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Eddie DeGarmo (born October 3, 1954) is an American contemporary Christian music recording artist, keyboardist, producer and singer. Eddie DeGarmo_sentence_0

He became best friends with guitarist/lead vocalist Dana Key in first grade, and co-founded the Christian rock group DeGarmo and Key with him in 1978. Eddie DeGarmo_sentence_1

DeGarmo played keyboards and provided vocals for the band. Eddie DeGarmo_sentence_2

DeGarmo was one of the founders of Christian music label ForeFront Records. Eddie DeGarmo_sentence_3

After almost twenty years performing with DeGarmo and Key, DeGarmo influenced other areas of the Christian music industry as an executive at ForeFront Records. Eddie DeGarmo_sentence_4

DeGarmo, like Key, hails from Memphis, Tennessee. Eddie DeGarmo_sentence_5

He is the uncle of singer and Broadway actress Diana DeGarmo. Eddie DeGarmo_sentence_6

Discography Eddie DeGarmo_section_0

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