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For the actor of the same birth name, see Kang Dong-ho. Baekho (singer)_sentence_0

In this Korean name, the family name is Kang. Baekho (singer)_sentence_1

Baekho (singer)_table_infobox_0

BaekhoBaekho (singer)_header_cell_0_0_0
BornBaekho (singer)_header_cell_0_1_0 Kang Dong-ho
(1995-07-21) July 21, 1995 (age 25)

Jeju Province, South KoreaBaekho (singer)_cell_0_1_1

EducationBaekho (singer)_header_cell_0_2_0 Hanyang University Institute for Future TalentsBaekho (singer)_cell_0_2_1
Alma materBaekho (singer)_header_cell_0_3_0 Paekche Institute of the ArtsBaekho (singer)_cell_0_3_1
OccupationBaekho (singer)_header_cell_0_4_0 Baekho (singer)_cell_0_4_1
GenresBaekho (singer)_header_cell_0_5_0 K-popBaekho (singer)_cell_0_5_1
InstrumentsBaekho (singer)_header_cell_0_6_0 Baekho (singer)_cell_0_6_1
Years activeBaekho (singer)_header_cell_0_7_0 2012–presentBaekho (singer)_cell_0_7_1
LabelsBaekho (singer)_header_cell_0_8_0 PledisBaekho (singer)_cell_0_8_1
Associated actsBaekho (singer)_header_cell_0_9_0 Baekho (singer)_cell_0_9_1
Korean nameBaekho (singer)_header_cell_0_10_0
HangulBaekho (singer)_header_cell_0_11_0 Baekho (singer)_cell_0_11_1
HanjaBaekho (singer)_header_cell_0_12_0 Baekho (singer)_cell_0_12_1
Revised RomanizationBaekho (singer)_header_cell_0_13_0 Gang Dong-hoBaekho (singer)_cell_0_13_1
McCune–ReischauerBaekho (singer)_header_cell_0_14_0 Kang TonghoBaekho (singer)_cell_0_14_1
Stage nameBaekho (singer)_header_cell_0_15_0
HangulBaekho (singer)_header_cell_0_16_0 Baekho (singer)_cell_0_16_1
HanjaBaekho (singer)_header_cell_0_17_0 Baekho (singer)_cell_0_17_1
Revised RomanizationBaekho (singer)_header_cell_0_18_0 Baek-hoBaekho (singer)_cell_0_18_1
McCune–ReischauerBaekho (singer)_header_cell_0_19_0 PaekhoBaekho (singer)_cell_0_19_1

Kang Dong-ho (Korean: 강동호; Hanja: 姜東昊; born July 21, 1995), better known by the stage name Baekho (Korean: 백호; Hanja: 白虎), is a South Korean singer-songwriter. Baekho (singer)_sentence_2

He debuted in 2012 as the main vocalist of South Korean boy band NU’EST. Baekho (singer)_sentence_3

He is also known for competing in the 2017 series Produce 101 Season 2. Baekho (singer)_sentence_4

Career Baekho (singer)_section_0

Pre-debut Baekho (singer)_section_1

Baekho became a Pledis Entertainment trainee after being scouted by the company in 2010. Baekho (singer)_sentence_5

He became more well known after he appeared in After School's music video for the single "Play Ur Love". Baekho (singer)_sentence_6

In 2011, he and bandmate JR appeared on the KBS talk show Hello Counselor and were revealed by After School's Kahi as two of the members of NU'EST. Baekho (singer)_sentence_7

Prior to debuting, Baekho made appearances in labelmates' music releases as a member of Pledis Boys. Baekho (singer)_sentence_8

He was a backup dancer for After School Blue's "Wonder Boy", and featured in Pledis Entertainment's Christmas release "Love Letter". Baekho (singer)_sentence_9

2012–present: NU'EST and solo ventures Baekho (singer)_section_2

Main article: NU'EST Baekho (singer)_sentence_10

On March 15, 2012, Baekho debuted as a main vocalist of NU'EST. Baekho (singer)_sentence_11

