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"Date Rape" is a song by the band Sublime originally recorded for their 1992 debut album, 40 Oz. Date Rape (song)_sentence_0 to Freedom. Date Rape (song)_sentence_1

It was first released as a single in 1991, but did not become a hit until four years later, when the Los Angeles radio station KROQ began adding it into their playlists and it quickly became one of their most requested songs. Date Rape (song)_sentence_2

Lyrics and meaning Date Rape (song)_section_0

The song is about a woman who gets date raped by a man who in return gets anally raped while in prison. Date Rape (song)_sentence_3

Background Date Rape (song)_section_1

Bradley Nowell explained, Date Rape (song)_sentence_4

Although "Date Rape" is one of Sublime's most popular songs, it barely made it on their first CD. Date Rape (song)_sentence_5

Nowell and the other members of the band thought of it as one of their worst songs, often being reluctant to play it during live shows when fans screamed out requests for it. Date Rape (song)_sentence_6

Music video Date Rape (song)_section_2

Pornographic actor Ron Jeremy stars in the "Date Rape" music video. Date Rape (song)_sentence_7

Jeremy plays both the judge at the rape trial and the "large inmate" who rapes the man who sexually assaulted the female protagonist of the song. Date Rape (song)_sentence_8

Legacy Date Rape (song)_section_3

The song was covered by Fishbone (whom Sublime cited as an influence) on both the 2005 Sublime tribute album Look at All the Love We Found and Fishbone's own 2006 album Still Stuck in Your Throat. Date Rape (song)_sentence_9

The cover's video was directed by Renee Tod and Josh Fischel (of the band Bargain Music), the latter of which is the director of the Sublime documentary Stories, Tales, Lies & Exaggerations. Date Rape (song)_sentence_10

"Date Rape" is also featured in the soundtrack for the video game BMX XXX. Date Rape (song)_sentence_11

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