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For the song by The Clash, see Washington Bullets (song). Washington Wizards_sentence_1

The Washington Wizards are an American professional basketball team based in Washington, D.C. The Wizards compete in the National Basketball Association (NBA) as a member of the league's Eastern Conference Southeast Division. Washington Wizards_sentence_2

The team plays its home games at the Capital One Arena, in the [[Chinatown_(Washington,_D.C. Washington Wizards_sentence_3

)|Chinatown]] neighborhood of Washington, D.C. Washington Wizards_sentence_4

The franchise was established in 1961 as the Chicago Packers based in Chicago, Illinois, and were renamed to Chicago Zephyrs the following season. Washington Wizards_sentence_5

In 1963, they relocated to Baltimore, Maryland, and became the Baltimore Bullets, taking the name from a previous team of the same name. Washington Wizards_sentence_6

In 1973, the team changed its name to the Capital Bullets to reflect their move to the Washington metropolitan area, and then to Washington Bullets in the following season. Washington Wizards_sentence_7

In 1997, they rebranded themselves as the Wizards. Washington Wizards_sentence_8

The Wizards have appeared in four NBA Finals, and won in 1978. Washington Wizards_sentence_9

They have had a total of 28 playoff appearances, won four conference titles (1971, 1975, 1978, 1979), and seven division titles (1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1979, 2017). Washington Wizards_sentence_10

Their best season came in 1975 with a record of 60–22. Washington Wizards_sentence_11

Wes Unseld is the only player in franchise history to become the MVP (1969), and win the Finals MVP award (1978). Washington Wizards_sentence_12

Four players (Walt Bellamy, Terry Dischinger, Earl Monroe, and Wes Unseld) have won the Rookie of the Year award. Washington Wizards_sentence_13

Franchise history Washington Wizards_section_0

Season-by-season record Washington Wizards_section_1

List of the last five seasons completed by the Wizards. Washington Wizards_sentence_14

For the full season-by-season history, see List of Washington Wizards seasons. Washington Wizards_sentence_15

Note: GP = Games played, W = Wins, L = Losses, % = Winning Percentage; Washington Wizards_sentence_16

Washington Wizards_table_general_0

SeasonWashington Wizards_cell_0_0_0 GPWashington Wizards_cell_0_0_1 WWashington Wizards_cell_0_0_2 LWashington Wizards_cell_0_0_3 W–L%Washington Wizards_cell_0_0_4 FinishWashington Wizards_cell_0_0_5 PlayoffsWashington Wizards_cell_0_0_6
2015–16Washington Wizards_cell_0_1_0 82Washington Wizards_cell_0_1_1 41Washington Wizards_cell_0_1_2 41Washington Wizards_cell_0_1_3 .500Washington Wizards_cell_0_1_4 4th, SoutheastWashington Wizards_cell_0_1_5 Did not qualifyWashington Wizards_cell_0_1_6
2016–17Washington Wizards_cell_0_2_0 82Washington Wizards_cell_0_2_1 49Washington Wizards_cell_0_2_2 33Washington Wizards_cell_0_2_3 .598Washington Wizards_cell_0_2_4 1st, SoutheastWashington Wizards_cell_0_2_5 Lost in Conference Semifinals, 3–4 (Celtics)Washington Wizards_cell_0_2_6
2017–18Washington Wizards_cell_0_3_0 82Washington Wizards_cell_0_3_1 43Washington Wizards_cell_0_3_2 39Washington Wizards_cell_0_3_3 .524Washington Wizards_cell_0_3_4 2nd, SoutheastWashington Wizards_cell_0_3_5 Lost in First Round, 2–4 (Raptors)Washington Wizards_cell_0_3_6
2018–19Washington Wizards_cell_0_4_0 82Washington Wizards_cell_0_4_1 32Washington Wizards_cell_0_4_2 50Washington Wizards_cell_0_4_3 .390Washington Wizards_cell_0_4_4 4th, SoutheastWashington Wizards_cell_0_4_5 Did not qualifyWashington Wizards_cell_0_4_6
2019–20Washington Wizards_cell_0_5_0 73Washington Wizards_cell_0_5_1 25Washington Wizards_cell_0_5_2 47Washington Wizards_cell_0_5_3 .347Washington Wizards_cell_0_5_4 3rd, SoutheastWashington Wizards_cell_0_5_5 Did not qualifyWashington Wizards_cell_0_5_6