His stage name was chosen by labelmate Uee, because of his resemblance to Slam Dunk character Hanamichi Sakuragi (known as "Kang Baek-ho" in the Korean version). Baekho (singer)_sentence_12

In 2013, Baekho appeared in the television drama Jeon Woo-chi. Baekho (singer)_sentence_13

In early 2014, he was diagnosed with vocal fold nodules. Baekho (singer)_sentence_14

However, he decided to continue performing with NU’EST while receiving treatment. Baekho (singer)_sentence_15

Pledis Entertainment announced in November that he would be taking a temporary hiatus from all group activities. Baekho (singer)_sentence_16

His doctors advised that he completely rest his voice and underwent vocal cord surgery. Baekho (singer)_sentence_17

In February 2016, it was reported that he had completely recovered. Baekho (singer)_sentence_18

In 2017, Baekho participated as a contestant on Produce 101 Season 2 under his real name for a chance to debut in Wanna One. Baekho (singer)_sentence_19

After performing a cover of BTS's "Boy in Luv" on the show, he gained the nickname of 'sexy bandit' from online commenters. Baekho (singer)_sentence_20

In the position-based challenge, he covered Blackpink's "Playing with Fire", and the view count of his fancam reached one million views within three days. Baekho (singer)_sentence_21

He was also noted by commenters for his stable voice in the music removed (MR) performance. Baekho (singer)_sentence_22

After he was eliminated in the final episode, he and the remaining NU'EST members began promoting as the sub-group NU'EST W from 2017 to 2018. Baekho (singer)_sentence_23

Baekho's struggles with weight and exercise earned him a reputation of being a "fit idol." Baekho (singer)_sentence_24

After a fan sent a photo of him in a gym to Men's Health Korea, the editorial team invited him to be the cover of the magazine's November 2018 issue. Baekho (singer)_sentence_25

He once again appeared in Men's Health Korea for its January 2020 issue. Baekho (singer)_sentence_26

In September 2020, he became the hair care advertising model for brand The Wood of J One Cosmetic. Baekho (singer)_sentence_27

Personal life Baekho (singer)_section_3

On March 10, 2020, Baekho, together with NU'EST members JR, Minhyun, and Ren, enrolled at Hanyang University Institute for Future Talents as freshman in Practical Music Course. Baekho (singer)_sentence_28

Sexual harassment allegations Baekho (singer)_section_4

In June 2017, an acquaintance alleged anonymously online that in 2009, when she and Baekho were both in middle school, she had been molested by him on the ride on their way home from cram school. Baekho (singer)_sentence_29

All the claims were debunked after the inaccuracies were pointed out, however, the accuser changed her statement after a month. Baekho (singer)_sentence_30

Pledis denied the allegations and filed a complaint against the accuser for violating the laws on information communication network and information protection. Baekho (singer)_sentence_31

On April 16, 2018, the Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office cleared Baekho of the sexual assault accusations ruling his innocence, and have since dismissed the case. Baekho (singer)_sentence_32

Mnet vote manipulation investigation Baekho (singer)_section_5

On November 18, 2020, the Seoul High Court disclosed as part of the ongoing Mnet vote manipulation investigation that Baekho (under his real name Kang Dong-ho) was a victim of voting manipulation when he participated on Produce 101 Season 2. Baekho (singer)_sentence_33

According to the documents the Court released, the manipulation of Baekho's ranking only happened in the final episode of the season, which determined who would debut in the project group Wanna One. Baekho (singer)_sentence_34

It was revealed that Baekho's final rank was swapped with another trainee's (who was the actual 13th place) by the show's producers, thus preventing him from being a member of the group. Baekho (singer)_sentence_35

Although both of the show's producers Kim Yong-bum and Ahn Joon-young alleged that Baekho requested to be removed from the final lineup of his own volition, Pledis Entertainment denied the allegations. Baekho (singer)_sentence_36

CJ ENM (Mnet's parent company) released a statement regarding the progress of negotiations to financially compensate all the trainees who were affected by voting manipulation across all the Produce 101 programs, including Baekho. Baekho (singer)_sentence_37

