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The Berkshire Hills Express was a full-service passenger train of the New York Central Railroad that went from New York City to North Adams, Massachusetts, in the Berkshires. Berkshire Hills Express_sentence_0

It served as a channel for tourist travel from downstate New York, through the Taconic Mountains, to resorts and other attractions in the Berkshires and for students traveling to Williams College, 11 miles west of North Adams. Berkshire Hills Express_sentence_1

The train operated from 1919 to 1934. Berkshire Hills Express_sentence_2

However, it continued in unnamed form for nearly two decades longer. Berkshire Hills Express_sentence_3

Route Berkshire Hills Express_section_0

The train, carrying the number, #916, departing mid-afternoon, went in express fashion on the New York Central's Harlem Line, bypassing most stations between 125th Street Station and Chatham, New York. Berkshire Hills Express_sentence_4

From Chatham, the train headed east on the territory of the Boston and Albany Railroad that the NYC had leased, to Pittsfield, and then headed north on the B&A's North Adams branch. Berkshire Hills Express_sentence_5

The train took the name, New York Express and #911 on the southbound route to New York City. Berkshire Hills Express_sentence_6

In addition to carrying coach cars it included a buffet car and parlor car as well. Berkshire Hills Express_sentence_7

Following the NYC's dropping of the Berkshire Hills Express and New York Express in 1934, the train continued as #1516 north and #5417 south. Berkshire Hills Express_sentence_8

By this time a morning train took the route as well in both directions. Berkshire Hills Express_sentence_9

Demise Berkshire Hills Express_section_1

In 1950, the through service to North Adams was trimmed to a shuttle from Chatham to North Adams, requiring a transfer at Chatham. Berkshire Hills Express_sentence_10

Passenger service between Chatham and North Adams ended in 1953. Berkshire Hills Express_sentence_11

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