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Anthony AwardsAnthony Awards_header_cell_0_0_0
Awarded forAnthony Awards_header_cell_0_1_0 Best in mystery fictionAnthony Awards_cell_0_1_1
Presented byAnthony Awards_header_cell_0_2_0 Bouchercon World Mystery ConventionAnthony Awards_cell_0_2_1
First awardedAnthony Awards_header_cell_0_3_0 1986Anthony Awards_cell_0_3_1
WebsiteAnthony Awards_header_cell_0_4_0 Anthony Awards_cell_0_4_1

The Anthony Awards are literary awards for mystery writers presented at the Bouchercon World Mystery Convention since 1986. Anthony Awards_sentence_0

The awards are named for Anthony Boucher (1911–1968), one of the founders of the Mystery Writers of America. Anthony Awards_sentence_1

Among the most prestigious awards in the world of mystery writers, the Anthony Awards have helped boost the careers of many recipients. Anthony Awards_sentence_2

Categories Anthony Awards_section_0

Awards are voted for by members attending the annual event and are given in the following categories: Anthony Awards_sentence_3

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The ceremony may also include a number of "wild card" awards. Anthony Awards_sentence_4

Anthony Award winners Anthony Awards_section_1

2020 Anthony Awards_section_2

Anthony Awards_unordered_list_1

  • Best Novel award – Hank Phillippi Ryan, "The Murder List"Anthony Awards_item_1_6
  • Best First Novel award – Tara Laskowski, "One Night Gone"Anthony Awards_item_1_7
  • Best Paperback Original award – Gigi Pandian, "The Alchemist’s Illusion"Anthony Awards_item_1_8
  • Best Young Adult award – Jen Conley, "Seven Ways to Get Rid of Harry"Anthony Awards_item_1_9
  • Best Short Story award – Alex Segura, "The Red Zone"Anthony Awards_item_1_10
  • Best Critical / Non-Fiction Work award – Mo Moulton, "The Mutual Admiration Society: How Dorothy L. Sayers and her Oxford Circle Remade the World for Women"Anthony Awards_item_1_11
  • Best Anthology or Collection - Verena Rose, Rita Owen, and Shawn Reilly Simmons, editors, "Malice Domestic 14: Mystery Most Edible"Anthony Awards_item_1_12

2019 Anthony Awards_section_3

Anthony Awards_unordered_list_2

  • Best Novel award – Lou Berney, "November Road"Anthony Awards_item_2_13
  • Best First Novel award – Oyinkan Braithwaite, "My Sister, the Serial Killer"Anthony Awards_item_2_14
  • Best Paperback Original award – Lori Rader-Day, "Under a Dark Sky"Anthony Awards_item_2_15
  • Best Short Story award – S.A. Cosby, "The Grass Beneath My Feet"Anthony Awards_item_2_16
  • Best Critical / Non-Fiction Work award – Michelle McNamara, "I'll Be Gone in the Dark"Anthony Awards_item_2_17

2018 Anthony Awards_section_4

Anthony Awards_unordered_list_3

  • Best Novel award – Attica Locke, Bluebird, BluebirdAnthony Awards_item_3_18
  • Best First Novel award – Kellye Garrett, Hollywood HomicideAnthony Awards_item_3_19
  • Best Paperback Original award – Lori Rader-Day, The Day I DiedAnthony Awards_item_3_20
  • Best Short Story award – Hilary Davidson, “My Side of the Matter”Anthony Awards_item_3_21
  • Best Critical / Non-Fiction Work award – David Grann, Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBIAnthony Awards_item_3_22
  • Bill Crider Award for Best Novel in a Series – Sue Grafton, Y is for YesterdayAnthony Awards_item_3_23
  • Best Anthology – Gary Phillips, editor, The Obama InheritanceAnthony Awards_item_3_24
  • Best Online Content –Anthony Awards_item_3_25

