 102018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_12_8 42018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_12_9 102018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_12_10 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_12_11 72018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_12_12 122018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_12_13
72018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_5_13_0 United_Kingdom Panasonic Jaguar Racing2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_13_1 32018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_13_2 102018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_13_3 142018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_13_4 112018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_13_5 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_13_6 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_13_7 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_13_8 122018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_13_9 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_13_10 82018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_13_11 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_13_12 72018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_13_13 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_13_14 162018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_13_15 1162018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_5_13_16
202018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_14_0 42018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_14_1 92018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_14_2 62018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_14_3 72018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_14_4 72018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_14_5 92018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_14_6 12018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_14_7 162018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_14_8 62018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_14_9 122018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_14_10 22018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_14_11 22018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_14_12 172018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_14_13
82018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_5_15_0 Monaco Venturi Formula E Team2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_15_1 192018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_15_2 172018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_15_3 182018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_15_4 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_15_5 82018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_15_6 52018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_15_7 102018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_15_8 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_15_9 92018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_15_10 32018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_15_11 152018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_15_12 82018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_15_13 16†2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_15_14 152018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_15_15 882018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_5_15_16
482018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_16_0 192018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_16_1 132018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_16_2 42018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_16_3 32018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_16_4 12018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_16_5 132018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_16_6 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_16_7 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_16_8 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_16_9 112018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_16_10 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_16_11 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_16_12 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_16_13
92018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_5_17_0 Germany HWA Racelab2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_17_1 52018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_17_2 162018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_17_3 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_17_4 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_17_5 182018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_17_6 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_17_7 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_17_8 32018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_17_9 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_17_10 92018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_17_11 52018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_17_12 102018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_17_13 132018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_17_14 82018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_17_15 442018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_5_17_16
172018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_18_0 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_18_1 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_18_2 142018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_18_3 162018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_18_4 82018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_18_5 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_18_6 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_18_7 82018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_18_8 122018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_18_9 162018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_18_10 172018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_18_11 112018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_18_12 102018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_18_13
102018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_5_19_0 United_States GEOX Dragon2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_19_1 62018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_19_2 152018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_19_3 122018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_19_4 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_19_5 192018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_19_6 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_19_7 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_19_8 19†2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_19_9 52018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_19_10 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_19_11 142018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_19_12 52018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_19_13 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_19_14 19†2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_19_15 232018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_5_19_16
72018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_20_0 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_20_1 112018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_20_2 92018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_20_3 172018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_20_4 112018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_20_5 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_20_6 162018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_20_7 132018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_20_8 102018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_20_9 202018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_20_10 DSQ2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_20_11 122018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_20_12 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_20_13
112018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_5_21_0 United_Kingdom NIO Formula E Team2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_21_1 82018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_21_2 142018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_21_3 172018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_21_4 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_21_5 152018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_21_6 122018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_21_7 122018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_21_8 152018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_21_9 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_21_10 142018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_21_11 192018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_21_12 152018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_21_13 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_21_14 142018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_21_15 72018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_5_21_16
162018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_22_0 132018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_22_1 162018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_22_2 82018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_22_3 122018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_22_4 92018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_22_5 112018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_22_6 132018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_22_7 142018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_22_8 Ret2018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_22_9 182018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_22_10 162018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_22_11 102018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_22_12 132018–19 Formula E Championship_cell_5_22_13
Pos.2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_5_23_0 Team2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_5_23_1 No.2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_5_23_2 ADR
Saudi_Arabia2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_5_23_3
Morocco2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_5_23_4
Chile2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_5_23_5
Mexico2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_5_23_6
Hong_Kong2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_5_23_7
China2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_5_23_8
Italy2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_5_23_9
France2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_5_23_10
Monaco2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_5_23_11
Germany2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_5_23_12
Switzerland2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_5_23_13
United_States2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_5_23_14
Pts2018–19 Formula E Championship_header_cell_5_23_16

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