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Cape Breton Centre_table_infobox_0

Cape Breton CentreCape Breton Centre_table_caption_0
Nova Scotia electoral districtCape Breton Centre_header_cell_0_0_0
Provincial electoral districtCape Breton Centre_header_cell_0_1_0
LegislatureCape Breton Centre_header_cell_0_2_0 Nova Scotia House of AssemblyCape Breton Centre_cell_0_2_1
MLACape Breton Centre_header_cell_0_3_0 Kendra Coombes

New DemocraticCape Breton Centre_cell_0_3_1

Cape Breton Centre_cell_0_4_0 Cape Breton Centre_cell_0_4_1
District createdCape Breton Centre_header_cell_0_5_0 1925Cape Breton Centre_cell_0_5_1
Last contestedCape Breton Centre_header_cell_0_6_0 2020Cape Breton Centre_cell_0_6_1
DemographicsCape Breton Centre_header_cell_0_7_0
Population (2011)Cape Breton Centre_header_cell_0_8_0 14,038Cape Breton Centre_cell_0_8_1
ElectorsCape Breton Centre_header_cell_0_9_0 12,632Cape Breton Centre_cell_0_9_1
Area (km²)Cape Breton Centre_header_cell_0_10_0 135.00Cape Breton Centre_cell_0_10_1
Pop. density (per km²)Cape Breton Centre_header_cell_0_11_0 104Cape Breton Centre_cell_0_11_1
Census division(s)Cape Breton Centre_header_cell_0_12_0 Cape BretonCape Breton Centre_cell_0_12_1
Census subdivision(s)Cape Breton Centre_header_cell_0_13_0 Cape BretonCape Breton Centre_cell_0_13_1

Cape Breton Centre is a provincial electoral district in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada, that elects one member of the Nova Scotia House of Assembly. Cape Breton Centre_sentence_0

Its Member of the Legislative Assembly is Tammy Martin. Cape Breton Centre_sentence_1

The district consists of the area around New Waterford, including Dominion, Grand Lake Road, Reserve Mines, Gardiner Mines, Lingan Road, Lingan, River Ryan, Scotchtown, New Victoria, Victoria Mines, South Bar. Cape Breton Centre_sentence_2

It was created in 1925 when the counties of Cape Breton and Richmond were divided into three electoral districts. Cape Breton Centre_sentence_3

In 2003, it expanded west to include New Victoria. Cape Breton Centre_sentence_4

In 2013, it gained South Bar, Lingan Road, and part of Grand Lake Road from Cape Breton Nova. Cape Breton Centre_sentence_5

Members of the Legislative Assembly Cape Breton Centre_section_0

This riding has elected the following Members of the Legislative Assembly: Cape Breton Centre_sentence_6

Single-member district (1933-present) Cape Breton Centre_section_1

Dual-member district (1925-1933) Cape Breton Centre_section_2

Election results Cape Breton Centre_section_3

Cape Breton Centre_table_general_1

2009 Nova Scotia general election redistributed resultsCape Breton Centre_header_cell_1_0_0
PartyCape Breton Centre_header_cell_1_1_0 VoteCape Breton Centre_header_cell_1_1_2 %Cape Breton Centre_header_cell_1_1_3
Cape Breton Centre_cell_1_2_0 New Democratic PartyCape Breton Centre_cell_1_2_1 5,738Cape Breton Centre_cell_1_2_2 78.54Cape Breton Centre_cell_1_2_3
Cape Breton Centre_cell_1_3_0 LiberalCape Breton Centre_cell_1_3_1 913Cape Breton Centre_cell_1_3_2 12.50Cape Breton Centre_cell_1_3_3
Cape Breton Centre_cell_1_4_0 Progressive ConservativeCape Breton Centre_cell_1_4_1 537Cape Breton Centre_cell_1_4_2 7.35Cape Breton Centre_cell_1_4_3
Cape Breton Centre_cell_1_5_0 GreenCape Breton Centre_cell_1_5_1 118Cape Breton Centre_cell_1_5_2 1.62Cape Breton Centre_cell_1_5_3

