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Briconet RedoubtBriconet Redoubt_header_cell_0_0_0
CoordinatesBriconet Redoubt_header_cell_0_1_0 Briconet Redoubt_cell_0_1_1
TypeBriconet Redoubt_header_cell_0_2_0 RedoubtBriconet Redoubt_cell_0_2_1
Site informationBriconet Redoubt_header_cell_0_3_0
OwnerBriconet Redoubt_header_cell_0_4_0 Government of MaltaBriconet Redoubt_cell_0_4_1
Controlled byBriconet Redoubt_header_cell_0_5_0 Police Department

Scout Association of MaltaBriconet Redoubt_cell_0_5_1

Open to

the publicBriconet Redoubt_header_cell_0_6_0

NoBriconet Redoubt_cell_0_6_1
ConditionBriconet Redoubt_header_cell_0_7_0 IntactBriconet Redoubt_cell_0_7_1
Site historyBriconet Redoubt_header_cell_0_8_0
BuiltBriconet Redoubt_header_cell_0_9_0 1715Briconet Redoubt_cell_0_9_1
Built byBriconet Redoubt_header_cell_0_10_0 Order of Saint JohnBriconet Redoubt_cell_0_10_1
MaterialsBriconet Redoubt_header_cell_0_11_0 LimestoneBriconet Redoubt_cell_0_11_1
Garrison informationBriconet Redoubt_header_cell_0_12_0
GarrisonBriconet Redoubt_header_cell_0_13_0 Żejtun RegimentBriconet Redoubt_cell_0_13_1

Briconet Redoubt (Maltese: Ridott ta' Briconet), also known as Marsaskala Redoubt (Maltese: Ridott ta' Marsaskala) or the Vendôme Entrenchment (Maltese: It-Trunċiera ta' Vandomu), is a redoubt in Marsaskala, Malta. Briconet Redoubt_sentence_0

It was built in 1715 by the Order of Saint John as one of a series of coastal fortifications around the Maltese Islands. Briconet Redoubt_sentence_1

Until recently, the redoubt was used as a police station. Briconet Redoubt_sentence_2

History Briconet Redoubt_section_0

Briconet Redoubt was built in 1715 as part of the first building programme of coastal batteries and redoubts in Malta. Briconet Redoubt_sentence_3

It formed part of the defences of Marsaskala Bay, which also included the large St. Briconet Redoubt_sentence_4 Thomas Tower and Battery and the now-demolished Żonqor Tower. Briconet Redoubt_sentence_5

Briconet Redoubt's structure is typical of most other coastal redoubts built in Malta. Briconet Redoubt_sentence_6

It consists of a pentagonal platform having short flanks, and a rectangular blockhouse sealing off the gorge. Briconet Redoubt_sentence_7

Unlike other redoubts, the gorge and flanks have high boundary walls pierced by musketry loopholes. Briconet Redoubt_sentence_8

These were built to defend the redoubt from a landward attack, since it is overlooked by high ground. Briconet Redoubt_sentence_9

Construction of the redoubt cost 768 scudi. Briconet Redoubt_sentence_10

These were paid by the knight Giovanni Battista Briconet, and the redoubt was named in his honour. Briconet Redoubt_sentence_11

The redoubt was initially garrisoned by militia from Żejtun, and it was armed with two cannons. Briconet Redoubt_sentence_12

Present day Briconet Redoubt_section_1

Today, Briconet Redoubt is still intact and in good condition, being one of the best preserved redoubts in Malta. Briconet Redoubt_sentence_13

A few modern modifications have been made, such as the opening of a small doorway on one of its faces to enable access from the modern road. Briconet Redoubt_sentence_14

The redoubt is surrounded by modern buildings, including Marsaskala's parish church, which have completely blocked its relation with the sea. Briconet Redoubt_sentence_15

Until the early 21st century, Briconet Redoubt was used as the Marsaskala Police Station, until this was moved to an irregular structure in a garden next to the church. Briconet Redoubt_sentence_16

Today, the redoubt is a Grade 1 national monument and it is also listed on the National Inventory of the Cultural Property of the Maltese Islands. Briconet Redoubt_sentence_17

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