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For the Trinidadian cricketer, see Colin Murray (cricketer). Colin Murray_sentence_0

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Colin MurrayColin Murray_header_cell_0_0_0
BornColin Murray_header_cell_0_1_0 (1977-03-10) 10 March 1977 (age 43)

Dundonald, Northern IrelandColin Murray_cell_0_1_1

OccupationColin Murray_header_cell_0_2_0 Radio and television presenterColin Murray_cell_0_2_1
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Colin Murray (born 10 March 1977) is a Northern Irish sports and music radio and television presenter. Colin Murray_sentence_1

In 2010, he became host of BBC Television's Match of the Day 2 on BBC Two, while still anchoring shows on BBC Radio 5 Live, including 5 Live Sport and Fighting Talk and was still presenting on BBC Radio Ulster. Colin Murray_sentence_2

He has previously hosted regular Channel 5 television and BBC Radio 1 shows. Colin Murray_sentence_3

In 2007, he was named 'Music Broadcaster of the Year' at the Sony Radio Academy Awards. Colin Murray_sentence_4

Born and raised in Dundonald, east of Belfast, Murray first trained and worked as a news journalist. Colin Murray_sentence_5

With a passion for both music and sport, he later moved into music journalism and publishing, before making his national radio debut in 1999 on Radio 1 in a short spell co-hosting The Session music show. Colin Murray_sentence_6

This was followed by a television debut in 2002 as one of six co-presenters on Channel 4's short-lived morning show RI:SE. Colin Murray_sentence_7

From 2003 onwards Murray established himself as a music radio presenter on the weekday daytime Colin and Edith show, alongside Edith Bowman. Colin Murray_sentence_8

In 2006 Murray began his first role on BBC Radio 5 Live, hosting the sports-themed Saturday morning comedy panel game Fighting Talk, and also began presenting Channel 5's live UEFA Cup football coverage on midweek evenings. Colin Murray_sentence_9

In 2006, he moved shows on Radio 1, departing Colin and Edith to front the late-night weekday evening music vehicle, The Colin Murray Show. Colin Murray_sentence_10

In 2008, he also began presenting The Late Show with Colin Murray, a once-a-week late-night music show for Radio Ulster. Colin Murray_sentence_11

The next year, he left Radio 1 to take on additional roles at 5 Live, hosting Kicking off with Colin Murray on Friday nights, and 5 Live Sport on Sunday afternoons. Colin Murray_sentence_12

In 2010, he moved from presenting live football on Channel 5 to fronting the BBC's Match of the Day 2 Sunday night highlights show. Colin Murray_sentence_13

In 2013, he announced he was leaving BBC Radio 5 Live to move to commercial rival Talksport, taking up the 10 am – 1 pm slot vacated by Richard Keys and Andy Gray. Colin Murray_sentence_14

Murray announced via Twitter in July 2016 that he was to leave Talksport in September 2016, following the takeover of the station by News Corp. Colin Murray_sentence_15

He stated that the concomitant business links between Talksport and The Sun meant that, after the scandal of the Hillsborough disaster and of its coverage by The Sun, his position would be untenable owing to the feelings of Liverpool fans (including himself) towards that newspaper. Colin Murray_sentence_16

Since August 2017, Murray has hosted the Saturday night EFL television highlights show, first for Channel 5 in the 2017/18 season and since August 2018 for Quest on EFL on Quest. Colin Murray_sentence_17

Life and career Colin Murray_section_0

1977–1993: Early life Colin Murray_section_1

Murray was born in 1977 in the Ulster Hospital in Dundonald, a suburb of East Belfast, Northern Ireland, and grew up in Dundonald's Ballybeen estate. Colin Murray_sentence_18

He was educated at the Regent House Grammar School in Newtownards, and later at Dundonald High School, leaving after GCSEs. Colin Murray_sentence_19

Hyperactive since childhood, Murray was asked to leave the grammar school due to what was perceived by teachers as a tendency to disruption – always asking awkward questions or telling jokes – traits he later identified as ideal for his future career in presenting, and which he felt should really have been nurtured by teachers. Colin Murray_sentence_20

1994–2002: Early career and radio debut Colin Murray_section_2

After leaving school, Murray went on to study journalism full-time. Colin Murray_sentence_21

He started work as a news journalist, working both in Northern Ireland as a trainee for The News Letter, before in 1994 moving to Toronto, Canada, for a year, working on a fellowship for the Toronto Sun. Colin Murray_sentence_22

After returning from Toronto he moved into music journalism, writing for newspapers about rock and pop bands, including establishing a long-standing column in the Irish Sunday People, before moving into the music magazine business with a new title called BLANK. Colin Murray_sentence_23