Cape Breton Centre_table_general_2

2003 Nova Scotia general electionCape Breton Centre_table_caption_2
PartyCape Breton Centre_header_cell_2_0_0 CandidateCape Breton Centre_header_cell_2_0_2 VotesCape Breton Centre_header_cell_2_0_3 %Cape Breton Centre_header_cell_2_0_4 ±%Cape Breton Centre_header_cell_2_0_5
Cape Breton Centre_cell_2_1_0 New Democratic PartyCape Breton Centre_cell_2_1_1 Frank CorbettCape Breton Centre_cell_2_1_2 3,929Cape Breton Centre_cell_2_1_3 50.64Cape Breton Centre_cell_2_1_4 -3.45Cape Breton Centre_cell_2_1_5
Cape Breton Centre_cell_2_2_0 LiberalCape Breton Centre_cell_2_2_1 Basil McGillivrayCape Breton Centre_cell_2_2_2 3,456Cape Breton Centre_cell_2_2_3 44.55Cape Breton Centre_cell_2_2_4 +4.61Cape Breton Centre_cell_2_2_5
Cape Breton Centre_cell_2_3_0 Progressive ConservativeCape Breton Centre_cell_2_3_1 Rita Tighe-MacLeodCape Breton Centre_cell_2_3_2 373Cape Breton Centre_cell_2_3_3 4.81Cape Breton Centre_cell_2_3_4 -1.16Cape Breton Centre_cell_2_3_5

Cape Breton Centre_table_general_3

1999 Nova Scotia general electionCape Breton Centre_table_caption_3
PartyCape Breton Centre_header_cell_3_0_0 CandidateCape Breton Centre_header_cell_3_0_2 VotesCape Breton Centre_header_cell_3_0_3 %Cape Breton Centre_header_cell_3_0_4 ±%Cape Breton Centre_header_cell_3_0_5
Cape Breton Centre_cell_3_1_0 New Democratic PartyCape Breton Centre_cell_3_1_1 Frank CorbettCape Breton Centre_cell_3_1_2 4,042Cape Breton Centre_cell_3_1_3 54.09Cape Breton Centre_cell_3_1_4 Cape Breton Centre_cell_3_1_5
Cape Breton Centre_cell_3_2_0 LiberalCape Breton Centre_cell_3_2_1 Susan Deruelle MarshCape Breton Centre_cell_3_2_2 2,985Cape Breton Centre_cell_3_2_3 39.94Cape Breton Centre_cell_3_2_4 Cape Breton Centre_cell_3_2_5
Cape Breton Centre_cell_3_3_0 Progressive ConservativeCape Breton Centre_cell_3_3_1 John MorriseyCape Breton Centre_cell_3_3_2 446Cape Breton Centre_cell_3_3_3 5.97Cape Breton Centre_cell_3_3_4 Cape Breton Centre_cell_3_3_5

Cape Breton Centre_table_general_4

1998 Nova Scotia general electionCape Breton Centre_table_caption_4
PartyCape Breton Centre_header_cell_4_0_0 CandidateCape Breton Centre_header_cell_4_0_2 VotesCape Breton Centre_header_cell_4_0_3 %Cape Breton Centre_header_cell_4_0_4 ±%Cape Breton Centre_header_cell_4_0_5
Cape Breton Centre_cell_4_1_0 New Democratic PartyCape Breton Centre_cell_4_1_1 Frank CorbettCape Breton Centre_cell_4_1_2 5,499Cape Breton Centre_cell_4_1_3 64.62Cape Breton Centre_cell_4_1_4 Cape Breton Centre_cell_4_1_5
Cape Breton Centre_cell_4_2_0 LiberalCape Breton Centre_cell_4_2_1 Steve DrakeCape Breton Centre_cell_4_2_2 2,435Cape Breton Centre_cell_4_2_3 28.61Cape Breton Centre_cell_4_2_4 Cape Breton Centre_cell_4_2_5
Cape Breton Centre_cell_4_3_0 Progressive ConservativeCape Breton Centre_cell_4_3_1 Julien FrisonCape Breton Centre_cell_4_3_2 576Cape Breton Centre_cell_4_3_3 6.77Cape Breton Centre_cell_4_3_4 Cape Breton Centre_cell_4_3_5