2017 Anthony Awards_section_5

Anthony Awards_unordered_list_4

  • Best Novel award – Louise Penny, A Great ReckoningAnthony Awards_item_4_26
  • Best First Novel award – Joe Ide, IQAnthony Awards_item_4_27
  • Best Paperback Original award – James W. Ziskin, Heart of StoneAnthony Awards_item_4_28
  • Best Short Story award – Megan Abbott, Oxford GirlAnthony Awards_item_4_29
  • Best Critical / Non-Fiction Work award – Ruth Franklin, Shirley Jackson: A Rather Haunted LifeAnthony Awards_item_4_30
  • Best Young Adult Novel – April Henry, The Girl I Used to BeAnthony Awards_item_4_31
  • Best Anthology or Collection – Greg Herren, editor, Blood on the Bayou: Bouchercon Anthology 2016Anthony Awards_item_4_32
  • Best Novella – B.K. Stevens – The Last Blue GlassAnthony Awards_item_4_33

2016 Anthony Awards_section_6

Main article: Bouchercon XLVII Anthony Awards_sentence_5

Anthony Awards_unordered_list_5

  • Best Novel award – Chris Holm, The Killing KindAnthony Awards_item_5_34
  • Best First Novel award – Glen Erik Hamilton, Past CrimesAnthony Awards_item_5_35
  • Best Paperback Original award – Lou Berney, The Long and Faraway GoneAnthony Awards_item_5_36
  • Best Critical / Non-Fiction Work award – Val McDermid, Forensics: What Bugs, Burns, Prints, DNA and More Tell Us About CrimeAnthony Awards_item_5_37
  • Best Short Story award – Megan Abbott, The Little MenAnthony Awards_item_5_38
  • Best Young Adult Novel – Joelle Charbonneau, NeedAnthony Awards_item_5_39
  • Best Anthology or Collection – Art Taylor, editor, Murder Under the OaksAnthony Awards_item_5_40

2015 Anthony Awards_section_7

Main article: Bouchercon XLVI Anthony Awards_sentence_6

Anthony Awards_unordered_list_6

  • Best Novel award – Laura Lippman, After I'm GoneAnthony Awards_item_6_41
  • Best First Novel award – Lori Rader-Day, The Black HourAnthony Awards_item_6_42
  • Best Paperback Original award – Catriona McPherson, The Day She DiedAnthony Awards_item_6_43
  • Best Short Story award – Art Taylor, "The Odds Are Against Us"Anthony Awards_item_6_44
  • Best Critical / Non-Fiction Work award – Hank Phillippi Ryan, ed., Writes of Passage: Adventures on the Writer's JourneyAnthony Awards_item_6_45

2014 Anthony Awards_section_8

Main article: Bouchercon XLV Anthony Awards_sentence_7

Anthony Awards_unordered_list_7

2013 Anthony Awards_section_9

Main article: Bouchercon XLIV Anthony Awards_sentence_8

Anthony Awards_unordered_list_8

  • Best Novel award – Louise Penny, The Beautiful MysteryAnthony Awards_item_8_51
  • Best First Novel award – Chris Pavone, The ExpatsAnthony Awards_item_8_52
  • Best Paperback Original award – Johnny Shaw, Big MariaAnthony Awards_item_8_53
  • Best Short Story award – Dana Cameron, "Mischief in Mesopotamia" from Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, November 2012Anthony Awards_item_8_54
  • Best Critical / Non-Fiction Work award – John Connolly and Declan Burke, Books to Die For: The World's Greatest Mystery Writers on the World's Greatest Mystery NovelsAnthony Awards_item_8_55

