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Exclusive Records_table_infobox_0

Exclusive RecordsExclusive Records_header_cell_0_0_0
FoundedExclusive Records_header_cell_0_1_0 1944 (1944)Exclusive Records_cell_0_1_1
FounderExclusive Records_header_cell_0_2_0 Leon RenéExclusive Records_cell_0_2_1
DefunctExclusive Records_header_cell_0_3_0 1950 (1950)Exclusive Records_cell_0_3_1
StatusExclusive Records_header_cell_0_4_0 DefunctExclusive Records_cell_0_4_1
GenreExclusive Records_header_cell_0_5_0 Jazz, blues, gospel, R&BExclusive Records_cell_0_5_1
Country of originExclusive Records_header_cell_0_6_0 U.S.Exclusive Records_cell_0_6_1

Exclusive Records was a record label established by Leon René, which existed from 1944 to 1950. Exclusive Records_sentence_0

History Exclusive Records_section_0

Exclusive Records was established by Leon René in Los Angeles in 1944 and ceased operations in January 1950. Exclusive Records_sentence_1

Buddy Baker was the music director. Exclusive Records_sentence_2

The label's roster included music by Lucky Thompson, the Basin Street Boys, the Ceele Burke Orchestra, Edgar Hayes & His Stardusters, Herb Jeffries, Rickey Jordan, Jack McVea & His Orchestra, Mabel Scott, Frantic Fay Thomas, Joe Liggins & His Honeydrippers, and Johnny Moore's Three Blazers with Charles Brown. Exclusive Records_sentence_3

Leon René and his brother Otis René, who owned Excelsior Records, purchased a shellac record pressing plant, but when the format changed from 78 rpm to 45 rpm, their old equipment could not press the new smaller vinyl discs, and both labels went out of business. Exclusive Records_sentence_4

In 1951, Leon René started up Class Records with his son, musician Googie René. Exclusive Records_sentence_5

They formed Rendezvous Records with new partners in 1958. Exclusive Records_sentence_6

Roster Exclusive Records_section_1

Exclusive Records_unordered_list_0

  • Big Jay McNeelyExclusive Records_item_0_0
  • Buddy Baker OrchestraExclusive Records_item_0_1
  • Ceele Burke OrchestraExclusive Records_item_0_2
  • Charles LindExclusive Records_item_0_3
  • Dan Burley & His Skiffle BoysExclusive Records_item_0_4
  • Doye O'DellExclusive Records_item_0_5
  • Edgar Hayes & His StardustersExclusive Records_item_0_6
  • Ernie AndrewsExclusive Records_item_0_7
  • Four Hits and a MissExclusive Records_item_0_8
  • Frances WayneExclusive Records_item_0_9
  • Frank HaywoodExclusive Records_item_0_10
  • "Frantic" Fay ThomasExclusive Records_item_0_11
  • Gladys WattsExclusive Records_item_0_12
  • Herb JeffriesExclusive Records_item_0_13
  • Jack McVea & His OrchestraExclusive Records_item_0_14
  • Jimmie HudsonExclusive Records_item_0_15
  • Joe Liggins & His HoneydrippersExclusive Records_item_0_16
  • Joe Swift (with Johnny Otis & His Orchestra)Exclusive Records_item_0_17
  • Johnny Moore's Three BlazersExclusive Records_item_0_18
  • Les Robinson OrchestraExclusive Records_item_0_19
  • Mabel ScottExclusive Records_item_0_20
  • Paul Martin OrchestraExclusive Records_item_0_21
  • Pete Peterson OrchestraExclusive Records_item_0_22
  • Prince Cooper TrioExclusive Records_item_0_23
  • Rafael Méndez OrchestraExclusive Records_item_0_24
  • Red Callender TrioExclusive Records_item_0_25
  • Redd HarperExclusive Records_item_0_26
  • Rickey JordanExclusive Records_item_0_27
  • Smokey HoggExclusive Records_item_0_28
  • Steve Miller's Four BaronsExclusive Records_item_0_29
  • Texas Jim Lewis & His Lone Star CowboysExclusive Records_item_0_30
  • The Basin Street BoysExclusive Records_item_0_31
  • The DixieairesExclusive Records_item_0_32
  • The Famous Ward Singers of PhiladelphiaExclusive Records_item_0_33
  • The Gay Sisters of ChicagoExclusive Records_item_0_34
  • The Sallie Martin SingersExclusive Records_item_0_35
  • WMA Soul Stirrers of HoustonExclusive Records_item_0_36

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