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Edgar FroeseEdgar Froese_header_cell_0_0_0
Background informationEdgar Froese_header_cell_0_1_0
Birth nameEdgar Froese_header_cell_0_2_0 Edgar Willmar FroeseEdgar Froese_cell_0_2_1
BornEdgar Froese_header_cell_0_3_0 (1944-06-06)6 June 1944

Tilsit, East Prussia, Germany (now Sovetsk, Russia)Edgar Froese_cell_0_3_1

DiedEdgar Froese_header_cell_0_4_0 20 January 2015(2015-01-20) (aged 70)

Vienna, AustriaEdgar Froese_cell_0_4_1

GenresEdgar Froese_header_cell_0_5_0 Electronic musicEdgar Froese_cell_0_5_1
Occupation(s)Edgar Froese_header_cell_0_6_0 Edgar Froese_cell_0_6_1
InstrumentsEdgar Froese_header_cell_0_7_0 Edgar Froese_cell_0_7_1
Years activeEdgar Froese_header_cell_0_8_0 1964–2015Edgar Froese_cell_0_8_1
LabelsEdgar Froese_header_cell_0_9_0 Virgin/EMI RecordsEdgar Froese_cell_0_9_1
Associated actsEdgar Froese_header_cell_0_10_0 Tangerine Dream

Thorsten Quaeschning Hoshiko YamaneEdgar Froese_cell_0_10_1

Edgar Willmar Froese (6 June 1944 – 20 January 2015) was a German artist and electronic music pioneer, best known for founding the electronic music group Tangerine Dream in 1967. Edgar Froese_sentence_0

Froese was the only continuous member of the group until his death. Edgar Froese_sentence_1

Although his solo and group recordings prior to 2003 name him as "Edgar Froese", his solo albums from 2003 onwards bear the name "Edgar W. Froese". Edgar Froese_sentence_2

Biography Edgar Froese_section_0

Froese was born in Tilsit, East Prussia (now Sovetsk, Russia), on D-Day during World War II; members of his family, including his father, had been killed by the Nazis and after the war his mother and surviving family settled in Berlin. Edgar Froese_sentence_3

He took piano lessons from the age of 12, and started playing guitar at 15. Edgar Froese_sentence_4

After showing an early aptitude for art, Froese enrolled at the Academy of the Arts in Berlin to study painting and sculpture. Edgar Froese_sentence_5

One of his most lucrative jobs was to design advertising posters for the Berlin buses. Edgar Froese_sentence_6

He started an evening degree in psychology and philosophy and received his doctorate on Kant's categorical imperative. Edgar Froese_sentence_7

Since his interpretation was not in accordance with the academic way of thinking, he left the college with the remark: "The dust of the universities is like a shroud over the truth." Edgar Froese_sentence_8

In 1965, he formed a band called The Ones, who played psychedelic rock, and some rock and R&B standards. Edgar Froese_sentence_9

While playing in Spain, The Ones were invited to perform at Salvador Dalí's villa in Cadaqués. Edgar Froese_sentence_10

Froese's encounter with Dalí was highly influential, inspiring him to pursue more experimental directions with his music. Edgar Froese_sentence_11

The Ones disbanded in 1967, having released only one single "Lady Greengrass" (b/w "Love of Mine") on Star Club Records. Edgar Froese_sentence_12

After returning to Berlin, Froese began recruiting musicians for the free-rock band that would become Tangerine Dream. Edgar Froese_sentence_13

Personal life Edgar Froese_section_1

Froese declared himself to be vegetarian, teetotal, and a non-smoker; he also did not take drugs. Edgar Froese_sentence_14

Froese was married to artist and photographer Monika (Monique) Froese from 1974 until her death in 2000. Edgar Froese_sentence_15

Their son Jerome Froese was a member of Tangerine Dream from 1990 through 2006. Edgar Froese_sentence_16

In 2002 Edgar Froese married artist and musician Bianca Froese-Acquaye. Edgar Froese_sentence_17

Froese died suddenly in Vienna on 20 January 2015 from a pulmonary embolism. Edgar Froese_sentence_18

He was posthumously awarded the Schallwelle Honorary Award for Lifetime Achievement in 2015. Edgar Froese_sentence_19