However, Pledis stated that they had not been contacted by CJ ENM regarding the compensation as of November 18, 2020. Baekho (singer)_sentence_38

On November 20 2020, it was revealed that Baekho had been suffering from anxiety disorder during the filming of Produce 101 Season 2, and that Ahn and the Mnet staff were aware of Baekho's diagnosis. Baekho (singer)_sentence_39

Furthermore, Ahn alleged that after speaking to Baekho in May 2017 in regards to his mental health and his involvement in the show, he interpreted Baekho's responses to mean that Baekho wanted to be eliminated from the competition. Baekho (singer)_sentence_40

However, the Court re-affirmed that Baekho was not personally involved in the decision to have his rank manipulated, and ruled him as a victim of unfair elimination through vote manipulation. Baekho (singer)_sentence_41

Discography Baekho (singer)_section_6

For discography as part of NU'EST, see NU'EST discography. Baekho (singer)_sentence_42

Songwriting credits Baekho (singer)_section_7

Baekho (singer)_table_general_1

YearBaekho (singer)_header_cell_1_0_0 AlbumBaekho (singer)_header_cell_1_0_1 ArtistBaekho (singer)_header_cell_1_0_2 SongBaekho (singer)_header_cell_1_0_3 LyricsBaekho (singer)_header_cell_1_0_4 MusicBaekho (singer)_header_cell_1_0_6
CreditedBaekho (singer)_header_cell_1_1_0 WithBaekho (singer)_header_cell_1_1_1 CreditedBaekho (singer)_header_cell_1_1_2 WithBaekho (singer)_header_cell_1_1_3
2015Baekho (singer)_cell_1_2_0 Good LifeBaekho (singer)_cell_1_2_1 BumzuBaekho (singer)_cell_1_2_2 "I Need You" (YA해)Baekho (singer)_cell_1_2_3 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_2_4 Baekho (singer)_cell_1_2_5 NoBaekho (singer)_cell_1_2_6 N/ABaekho (singer)_cell_1_2_7
2016Baekho (singer)_cell_1_3_0 Q isBaekho (singer)_cell_1_3_1 NU'ESTBaekho (singer)_cell_1_3_2 "Lost & Found" (나의 천국 lit. My Heaven)Baekho (singer)_cell_1_3_3 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_3_4 Baekho (singer)_cell_1_3_5 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_3_6 Baekho (singer)_cell_1_3_7
"VVith" (사실 말야 lit. In Fact)Baekho (singer)_cell_1_4_0 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_4_1 Baekho (singer)_cell_1_4_2 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_4_3 Baekho (singer)_cell_1_4_4
CanvasBaekho (singer)_cell_1_5_0 "R.L.T.L (Real Love True Love) (One Morning)"Baekho (singer)_cell_1_5_1 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_5_2 NoBaekho (singer)_cell_1_5_3 N/ABaekho (singer)_cell_1_5_4
"Love Paint (Every Afternoon)"Baekho (singer)_cell_1_6_0 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_6_1 Baekho (singer)_cell_1_6_2 NoBaekho (singer)_cell_1_6_3 N/ABaekho (singer)_cell_1_6_4
"Look (A Starlight Night)"Baekho (singer)_cell_1_7_0 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_7_1 Baekho (singer)_cell_1_7_2 NoBaekho (singer)_cell_1_7_3 N/ABaekho (singer)_cell_1_7_4
2017Baekho (singer)_cell_1_8_0 W, HereBaekho (singer)_cell_1_8_1 NU'EST WBaekho (singer)_cell_1_8_2 "My Beautiful" (하루만)Baekho (singer)_cell_1_8_3 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_8_4 Baekho (singer)_cell_1_8_5 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_8_6 Baekho (singer)_cell_1_8_7
"Where You At"Baekho (singer)_cell_1_9_0 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_9_1 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_9_2 Baekho (singer)_cell_1_9_3
AronBaekho (singer)_cell_1_10_0 "Good Love"Baekho (singer)_cell_1_10_1 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_10_2 Baekho (singer)_cell_1_10_3 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_10_4 Baekho (singer)_cell_1_10_5