Team name, logos and uniforms Washington Wizards_section_2

After moving from Chicago in 1963, the then-Baltimore Bullets used red and navy colors as part of the team's logos and uniforms. Washington Wizards_sentence_17

In 1969, the club changed the colors to blue and orange. Washington Wizards_sentence_18

The red, white and blue colors returned as part of the franchise's iconic uniforms beginning with the 1973–74 season, coinciding with the team's move to Landover, Maryland to become the Capital Bullets. Washington Wizards_sentence_19

Those uniforms also featured large horizontal stripes on the chest of the jerseys, and three stars on the side panels of the shorts. Washington Wizards_sentence_20

The uniforms were kept when they changed their location identifier a year later to the Washington Bullets. Washington Wizards_sentence_21

The Bullets kept the "Stars and Stripes" uniform until 1987, although they made a minor tweak prior to the 1985–86 season with additional thin stripes, the "Bullets" logo on the right leg, and thin shorts stripes replacing the three stars. Washington Wizards_sentence_22

In 1987, the Bullets changed their logo and uniforms, going with red uniforms on the road and white uniforms at home. Washington Wizards_sentence_23

With the exception of a switch to block lettering and numbers before the 1990–91 season (switching over from the Serpentine font used for both elements, with the player name on back rendered in lower case as well), the Bullets kept these uniforms until 1997. Washington Wizards_sentence_24

In 1997, the then-team owner Abe Pollin decided to change the club's nickname from Bullets to Wizards. Washington Wizards_sentence_25

The reasoning behind the name change was because Pollin did not want the team's name to continue to be associated with any violent connotations. Washington Wizards_sentence_26

The name change also included new logos, colors and uniforms, coinciding with the team's move to the new MCI Center. Washington Wizards_sentence_27

The new team's colors were blue, bronze and black. Washington Wizards_sentence_28

The primary logo depicted a wizard conjuring a basketball with a quarter moon. Washington Wizards_sentence_29

In 2007, the Wizards made minor modifications on their team jerseys and logos. Washington Wizards_sentence_30

To accommodate the gold–black alternate jerseys they introduced the previous season along with the design change on the Verizon Center floor, they changed their secondary team colors from bronze to metallic gold, and the player's name on the back of the jersey was changed from white/blue with bronze trim to gold (blue on home uniforms) with a change in lettering; the road uniform name lettering changed back to white with gold trim before the 2010–11 season. Washington Wizards_sentence_31

On May 10, 2011, the Wizards unveiled a new color scheme, uniforms, and logo. Washington Wizards_sentence_32

David Safren, Pat Sullivan, and Michael Glazer were the product designers for the new jerseys which include the Washington Monument as an alternate logo. Washington Wizards_sentence_33

The team of product designers was led by Jessie Caples, who made most of the design decisions. Washington Wizards_sentence_34

James Pinder was also an essential part of the team, as he helped to engineer the jerseys to meet the players' standards. Washington Wizards_sentence_35

The team reverted to its traditional red, white and blue colors, which are the colors of the U.S. Washington Wizards_sentence_36 flag. Washington Wizards_sentence_37

The uniforms are based very closely on those worn from 1974 to 1987, during the team's glory years. Washington Wizards_sentence_38

Leonsis said the throwback to the old Bullets' uniforms was intentional; the only difference between those uniforms and the current ones is the team name on the jerseys. Washington Wizards_sentence_39

The colors were also used by Leonsis' other franchises, the Capitals and the Mystics, who adopted to those colors in 2007 and 2011, respectively. Washington Wizards_sentence_40

On July 23, 2014, the Wizards unveiled a new alternate uniform. Washington Wizards_sentence_41

The uniform is similar to the club's road set, with the navy and red colors switched, so that navy is the predominant color instead of red. Washington Wizards_sentence_42

On April 15, 2015, the Wizards unveiled a new primary logo. Washington Wizards_sentence_43

The new logo features the Washington Monument ball logo set in a roundel, with the striping pattern from the team's uniforms, three stars (each representing Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia, similar to that of the NHL's Capitals), and the team's wordmarks. Washington Wizards_sentence_44

The team also said it would immediately discontinue the use of the wizard/partial moon logo, which had been used since 1997. Washington Wizards_sentence_45

On September 30, 2015, the Wizards unveiled a new alternate uniform. Washington Wizards_sentence_46

