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For other uses, see Egress. Egressive sound_sentence_0

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In human speech, egressive sounds are sounds in which the air stream is created by pushing air out through the mouth or nose. Egressive sound_sentence_1

The three types of egressive sounds are pulmonic egressive (from the lungs), glottalic egressive (from the glottis), and lingual (velaric) egressive (from the tongue). Egressive sound_sentence_2

The opposite of an egressive sound is an ingressive sound, in which the airstream flows inward through the mouth or nose. Egressive sound_sentence_3

Pulmonic egressive Egressive sound_section_0

Pulmonic egressive sounds are those in which the air stream is created by the lungs, ribs, and diaphragm. Egressive sound_sentence_4

The majority of sounds in most languages, such as vowels, are both pulmonic and egressive. Egressive sound_sentence_5

Pulmonic egressive sounds are found in all spoken languages. Egressive sound_sentence_6

Glottalic egressive Egressive sound_section_1

Glottalic egressive sounds are known as ejectives. Egressive sound_sentence_7

Lingual egressive Egressive sound_section_2

The lingual egressive, also known as velaric egressive, involves a double closure similar to that of the lingual ingressive sounds known as clicks, but with airflow in the opposite direction. Egressive sound_sentence_8

With the velum closed, the speaker forces air out of the mouth using either the tongue or cheeks, as in the French expression of dismissal. Egressive sound_sentence_9

While not known to be used for normal vocabulary in any human language, apart from the extinct Australian ritual language Damin, a variation of this airstream mechanism is known to musicians as part of circular breathing. Egressive sound_sentence_10

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