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Ayaz MutallibovAyaz Mutallibov_header_cell_0_0_0
1st President of AzerbaijanAyaz Mutallibov_header_cell_0_1_0
Prime MinisterAyaz Mutallibov_header_cell_0_2_0 Hasan HasanovAyaz Mutallibov_cell_0_2_1
Preceded byAyaz Mutallibov_header_cell_0_3_0 Office EstablishedAyaz Mutallibov_cell_0_3_1
Succeeded byAyaz Mutallibov_header_cell_0_4_0 Yaqub MammadovAyaz Mutallibov_cell_0_4_1
Prime MinisterAyaz Mutallibov_header_cell_0_5_0 Rahim HuseynovAyaz Mutallibov_cell_0_5_1
Preceded byAyaz Mutallibov_header_cell_0_6_0 Yaqub MammadovAyaz Mutallibov_cell_0_6_1
Succeeded byAyaz Mutallibov_header_cell_0_7_0 Isa GambarAyaz Mutallibov_cell_0_7_1
First Secretary of the Communist Party of AzerbaijanAyaz Mutallibov_header_cell_0_8_0
General SecretaryAyaz Mutallibov_header_cell_0_9_0 Mikhail GorbachevAyaz Mutallibov_cell_0_9_1
Preceded byAyaz Mutallibov_header_cell_0_10_0 Abdulrahman VezirovAyaz Mutallibov_cell_0_10_1
Succeeded byAyaz Mutallibov_header_cell_0_11_0 Office AbolishedAyaz Mutallibov_cell_0_11_1
Full member of the 28th PolitburoAyaz Mutallibov_header_cell_0_12_0
Personal detailsAyaz Mutallibov_header_cell_0_13_0
BornAyaz Mutallibov_header_cell_0_14_0 Ayaz Niyazi oglu Mutallibov
(1938-05-12) 12 May 1938 (age 82)

Baku, Azerbaijan SSR, Soviet UnionAyaz Mutallibov_cell_0_14_1

NationalityAyaz Mutallibov_header_cell_0_15_0 AzerbaijaniAyaz Mutallibov_cell_0_15_1
Political partyAyaz Mutallibov_header_cell_0_16_0 Azerbaijan Communist Party,
Social Democratic Party (Azerbaijan)Ayaz Mutallibov_cell_0_16_1
Spouse(s)Ayaz Mutallibov_header_cell_0_17_0 Adila Mutallibova

​ ​(m. 1961; died 2019)​Ayaz Mutallibov_cell_0_17_1

ChildrenAyaz Mutallibov_header_cell_0_18_0 2Ayaz Mutallibov_cell_0_18_1

Ayaz Niyazi oglu Mutallibov (Azerbaijani: Ayaz Niyazi oğlu Mütəllibov / Ајаз Нијази оғлу Мүтәллибов; Russian: Аяз Ниязович Муталибов, romanized: Ayaz Niyazovich Mutalibov, born 12 May 1938) is an Azerbaijani politician who served as the first president of Azerbaijan. Ayaz Mutallibov_sentence_0

He was the last leader of Soviet Azerbaijan, and the first President of independent Azerbaijan from August 1991 until May 1992. Ayaz Mutallibov_sentence_1

Biography Ayaz Mutallibov_section_0

Ayaz Mütallibov was born on May 12, 1938 in Baku to the family of a physician and later World War II veteran, Niyazi Aṣraf oğlu Mütallibov, and gynaecologist Kubra Mütallibova (died in 1988). Ayaz Mutallibov_sentence_2

Both of his parents from Shamakhi. Ayaz Mutallibov_sentence_3

In 1956, Ayaz Mütallibov graduated from the secondary school #189 in Baku. Ayaz Mutallibov_sentence_4

During his youth he was fond of jazz music. Ayaz Mutallibov_sentence_5

He was a member of the school volleyball team. Ayaz Mutallibov_sentence_6

In 1956–62, Mütallibov attended the Azerbaijan State Institute of Petroleum and Chemistry. Ayaz Mutallibov_sentence_7

In 1964, he became the director of the Baku Refrigerator Factory, and in 1974, he was appointed as the General Director of "BakElectroBytMash" State Industrial Company. Ayaz Mutallibov_sentence_8

