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The Cowra Guardian, also published as The Guardian, The Cowra Gobbler, Cowra Guardian, Canowindra Star, The Canowindra Star and Eugowra News, Cowra Guardian and Lachlan Agricultural Recorder is a tri-weekly newspaper published in Cowra, New South Wales, Australia since 1885. Cowra Guardian_sentence_0

History Cowra Guardian_section_0

The Cowra Guardian began as the Cowra Guardian and Lachlan Agricultural Recorder (1885-1943), a provincial newspaper and rural guide, published by S. A. Stevenson. Cowra Guardian_sentence_1

It continued as the Cowra Guardian (1943-1980). Cowra Guardian_sentence_2

It was renamed The Guardian from 1980-1984 before reverting to the Cowra Guardian. Cowra Guardian_sentence_3

The Cowra Guardian absorbed a number of papers including the Lachlan Leader on 22 Oct 1943 and the Canowindra Star on 4 February 1972. Cowra Guardian_sentence_4

The Canowindra Star was published from to 1971. Cowra Guardian_sentence_5

It was named The Canowindra Star and Eugowra News from 1903-1925 before reverting to the Canowindra Star. Cowra Guardian_sentence_6

Provincial newspapers were an important outlet for the concerns of rural communities. Cowra Guardian_sentence_7

In 1919 the proprietor of the Cowra Guardian, J. J. Sullivan articulated the needs of rural families at the annual conference of the NSWCPA. Cowra Guardian_sentence_8

The Cowra Guardian was acquired by Macquarie Publications in the 1980s. Cowra Guardian_sentence_9

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