After Murray set it up and acted as co-publisher, Blank became the highest circulating music magazine in Ulster. Colin Murray_sentence_24

After Blank was merged with another title, Murray left the magazine. Colin Murray_sentence_25

Next, Murray joined BBC Radio 1 on 2 September 1999 to co-presented the weekly live music programme Session in Northern Ireland on BBC Radio 1, alongside BBC Radio Ulster presenter Donna Legge, broadcast only in Northern Ireland. Colin Murray_sentence_26

He had initially thought the audition was for a show on BBC Radio Ulster. Colin Murray_sentence_27

That was followed by six months in 1999 presenting the main national The Session programme from Tuesdays to Thursdays. Colin Murray_sentence_28

Spells deputising for hosts of other major Radio 1 shows also followed. Colin Murray_sentence_29

By 2002, Murray's work in radio and television earned him an audition as one of six co-presenters of Channel 4's new national breakfast television show, RI:SE. Colin Murray_sentence_30

Having initially auditioned as the entertainment presenter, Murray was instead chosen as a news presenter. Colin Murray_sentence_31

While at RI:SE he continued to co-host the evening session in Northern Ireland with Donna Legge one day a week, commuting between the province and the Channel 4 studios near Heathrow. Colin Murray_sentence_32

His time with RI:SE was brief and unhappy, with Murray later stating it "scared me off TV for a long time". Colin Murray_sentence_33

2003–2008: Radio career Colin Murray_section_3

By 2003 Murray had teamed up with Edith Bowman (his former co-host from RI:SE) to work together on Radio 1, presenting their own Colin and Edith show. Colin Murray_sentence_34

It began in September 2003 in the weekend late-morning slot, but from March 2004 it was moved to the weekday afternoon slot. Colin Murray_sentence_35

The partnership increased the listener figures to a decade high of 5.5 million. Colin Murray_sentence_36

In 2006 Murray became the new presenter of BBC Radio 5 Live's Saturday morning comedy sports panel quiz show, Fighting Talk, his first regular show on 5 Live. Colin Murray_sentence_37

His first show was on 4 February. Colin Murray_sentence_38

Also in February 2006, Murray became the anchor for Channel 5's midweek evening live European UEFA Cup football television coverage, with former anchor John Barnes acting as a roving reporter. Colin Murray_sentence_39

That year Murray left the Radio 1 Colin and Edith show to start The Colin Murray Show, a new music show on the same station beginning in September, showcasing new and alternative music in the Mondays-to-Thursdays 10 pm – midnight slot, with Bowman remaining in the lunchtime slot. Colin Murray_sentence_40

He was inevitably compared with the late holder of the slot, John Peel; Murray stated "What I like is that it's always represented honesty, and never been influenced by what's supposed to be cool at the time. Colin Murray_sentence_41

Peel played music he liked; I just play music I like". Colin Murray_sentence_42

In 2007, there was a year-on-year increase in listeners to the slot of 160,000. Colin Murray_sentence_43

From February 2008 Murray also began presenting a weekly late-night music show on BBC Radio Ulster in Northern Ireland. Colin Murray_sentence_44

After failing to find a suitable sound location, he actually presents the show from his own house, in his bedroom, drawing on his extensive music collection as well as new music downloaded onto iTunes. Colin Murray_sentence_45

It began as a Saturday night show, but later moved to Fridays. Colin Murray_sentence_46

2009–2013: Departure from Radio 1, move to 5 Live and television career Colin Murray_section_4

In 2009 Murray resigned from his Radio 1 late night show to expand his work at BBC Radio 5 Live, becoming the new presenter of 5 Live Sport on Friday evenings and Sunday afternoons, in time for the start of the 2009/10 football season. Colin Murray_sentence_47

The Friday slot was a weekend preview show, Kicking Off with Colin Murray, while the Sunday show comprises six hours of live sports coverage. Colin Murray_sentence_48

Kicking Off saw an increase in listeners after its first year of almost 20 per cent, according to 5 September 2011 figures. Colin Murray_sentence_49

With Murray having taken a self-imposed two months of holiday from work before starting at 5 Live, the 5 Live shows had to start without him while he recovered from a bout of H1N1 swine flu. Colin Murray_sentence_50

In 2010, he left Channel 5's football coverage team to replace Adrian Chiles as presenter of the BBC's Match of the Day 2 football highlights television programme, broadcast on Sunday nights on BBC Two as a companion show to the flagship Saturday night Match of the Day show on BBC One. Colin Murray_sentence_51

He also hosted the BBC Two nightly highlights show for the 2010 FIFA World Cup hosted in South Africa through June and July. Colin Murray_sentence_52

In sports television, Murray has also presented coverage of late-night American Football and the European Poker Tour for Channel 5. Colin Murray_sentence_53