He was quoted by the BBC as having once said: "there is no death, there is just a change of our cosmic address". Edgar Froese_sentence_20

Froese was a friend of such artists as David Bowie, Brian Eno, Iggy Pop, George Moorse, Volker Schlöndorff, Alexander Hacke and Friedrich Gulda. Edgar Froese_sentence_21

Pop and Bowie lived with Froese and his family at their home in Schöneberg before moving to their apartment on Hauptstraße. Edgar Froese_sentence_22

Froese also helped Bowie with his recovery and introduced him to the Berlin underground scene. Edgar Froese_sentence_23

Bowie named Froese's solo album Epsilon in Malaysian Pale as a big influence and a soundtrack to his life in Berlin. Edgar Froese_sentence_24

Solo discography Edgar Froese_section_2

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YearEdgar Froese_header_cell_1_0_0 Album nameEdgar Froese_header_cell_1_0_1 LabelEdgar Froese_header_cell_1_0_2 NotesEdgar Froese_header_cell_1_0_3
1974Edgar Froese_cell_1_1_0 AquaEdgar Froese_cell_1_1_1 VirginEdgar Froese_cell_1_1_2 Edgar Froese_cell_1_1_3
1975Edgar Froese_cell_1_2_0 Epsilon in Malaysian PaleEdgar Froese_cell_1_2_1
1976Edgar Froese_cell_1_3_0 Macula TransferEdgar Froese_cell_1_3_1 BrainEdgar Froese_cell_1_3_2
1978Edgar Froese_cell_1_4_0 AgesEdgar Froese_cell_1_4_1 VirginEdgar Froese_cell_1_4_2
1979Edgar Froese_cell_1_5_0 StuntmanEdgar Froese_cell_1_5_1
1982Edgar Froese_cell_1_6_0 Kamikaze 1989Edgar Froese_cell_1_6_1 Film SoundtrackEdgar Froese_cell_1_6_2
1983Edgar Froese_cell_1_7_0 PinnaclesEdgar Froese_cell_1_7_1 Edgar Froese_cell_1_7_2
2005Edgar Froese_cell_1_8_0 DalinetopiaEdgar Froese_cell_1_8_1 EastgateEdgar Froese_cell_1_8_2

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YearEdgar Froese_header_cell_2_0_0 Album nameEdgar Froese_header_cell_2_0_1 LabelEdgar Froese_header_cell_2_0_2
2005Edgar Froese_cell_2_1_0 Phaedra 2005Edgar Froese_cell_2_1_1 EastgateEdgar Froese_cell_2_1_2
2007Edgar Froese_cell_2_2_0 Summer in NagasakiEdgar Froese_cell_2_2_1
2008Edgar Froese_cell_2_3_0 Tangram 2008Edgar Froese_cell_2_3_1
Hyperborea 2008Edgar Froese_cell_2_4_0
2009Edgar Froese_cell_2_5_0 Winter in HiroshimaEdgar Froese_cell_2_5_1
ChandraEdgar Froese_cell_2_6_0

Edgar Froese_description_list_2

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YearEdgar Froese_header_cell_3_0_0 Album nameEdgar Froese_header_cell_3_0_1 LabelEdgar Froese_header_cell_3_0_2 NotesEdgar Froese_header_cell_3_0_3
1980Edgar Froese_cell_3_1_0 Electronic DreamsEdgar Froese_cell_3_1_1 BrainEdgar Froese_cell_3_1_2 Edgar Froese_cell_3_1_3
1981Edgar Froese_cell_3_2_0 Solo 1974–1979Edgar Froese_cell_3_2_1 VirginEdgar Froese_cell_3_2_2
1995Edgar Froese_cell_3_3_0 Beyond the StormEdgar Froese_cell_3_3_1 Includes new and remixed tracksEdgar Froese_cell_3_3_2
2003Edgar Froese_cell_3_4_0 Introduction to the Ambient HighwayEdgar Froese_cell_3_4_1 TDP InternationalEdgar Froese_cell_3_4_2 SamplerEdgar Froese_cell_3_4_3
Ambient Highway, Vol. 1Edgar Froese_cell_3_5_0 Includes new and remixed tracksEdgar Froese_cell_3_5_1
Ambient Highway, Vol. 2Edgar Froese_cell_3_6_0
Ambient Highway, Vol. 3Edgar Froese_cell_3_7_0
Ambient Highway, Vol. 4Edgar Froese_cell_3_8_0
2005Edgar Froese_cell_3_9_0 Orange Light YearsEdgar Froese_cell_3_9_1 EastgateEdgar Froese_cell_3_9_2
2012Edgar Froese_cell_3_10_0 Solo 1974–1983 - The Virgin YearsEdgar Froese_cell_3_10_1 VirginEdgar Froese_cell_3_10_2 Edgar Froese_cell_3_10_3

