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Compass Point Studios was a music recording studio in the Bahamas, founded in 1977 by Chris Blackwell, the owner of Island Records. Compass Point Studios_sentence_0

Artists Compass Point Studios_section_0

Located on the island of New Providence, ten miles west of Nassau, the studio attracted musical artists from across the world to record at its facilities during the 1970s and 1980s. Compass Point Studios_sentence_1

AC/DC's Back In Black, the second highest selling album ever, was one of the many albums recorded there. Compass Point Studios_sentence_2

Artists who recorded at Compass Point Studios included The Tragically Hip, Grace Jones, Brian Eno, Talking Heads, Madness, Iron Maiden, The B-52's, and David Bowie. Compass Point Studios_sentence_3

Decline and closure Compass Point Studios_section_1

As Blackwell's other business interests steadily increased, he spent less of his time directly looking after the studio. Compass Point Studios_sentence_4

With producer and manager Alex Sadkin's death in 1987, the studio began a period of decline. Compass Point Studios_sentence_5

In 1992, Blackwell took action to save the studio by hiring Terry and Sherrie Manning, the owners and operators of a recording studio and video production house in the US. Compass Point Studios_sentence_6

The couple oversaw all aspects of Compass Point Studios. Compass Point Studios_sentence_7

Upon their arrival in late 1992, the Mannings began restoring the two large studios, tearing them apart and completely rewiring them with modern recording equipment. Compass Point Studios_sentence_8

The Nassau studio was closed in 2010 due to increasing crime in the area. Compass Point Studios_sentence_9

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