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For other uses, see Dagger (typography). Double Dagger_sentence_0

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Double DaggerDouble Dagger_header_cell_0_0_0
OriginDouble Dagger_header_cell_0_1_0 Baltimore, Maryland, United StatesDouble Dagger_cell_0_1_1
GenresDouble Dagger_header_cell_0_2_0 Post-punk, post-hardcore, noise rockDouble Dagger_cell_0_2_1
Years activeDouble Dagger_header_cell_0_3_0 2002–2011Double Dagger_cell_0_3_1
LabelsDouble Dagger_header_cell_0_4_0 Stationary (Heart), Hit-Dat Records, Thrill Jockey Records, Toxic Pop, Terra Firma LTDDouble Dagger_cell_0_4_1
WebsiteDouble Dagger_header_cell_0_5_0 Double Dagger_cell_0_5_1

Double Dagger was a post-punk trio from Baltimore, Maryland composed of only drums, vocals, and a very loud bass guitar which fills the space a guitar would normally take. Double Dagger_sentence_1

Vocalist Nolen Strals and bassist Bruce Willen also comprised the graphic design team Post Typography, which has done work for some very high-profile clients, including The New York Times. Double Dagger_sentence_2

Hence, Double Dagger made a habit of referring to their style of post-hardcore as "graphicdesigncore" early in their career. Double Dagger_sentence_3

In October 2011, Double Dagger broke up after a small final tour. Double Dagger_sentence_4

Their final EP 333 was released in April 2013 alongside a documentary of their final tour, entitled If We Shout Loud Enough. Double Dagger_sentence_5

History Double Dagger_section_0

Nolen Strals and Bruce Willen had previously been in a group called League of Death, which was initially conceived as a heavy metal outfit, but later became a hardcore band. Double Dagger_sentence_6

League of Death broke up in 2002 after a final show with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, giving rise to Double Dagger, as a self-described "graphicdesigncore" band, with several songs referencing design and typographic elements on their first releases (the band itself was named after the typographic symbol ‡, used for footnotes). Double Dagger_sentence_7

Brian Dubin, who had previously played bass in Baltimore rock band Stars of the Dogon and guitar in Baltimore's beloved Charm City Suicides during their final year, joined the new band as a drummer and played on the bands' first few recordings, including their self-titled debut album. Double Dagger_sentence_8

He left in 2005 and was replaced by Denny Bowen, then of Yukon, formerly of the band Economist, with whom Double Dagger had released a split single in 2003. Double Dagger_sentence_9

During their 9-year run, Double Dagger played with a number of high-profile acts, including Pere Ubu, Lightning Bolt, The Ex, The Buzzcocks, The Jesus Lizard, and Matt & Kim. Double Dagger_sentence_10

They have released several EPs, 7" singles, and three full length albums. Double Dagger_sentence_11

The band earned considerable critical praise as well, as evinced by positive reviews in publications such as The Washington Post, Punk Planet, Baltimore City Paper and Rolling Stone. Double Dagger_sentence_12

Citing time restraints and "chaotic personal lifes," Double Dagger announced they would break up following a brief tour of the eastern United States, and a final show in their hometown of Baltimore. Double Dagger_sentence_13

Bowen currently appears in Roomrunner and performs live with Dan Deacon and Future Islands, Willen appears in Peals alongside of William Cashion of Future Islands, and Strals appears in Pure Junk and Second Best Westerns. Double Dagger_sentence_14

Past members Double Dagger_section_1

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  • Nolen Strals: VocalsDouble Dagger_item_0_0
  • Bruce Willen: BassDouble Dagger_item_0_1
  • Denny Bowen: DrumsDouble Dagger_item_0_2
  • Brian Dubin: Drums (2002-2004)Double Dagger_item_0_3
  • Lee Ashlin (The Fuses), Sean McGuiness (Pissed Jeans), and Ben Valis (Stars of the Dogon) have all performed with Double Dagger at various live showsDouble Dagger_item_0_4

Discography Double Dagger_section_2

Albums Double Dagger_section_3

Double Dagger_unordered_list_1

  • Double Dagger (Hit-Dat Records 2003)Double Dagger_item_1_5
  • Ragged Rubble (Stationary Heart Recordings 2007)Double Dagger_item_1_6
  • MORE (Thrill Jockey Records 2009)Double Dagger_item_1_7

Singles and EPs Double Dagger_section_4

Double Dagger_unordered_list_2

  • Alt+0135 (Self Released 2002)Double Dagger_item_2_8
  • Art School Girlfriend/Obey the One Trick Pony' (Hit-Dat Records 2003, split with Economist)Double Dagger_item_2_9
  • Luxury (Self Released 2006, cassette only)Double Dagger_item_2_10
  • Luxury (Self Released 2007, CDR of four tracks from Ragged Rubble recordings)Double Dagger_item_2_11
  • Bored Meeting 7" (Toxic Pop 2008)Double Dagger_item_2_12
  • Sophisticated Urban Living 7" (Terra Firma Limited 2008)Double Dagger_item_2_13
  • Masks (Thrill Jockey Records 2010)Double Dagger_item_2_14
  • 333 (Thrill Jockey Records 2013)Double Dagger_item_2_15

Documentaries Double Dagger_section_5

Double Dagger_unordered_list_3

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