2012 Anthony Awards_section_10

Main article: Bouchercon XLIII Anthony Awards_sentence_9

Anthony Awards_unordered_list_9

2011 Anthony Awards_section_11

Main article: Bouchercon XLII Anthony Awards_sentence_10

Anthony Awards_unordered_list_10

Wildcard awards: Anthony Awards_sentence_11

Anthony Awards_unordered_list_11

  • Best Graphic Novel — Jason Starr, The ChillAnthony Awards_item_11_67
  • Best Website / Blog — Lucinda Surber & Stan Ulrich, "Stop, You're Killing Me!"Anthony Awards_item_11_68
  • Lifetime Achievement award — Sara ParetskyAnthony Awards_item_11_69

2010 Anthony Awards_section_12

Main article: Bouchercon XLI Anthony Awards_sentence_12

Anthony Awards_unordered_list_12

2009 Anthony Awards_section_13

Main article: Bouchercon XL Anthony Awards_sentence_13

Anthony Awards_unordered_list_13

  • Best Novel award — Michael Connelly, The Brass VerdictAnthony Awards_item_13_76
  • Best First Novel award — Stieg Larsson, The Girl with the Dragon TattooAnthony Awards_item_13_77
  • Best Paperback Original award — Julie Hyzy, State of the OnionAnthony Awards_item_13_78
  • Best Short Story award — Sean Chercover, "A Sleep Not Unlike Death" from Hardcore HardboiledAnthony Awards_item_13_79
  • Best Critical / Non-Fiction Work award — Jeffrey Marks, Anthony Boucher: A BiobibliographyAnthony Awards_item_13_80
  • Special Service award — Jon and Ruth Jordan, publishers and editors of Crimespree magazineAnthony Awards_item_13_81

Wildcard awards: Anthony Awards_sentence_14

Anthony Awards_unordered_list_14

  • Best Children's / Young-adult novel — Chris Grabenstein, The CrossroadsAnthony Awards_item_14_82
  • Best Cover art — Peter Mendelsund, The Girl with the Dragon TattooAnthony Awards_item_14_83
  • Lifetime Achievement award — Allen J. HubinAnthony Awards_item_14_84

2008 Anthony Awards_section_14

Main article: Bouchercon XXXIX Anthony Awards_sentence_15

Anthony Awards_unordered_list_15

  • Best Novel award — Laura Lippman, What the Dead KnowAnthony Awards_item_15_85
  • Best First Novel award — Tana French, In the WoodsAnthony Awards_item_15_86
  • Best Paperback Original award — P. J. Parrish, A Thousand BonesAnthony Awards_item_15_87
  • Best Short Story award — Laura Lippman, "Hardly Knew Her" from Dead Man's HandAnthony Awards_item_15_88
  • Best Critical / Non-Fiction Work award — Jon Lellenberg & Daniel Stashower & Charles Foley, Arthur Conan Doyle: A Life in LettersAnthony Awards_item_15_89
  • Special Service award — Jon and Ruth Jordan, publishers and editors of Crimespree magazineAnthony Awards_item_15_90

Wildcard awards: Anthony Awards_sentence_16

Anthony Awards_unordered_list_16

  • Best Website / Blog — Lucinda Surber & Stan Ulrich, "Stop, You're Killing Me!"Anthony Awards_item_16_91
  • Lifetime Achievement award — Robert Rosenwald and Barbara G. PetersAnthony Awards_item_16_92

2007 Anthony Awards_section_15

Main article: Bouchercon XXXVIII Anthony Awards_sentence_17

Anthony Awards_unordered_list_17

  • Best Novel award — Laura Lippman, No Good DeedsAnthony Awards_item_17_93
  • Best First Novel award — Louise Penny, Still LifeAnthony Awards_item_17_94
  • Best Paperback Original award — Dana Cameron, Ashes and BonesAnthony Awards_item_17_95
  • Best Short Story award — Simon Wood, "My Father's Secret", from Crimespree Magazine B'con 2006 Special Ed, pp 20–22Anthony Awards_item_17_96
  • Best Critical / Non-Fiction Work award — Jim Huang & Austin Lugar – Mystery MusesAnthony Awards_item_17_97
  • Special Service award — Jim Huang, Crum Creek Press and The Mystery CompanyAnthony Awards_item_17_98