Cape Breton Centre_table_general_5

1993 Nova Scotia general electionCape Breton Centre_table_caption_5
PartyCape Breton Centre_header_cell_5_0_0 CandidateCape Breton Centre_header_cell_5_0_2 VotesCape Breton Centre_header_cell_5_0_3 %Cape Breton Centre_header_cell_5_0_4 ±%Cape Breton Centre_header_cell_5_0_5
Cape Breton Centre_cell_5_1_0 LiberalCape Breton Centre_cell_5_1_1 Russell MacNeilCape Breton Centre_cell_5_1_2 5,644Cape Breton Centre_cell_5_1_3 61.28Cape Breton Centre_cell_5_1_4 Cape Breton Centre_cell_5_1_5
Cape Breton Centre_cell_5_2_0 New Democratic PartyCape Breton Centre_cell_5_2_1 Victor TomiczekCape Breton Centre_cell_5_2_2 2,554Cape Breton Centre_cell_5_2_3 27.73Cape Breton Centre_cell_5_2_4 Cape Breton Centre_cell_5_2_5
Cape Breton Centre_cell_5_3_0 Progressive ConservativeCape Breton Centre_cell_5_3_1 Julien FrisonCape Breton Centre_cell_5_3_2 1,012Cape Breton Centre_cell_5_3_3 10.99Cape Breton Centre_cell_5_3_4 Cape Breton Centre_cell_5_3_5

Cape Breton Centre_table_general_6

Cape Breton Centre by-election, August 28, 1990Cape Breton Centre_table_caption_6
PartyCape Breton Centre_header_cell_6_0_0 CandidateCape Breton Centre_header_cell_6_0_2 VotesCape Breton Centre_header_cell_6_0_3 %Cape Breton Centre_header_cell_6_0_4 ±%Cape Breton Centre_header_cell_6_0_5
Cape Breton Centre_cell_6_1_0 LiberalCape Breton Centre_cell_6_1_1 Russell MacNeilCape Breton Centre_cell_6_1_2 3,338Cape Breton Centre_cell_6_1_3 41.02Cape Breton Centre_cell_6_1_4 Cape Breton Centre_cell_6_1_5
Cape Breton Centre_cell_6_2_0 New Democratic PartyCape Breton Centre_cell_6_2_1 John StevensCape Breton Centre_cell_6_2_2 2,543Cape Breton Centre_cell_6_2_3 31.25Cape Breton Centre_cell_6_2_4 Cape Breton Centre_cell_6_2_5
Cape Breton Centre_cell_6_3_0 Progressive ConservativeCape Breton Centre_cell_6_3_1 Harold MacDonaldCape Breton Centre_cell_6_3_2 2,257Cape Breton Centre_cell_6_3_3 27.73Cape Breton Centre_cell_6_3_4 Cape Breton Centre_cell_6_3_5

Cape Breton Centre_table_general_7

Cape Breton Centre by-election, August 22, 1989Cape Breton Centre_table_caption_7
PartyCape Breton Centre_header_cell_7_0_0 CandidateCape Breton Centre_header_cell_7_0_2 VotesCape Breton Centre_header_cell_7_0_3 %Cape Breton Centre_header_cell_7_0_4 ±%Cape Breton Centre_header_cell_7_0_5
Cape Breton Centre_cell_7_1_0 LiberalCape Breton Centre_cell_7_1_1 Russell MacNeilCape Breton Centre_cell_7_1_2 2,758Cape Breton Centre_cell_7_1_3 35.55Cape Breton Centre_cell_7_1_4 Cape Breton Centre_cell_7_1_5
Cape Breton Centre_cell_7_2_0 Progressive ConservativeCape Breton Centre_cell_7_2_1 Harold MacDonaldCape Breton Centre_cell_7_2_2 2,755Cape Breton Centre_cell_7_2_3 35.51Cape Breton Centre_cell_7_2_4 Cape Breton Centre_cell_7_2_5
Cape Breton Centre_cell_7_3_0 New Democratic PartyCape Breton Centre_cell_7_3_1 John StevensCape Breton Centre_cell_7_3_2 2,245Cape Breton Centre_cell_7_3_3 28.94Cape Breton Centre_cell_7_3_4 Cape Breton Centre_cell_7_3_5