Called the "Baltimore Pride" uniform, the uniform was intended to be worn for six select games during the Wizards' 2015–16 season. Washington Wizards_sentence_47

On September 8, 2016, the Wizards released a second white uniform to honor the United States Armed Forces. Washington Wizards_sentence_48

The side stripes pay homage to the American flag. Washington Wizards_sentence_49

The Wizards kept their existing uniforms (minus the two alternate uniforms) when Nike took over as uniform supplier in 2017. Washington Wizards_sentence_50

Along with the white "Association", red "Icon" and navy "Statement" uniforms, a "City" uniform was also released as part of the collection. Washington Wizards_sentence_51

The 2017–18 "City" uniform featured a white base, "The District of Columbia" wordmark in navy and numbers in white. Washington Wizards_sentence_52

The uniform paid tribute to the Washington Monument. Washington Wizards_sentence_53

The "City" uniform for 2018–19 was similar to the previous set, but with a black base, white letters and orange trim. Washington Wizards_sentence_54

The uniform paid homage to the National Mall at night. Washington Wizards_sentence_55

A red version of the 2017–18 "City" uniform served as the team's "Earned" uniform, which was a reward for making the 2018 playoffs. Washington Wizards_sentence_56

Prior to the 2019–20 season, the navy "Statement" uniform received a minor tweak as the city name was replaced with "The District of Columbia" wordmark previously used on the team's "City" uniforms. Washington Wizards_sentence_57

For the Wizards' 2019–20 "City" uniform, they brought back the white alternate uniform design worn in the 2016–17 season, but with the "dc" alternate logo in front and red numbers. Washington Wizards_sentence_58

The same design was carried over to the 2020–21 "City" uniform, but with a grey base. Washington Wizards_sentence_59

Home arenas Washington Wizards_section_3

Washington Wizards_unordered_list_0

  • International Amphitheatre (1961–1962)Washington Wizards_item_0_0
  • Chicago Coliseum (1962–1963)Washington Wizards_item_0_1
  • Baltimore Civic Center (later the Baltimore Arena, and 1st Mariner Arena now Royal Farms Arena) (1963–1973, occasional games in 1990s)Washington Wizards_item_0_2
  • US Airways Arena (originally Capital Centre) (1973–November 1997)Washington Wizards_item_0_3
  • Capital One Arena (formerly MCI Center and Verizon Center) (December 1997–present)Washington Wizards_item_0_4

Players Washington Wizards_section_4

Current roster Washington Wizards_section_5

Head coaches Washington Wizards_section_6

Main article: List of Washington Wizards head coaches Washington Wizards_sentence_60

Retained draft rights Washington Wizards_section_7

The Wizards hold the draft rights to the following unsigned draft picks who have been playing outside the NBA. Washington Wizards_sentence_61

A drafted player, either an international draftee or a college draftee who is not signed by the team that drafted him, is allowed to sign with any non-NBA teams. Washington Wizards_sentence_62

In this case, the team retains the player's draft rights in the NBA until one year after the player's contract with the non-NBA team ends. Washington Wizards_sentence_63

This list includes draft rights that were acquired from trades with other teams. Washington Wizards_sentence_64

Washington Wizards_table_general_1

DraftWashington Wizards_header_cell_1_0_0 RoundWashington Wizards_header_cell_1_0_1 PickWashington Wizards_header_cell_1_0_2 PlayerWashington Wizards_header_cell_1_0_3 Pos.Washington Wizards_header_cell_1_0_4 NationalityWashington Wizards_header_cell_1_0_5 Current teamWashington Wizards_header_cell_1_0_6 Note(s)Washington Wizards_header_cell_1_0_7 RefWashington Wizards_header_cell_1_0_8