From January 2010, Murray has also presented the BBC's televised coverage of the annual BDO World Darts Championship, alongside Bobby George. Colin Murray_sentence_54

In music television, Murray has co-hosted Glastonbury Festival coverage for both BBC Three and Radio 1, presented a late-night music show Ear Candy on Channel 4 (under the 4music strand) and guest-presented the BBC music show Top of the Pops. Colin Murray_sentence_55

He has also presented ITV2's coverage of the Brit Awards. Colin Murray_sentence_56

In documentary television, in 2010 Murray co-wrote and presented the BBC Two documentary Davis v Taylor: The '85 Black Ball Final, commemorating the 25th anniversary of the 1985 World Snooker Championship final. Colin Murray_sentence_57

As a game show presenter, Murray has co-presented the Channel 4 challenge show Born Sloppy with Sara Cox; he also fronted the Sudoku-based game show Street-Cred Sudoku broadcast on UKTV G2 in 2005 and the Channel Five quiz show Payday in 2007. Colin Murray_sentence_58

Other TV work has included presenting shows on BBC Three such as EastEnders Revealed, a companion show to the popular soap series. Colin Murray_sentence_59

As a narrator, Murray has appeared on the BBC television series Can't Take It With You, and Boys Will Be Girls on E4. Colin Murray_sentence_60

He has also provided the narration for the gameshow Scream if You Know the Answer! Colin Murray_sentence_61

on Watch, alongside host Duncan James. Colin Murray_sentence_62

As a celebrity contestant/participant on various television shows, Murray has appeared as Mark Knopfler on Celebrity Stars in Their Eyes in 2005, performed in Comic Relief does Fame Academy in 2007, competed in the Celebrity MasterChef in 2009, and been the Dictionary Corner guest on the Channel 4 game show Countdown. Colin Murray_sentence_63

In October 2011 he presented Driving Wars on digital television channel Dave. Colin Murray_sentence_64

2013–2016: Departure from 5 Live and move to Talksport Colin Murray_section_5

On 22 January 2013 it was announced that Murray would be replaced as presenter of Match of the Day 2 by Mark Chapman, the change commencing at the end of the 2012–13 season. Colin Murray_sentence_65

At the end of the 2013 season, Colin Murray announced he was leaving BBC Radio 5 Live to host a new mid-morning show from 10 am to 1 pm on its commercial rival Talksport, replacing Richard Keys and Andy Gray, and therefore he would be leaving his Kicking Off show and Fighting Talk. Colin Murray_sentence_66

His departure from Fighting Talk was the result of a controversy after he joked on the programme about being able to "turn" Claire Balding. Colin Murray_sentence_67

Murray expressed deep regret for the line and stated that he did not come up with it, but that it had been written on his autocue. Colin Murray_sentence_68

In an interview with the Guardian, he said, "The second I said it, I knew it was too much." Colin Murray_sentence_69

The episode concerned was a special live outside broadcast, as opposed to the usual recorded studio format; consequently, the habitual advance checks on content had not been performed. Colin Murray_sentence_70

Had it been an ordinary studio broadcast, Murray would have not have approved the joke and would have removed it from the script. Colin Murray_sentence_71

The episode has been removed from all online playback sources. Colin Murray_sentence_72

Murray made his Talksport debut on 12 August 2013 on a new show entitled Colin Murray and Friends. Colin Murray_sentence_73

Murray hosted alongside Stuart Pearce and Perry Groves on Monday (previously Mike Tindall), Des Kelly and Michael Gray on Tuesday, Steve Bunce and Didi Hamann on Wednesday, Daley Thompson and Danny Murphy on Thursday (previously Kelly Sotherton), and Bob Mills and Perry Groves on Friday. Colin Murray_sentence_74

The show had features such as top talking points from 10 am to 10:30 am, "Murray Meets.." with a 30-minute interview from 11 am to 11:30 am, a phone-in from 12 pm to 12:30 pm and the Sports Brief from 12:30 pm to 1 pm. Colin Murray_sentence_75

Despite leaving BBC Radio, he continued hosting the BDO World Darts Championship for BBC Television in January 2014, 2015 and 2016, alongside Bobby George and Talksport commentator Jim Proudfoot (who occasionally guests on his show), and also hosts occasional music programmes for BBC Radio 6 Music. Colin Murray_sentence_76

In 2013, he hosted the two NFL International Series Matches for Channel 4, alongside Nat Coombs, Mike Carlson and Vernon Kay, and hosted the 2014 Super Bowl for the channel — its first Super Bowl in 16 years. Colin Murray_sentence_77

2016–present: Departure from Talksport and return to 5 Live Colin Murray_section_6