Cape Breton Centre_table_general_8

1988 Nova Scotia general electionCape Breton Centre_table_caption_8
PartyCape Breton Centre_header_cell_8_0_0 CandidateCape Breton Centre_header_cell_8_0_2 VotesCape Breton Centre_header_cell_8_0_3 %Cape Breton Centre_header_cell_8_0_4 ±%Cape Breton Centre_header_cell_8_0_5
Cape Breton Centre_cell_8_1_0 LiberalCape Breton Centre_cell_8_1_1 Wayne 'Buzzy' ConnorsCape Breton Centre_cell_8_1_2 3,681Cape Breton Centre_cell_8_1_3 45.80Cape Breton Centre_cell_8_1_4 Cape Breton Centre_cell_8_1_5
Cape Breton Centre_cell_8_2_0 Progressive ConservativeCape Breton Centre_cell_8_2_1 Harold MacDonaldCape Breton Centre_cell_8_2_2 2,210Cape Breton Centre_cell_8_2_3 27.50Cape Breton Centre_cell_8_2_4 Cape Breton Centre_cell_8_2_5
Cape Breton Centre_cell_8_3_0 New Democratic PartyCape Breton Centre_cell_8_3_1 John WilsonCape Breton Centre_cell_8_3_2 2,146Cape Breton Centre_cell_8_3_3 26.70Cape Breton Centre_cell_8_3_4 Cape Breton Centre_cell_8_3_5

Cape Breton Centre_table_general_9

1981 Nova Scotia general electionCape Breton Centre_table_caption_9
PartyCape Breton Centre_header_cell_9_0_0 CandidateCape Breton Centre_header_cell_9_0_2 VotesCape Breton Centre_header_cell_9_0_3 %Cape Breton Centre_header_cell_9_0_4 ±%Cape Breton Centre_header_cell_9_0_5
Cape Breton Centre_cell_9_1_0 Progressive ConservativeCape Breton Centre_cell_9_1_1 Mike LaffinCape Breton Centre_cell_9_1_2 3,276Cape Breton Centre_cell_9_1_3 39.49Cape Breton Centre_cell_9_1_4 Cape Breton Centre_cell_9_1_5
Cape Breton Centre_cell_9_2_0 New Democratic PartyCape Breton Centre_cell_9_2_1 James 'Buddy' MacEachernCape Breton Centre_cell_9_2_2 2,812Cape Breton Centre_cell_9_2_3 33.90Cape Breton Centre_cell_9_2_4 Cape Breton Centre_cell_9_2_5
Cape Breton Centre_cell_9_3_0 LiberalCape Breton Centre_cell_9_3_1 Art MacDonaldCape Breton Centre_cell_9_3_2 2,208Cape Breton Centre_cell_9_3_3 26.61Cape Breton Centre_cell_9_3_4 Cape Breton Centre_cell_9_3_5

Cape Breton Centre_table_general_10

1978 Nova Scotia general electionCape Breton Centre_table_caption_10
PartyCape Breton Centre_header_cell_10_0_0 CandidateCape Breton Centre_header_cell_10_0_2 VotesCape Breton Centre_header_cell_10_0_3 %Cape Breton Centre_header_cell_10_0_4 ±%Cape Breton Centre_header_cell_10_0_5
Cape Breton Centre_cell_10_1_0 New Democratic PartyCape Breton Centre_cell_10_1_1 James 'Buddy' MacEachernCape Breton Centre_cell_10_1_2 3,594Cape Breton Centre_cell_10_1_3 44.39Cape Breton Centre_cell_10_1_4 Cape Breton Centre_cell_10_1_5
Cape Breton Centre_cell_10_2_0 LiberalCape Breton Centre_cell_10_2_1 Francis MacLeanCape Breton Centre_cell_10_2_2 2,993Cape Breton Centre_cell_10_2_3 36.96Cape Breton Centre_cell_10_2_4 Cape Breton Centre_cell_10_2_5
Cape Breton Centre_cell_10_3_0 Progressive ConservativeCape Breton Centre_cell_10_3_1 Peter MacKinnonCape Breton Centre_cell_10_3_2 1,510Cape Breton Centre_cell_10_3_3 18.65Cape Breton Centre_cell_10_3_4 Cape Breton Centre_cell_10_3_5

