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For other people named Arthur Jones, see Arthur Jones (disambiguation). Arthur Morris Jones_sentence_0

Arthur Morris Jones (1889–1980), was a missionary and musicologist who worked in Zambia during the early 20th century. Arthur Morris Jones_sentence_1

He was stationed at St Mark's School in Mapanza, a community in the Southern Province of present-day Zambia (called Rhodesia at the time). Arthur Morris Jones_sentence_2

He is best known for his ethnomusicological work, particularly his two-volume Studies in African Music. Arthur Morris Jones_sentence_3

He made an important contribution to the literature with his work in African rhythmic structure. Arthur Morris Jones_sentence_4

In 1934 he introduced the technical term cross-rhythm: Formulae of movement, phrases or motifs are combined in that way, that their starting place, main accents and, or beat reference points "cross", that is, that they do not coincide. Arthur Morris Jones_sentence_5

He is also remembered for his controversial theories on scales and the music of the xylophone, which he claimed migrated from Southeast Asia to Africa. Arthur Morris Jones_sentence_6

One hundred of Jones' acetate field recordings are part of the British Library Sound Archive (number C424). Arthur Morris Jones_sentence_7

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