2018Baekho (singer)_cell_1_11_0 To. DayBaekho (singer)_cell_1_11_1 Fromis 9Baekho (singer)_cell_1_11_2 "DKDK" (두근두근)Baekho (singer)_cell_1_11_3 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_11_4 Baekho (singer)_cell_1_11_5 NoBaekho (singer)_cell_1_11_6 N/ABaekho (singer)_cell_1_11_7
Who, YouBaekho (singer)_cell_1_12_0 NU'EST WBaekho (singer)_cell_1_12_1 "Signal"Baekho (singer)_cell_1_12_2 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_12_3 Baekho (singer)_cell_1_12_4 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_12_5 Baekho (singer)_cell_1_12_6
"Dejavu"Baekho (singer)_cell_1_13_0 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_13_1 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_13_2 Baekho (singer)_cell_1_13_3
"Polaris" (북극성)Baekho (singer)_cell_1_14_0 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_14_1 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_14_2 Baekho (singer)_cell_1_14_3
"Ylenol"Baekho (singer)_cell_1_15_0 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_15_1 NoBaekho (singer)_cell_1_15_2 N/ABaekho (singer)_cell_1_15_3
"Gravity & Moon" (중력달)Baekho (singer)_cell_1_16_0 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_16_1 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_16_2 Baekho (singer)_cell_1_16_3
"Shadow"Baekho (singer)_cell_1_17_0 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_17_1 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_17_2 Baekho (singer)_cell_1_17_3
Produce 48 – FinalBaekho (singer)_cell_1_18_0 Produce 48 contestantsBaekho (singer)_cell_1_18_1 "We Together" (앞으로 잘 부탁해)Baekho (singer)_cell_1_18_2 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_18_3 Baekho (singer)_cell_1_18_4 NoBaekho (singer)_cell_1_18_5 N/ABaekho (singer)_cell_1_18_6
Non-album singleBaekho (singer)_cell_1_19_0 NU'EST WBaekho (singer)_cell_1_19_1 "I Don't Care (with Spoonz)"Baekho (singer)_cell_1_19_2 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_19_3 Baekho (singer)_cell_1_19_4 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_19_5 N/ABaekho (singer)_cell_1_19_6
Wake, NBaekho (singer)_cell_1_20_0 "L.I.E"Baekho (singer)_cell_1_20_1 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_20_2 Baekho (singer)_cell_1_20_3 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_20_4 Baekho (singer)_cell_1_20_5
"Help Me"Baekho (singer)_cell_1_21_0 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_21_1 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_21_2
AronBaekho (singer)_cell_1_22_0 "Wi-Fi"Baekho (singer)_cell_1_22_1 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_22_2 Baekho (singer)_cell_1_22_3 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_22_4 Baekho (singer)_cell_1_22_5
RenBaekho (singer)_cell_1_23_0 "You & I" (나, 너에게)Baekho (singer)_cell_1_23_1 NoBaekho (singer)_cell_1_23_2 N/ABaekho (singer)_cell_1_23_3 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_23_4 Baekho (singer)_cell_1_23_5
BaekhoBaekho (singer)_cell_1_24_0 "Feels"Baekho (singer)_cell_1_24_1 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_24_2 Baekho (singer)_cell_1_24_3 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_24_4 Baekho (singer)_cell_1_24_5
2019Baekho (singer)_cell_1_25_0 Non-album singleBaekho (singer)_cell_1_25_1 NU'ESTBaekho (singer)_cell_1_25_2 "A Song For You" (노래 제목)Baekho (singer)_cell_1_25_3 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_25_4 Baekho (singer)_cell_1_25_5 NoBaekho (singer)_cell_1_25_6 N/ABaekho (singer)_cell_1_25_7
Happily Ever AfterBaekho (singer)_cell_1_26_0 "Segno"Baekho (singer)_cell_1_26_1 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_26_2 Baekho (singer)_cell_1_26_3 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_26_4 Baekho (singer)_cell_1_26_5
"Bet Bet"Baekho (singer)_cell_1_27_0 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_27_1 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_27_2 Baekho (singer)_cell_1_27_3