Political career Ayaz Mutallibov_section_1

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  • 1977 – appointed as the Second Secretary of Azerbaijan Communist Party for Narimanov district of BakuAyaz Mutallibov_item_0_0
  • 1979 – appointed a Minister of Light Industry of Azerbaijan SSR.Ayaz Mutallibov_item_0_1
  • 1982 – appointed as the Chairman of the State Planning Committee of Azerbaijan SSR and the Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Azerbaijan SSR.Ayaz Mutallibov_item_0_2
  • January 1989 – appointed as the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Azerbaijan SSR.Ayaz Mutallibov_item_0_3
  • January 20, 1990 – Soviet troops enter Baku; Black January crackdown takes place.Ayaz Mutallibov_item_0_4
  • January 24, 1990 – While in Moscow, Mütallibov is appointed as the First Secretary of the Azerbaijan Communist Party.Ayaz Mutallibov_item_0_5
  • May 19, 1990 – Supreme Council of Azerbaijan SSR elects Mütallibov as the first President of Azerbaijan SSR.Ayaz Mutallibov_item_0_6
  • December 1990 – at Mütallibov's initiative, the Supreme Council of Azerbaijan SSR officially renames the country to Azerbaijan Republic and adopts the Declaration of SovereigntyAyaz Mutallibov_item_0_7
  • March 17, 1991 – under pressure from Mütallibov, the Supreme Council of Azerbaijan votes for participation of Azerbaijan in the referendum on the fate of Soviet UnionAyaz Mutallibov_item_0_8
  • August 20, 1991 – Mütallibov becomes the only Soviet leader to endorse the Soviet coup attempt of 1991 by issuing a statement in TehranAyaz Mutallibov_item_0_9
  • August 30, 1991 – Supreme Council of Azerbaijan adopts the Declaration of Independence of AzerbaijanAyaz Mutallibov_item_0_10
  • September 1991 – Mütallibov dissolves the Communist Party of Azerbaijan and proposes constitutional changes for direct nationwide elections of president.Ayaz Mutallibov_item_0_11
  • September 8, 1991 – Mütallibov elected a president in a single-candidate nationwide election.Ayaz Mutallibov_item_0_12
  • December 1991 – In a nationwide referendum, Azerbaijani voters approve the Declaration of Independence adopted by the Supreme Council; Soviet Union is dissolved, Azerbaijan is recognized as an independent state by Turkey, Israel, Romania and Pakistan.Ayaz Mutallibov_item_0_13
  • February 25, 1992 – Armenian forces with the support of Russia's 366th Motor Rifle Regiment took control of Khojaly; fleeing residents become victims of the Khojaly Massacre.Ayaz Mutallibov_item_0_14
  • March 6, 1992 – Under pressure from Azerbaijan Popular Front due to mismanagement in defense of Khojaly and safety of its inhabitants, Mütallibov was forced to submit his resignation to the National Assembly of Azerbaijan.Ayaz Mutallibov_item_0_15
  • May 8, 1992 – Armenian forces take control of Shusha, the last Azerbaijani-populated town in Nagorno-KarabakhAyaz Mutallibov_item_0_16
  • May 14, 1992 – Supreme Council of Azerbaijan, dominated by the former members of the Communist Party of Azerbaijan, hears the case on Khojaly Massacre, relieves Mütallibov of any responsibility, reverses his prior resignation and restores him as the President of Azerbaijan.Ayaz Mutallibov_item_0_17
  • May 15, 1992 – Armed forces led by the Azerbaijan Popular Front take control of the offices of the Parliament of Azerbaijan and Azerbaijani State Radio and Television, thereby deposing Mütallibov, who leaves for Moscow; defunct Supreme Council of Azerbaijan is dissolved passing the duties to the National Assembly of Azerbaijan formed by equal representation of Azerbaijan Popular Front and former communists.Ayaz Mutallibov_item_0_18
  • May 17, 1992 – Armenian forces take control of Lachin, Isa Gambar is elected as the new Chairman of the National Assembly of Azerbaijan and takes on the temporary duties of President of Azerbaijan until the national elections on June 17, 1992.Ayaz Mutallibov_item_0_19

Exile Ayaz Mutallibov_section_2

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