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Boo Saville (born 15 January 1980) is a contemporary artist. Boo Saville_sentence_0

She lives and works in London. Boo Saville_sentence_1

Career Boo Saville_section_0

Saville was born in Norwich. Boo Saville_sentence_2

She graduated from Slade School of Fine Art in 2004, then worked at a makeshift studio in Pimlico in the front room of her friend Elisa Roche's apartment. Boo Saville_sentence_3

Her sister is artist Jenny Saville and she also moonlights as a member of the band 'So Silage Crew'. Boo Saville_sentence_4

Saville is known mainly for her detailed drawings using Biros as her main material, her work focusing on the decomposition of the body after death. Boo Saville_sentence_5

She has exhibited widely in London and Europe. Boo Saville_sentence_6

She received attention when her work was selected by Nicholas Forrest as Critics Choice at Saatchi Online. Boo Saville_sentence_7

and had work exhibited in Black Dog- Yellow House, a group show curated by Rachel Howard. Boo Saville_sentence_8

Her work has been associated with New Gothic Art. Boo Saville_sentence_9

and she runs a blog collecting images and quotes from the internet about death Boo Saville_sentence_10

Boo Saville is represented by Davidson Gallery in New York, and TJ Boulting Gallery in London. Boo Saville_sentence_11

Solo exhibitions Boo Saville_section_1

Boo Saville_unordered_list_0

  • 2008:Laid Bare, Martin Summers Fine Art, LondonBoo Saville_item_0_0
  • 2009: Ghost/Ghost Proof, Other Criteria, LondonBoo Saville_item_0_1
  • 2009: Butter Sunk, Trolley Gallery, LondonBoo Saville_item_0_2

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