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EnglishEnglish (2013 film)_header_cell_0_0_0
Directed byEnglish (2013 film)_header_cell_0_1_0 ShyamaprasadEnglish (2013 film)_cell_0_1_1
Produced byEnglish (2013 film)_header_cell_0_2_0 Binu Dev *English (2013 film)_cell_0_2_1
Written byEnglish (2013 film)_header_cell_0_3_0 Ajayan VenugopalanEnglish (2013 film)_cell_0_3_1
StarringEnglish (2013 film)_header_cell_0_4_0 Jayasurya

Nivin Pauly Mukesh Nadia Moidu Remya NambeesanEnglish (2013 film)_cell_0_4_1

Music byEnglish (2013 film)_header_cell_0_5_0 Rex VijayanEnglish (2013 film)_cell_0_5_1
CinematographyEnglish (2013 film)_header_cell_0_6_0 Udayan AmbaadiEnglish (2013 film)_cell_0_6_1
Edited byEnglish (2013 film)_header_cell_0_7_0 Vinod SukumaranEnglish (2013 film)_cell_0_7_1

companyEnglish (2013 film)_header_cell_0_8_0

Navarang ScreensEnglish (2013 film)_cell_0_8_1
Distributed byEnglish (2013 film)_header_cell_0_9_0 Navarang ScreensEnglish (2013 film)_cell_0_9_1
Release dateEnglish (2013 film)_header_cell_0_10_0 English (2013 film)_cell_0_10_1
CountryEnglish (2013 film)_header_cell_0_11_0 IndiaEnglish (2013 film)_cell_0_11_1
LanguageEnglish (2013 film)_header_cell_0_12_0 MalayalamEnglish (2013 film)_cell_0_12_1

English: An Autumn in London (2013) is a Malayalam film written by Ajayan Venugopalan and directed by Shyamaprasad. English (2013 film)_sentence_0

A drama with slight tinges of black humour and satire, the film stars Jayasurya, Nivin Pauly, Mukesh, Nadia Moidu, Remya Nambeesan. English (2013 film)_sentence_1

The film is produced by Binu Dev under the banner of Navarang Screens and features music composed by Rex Vijayan, whilst cinematography is handled by Udayan Ambaadi and is edited by Vinod Sukumaran. English (2013 film)_sentence_2

The film tells the story of the lives of the Malayalees living in London. English (2013 film)_sentence_3

Plot English (2013 film)_section_0

The lives of five characters from diverse backgrounds whose passage to the U.K. and its aftermath are dealt with in the film. English (2013 film)_sentence_4

Jayasurya plays Shankaran, a Kathakali artiste-turned-waiter who is an illegal immigrant. English (2013 film)_sentence_5

Nivin Pauly dons the role of Sibin, an IT executive with a roving eye. English (2013 film)_sentence_6

Mukesh plays Joy, a middle-class corner store owner with an extended family in London and all its concomitant problems and advantages. English (2013 film)_sentence_7

Nadia Moidu plays Saraswathy, a Tamil Brahmin. English (2013 film)_sentence_8

Married to a doctor, she has been in the U.K, for more than 20 years. English (2013 film)_sentence_9

Remya Nambeesan plays Gauri, a young married woman from a rustic background who arrives in London. English (2013 film)_sentence_10

Cast English (2013 film)_section_1

English (2013 film)_unordered_list_0

  • Jayasurya as ShankaranEnglish (2013 film)_item_0_0
  • Nivin Pauly as SibinEnglish (2013 film)_item_0_1
  • Mukesh as JoyEnglish (2013 film)_item_0_2
  • Nadia Moidu as SaraswathyEnglish (2013 film)_item_0_3
  • Remya Nambeesan as Gauri RajeshEnglish (2013 film)_item_0_4
  • Sona Nair as Saly, Joy's wifeEnglish (2013 film)_item_0_5
  • Murali Menon as Dr. Ram, Saraswathy's husbandEnglish (2013 film)_item_0_6
  • Sinu Pillai as Rajesh, Sibin's friendEnglish (2013 film)_item_0_7
  • Josekutty Valiyakallumkal as Siju, Shankaran's friendEnglish (2013 film)_item_0_8
  • Vijayalekshmi as Sruthi, Saraswathy's friendEnglish (2013 film)_item_0_9
  • Varada Sethu as Meghana ScariahEnglish (2013 film)_item_0_10
  • Manoj ShivaEnglish (2013 film)_item_0_11
  • Viji VargheseEnglish (2013 film)_item_0_12
  • Baldwin SimonEnglish (2013 film)_item_0_13
  • MujeebEnglish (2013 film)_item_0_14
  • Rincy BinuDev as Haseena.English (2013 film)_item_0_15

Production English (2013 film)_section_2

Development English (2013 film)_section_3

Ajayan and Shyamaprasad met during the screening of Elektra in New York City. English (2013 film)_sentence_11

The two got talking and they decided to work on a movie together. English (2013 film)_sentence_12

Shyamaprasad chose to direct Ajayan Venugopalan's story after many thoughts and preparations. English (2013 film)_sentence_13

Ajayan Venugopalan, a Malayali techie based in New Jersey had already earned fame in the industry as the script writer and co-director of the popular sitcom Akkara Kazhchakal based on the life of Malayalis in the United States. English (2013 film)_sentence_14

English is his first attempt in a mainstream Malayalam film. English (2013 film)_sentence_15