"Bass"Baekho (singer)_cell_1_28_0 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_28_1 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_28_2 Baekho (singer)_cell_1_28_3
"Talk About Love"Baekho (singer)_cell_1_29_0 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_29_1 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_29_2
"Different"Baekho (singer)_cell_1_30_0 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_30_1 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_30_2 Baekho (singer)_cell_1_30_3
"Fine"Baekho (singer)_cell_1_31_0 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_31_1 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_31_2 Baekho (singer)_cell_1_31_3
The TableBaekho (singer)_cell_1_32_0 "Call Me Back"Baekho (singer)_cell_1_32_1 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_32_2 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_32_3 Baekho (singer)_cell_1_32_4
"Love Me"Baekho (singer)_cell_1_33_0 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_33_1 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_33_2 Baekho (singer)_cell_1_33_3
"One Two Three"Baekho (singer)_cell_1_34_0 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_34_1 Baekho (singer)_cell_1_34_2 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_34_3 Baekho (singer)_cell_1_34_4
"Trust Me"Baekho (singer)_cell_1_35_0 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_35_1 Baekho (singer)_cell_1_35_2 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_35_3 Baekho (singer)_cell_1_35_4
"Stay Up All Night" (밤새)Baekho (singer)_cell_1_36_0 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_36_1 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_36_2 Baekho (singer)_cell_1_36_3
"If We" (우리가 사랑했다면)Baekho (singer)_cell_1_37_0 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_37_1 Baekho (singer)_cell_1_37_2 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_37_3 Baekho (singer)_cell_1_37_4
2020Baekho (singer)_cell_1_38_0 Non-album singleBaekho (singer)_cell_1_38_1 NU'ESTBaekho (singer)_cell_1_38_2 "Let's Love (with Spoonz)"Baekho (singer)_cell_1_38_3 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_38_4 Baekho (singer)_cell_1_38_5 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_38_6 Baekho (singer)_cell_1_38_7
The NocturneBaekho (singer)_cell_1_39_0 "I'm in Trouble"Baekho (singer)_cell_1_39_1 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_39_2 Baekho (singer)_cell_1_39_3 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_39_4 Baekho (singer)_cell_1_39_5
"Firework"Baekho (singer)_cell_1_40_0 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_40_1 Baekho (singer)_cell_1_40_2 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_40_3 Baekho (singer)_cell_1_40_4
"Back To Me"(평행우주)Baekho (singer)_cell_1_41_0 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_41_1 Baekho (singer)_cell_1_41_2 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_41_3 Baekho (singer)_cell_1_41_4
"꼭"(Must)Baekho (singer)_cell_1_42_0 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_42_1 Baekho (singer)_cell_1_42_2 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_42_3 Baekho (singer)_cell_1_42_4
"반딧별"(Shooting Star)Baekho (singer)_cell_1_43_0 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_43_1 Baekho (singer)_cell_1_43_2 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_43_3 Baekho (singer)_cell_1_43_4
Non-album singleBaekho (singer)_cell_1_44_0 "Best Summer (with Spoonz)"Baekho (singer)_cell_1_44_1 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_44_2 Baekho (singer)_cell_1_44_3 YesBaekho (singer)_cell_1_44_4 Baekho (singer)_cell_1_44_5