Cape Breton Centre_table_general_11

1974 Nova Scotia general electionCape Breton Centre_table_caption_11
PartyCape Breton Centre_header_cell_11_0_0 CandidateCape Breton Centre_header_cell_11_0_2 VotesCape Breton Centre_header_cell_11_0_3 %Cape Breton Centre_header_cell_11_0_4 ±%Cape Breton Centre_header_cell_11_0_5
Cape Breton Centre_cell_11_1_0 New Democratic PartyCape Breton Centre_cell_11_1_1 James 'Buddy' MacEachernCape Breton Centre_cell_11_1_2 3,380Cape Breton Centre_cell_11_1_3 Cape Breton Centre_cell_11_1_4 Cape Breton Centre_cell_11_1_5
Cape Breton Centre_cell_11_2_0 Progressive ConservativeCape Breton Centre_cell_11_2_1 Mike LaffinCape Breton Centre_cell_11_2_2 2,743Cape Breton Centre_cell_11_2_3 Cape Breton Centre_cell_11_2_4 Cape Breton Centre_cell_11_2_5
Cape Breton Centre_cell_11_3_0 LiberalCape Breton Centre_cell_11_3_1 Albert J. BoudreauCape Breton Centre_cell_11_3_2 1,703Cape Breton Centre_cell_11_3_3 Cape Breton Centre_cell_11_3_4 Cape Breton Centre_cell_11_3_5

Cape Breton Centre_table_general_12

1970 Nova Scotia general electionCape Breton Centre_table_caption_12
PartyCape Breton Centre_header_cell_12_0_0 CandidateCape Breton Centre_header_cell_12_0_2 VotesCape Breton Centre_header_cell_12_0_3 %Cape Breton Centre_header_cell_12_0_4 ±%Cape Breton Centre_header_cell_12_0_5
Cape Breton Centre_cell_12_1_0 Progressive ConservativeCape Breton Centre_cell_12_1_1 Mike LaffinCape Breton Centre_cell_12_1_2 3,680Cape Breton Centre_cell_12_1_3 Cape Breton Centre_cell_12_1_4 Cape Breton Centre_cell_12_1_5
Cape Breton Centre_cell_12_2_0 LiberalCape Breton Centre_cell_12_2_1 Stewart MarshCape Breton Centre_cell_12_2_2 1,902Cape Breton Centre_cell_12_2_3 Cape Breton Centre_cell_12_2_4 Cape Breton Centre_cell_12_2_5
Cape Breton Centre_cell_12_3_0 New Democratic PartyCape Breton Centre_cell_12_3_1 Alex MacDonaldCape Breton Centre_cell_12_3_2 1,700Cape Breton Centre_cell_12_3_3 Cape Breton Centre_cell_12_3_4 Cape Breton Centre_cell_12_3_5

Cape Breton Centre_table_general_13

1967 Nova Scotia general electionCape Breton Centre_table_caption_13
PartyCape Breton Centre_header_cell_13_0_0 CandidateCape Breton Centre_header_cell_13_0_2 VotesCape Breton Centre_header_cell_13_0_3 %Cape Breton Centre_header_cell_13_0_4 ±%Cape Breton Centre_header_cell_13_0_5
Cape Breton Centre_cell_13_1_0 Progressive ConservativeCape Breton Centre_cell_13_1_1 Mike LaffinCape Breton Centre_cell_13_1_2 3,565Cape Breton Centre_cell_13_1_3 Cape Breton Centre_cell_13_1_4 Cape Breton Centre_cell_13_1_5
Cape Breton Centre_cell_13_2_0 New Democratic PartyCape Breton Centre_cell_13_2_1 Tom O'LearyCape Breton Centre_cell_13_2_2 1,505Cape Breton Centre_cell_13_2_3 Cape Breton Centre_cell_13_2_4 Cape Breton Centre_cell_13_2_5
Cape Breton Centre_cell_13_3_0 LiberalCape Breton Centre_cell_13_3_1 William J. BoudreauCape Breton Centre_cell_13_3_2 1,313Cape Breton Centre_cell_13_3_3 Cape Breton Centre_cell_13_3_4 Cape Breton Centre_cell_13_3_5