Despite a popular and successful run with Talksport, Murray announced he would be leaving the station with his final show being on 2 September 2016. Colin Murray_sentence_78

Murray's decision to leave was triggered by the purchase of Talksport by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp, who in turn owns The Sun. Colin Murray_sentence_79

Murray, a Liverpool fan, stated that he was concerned by the "inevitable closer association of the Station with the Sun newspaper". Colin Murray_sentence_80

On September 12, Murray announced via his Twitter feed that he would be returning to BBC Radio 5 Live to host Fighting Talk. Colin Murray_sentence_81

During the coronavirus pandemic, Colin co-hosted 5 live "Coronavirus Call-In's" on BBC Radio 5 with Dr. Chris Smith. Colin Murray_sentence_82

Murray also hosts the late evening show from 22.30 to 1.00 Mon to Wednesday, which includes a virtual pub called The Lock-Inn which is broadcast via radio and Zoom. Colin Murray_sentence_83

Other work Colin Murray_section_7

Murray has continued his journalism work into his presenting career by writing a monthly 'radio diary' piece for The Guardian newspaper. Colin Murray_sentence_84

In 2005, he created a radio documentary, The Trouble With Drugs. Colin Murray_sentence_85

In October 2009 he published his first book, A Random History of Football, ISBN 978-1-4091-1290-7, through Orion Publishing, a compendium of random and relatively unknown stories about football. Colin Murray_sentence_86

In 2007 Murray directed magician Chris Cox's Edinburgh Fringe Festival show, Everything Happens for a Reason. Colin Murray_sentence_87

Murray has also compèred at the Leeds Festival since 2004. Colin Murray_sentence_88

In 2003, he co-hosted the Kerrang! Colin Murray_sentence_89 Awards with Edith Bowman. Colin Murray_sentence_90

Since 2015, Murray has co-hosted Eurosport UK's coverage of competitive snooker, along with renowned players Ronnie O'Sullivan, Jimmy White and Neal Foulds. Colin Murray_sentence_91

Outside the UK, Murray has been a weekly fixture on The Fan 590's breakfast programme in Toronto, Canada. Colin Murray_sentence_92

He appears on Fridays with frequent FT panelist Greg Brady and Jim Lang wherein he discusses the week's big sporting topics in the UK, as well as the upcoming weekend's Premier League (or either international, FA Cup or League Cup) action. Colin Murray_sentence_93

Murray is credited as the interviewer for "Lock the Box", a 40-minute video interview with Noel and Liam Gallagher of Oasis, which discusses the tracks selected for the band's retrospective album Stop the Clocks. Colin Murray_sentence_94

On 7 November 2020, it was announced that Murray will replace Nick Hewer as host of Countdown as pandemic lockdowns will preclude Hewer, who is 76, from being able to travel to the set. Colin Murray_sentence_95

Personal life Colin Murray_section_8

Murray has been a fan of Liverpool F.C. and Northern Ireland since childhood. Colin Murray_sentence_96

He got five stars tattooed on his arm when Liverpool won the European Cup for the fifth time. Colin Murray_sentence_97

He has also stated he is a Chester FC fan after falling in love with the club following their rise from closure and fronted by the fans. Colin Murray_sentence_98

He was guest of honour at the end-of-season awards. Colin Murray_sentence_99

On his role as both a football presenter and a fan, Murray said in 2009 that "The biggest stick I get when I'm presenting football is from Liverpool fans", and in 2010 "I like a laugh but I am serious also about football and the impartiality required to respect all football fans." Colin Murray_sentence_100

Murray is also the Irish Football Association's Football for All ambassador. Colin Murray_sentence_101

Whilst living in Toronto, Canada, he became a supporter of the baseball team Toronto Blue Jays and a fan of Major League Baseball in general, and has since spent his annual summer holidays in North America watching MLB games. Colin Murray_sentence_102

Murray is also a season ticket-holder at the Welsh club Pontypridd Town A.F.C. Colin Murray_sentence_103 , with whom he has promoted tours across Spain, where Pontypridd played pre-season fixtures against Villareal CF and Valencia CF. Colin Murray_sentence_104

Awards Colin Murray_section_9

Murray has won three Gold Sony Radio Academy Awards. Colin Murray_sentence_105

In the 2007 Sony Awards he was named 'Music Broadcaster of the Year'; in the 2005 Awards he was given the Feature Award for a documentary, entitled The Trouble With Drugs, while in 2011 he took gold for best sport program, for Fighting Talk. Colin Murray_sentence_106

In 2002 Murray was named IPR Northern Ireland Entertainment Journalist of the Year, for his long-running music column in the Irish Sunday People. Colin Murray_sentence_107

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