Other Appearances Edgar Froese_section_3

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YearEdgar Froese_header_cell_4_0_0 Artist NameEdgar Froese_header_cell_4_0_1 Song TitleEdgar Froese_header_cell_4_0_2 Album TitleEdgar Froese_header_cell_4_0_3 NotesEdgar Froese_header_cell_4_0_4
1981Edgar Froese_cell_4_1_0 Tangerine DreamEdgar Froese_cell_4_1_1 "Baryll Blue"Edgar Froese_cell_4_1_2 '70 – '80Edgar Froese_cell_4_1_3 Ages recording sessions outtakeEdgar Froese_cell_4_1_4
1992Edgar Froese_cell_4_2_0 Various ArtistsEdgar Froese_cell_4_2_1 "Michiko"Edgar Froese_cell_4_2_2 The Best of the O1/WEdgar Froese_cell_4_2_3 Promotion of the Korg 01/W synthesizer.Edgar Froese_cell_4_2_4
2011Edgar Froese_cell_4_3_0 William ShatnerEdgar Froese_cell_4_3_1 "Learning to Fly"Edgar Froese_cell_4_3_2 Seeking Major TomEdgar Froese_cell_4_3_3 Played guitar and keyboards.Edgar Froese_cell_4_3_4
2013Edgar Froese_cell_4_4_0 "Do You See?"Edgar Froese_cell_4_4_1 Ponder the MysteryEdgar Froese_cell_4_4_2 Guitar soloEdgar Froese_cell_4_4_3

Edgar Froese solo material as Tangerine Dream Edgar Froese_section_4

Tangents was a Tangerine Dream compilation album box set of five CDs issued in 1994, compiling music from their years with Virgin Records, 1973 to 1983. Edgar Froese_sentence_25

Disc five consists entirely of "previously unreleased material": ten tracks, seven of which are credited only to Froese as the composer. Edgar Froese_sentence_26

No information is given as to where or when these tracks were recorded, or by which line-up of Tangerine Dream. Edgar Froese_sentence_27

Most Tangerine Dream tracks credit the line-up that recorded it as the composers, therefore these appear to be Froese solo tracks, released under the Tangerine Dream name, and may have been recorded for this album. Edgar Froese_sentence_28

Furthermore, five tracks on disc three are described as "re-recordings by Edgar Froese", while the remaining tracks on discs three and four are described as "re-mixed plus additional recordings by Edgar Froese". Edgar Froese_sentence_29

The tracks on discs one and two are also remixed and contain new overdubs, and Froese is credited as producer for the entire album. Edgar Froese_sentence_30

Another compilation box set, the 6-CD I-Box (2001) contains further bonus tracks credited only to Froese: "Ivory Town", "Storm Seekers", "Cool Shibuya" and "Akash Deep". Edgar Froese_sentence_31

Several of Froese's tracks from Tangents are included as well. Edgar Froese_sentence_32

The Tangerine Dream album Views from a Red Train (2008) was originally announced as an Edgar Froese solo album. Edgar Froese_sentence_33

It was eventually expanded with other band members performing, but the album remains composed entirely by Froese. Edgar Froese_sentence_34

Books Edgar Froese_section_5

Edgar Froese_unordered_list_3

  • Froese, Edgar (2014). Tangerine Dream – Force Majeure – 1967–2014. Eastgate.Edgar Froese_item_3_0
  • Stump, Paul (1997). Digital gothic: A critical discography of Tangerine Dream. Wembley: SAF.Edgar Froese_item_3_1

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