Soundtrack Appearances Baekho (singer)_section_8

Baekho (singer)_table_general_2

YearBaekho (singer)_header_cell_2_0_0 TitleBaekho (singer)_header_cell_2_0_1 Peak chart positionsBaekho (singer)_header_cell_2_0_2 AlbumBaekho (singer)_header_cell_2_0_3 NoteBaekho (singer)_header_cell_2_0_4
KOR (Gaon)Baekho (singer)_header_cell_2_1_0
2018Baekho (singer)_cell_2_2_0 Beautiful Night

(BEAST cover)Baekho (singer)_cell_2_2_1

-Baekho (singer)_cell_2_2_2 Masked Singer 160th (Live Version)Baekho (singer)_cell_2_2_3 As masked contestant David BeckhamBaekho (singer)_cell_2_2_4
I Remember

(Boohwal cover)Baekho (singer)_cell_2_3_0

-Baekho (singer)_cell_2_3_1
2019Baekho (singer)_cell_2_4_0 That Day, WeBaekho (singer)_cell_2_4_1 TBABaekho (singer)_cell_2_4_2 The Crowned Clown Pt.2 (Original Television Soundtrack)Baekho (singer)_cell_2_4_3 Baekho (singer)_cell_2_4_4

Other appearances Baekho (singer)_section_9

Baekho (singer)_table_general_3

YearBaekho (singer)_header_cell_3_0_0 ArtistBaekho (singer)_header_cell_3_0_1 TitleBaekho (singer)_header_cell_3_0_2 Peak chart positionsBaekho (singer)_header_cell_3_0_3 AlbumBaekho (singer)_header_cell_3_0_4 NoteBaekho (singer)_header_cell_3_0_5
KOR (Gaon)Baekho (singer)_header_cell_3_1_0
2010Baekho (singer)_cell_3_2_0 After SchoolBaekho (singer)_cell_3_2_1 Someone Is YouBaekho (singer)_cell_3_2_2 -Baekho (singer)_cell_3_2_3 Happy Pledis 1st AlbumBaekho (singer)_cell_3_2_4 Boys Choir including JR, Ren, BaekhoBaekho (singer)_cell_3_2_5
2011Baekho (singer)_cell_3_3_0 Son Dam-bi & After SchoolBaekho (singer)_cell_3_3_1 LOVE LETTERBaekho (singer)_cell_3_3_2 -Baekho (singer)_cell_3_3_3 Happy Pledis 2nd AlbumBaekho (singer)_cell_3_3_4 Feat. Ara, Hyelim, Minhyun, BaekhoBaekho (singer)_cell_3_3_5
2017Baekho (singer)_cell_3_4_0 KnockBaekho (singer)_cell_3_4_1 열어줘(Open Up)Baekho (singer)_cell_3_4_2 10Baekho (singer)_cell_3_4_3 35 Boys 5 ConceptsBaekho (singer)_cell_3_4_4 As the produce 101 contestantsBaekho (singer)_cell_3_4_5
Produce 101
Last 20 ContestantsBaekho (singer)_cell_3_5_0
Super HotBaekho (singer)_cell_3_5_1 19Baekho (singer)_cell_3_5_2 Produce 101 – FinalBaekho (singer)_cell_3_5_3
AlwaysBaekho (singer)_cell_3_6_0 17Baekho (singer)_cell_3_6_1
2019Baekho (singer)_cell_3_7_0 Yun Min Soo, Cheetah, BaekhoBaekho (singer)_cell_3_7_1 BastardBaekho (singer)_cell_3_7_2 -Baekho (singer)_cell_3_7_3 The Call 2 Project, No.5Baekho (singer)_cell_3_7_4 As part of Yun Min Soo family on The Call 2Baekho (singer)_cell_3_7_5
Yun Min Soo, Cheetah, Baekho, Song Ga InBaekho (singer)_cell_3_8_0 Don't WorryBaekho (singer)_cell_3_8_1 -Baekho (singer)_cell_3_8_2 The Call 2 Project FinalBaekho (singer)_cell_3_8_3

