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For the film, see The Island (1934 film). Die Insel_sentence_0

Die Insel (in English "The Island") was a German literary and art magazine that was published in Munich from 1899 to 1901 by Otto Julius Bierbaum, Alfred Walter Heymel, and Rudolf Alexander Schröder. Die Insel_sentence_1

Despite its short life, it is considered one of the most important German literary magazines of early modernism. Die Insel_sentence_2

The magazine published texts from already well-known authors like Hugo von Hofmannsthal and Rainer Maria Rilke as well as from new voices like Robert Walser. Die Insel_sentence_3

The symbol of the magazine, a sailing boat, was designed by Peter Behrens. Die Insel_sentence_4

It is still the logo of the Insel Verlag publishing company, which arose from the magazine. Die Insel_sentence_5

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