Wildcard awards: Anthony Awards_sentence_18

Anthony Awards_unordered_list_18

  • Lifetime Achievement award — James SallisAnthony Awards_item_18_99

2006 Anthony Awards_section_16

Main article: Bouchercon XXXVII Anthony Awards_sentence_19

Anthony Awards_unordered_list_19

Wildcard awards: Anthony Awards_sentence_20

Anthony Awards_unordered_list_20

  • Best Fan Publication — Jon and Ruth Jordan, Crimespree MagazineAnthony Awards_item_20_106
  • Lifetime Achievement award — Robert B. ParkerAnthony Awards_item_20_107

2005 Anthony Awards_section_17

Main article: Bouchercon XXXVI Anthony Awards_sentence_21

Anthony Awards_unordered_list_21

Wildcard awards: Anthony Awards_sentence_22

Anthony Awards_unordered_list_22

  • Best Cover art — Sohrab Habibion, Brooklyn NoirAnthony Awards_item_22_114
  • Lifetime Achievement award — Bill Pronzini & Marcia MullerAnthony Awards_item_22_115

2004 Anthony Awards_section_18

Main article: Bouchercon XXXV Anthony Awards_sentence_23

Anthony Awards_unordered_list_23

Wildcard awards: Anthony Awards_sentence_24

Anthony Awards_unordered_list_24

2003 Anthony Awards_section_19

Main article: Bouchercon XXXIV Anthony Awards_sentence_25

Anthony Awards_unordered_list_25

Wildcard awards: Anthony Awards_sentence_26

Anthony Awards_unordered_list_26

  • Best Cover art — Michael Kellner from photograph by Christopher Voelker, Measures of PoisonAnthony Awards_item_26_130

2002 Anthony Awards_section_20

Main article: Bouchercon XXXIII Anthony Awards_sentence_27

Anthony Awards_unordered_list_27

Wildcard awards: Anthony Awards_sentence_28

Anthony Awards_unordered_list_28

  • Best Cover art — Michael Storrings, from photograph by Josef Beck, Reflecting the SkyAnthony Awards_item_28_137
  • Best Young-adult mystery — Penny Warner, The Mystery of the Haunted CavesAnthony Awards_item_28_138

2001 Anthony Awards_section_21

Main article: Bouchercon XXXII Anthony Awards_sentence_29

Anthony Awards_unordered_list_29

Wildcard awards: Anthony Awards_sentence_30

Anthony Awards_unordered_list_30

  • Best Anthology / Short-story collection — Lawrence Block, Master's Choice IIAnthony Awards_item_30_144
  • Best Fan publication — Chris Aldrich & Lynn Kaczmarek, Mystery NewsAnthony Awards_item_30_145
  • Lifetime Achievement award — Edward D. HochAnthony Awards_item_30_146

2000 Anthony Awards_section_22

Main article: Bouchercon XXXI Anthony Awards_sentence_31

Anthony Awards_unordered_list_31

  • Best Novel award — Peter Robinson, In a Dry SeasonAnthony Awards_item_31_147
  • Best First Novel award — Donna Andrews, Murder with PeacocksAnthony Awards_item_31_148
  • Best Paperback Original award — Laura Lippman, In Big TroubleAnthony Awards_item_31_149
  • Best Short Story award — Meg Chittenden, "Noir Lite", from Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine January 1999Anthony Awards_item_31_150
  • Best Critical / Non-Fiction Work award — Willetta L. Heising, Detecting Women (3rd edition)Anthony Awards_item_31_151

