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Afro is an album by trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie, released in 1954 on the Norgran label. Afro (album)_sentence_0

Gillespie worked with many Cuban musicians on the album. Afro (album)_sentence_1

Reception Afro (album)_section_0

The AllMusic review states "Pairing Dizzy Gillespie with Cuban arranger/composer Chico O'Farrill produced a stunning session which originally made up the first half of a Norgran LP... A later small-group session features the trumpeter with an all-Latin rhythm section and flutist Gilberto Valdes... it is well worth acquiring." Afro (album)_sentence_2

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Track listing Afro (album)_section_1

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  1. "Manteca Theme" (Gil Fuller, Dizzy Gillespie, Chano Pozo) - 4:10Afro (album)_item_0_0
  2. "Contraste" (Gillespie, Chico O'Farrill, Pozo) - 2:45Afro (album)_item_0_1
  3. "Jungla" (Gillespie, O'Farrill, Pozo) - 4:44Afro (album)_item_0_2
  4. "Rhumba Finale" (Gillespie, O'Farrill, Pozo) - 4:43Afro (album)_item_0_3
  5. "A Night in Tunisia" (Gillespie, Frank Paparelli) - 4:19Afro (album)_item_0_4
  6. "Con Alma" (Gillespie) - 5:05Afro (album)_item_0_5
  7. "Caravan" (Duke Ellington, Irving Mills, Juan Tizol) - 7:19Afro (album)_item_0_6

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