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This article is about a tower in Delimara built by Grandmaster De Redin, now demolished. Delimara Tower_sentence_0

For another tower built by the Dorell family also referred to as Delimara Tower, see Saint Paul's Tower and Chapel (Malta). Delimara Tower_sentence_1

Delimara Tower_table_infobox_0

Delimara Tower & BatteryDelimara Tower_header_cell_0_0_0
CoordinatesDelimara Tower_header_cell_0_1_0 Delimara Tower_cell_0_1_1
TypeDelimara Tower_header_cell_0_2_0 Coastal watchtower

Artillery batteryDelimara Tower_cell_0_2_1

Site historyDelimara Tower_header_cell_0_3_0
BuiltDelimara Tower_header_cell_0_4_0 1659 (tower)

1793 (battery)Delimara Tower_cell_0_4_1

Built byDelimara Tower_header_cell_0_5_0 Order of Saint JohnDelimara Tower_cell_0_5_1
MaterialsDelimara Tower_header_cell_0_6_0 LimestoneDelimara Tower_cell_0_6_1
FateDelimara Tower_header_cell_0_7_0 DemolishedDelimara Tower_cell_0_7_1

Delimara Tower (Maltese: Torri ta' Delimara), originally known as Torre della Limara, was a small watchtower in Delimara, limits of Marsaxlokk, Malta. Delimara Tower_sentence_2

It was built in 1659 as the tenth of the De Redin towers, and an artillery battery was later built nearby in 1793. Delimara Tower_sentence_3

Both the tower and the battery have been demolished. Delimara Tower_sentence_4

History Delimara Tower_section_0

Delimara Tower was built in 1659 at the tip of Delimara Point. Delimara Tower_sentence_5

It followed the standard design of the De Redin towers, having a square plan with two floors and a turret on the roof. Delimara Tower_sentence_6

A feature unique to Delimara Tower was that it had machicolations. Delimara Tower_sentence_7

It also had a buttress at the base, implying that it had some structural weaknesses. Delimara Tower_sentence_8

A similar buttress still exists at Triq il-Wiesgħa Tower. Delimara Tower_sentence_9

Delimara Tower had Xrobb l-Għaġin Tower in its line of sight to the northeast, and Bengħisa Tower to the southwest. Delimara Tower_sentence_10

A mortar battery was built near the tower in 1793. Delimara Tower_sentence_11

Both the tower and battery were demolished by the British to clear the line of fire of the nearby Fort Delimara. Delimara Tower_sentence_12

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