Retired numbers Washington Wizards_section_8

Washington Wizards_table_general_2

Washington Wizards retired numbersWashington Wizards_cell_2_0_0
No.Washington Wizards_header_cell_2_1_0 PlayerWashington Wizards_header_cell_2_1_1 PositionWashington Wizards_header_cell_2_1_2 TenureWashington Wizards_header_cell_2_1_3 RetiredWashington Wizards_header_cell_2_1_4
10Washington Wizards_cell_2_2_0 Earl MonroeWashington Wizards_cell_2_2_1 GWashington Wizards_cell_2_2_2 1967–1971Washington Wizards_cell_2_2_3 December 1, 2007Washington Wizards_cell_2_2_4
11Washington Wizards_cell_2_3_0 Elvin HayesWashington Wizards_cell_2_3_1 FWashington Wizards_cell_2_3_2 1972–1981Washington Wizards_cell_2_3_3 November 20, 1981Washington Wizards_cell_2_3_4
25Washington Wizards_cell_2_4_0 Gus JohnsonWashington Wizards_cell_2_4_1 FWashington Wizards_cell_2_4_2 1963–1972Washington Wizards_cell_2_4_3 December 13, 1986Washington Wizards_cell_2_4_4
41Washington Wizards_cell_2_5_0 Wes UnseldWashington Wizards_cell_2_5_1 CWashington Wizards_cell_2_5_2 1968–1981Washington Wizards_cell_2_5_3 November 3, 1981Washington Wizards_cell_2_5_4
45Washington Wizards_cell_2_6_0 Phil ChenierWashington Wizards_cell_2_6_1 GWashington Wizards_cell_2_6_2 1971–1979Washington Wizards_cell_2_6_3 March 23, 2018Washington Wizards_cell_2_6_4

Notes: Washington Wizards_sentence_65

Washington Wizards_unordered_list_1

  • All in BaltimoreWashington Wizards_item_1_5
  • 1972–1973 in BaltimoreWashington Wizards_item_1_6
  • Also served as coach (1987–1994)Washington Wizards_item_1_7
  • 1968–1973 in BaltimoreWashington Wizards_item_1_8
  • Also served as Bullets/Wizards television color analyst (1984–2017)Washington Wizards_item_1_9
  • 1971–1973 in BaltimoreWashington Wizards_item_1_10

Basketball Hall of Famers Washington Wizards_section_9

Washington Wizards_table_general_3

Washington Wizards Hall of FamersWashington Wizards_header_cell_3_0_0
PlayersWashington Wizards_header_cell_3_1_0
No.Washington Wizards_header_cell_3_2_0 NameWashington Wizards_header_cell_3_2_1 PositionWashington Wizards_header_cell_3_2_2 TenureWashington Wizards_header_cell_3_2_3 InductedWashington Wizards_header_cell_3_2_4
41Washington Wizards_cell_3_3_0 Wes UnseldWashington Wizards_cell_3_3_1 C/FWashington Wizards_cell_3_3_2 1968–1981Washington Wizards_cell_3_3_3 1988Washington Wizards_cell_3_3_4

33Washington Wizards_cell_3_4_0

Earl MonroeWashington Wizards_cell_3_4_1 GWashington Wizards_cell_3_4_2 1967–1972Washington Wizards_cell_3_4_3 1990Washington Wizards_cell_3_4_4
11Washington Wizards_cell_3_5_0 Elvin HayesWashington Wizards_cell_3_5_1 C/FWashington Wizards_cell_3_5_2 1972–1981Washington Wizards_cell_3_5_3 1990Washington Wizards_cell_3_5_4
21Washington Wizards_cell_3_6_0 Dave BingWashington Wizards_cell_3_6_1 GWashington Wizards_cell_3_6_2 1975–1977Washington Wizards_cell_3_6_3 1990Washington Wizards_cell_3_6_4
8Washington Wizards_cell_3_7_0 Walt BellamyWashington Wizards_cell_3_7_1 CWashington Wizards_cell_3_7_2 1961–1963Washington Wizards_cell_3_7_3 1993Washington Wizards_cell_3_7_4
15Washington Wizards_cell_3_8_0 Bailey HowellWashington Wizards_cell_3_8_1 F/GWashington Wizards_cell_3_8_2 1964–1966Washington Wizards_cell_3_8_3 1997Washington Wizards_cell_3_8_4
4Washington Wizards_cell_3_9_0 Moses MaloneWashington Wizards_cell_3_9_1 C/FWashington Wizards_cell_3_9_2 1986–1988Washington Wizards_cell_3_9_3 2001Washington Wizards_cell_3_9_4
23Washington Wizards_cell_3_10_0 Michael JordanWashington Wizards_cell_3_10_1 G/FWashington Wizards_cell_3_10_2 2001–2003Washington Wizards_cell_3_10_3 2009Washington Wizards_cell_3_10_4
25Washington Wizards_cell_3_11_0 Gus JohnsonWashington Wizards_cell_3_11_1 F/CWashington Wizards_cell_3_11_2 1963–1972Washington Wizards_cell_3_11_3 2010Washington Wizards_cell_3_11_4
50Washington Wizards_cell_3_12_0 Ralph SampsonWashington Wizards_cell_3_12_1 C/FWashington Wizards_cell_3_12_2 1991Washington Wizards_cell_3_12_3 2012Washington Wizards_cell_3_12_4
30Washington Wizards_cell_3_13_0 Bernard KingWashington Wizards_cell_3_13_1 FWashington Wizards_cell_3_13_2 1987–1991Washington Wizards_cell_3_13_3 2013Washington Wizards_cell_3_13_4