Wildcard awards: Anthony Awards_sentence_32

Anthony Awards_unordered_list_32

1999 Anthony Awards_section_23

Main article: Bouchercon XXX Anthony Awards_sentence_33

Anthony Awards_unordered_list_33

  • Best Novel award — Michael Connelly, Blood WorkAnthony Awards_item_33_156
  • Best First Novel award — William Kent Krueger, Iron LakeAnthony Awards_item_33_157
  • Best Paperback Original award — Laura Lippman, Butchers HillAnthony Awards_item_33_158
  • Best Short Story award — Barbara D'Amato, "Of Course You Know that Chocolate Is a Vegetable", from Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine November 1998Anthony Awards_item_33_159
  • Best Critical / Non-Fiction Work award — George Easter, Deadly Pleasures MagazineAnthony Awards_item_33_160

Wildcard awards: Anthony Awards_sentence_34

Anthony Awards_unordered_list_34

  • Lifetime Achievement award — Len & June MoffattAnthony Awards_item_34_161

1998 Anthony Awards_section_24

Main article: Bouchercon XXIX Anthony Awards_sentence_35

Anthony Awards_unordered_list_35

  • Best Novel award — S. J. Rozan, No Colder PlaceAnthony Awards_item_35_162
  • Best First Novel award — Lee Child, Killing FloorAnthony Awards_item_35_163
  • Best Paperback Original award — Rick Riordan, Big Red TequilaAnthony Awards_item_35_164
  • Best Short Story award — Jan Grape, "A Front Row Seat", from Vengeance is Hers and Edward D. Hoch, "One Bag of Coconuts", from Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine November 1997Anthony Awards_item_35_165
  • Best Critical / Non-Fiction Work award — no award issuedAnthony Awards_item_35_166

Wildcard awards: Anthony Awards_sentence_36

Anthony Awards_unordered_list_36

  • Best Cover art — Michael Kellner, Night DogsAnthony Awards_item_36_167

1997 Anthony Awards_section_25

Main article: Bouchercon XXVIII Anthony Awards_sentence_37

Anthony Awards_unordered_list_37

  • Best Novel award — Michael Connelly, The PoetAnthony Awards_item_37_168
  • Best First Novel award — Dale Furutani, Death in Little Tokyo and Terris McMahan Grimes, Somebody Else's ChildAnthony Awards_item_37_169
  • Best Paperback Original award — Terris McMahan Grimes, Somebody Else's ChildAnthony Awards_item_37_170
  • Best Short Story award — Carolyn Wheat, "Accidents Will Happen", from Malice Domestic 5Anthony Awards_item_37_171
  • Best Critical / Non-Fiction Work award — Willetta L. Heising, Detecting Women 2: Reader's Guide and Checklist for Mystery Series Written by WomenAnthony Awards_item_37_172

Wildcard awards: Anthony Awards_sentence_38

Anthony Awards_unordered_list_38

  • Best Fanzine — The Armchair DetectiveAnthony Awards_item_38_173
  • Lifetime Achievement award — Donald E. WestlakeAnthony Awards_item_38_174

1996 Anthony Awards_section_26

Main article: Bouchercon XXVII Anthony Awards_sentence_39

Anthony Awards_unordered_list_39

Wildcard awards: Anthony Awards_sentence_40

Anthony Awards_unordered_list_40

  • Best Cover art — Pamela Patrick, The Body In The TranseptAnthony Awards_item_40_180
  • Best Editor — Sara Ann FreedAnthony Awards_item_40_181
  • Best Magazine / Digest / Review publication — The Armchair DetectiveAnthony Awards_item_40_182
  • Best Movie — The Usual SuspectsAnthony Awards_item_40_183
  • Best Publisher — St. Martin's PressAnthony Awards_item_40_184
  • Best Short Story collection — Marcia Muller, The McCone Files: The Complete Sharon McCone StoriesAnthony Awards_item_40_185
  • Best True crimeAnn Rule, Dead By Sunset: Perfect Husband, Perfect Killer?Anthony Awards_item_40_186
  • Best TV show —Anthony Awards_item_40_187

