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Cass McCombsCass McCombs_header_cell_0_0_0
Background informationCass McCombs_header_cell_0_1_0
BornCass McCombs_header_cell_0_2_0 November 13, 1977 (age 42)Cass McCombs_cell_0_2_1
GenresCass McCombs_header_cell_0_3_0 Rock, folk, psychedelic, punk, alt countryCass McCombs_cell_0_3_1
InstrumentsCass McCombs_header_cell_0_4_0 Vocals, guitar, piano, variousCass McCombs_cell_0_4_1
Years activeCass McCombs_header_cell_0_5_0 2001-presentCass McCombs_cell_0_5_1
LabelsCass McCombs_header_cell_0_6_0 Domino Records, 4ADCass McCombs_cell_0_6_1
WebsiteCass McCombs_header_cell_0_7_0 Cass McCombs_cell_0_7_1

Cass McCombs (born 1977 in Concord, California) is an American musician. Cass McCombs_sentence_0

He has released one EP and 9 albums since 2002. Cass McCombs_sentence_1

Career Cass McCombs_section_0

Blending genres such as rock, folk, psychedelic, punk, and alt country, he has played in numerous bands in the Bay Area and Pacific Northwest during the 1990s, often in DIY spaces, before relocating to New York City. Cass McCombs_sentence_2

He moved to San Francisco in 2001, where he recorded his debut E.P., entitled Not the Way E.P. Cass McCombs_sentence_3 , released on Monitor Records in Baltimore. Cass McCombs_sentence_4

McCombs then recorded a Peel Session for John Peel in 2003, and that year released his first LP A, also touring with Baltimore’s OXES as his backing band. Cass McCombs_sentence_5

McCombs and his band spent much of 2003 and 2004 touring, performing everywhere from the All Tomorrow's Parties festival to house shows. Cass McCombs_sentence_6

McCombs otherwise divided his time amongst the Pacific Northwest, England and Baltimore. Cass McCombs_sentence_7

In spring 2005 he released PREfection on Monitor Records and 4AD, and in support of the album he toured with Modest Mouse. Cass McCombs_sentence_8

Later that year, he moved to Southern California to begin work on his third full-length, Dropping the Writ, which was released on October 9, 2007, by Domino Records. Cass McCombs_sentence_9

It was named one of’s Best Albums of 2007. Cass McCombs_sentence_10

Also in 2007 he toured with Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti. Cass McCombs_sentence_11

He signed a multiple-album deal with Domino Records, who released his following four records including Catacombs (2009), which was voted one of the “50 Top Albums on the Year” by Pitchfork. Cass McCombs_sentence_12

It was followed by Wit's End (2011), Humor Risk (2011), and Big Wheel and Others (2013). Cass McCombs_sentence_13

He toured with John Cale in 2012, and also performed at the benefit concert Occupy Sandy. Cass McCombs_sentence_14

Other bands he has performed or toured with include Ariel Pink, Cat Power, Band of Horses, Andrew Bird, The Decemberists, Arcade Fire, Peter Bjorn and John, Papercuts, The Shins, Iron and Wine, Deerhoof, The Walkmen, Jana Hunter, Thurston Moore, Joe Russo and The War On Drugs. Cass McCombs_sentence_15

His single "Bradley Manning" premiered on the Democracy Now News Hour in 2012. Cass McCombs_sentence_16

His songs have been featured in films including the surf film The Present (2009), and Ralph Arlyck documentary Following Sean, as well as notable skate videos featuring Jason Dill, Jerry Hsu Chima Ferguson and Dylan Rieder. Cass McCombs_sentence_17

His song "Bobby, King of Boys Town" appeared in HBO show Girls (Season 2, Episode 9 - "On All Fours"). Cass McCombs_sentence_18

In 2014 he did a co-headlining fall tour with the Meat Puppets. Cass McCombs_sentence_19

McCombs is a member of The Skiffle Players, who released their debut LP, Skifflin' on February 12, 2016. Cass McCombs_sentence_20

In June 2016, McCombs performed at the Primavera Sound and Field Day music festivals. Cass McCombs_sentence_21

McCombs ANTI- Records debut, Mangy Love was released on August 26, 2016. Cass McCombs_sentence_22

In 2020, Spurl Editions published McCombs' debut poetry collection Toy Fabels, with illustrations by McCombs. Cass McCombs_sentence_23

Discography Cass McCombs_section_1

Studio albums Cass McCombs_section_2

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EPs Cass McCombs_section_3

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  • Not the Way E.P. (2002)Cass McCombs_item_1_9

Compilations Cass McCombs_section_4

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