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Alegre Records was a New York City record label specialized in latin music. Alegre Records_sentence_0

History Alegre Records_section_0

Alegre Records was founded in 1956 by Al Santiago who owned a 1950s record store at 8522 Westchester Avenue in The Bronx named Casalegre and co-founded by clothing businessman Ben Perlman. Alegre Records_sentence_1

It specialized in Latin music and was significant for featuring artists such as Johnny Pacheco and Tito Puente and was the first to record a series of great Latin artists, from Johnny Pacheco, Eddie Palmieri, through Willie Colón. Alegre Records_sentence_2

It has been called the "Blue Note" of Latin music. Alegre Records_sentence_3

In 1960, Johnny Pacheco's first orchestra had signed with Alegre Records and their first album titled “Johnny Pacheco y Su Charanga” sold over 100,000 copies within the first year and was the biggest selling album in Latin music history up to that point. Alegre Records_sentence_4

In 1961, Al Santiago created the Alegre All Stars (also spelled Alegre All-Stars), remembering the well-known Cuban Jam Sessions ("Descargas Cubanas") in the 1950s on the Panart Records label. Alegre Records_sentence_5

Johnny Pacheco got his friend, the trombonist Barry Rogers, to play with the Alegre All-Stars which featured a unique instrumentation of flute, tenor sax, and trombone. Alegre Records_sentence_6

Fred Weinberg was Santiago's and the labels favorite sound engineer who also recorded many of the artists individually. Alegre Records_sentence_7

In 1975 Alegre Records was sold to Fania Records. Alegre Records_sentence_8

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