1995 Anthony Awards_section_27

Main article: Bouchercon XXVI Anthony Awards_sentence_41

Anthony Awards_unordered_list_41

  • Best Novel award — Sharyn McCrumb, She Walks These HillsAnthony Awards_item_41_188
  • Best First Novel award — Caleb Carr, The AlienistAnthony Awards_item_41_189
  • Best Paperback Original award — no award issuedAnthony Awards_item_41_190
  • Best Short Story award — Sharyn McCrumb, "The Monster of Glamis", from Royal CrimesAnthony Awards_item_41_191
  • Best Critical work — B.A. Pike & J. Cooper, Crime Fiction, 2nd EditionAnthony Awards_item_41_192

Wildcard awards: Anthony Awards_sentence_42

Anthony Awards_unordered_list_42

1994 Anthony Awards_section_28

Main article: Bouchercon XXV Anthony Awards_sentence_43

Anthony Awards_unordered_list_43

  • Best Novel award — Marcia Muller, Wolf in the ShadowsAnthony Awards_item_43_198
  • Best First Novel award — Nevada Barr, Track of the CatAnthony Awards_item_43_199
  • Best Paperback Original award — no award issuedAnthony Awards_item_43_200
  • Best Short Story award — Susan Dunlap, "Checkout", from Malice Domestic 2Anthony Awards_item_43_201
  • Best Critical work — Ed Gorman & Martin H. Greenberg & Larry Segriff, The Fine Art Of Murder: The Mystery Reader's Indispensable CompanionAnthony Awards_item_43_202

Wildcard awards: Anthony Awards_sentence_44

Anthony Awards_unordered_list_44

1993 Anthony Awards_section_29

Main article: Bouchercon XXIV Anthony Awards_sentence_45

Anthony Awards_unordered_list_45

Wildcard awards: Anthony Awards_sentence_46

Anthony Awards_unordered_list_46

1992 Anthony Awards_section_30

Main article: Bouchercon XXIII Anthony Awards_sentence_47

Anthony Awards_unordered_list_47

Wildcard awards: Anthony Awards_sentence_48

Anthony Awards_unordered_list_48

1991 Anthony Awards_section_31

Main article: Bouchercon XXII Anthony Awards_sentence_49

Anthony Awards_unordered_list_49

Wildcard awards: Anthony Awards_sentence_50

Anthony Awards_unordered_list_50

1990 Anthony Awards_section_32

Main article: Bouchercon XXI Anthony Awards_sentence_51

Anthony Awards_unordered_list_51

Wildcard awards: Anthony Awards_sentence_52

Anthony Awards_unordered_list_52

1989 Anthony Awards_section_33

Main article: Bouchercon XX Anthony Awards_sentence_53

Anthony Awards_unordered_list_53

Wildcard awards: Anthony Awards_sentence_54

Anthony Awards_unordered_list_54

1988 Anthony Awards_section_34

Main article: Bouchercon XIX Anthony Awards_sentence_55

Anthony Awards_unordered_list_55

Wildcard awards: Anthony Awards_sentence_56

Anthony Awards_unordered_list_56

  • Best Movie — The Big EasyAnthony Awards_item_56_246
  • Best TV Series — Mystery!Anthony Awards_item_56_247

1987 Anthony Awards_section_35

Main article: Bouchercon XVIII Anthony Awards_sentence_57

Anthony Awards_unordered_list_57

  • Best Novel award — Sue Grafton, "C" Is for CorpseAnthony Awards_item_57_248
  • Best First Novel award — Bill Crider, Too Late to DieAnthony Awards_item_57_249
  • Best Paperback Original award — Robert Wright Campbell, The Junkyard DogAnthony Awards_item_57_250
  • Best Short Story award — Sue Grafton, "The Parker Shotgun", from Mean StreetsAnthony Awards_item_57_251

1986 Anthony Awards_section_36

Main article: Bouchercon XVII Anthony Awards_sentence_58

Anthony Awards_unordered_list_58

Wildcard awards: Anthony Awards_sentence_59

Anthony Awards_unordered_list_59

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