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Angel Delight is the sixth album by the British folk rock band Fairport Convention, released in June 1971. Angel Delight (album)_sentence_0

This was the first Fairport Convention album without guitarist Richard Thompson, and the lineup consisted of Simon Nicol (guitar, vocals) (the only original group member), Dave Swarbrick (violin, vocals), Dave Pegg (bass, vocals), and Dave Mattacks (drums). Angel Delight (album)_sentence_1

Production Angel Delight (album)_section_0

The title derives from "The Angel" in Little Hadham, Hertfordshire, a former pub which the band were living in at the time, and the eponymous track is autobiographical, referring to "John the Wood" (co-producer), "Dave the Drum" (Mattacks), and even details such as "peer through the haze watching Top of the Pops". Angel Delight (album)_sentence_2

The band moved out of The Angel shortly after the album's release, partly because a lorry had crashed into Dave Swarbrick's bedroom. Angel Delight (album)_sentence_3

The U.K. album cover included liner notes consisting of dialogue among band members and roadies preparing to leave "The Angel" for a gig, that was replaced on American and Canadian copies by a more straightforward, biographical liner essay. Angel Delight (album)_sentence_4

Musically, Angel Delight progressed little from its predecessors, although an appearance on Top of the Pops as a featured album contributed to its chart success; it reached number eight on the UK Album chart, making it the band's highest charting album in the UK. Angel Delight (album)_sentence_5

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  • Dave Swarbrick – lead vocals (1,4,5,10,11), mandolin (2,6,8,9,10), vocals (2,6,7,9), fiddle (1,5,7,8,11), viola (9), cuckoo (8)Angel Delight (album)_item_0_0
  • Dave Pegg – bass guitar (1-2,4-8,10,11), vocals (1,2,4-7,9,10,11), lead guitar (10), viola (9), violin (3)Angel Delight (album)_item_0_1
  • Dave Mattacks – drums (1,2,4-11), percussion (8,10), vocals (1,4-7,10-11), harmonium (4), tambourine (6), bass guitar (3), piano (4)Angel Delight (album)_item_0_2
  • Simon Nicol – lead vocals (2,5), vocals (1,4-7,9,10,11), guitar (1,2,4-8,10,11), bass guitar (9), electric dulcimer (1,9), violin (3)Angel Delight (album)_item_0_3

on 11: Angel Delight (album)_sentence_6

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The cover includes a photo of two cherubs kissing. Angel Delight (album)_sentence_7

The title may also be a reference to the UK dessert, Angel Delight. Angel Delight (album)_sentence_8

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