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Beat, beats or beating may refer to: Beat_sentence_0

Common meanings Beat_section_0

Assigned activity or area Beat_section_1


  • Patrol, an area (usually geographic) that one is responsible to monitor, including:Beat_item_0_0
    • Beat (police), the territory and time that a police officer patrolsBeat_item_0_1
    • Beat reporting, a subject of coverage by a journalistBeat_item_0_2
    • Forest beat, in forestry administration, a divisional sub unit of a Forest rangeBeat_item_0_3
    • Gay beat, an area frequented by men who have sex with men for the purpose of casual sexBeat_item_0_4

Hitting or physical violence Beat_section_2


  • Assault, when distinguished from battery, the crime of attempting to physically attack anotherBeat_item_1_5
  • Battery (crime), the crime of physically attacking anotherBeat_item_1_6
  • Corporal punishment, punishment inflicted by physical assaultBeat_item_1_7
  • Strike (attack), repeatedly striking a person or objectBeat_item_1_8

Prevail or win Beat_section_3


  • Victory to win, outdo, outfox or otherwise achieve a victory over another (or the odds)Beat_item_2_9

People with the name Beat_section_4


  • Beat (name), a German male given nameBeat_item_3_10
  • Jackie Beat (born 1963) on stage drag personaBeat_item_3_11
  • Aone Beats (born 1984) Nigerian record producerBeat_item_3_12
  • Billy Beats (1871-1936) British soccer playerBeat_item_3_13
  • Cohen Beats (born 1986) Israeli record producerBeat_item_3_14
  • Eno Beats (born 1991) Ugandan record producerBeat_item_3_15
  • Laxio Beats (born 1987) Ghanaian record producerBeat_item_3_16
  • Mizz Beats, UK record producerBeat_item_3_17
  • Rico Beats, US record producerBeat_item_3_18

Arts, entertainment, and media Beat_section_5

Fictional entities Beat_section_6


Films Beat_section_7


Music Beat_section_8

Groups Beat_section_9


Albums Beat_section_10


Music channels Beat_section_11


  • Beats 1, an internet music radio station operated by Apple Inc.Beat_item_8_32
  • Beats Music, Apple Inc. music streaming serviceBeat_item_8_33
  • MTV Beats, music television channel of IndiaBeat_item_8_34
  • The Beat 99.9 FM, Lagos, Nigeria; a music radio stationBeat_item_8_35
  • Beat 102 103 (FM-102 & FM-103), Irish radio stationBeat_item_8_36

Other uses in music Beat_section_12


  • Beat (acoustics), volume fluctuations due to interference between sounds of different frequenciesBeat_item_9_37
  • Beat (music), the basic time unit or pulse in a piece of music representing one moment in time, or a segment of rhythm or cadenceBeat_item_9_38
  • "Beat" (song), 2005, by Kaela KimuraBeat_item_9_39
  • Beat music, a rock music genre that developed in the United Kingdom in the early 1960sBeat_item_9_40
  • Drum beatBeat_item_9_41
  • Pulse (music), in music and music theory, beats in a (repeating) series of identical yet distinct periodic short-duration stimuli perceived as points in time occurring at the mensural levelBeat_item_9_42

Other uses in arts, entertainment, and media Beat_section_13


  • Beat (filmmaking), the smallest unit of dramatic action in a playBeat_item_10_43
  • Beat, an intentional pause for emphasis in comic timingBeat_item_10_44
  • Beat Generation, writers of beat poetry and other beat literatureBeat_item_10_45
  • Beat Museum, San Francisco, California, USA; a museum about the Beat Generation literatureBeat_item_10_46
  • Beats (video game), a 2007 video game for PlayStation PortableBeat_item_10_47
  • Beat 'em up (video game genre)Beat_item_10_48
  • Directorial beat, an exchange of behavior between characters in a scriptBeat_item_10_49
  • Unit of action, also called a beatBeat_item_10_50

Brands and enterprises Beat_section_14


  • Beat (drink), a drink manufactured by the Coca-Cola Company in MexicoBeat_item_11_51
  • Beats Electronics, American producer of audio products, such as the Beats by Dr. Dre headphonesBeat_item_11_52

Transportation Beat_section_15


  • Beat, a model of the Japanese Daiichi Kosho Whisper paramotorBeat_item_12_53
  • Chevrolet Beat, a concept car providing the basis for the Daewoo Matiz M300Beat_item_12_54
  • Chevrolet Beat, the version of the Chevrolet Spark localized for the Indian marketBeat_item_12_55
  • Honda Beat, a 1991–1996 roadsterBeat_item_12_56
  • Honda FC50, a 50cc motor scooter also called "The Beat"Beat_item_12_57
  • Beat (app), a ride-hailing app with operations in Europe and Latin America.Beat_item_12_58

Other uses Beat_section_16


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