Cape Breton Centre_table_general_14

1963 Nova Scotia general electionCape Breton Centre_table_caption_14
PartyCape Breton Centre_header_cell_14_0_0 CandidateCape Breton Centre_header_cell_14_0_2 VotesCape Breton Centre_header_cell_14_0_3 %Cape Breton Centre_header_cell_14_0_4 ±%Cape Breton Centre_header_cell_14_0_5
Cape Breton Centre_cell_14_1_0 Progressive ConservativeCape Breton Centre_cell_14_1_1 Mike LaffinCape Breton Centre_cell_14_1_2 3,699Cape Breton Centre_cell_14_1_3 Cape Breton Centre_cell_14_1_4 Cape Breton Centre_cell_14_1_5
Cape Breton Centre_cell_14_2_0 New Democratic PartyCape Breton Centre_cell_14_2_1 Michael James MacDonaldCape Breton Centre_cell_14_2_2 2,197Cape Breton Centre_cell_14_2_3 Cape Breton Centre_cell_14_2_4 Cape Breton Centre_cell_14_2_5
Cape Breton Centre_cell_14_3_0 LiberalCape Breton Centre_cell_14_3_1 Joseph RizzettoCape Breton Centre_cell_14_3_2 939Cape Breton Centre_cell_14_3_3 Cape Breton Centre_cell_14_3_4 Cape Breton Centre_cell_14_3_5

Cape Breton Centre_table_general_15

1960 Nova Scotia general electionCape Breton Centre_table_caption_15
PartyCape Breton Centre_header_cell_15_0_0 CandidateCape Breton Centre_header_cell_15_0_2 VotesCape Breton Centre_header_cell_15_0_3 %Cape Breton Centre_header_cell_15_0_4 ±%Cape Breton Centre_header_cell_15_0_5
Cape Breton Centre_cell_15_1_0 CCFCape Breton Centre_cell_15_1_1 Michael James MacDonaldCape Breton Centre_cell_15_1_2 3,371Cape Breton Centre_cell_15_1_3 Cape Breton Centre_cell_15_1_4 Cape Breton Centre_cell_15_1_5
Cape Breton Centre_cell_15_2_0 Progressive ConservativeCape Breton Centre_cell_15_2_1 Lowell MurrayCape Breton Centre_cell_15_2_2 1,964Cape Breton Centre_cell_15_2_3 Cape Breton Centre_cell_15_2_4 Cape Breton Centre_cell_15_2_5
Cape Breton Centre_cell_15_3_0 LiberalCape Breton Centre_cell_15_3_1 James P. McNeilCape Breton Centre_cell_15_3_2 1,887Cape Breton Centre_cell_15_3_3 Cape Breton Centre_cell_15_3_4 Cape Breton Centre_cell_15_3_5

Cape Breton Centre_table_general_16

1956 Nova Scotia general electionCape Breton Centre_table_caption_16
PartyCape Breton Centre_header_cell_16_0_0 CandidateCape Breton Centre_header_cell_16_0_2 VotesCape Breton Centre_header_cell_16_0_3 %Cape Breton Centre_header_cell_16_0_4 ±%Cape Breton Centre_header_cell_16_0_5
Cape Breton Centre_cell_16_1_0 CCFCape Breton Centre_cell_16_1_1 Michael James MacDonaldCape Breton Centre_cell_16_1_2 2,948Cape Breton Centre_cell_16_1_3 Cape Breton Centre_cell_16_1_4 Cape Breton Centre_cell_16_1_5
Cape Breton Centre_cell_16_2_0 LiberalCape Breton Centre_cell_16_2_1 James P. McNeilCape Breton Centre_cell_16_2_2 2,569Cape Breton Centre_cell_16_2_3 Cape Breton Centre_cell_16_2_4 Cape Breton Centre_cell_16_2_5
Cape Breton Centre_cell_16_3_0 Progressive ConservativeCape Breton Centre_cell_16_3_1 Charles W. MillerCape Breton Centre_cell_16_3_2 1,289Cape Breton Centre_cell_16_3_3 Cape Breton Centre_cell_16_3_4 Cape Breton Centre_cell_16_3_5

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