23Washington Wizards_cell_3_14_0

Mitch RichmondWashington Wizards_cell_3_14_1 GWashington Wizards_cell_3_14_2 1998–2001Washington Wizards_cell_3_14_3 2014Washington Wizards_cell_3_14_4
24Washington Wizards_cell_3_15_0 Spencer HaywoodWashington Wizards_cell_3_15_1 F/CWashington Wizards_cell_3_15_2 1981–1983Washington Wizards_cell_3_15_3 2015Washington Wizards_cell_3_15_4
CoachesWashington Wizards_header_cell_3_16_0
NameWashington Wizards_header_cell_3_17_0 PositionWashington Wizards_header_cell_3_17_2 TenureWashington Wizards_header_cell_3_17_3 InductedWashington Wizards_header_cell_3_17_4
Bobby LeonardWashington Wizards_cell_3_18_0 Head coachWashington Wizards_cell_3_18_2 1962–1964Washington Wizards_cell_3_18_3 2014Washington Wizards_cell_3_18_4
ContributorsWashington Wizards_header_cell_3_19_0
NameWashington Wizards_header_cell_3_20_0 PositionWashington Wizards_header_cell_3_20_2 TenureWashington Wizards_header_cell_3_20_3 InductedWashington Wizards_header_cell_3_20_4
44Washington Wizards_cell_3_21_0 Rod ThornWashington Wizards_cell_3_21_1 GWashington Wizards_cell_3_21_2 1963–1964Washington Wizards_cell_3_21_3 2018Washington Wizards_cell_3_21_4

Notes: Washington Wizards_sentence_66

Washington Wizards_unordered_list_2

  • He also coached the team in 1987–1994.Washington Wizards_item_2_11
  • In total, Bellamy was inducted into the Hall of Fame twice – as player and as a member of the 1960 Olympic team.Washington Wizards_item_2_12
  • In total, Jordan was inducted into the Hall of Fame twice – as player and as a member of the 1992 Olympic team.Washington Wizards_item_2_13
  • He also played for the team in 1961–1963.Washington Wizards_item_2_14
  • Thorn was inducted as a contributor.Washington Wizards_item_2_15

FIBA Hall of Famers Washington Wizards_section_10

Washington Wizards_table_general_4

Washington Wizards Hall of FamersWashington Wizards_header_cell_4_0_0
PlayersWashington Wizards_header_cell_4_1_0
No.Washington Wizards_header_cell_4_2_0 NameWashington Wizards_header_cell_4_2_1 PositionWashington Wizards_header_cell_4_2_2 TenureWashington Wizards_header_cell_4_2_3 InductedWashington Wizards_header_cell_4_2_4
23Washington Wizards_cell_4_3_0 Michael JordanWashington Wizards_cell_4_3_1 G/FWashington Wizards_cell_4_3_2 2001–2003Washington Wizards_cell_4_3_3 2015Washington Wizards_cell_4_3_4
21Washington Wizards_cell_4_4_0 Fabricio ObertoWashington Wizards_cell_4_4_1 CWashington Wizards_cell_4_4_2 2009–2010Washington Wizards_cell_4_4_3 2019Washington Wizards_cell_4_4_4

Individual records and awards Washington Wizards_section_11

Franchise leaders Washington Wizards_section_12

Bold denotes still active with team. Washington Wizards_sentence_67

Italic denotes still active but not with team. Washington Wizards_sentence_68

Points scored (regular season) (as of the end of the 2019–20 season) Washington Wizards_sentence_69

Other statistics (regular season) (as of the end of the 2019–20 season) Washington Wizards_sentence_70

Individual awards Washington Wizards_section_13

NBA All-Star weekend Washington Wizards_section_14

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