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Action Pact is the seventh album by Canadian rock band Sloan. Action Pact (album)_sentence_0

The album was named after "Youth Action Pact," a song by the 1980s Halifax band Jellyfishbabies. Action Pact (album)_sentence_1

Action Pact was released on August 19, 2003 by ViK Recordings. Action Pact (album)_sentence_2

The album debuted at #11 on the Canadian Albums Chart. Action Pact (album)_sentence_3

Track listing Action Pact (album)_section_0

All songs credited to Sloan. Action Pact (album)_sentence_4

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  1. "Gimme That" (Chris Murphy) – 2:39Action Pact (album)_item_0_0
  2. "Live On" (Patrick Pentland) – 3:11Action Pact (album)_item_0_1
  3. "Backstabbin'" (Patrick Pentland) – 2:51Action Pact (album)_item_0_2
  4. "The Rest of My Life" (Chris Murphy) – 2:45Action Pact (album)_item_0_3
  5. "False Alarm" (Jay Ferguson) – 3:47Action Pact (album)_item_0_4
  6. "Nothing Lasts Forever Anymore" (Chris Murphy) – 3:18Action Pact (album)_item_0_5
  7. "Hollow Head" (Patrick Pentland) – 3:37Action Pact (album)_item_0_6
  8. "Ready for You" (Chris Murphy) – 2:07Action Pact (album)_item_0_7
  9. "I Was Wrong" (Patrick Pentland) – 2:52Action Pact (album)_item_0_8
  10. "Who Loves Life More?" (Chris Murphy) – 3:26Action Pact (album)_item_0_9
  11. "Reach Out" (Patrick Pentland) – 3:28Action Pact (album)_item_0_10
  12. "Fade Away" (Jay Ferguson) – 4:46Action Pact (album)_item_0_11

B-sides Action Pact (album)_sentence_5

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  • "Will You Ever Love Me Again?" (Chris Murphy) (US import)Action Pact (album)_item_1_12
  • "Step on It, Jean" (Jay Ferguson) (US import, 7" single)Action Pact (album)_item_1_13
  • "Dirty Nails" (written by Temple Bates/Amy Bowles, and originally performed by Pony Da Look) ("Step on It, Jean" 7" single)Action Pact (album)_item_1_14

Singles Action Pact (album)_section_1

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  • "The Rest of My Life" (2003)Action Pact (album)_item_2_15
  • "Live On" (2003)Action Pact (album)_item_2_16
  • "Nothing Lasts Forever Anymore" (2004)Action Pact (album)_item_2_17

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