The director also used the short-story titled 'Chila Theerumanangal' (ചില തീരുമാനങ്ങള്‍) by Nirmala Thomas, a writer based in Canada, as one of the source narrative. English (2013 film)_sentence_16

Casting English (2013 film)_section_4

The film was announced to star Jayasurya, Nivin Pauly, Nadia Moidu, Remya Nambeesan, Mukesh, and Sona Nair. English (2013 film)_sentence_17

Incidentally, earlier this year during the 100th-day celebration of Beautiful in Trivandrum, Jayasurya had suggested his aspiration to work with the director, and to consider him for a role for the latter's next and Shyamaprasad promptly replied that he would call the actor when he has a role that is apt for him. English (2013 film)_sentence_18

The time had finally come when Shyamaprasad called to say that he wanted Jayasurya to do a character in English. English (2013 film)_sentence_19

The actor had earlier said that he has always harboured a wish to work with Shyamaprasad because of what he has heard of the director from his co-stars. English (2013 film)_sentence_20

Shyamaprasad is known for moulding his characters so well, motivating the actors and giving them the strongest platform to perform. English (2013 film)_sentence_21

Jayasurya also had said it could be the actor in Shyamaprasad that helps him give such importance even to the minute nuances. English (2013 film)_sentence_22

Jayasurya was chosen to play the character of a Kathakali artiste who absconds while touring in England. English (2013 film)_sentence_23

Living as an illegal immigrant becomes too difficult for him as he is in constant fear of being caught. English (2013 film)_sentence_24

The mental ordeal adds more layers to the character which Jayasurya plays. English (2013 film)_sentence_25

Nadia Moidu was chosen to play a prominent role in the film. English (2013 film)_sentence_26

Nivin Pauly was chosen to play another leading role after his performance in the 2012 film Thattathin Marayathu. English (2013 film)_sentence_27

Akkara Kazhchakal fame Josekutty Valiyakallumkal who played the character of George Thekkinmootil in the popular sitcom was chosen to play a supporting role in the film, due to the connection of him and the scriptwriter from the sitcom. English (2013 film)_sentence_28

Filming English (2013 film)_section_5

The puja of the film was held on 16 September 2012 at Thiruvananthapuram in which all the cast and crew attended. English (2013 film)_sentence_29

Shooting started on 17 October 2012 in London. English (2013 film)_sentence_30

The director of photography is Udayan Ambaadi. English (2013 film)_sentence_31

Actor Murali Menon went to London early before the shoot for the pre-production work. English (2013 film)_sentence_32

The film is the second Malayalam film to have scenes shot by the Helicam; a remote controlled mini-helicopter captures aerial shots with the help of a video camera. English (2013 film)_sentence_33

Sync sound, which means the actors will record the dialogues during the shoot itself, was used in the film. English (2013 film)_sentence_34

This was to add to the realistic feel of the film. English (2013 film)_sentence_35

Initially, the film was to be shot in the United States but due to logistical problems that cropped up, English was transported to the U.K. A few changes were made in the script after the location was fixed. English (2013 film)_sentence_36

Basildon was also a primary location in which the shoot had begun in. English (2013 film)_sentence_37

The whole film was shot during the autumn of the year 2012. English (2013 film)_sentence_38

Shyamaprasad who was in the UK for his masters (in Hull University) during the late 1980s says, "The dark underbelly of London was haunting and cajoled me with ideas for a movie." English (2013 film)_sentence_39

Kerala has not been shown in the movie at all. English (2013 film)_sentence_40

Soundtrack English (2013 film)_section_6

The soundtrack for the film was launched on 21 May 2013 at an event hosted in Kochi. English (2013 film)_sentence_41

The album, released by Mathrubhumi Music contains five songs composed by Rex Vijayan and penned by Shibu Chakravarthy and Engandiyoor Chandrasekharan. English (2013 film)_sentence_42

For the first time ever, American clarinet player and music composer Shankar Tucker collaborates for a Malayalam song in English. English (2013 film)_sentence_43

The song "Aakashamey" is rendered by singer-actor Rohan Kymal, with Shankar playing the clarinet in it. English (2013 film)_sentence_44

"Scored by Rex Vijayan, the music was composed and sent to Rohan and Tucker. English (2013 film)_sentence_45

Then we interacted via Skype to fine-tune it. English (2013 film)_sentence_46

It has come out very well. English (2013 film)_sentence_47

This song is the anthem of the film," says filmmaker Shyamaprasad. English (2013 film)_sentence_48

According to the director, "The film's music has a multicultural flavour. English (2013 film)_sentence_49

And a unique mixing of fusion adds to its charm. English (2013 film)_sentence_50

Rex Vijayan, the composer, takes you to the world of music that is unheard of." English (2013 film)_sentence_51

Reception English (2013 film)_section_7

Jisha G. Nair of Malayala Manorama rated the film 3 in a scale of 5 and said, "If you love to watch films that have different shades of life, English, directed by Shyamaprasad is an apt choice." English (2013 film)_sentence_52

The critic added, "The director has done a brave attempt to entertain the mass. English (2013 film)_sentence_53

The songs, humour and satire will appeal to a large group of audience. English (2013 film)_sentence_54

This may be the first time Shyamaprasad has come out from his typical style of film making to entertain the viewers. English (2013 film)_sentence_55

Yet he has marked his signature in the film without compromising much." English (2013 film)_sentence_56

The critic was all praise for the film's script, music, cinematography and acting by all the lead performers. English (2013 film)_sentence_57

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