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Der Protagonist_table_infobox_0

Der ProtagonistDer Protagonist_header_cell_0_0_0
LibrettistDer Protagonist_header_cell_0_1_0 Georg KaiserDer Protagonist_cell_0_1_1
LanguageDer Protagonist_header_cell_0_2_0 GermanDer Protagonist_cell_0_2_1
PremiereDer Protagonist_header_cell_0_3_0 27 March 1926 (1926-03-27)

Semperoper, DresdenDer Protagonist_cell_0_3_1

Der Protagonist (The Protagonist) is an opera in one act by Kurt Weill, his Op. Der Protagonist_sentence_0

15. Der Protagonist_sentence_1

The German libretto was written by Georg Kaiser based on his own play of the same name of (1920). Der Protagonist_sentence_2

Weill's first surviving opera has been described as Literaturoper. Der Protagonist_sentence_3

Performance history Der Protagonist_section_0

It was first performed on 27 March 1926 at the Semperoper in Dresden, when it was directed by Josef Gielen [] and conducted by Fritz Busch. Der Protagonist_sentence_4

It was given again at the Städtische Oper Berlin in October 1928 directed by Walter Brügmann and conducted by Robert F. Denzler, this time as a double bill with Der Zar lässt sich photographieren. Der Protagonist_sentence_5

Post-war performances have included productions at the Deutsche Oper am Rhein, Düsseldorf, in April 1958 (the first German post-war performance), directed by Friedrich Wilhelm Andreas and conducted by Friedrich Brenn; Santa Fe Opera from 31 July 1993, directed by Jonathan Eaton and conducted by George Manahan (coupled with Der Zar lässt sich photographieren). Der Protagonist_sentence_6

An Austrian premiere of the opera took place only on 17 November 2000 in a production of the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna at Schönbrunn Palace, directed by Sebastian Müller and conducted by Marino Formenti []. Der Protagonist_sentence_7

It was followed by the Bregenz Festival from 21 July 2004, with the direction of Nicolas Brieger [] and conducted by Yakov Kreizberg (coupled with Weill's Royal Palace). Der Protagonist_sentence_8

Roles Der Protagonist_section_1

Der Protagonist_table_general_1

Roles, voice types, premiere castDer Protagonist_table_caption_1
RoleDer Protagonist_header_cell_1_0_0 Voice typeDer Protagonist_header_cell_1_0_1 Premiere cast, 27 March 1926

Conductor: Fritz BuschDer Protagonist_header_cell_1_0_2

The protagonistDer Protagonist_cell_1_1_0 tenorDer Protagonist_cell_1_1_1 Curt TaucherDer Protagonist_cell_1_1_2
His sisterDer Protagonist_cell_1_2_0 sopranoDer Protagonist_cell_1_2_1 Elisa StünznerDer Protagonist_cell_1_2_2
First actorDer Protagonist_cell_1_3_0 bassDer Protagonist_cell_1_3_1 Robert BüsselDer Protagonist_cell_1_3_2
Second actorDer Protagonist_cell_1_4_0 baritoneDer Protagonist_cell_1_4_1 Rudolf SchmalnauerDer Protagonist_cell_1_4_2
Third actorDer Protagonist_cell_1_5_0 contraltoDer Protagonist_cell_1_5_1 Elfriede HaberkornDer Protagonist_cell_1_5_2
The majordomo of the dukeDer Protagonist_cell_1_6_0 tenorDer Protagonist_cell_1_6_1 Ludwig EybischDer Protagonist_cell_1_6_2
Young lordDer Protagonist_cell_1_7_0 baritoneDer Protagonist_cell_1_7_1 Paul SchöfflerDer Protagonist_cell_1_7_2
InnkeeperDer Protagonist_cell_1_8_0 bassDer Protagonist_cell_1_8_1 Adolf SchoepflinDer Protagonist_cell_1_8_2
Eight musiciansDer Protagonist_cell_1_9_0

Recordings Der Protagonist_section_2

Weill: Der Protagonist – Berlin German Symphony Orchestra Der Protagonist_sentence_9

Der Protagonist_unordered_list_0

  • Conductor: John MauceriDer Protagonist_item_0_0
  • Principal singers: Corby Welch, Matthias Koch, Alexander Marco-Buhrmester, Robert Worle, Jan Buchwald, Matteo de Monti, Johannes von Duisburg, Amanda HalgrimsonDer Protagonist_item_0_1
  • Recording date: 1 May 2002Der Protagonist_item_0_2
  • Label: Capriccio – 60 086 (CD)Der Protagonist_item_0_3

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