Filmography Baekho (singer)_section_10

See also: NU'EST § Filmography Baekho (singer)_sentence_43

Television Baekho (singer)_section_11

Baekho (singer)_table_general_4

YearBaekho (singer)_header_cell_4_0_0 TitleBaekho (singer)_header_cell_4_0_1 NetworkBaekho (singer)_header_cell_4_0_2 NotesBaekho (singer)_header_cell_4_0_3
2013Baekho (singer)_cell_4_1_0 Jeon Woo-chiBaekho (singer)_cell_4_1_1 KBSBaekho (singer)_cell_4_1_2 with RenBaekho (singer)_cell_4_1_3
2017Baekho (singer)_cell_4_2_0 Produce 101 Season 2Baekho (singer)_cell_4_2_1 MnetBaekho (singer)_cell_4_2_2 ContestantBaekho (singer)_cell_4_2_3
2018Baekho (singer)_cell_4_3_0 King of Mask SingerBaekho (singer)_cell_4_3_1 MBCBaekho (singer)_cell_4_3_2 Eps. 159-160Baekho (singer)_cell_4_3_3
Battle TripBaekho (singer)_cell_4_4_0 KBSBaekho (singer)_cell_4_4_1 Eps. 108-109 (with JR)Baekho (singer)_cell_4_4_2
2019Baekho (singer)_cell_4_5_0 Law of the JungleBaekho (singer)_cell_4_5_1 SBSBaekho (singer)_cell_4_5_2 Eps. 353-357Baekho (singer)_cell_4_5_3
The CallBaekho (singer)_cell_4_6_0 tvNBaekho (singer)_cell_4_6_1 Final LineupBaekho (singer)_cell_4_6_2
Let's Go, Man Soo RoBaekho (singer)_cell_4_7_0 KBS2Baekho (singer)_cell_4_7_1 Regular CastBaekho (singer)_cell_4_7_2

Awards and Nominations Baekho (singer)_section_12

Baekho (singer)_table_general_5

YearBaekho (singer)_header_cell_5_0_0 AwardBaekho (singer)_header_cell_5_0_1 CategoryBaekho (singer)_header_cell_5_0_2 Nominated workBaekho (singer)_header_cell_5_0_3 ResultBaekho (singer)_header_cell_5_0_4 RefBaekho (singer)_header_cell_5_0_5
2019Baekho (singer)_cell_5_1_0 17th KBS Entertainment AwardsBaekho (singer)_cell_5_1_1 Hot Issue Entertainer AwardBaekho (singer)_cell_5_1_2 Let's Go, Man Soo RoBaekho (singer)_cell_5_1_3 WonBaekho (singer)_cell_5_1_4 Baekho (singer)_cell_5_1_5
Best Challenge Award (with Let's Go, Man Soo Ro ensemble)Baekho (singer)_cell_5_2_0 WonBaekho (singer)_cell_5_2_1 Baekho (singer)_cell_5_2_2

Concert/Tour/Fan Meeting Baekho (singer)_section_13

Baekho (singer)_table_general_6

YearBaekho (singer)_header_cell_6_0_0 Concert/Tour/Fan MeetingBaekho (singer)_header_cell_6_0_1 Date/VenueBaekho (singer)_header_cell_6_0_2 NotesBaekho (singer)_header_cell_6_0_3
2018Baekho (singer)_cell_6_1_0 Happy BAEKHO Day Busking LiveBaekho (singer)_cell_6_1_1 July 21/Olympic Park88 Waterside StageBaekho (singer)_cell_6_1_2 Special Busking LiveBaekho (singer)_cell_6_1_3
2019Baekho (singer)_cell_6_2_0 BAEKHO's Birthday Talk LiveBaekho (singer)_cell_6_2_1 July 18/Olympic Park 88 Waterside StageBaekho (singer)_cell_6_2_2 Special guerilla fan meetingBaekho (singer)_cell_6_2_3
2020Baekho (singer)_cell_6_3_0 2020 Baekho Mini Concert in Macau 'BAEKHO-liday'Baekho (singer)_cell_6_3_1 January 11/ Broadway TheatreBaekho (singer)_cell_6_3_2 Baekho (singer)_cell_6_3_3
2020 Baekho Mini Concert in Bangkok 'BAEKHO-liday'Baekho (singer)_cell_6_4_0 TBA/ MCC Hall, The Mall BangkapiBaekho (singer)_cell_6_4_1 Postponed due to the coronavirus pandemicBaekho (singer)_cell_6_4_2

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