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This article is about the composition by Dizzy Gillespie. Con Alma_sentence_0

For the album by Ray Bryant, see Con Alma (Ray Bryant album). Con Alma_sentence_1

For the album by Charles McPherson, see Con Alma! Con Alma_sentence_2

"Con Alma" is a jazz standard written by Dizzy Gillespie, appearing on his 1954 album Afro. Con Alma_sentence_3

The tune incorporates aspects of bebop jazz and Latin rhythm, and is known for its frequent changes in key centers (occurring every two bars), while still maintaining a singable melody. Con Alma_sentence_4

Notable recordings Con Alma_section_0

It has been noted that "As good as Dizzy's versions of his own tune are, it's probably not too crazy to say that 'Con Alma' really took off in the hands of other musicians." Con Alma_sentence_5

Among those who have recorded versions are: Con Alma_sentence_6

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The song was recorded by Chaka Khan in 1982 as part of the "Be Bop Medley" from her album Chaka Khan. Con Alma_sentence_7

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