Faculties of the soul

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The faculties of the soul are the individual characteristics attributed to a soul. Faculties of the soul_sentence_0

There have been different attempts to define them over the centuries. Faculties of the soul_sentence_1

Plato, Aristotle and their followers Faculties of the soul_section_0

Plato defined the faculties of the soul in terms of a three-fold division: the intellect (noûs), the nobler affections (thumós), and the appetites or passions (epithumetikón) Aristotle also made a three-fold division of natural faculties, into vegetative, appetitive and rational elements, though he later distinguished further divisions in the rational faculty, such as the faculty of judgement and that of cleverness (deinotes). Faculties of the soul_sentence_2

Islamic philosophers continued his three-fold division; but later Scholastic philosophers defined five groups of faculties: Faculties of the soul_sentence_3

Faculties of the soul_unordered_list_0

  • dunámeis, the "vegetative" faculty (threptikón), concerned with the maintenance and development of organic lifeFaculties of the soul_item_0_0
  • the appetite (oretikón), or the tendency to any goodFaculties of the soul_item_0_1
  • the faculty of sense perception (aisthetikón)Faculties of the soul_item_0_2
  • the "locomotive" faculty (kinetikón), which presides over the various bodily movementsFaculties of the soul_item_0_3
  • reason (dianoetikón)Faculties of the soul_item_0_4

Calvin Faculties of the soul_section_1

John Calvin opposed the scholastic philosophers, favoring a two-fold division of the soul, consisting of intellect and of will. Faculties of the soul_sentence_4

Faculty psychology Faculties of the soul_section_2

The secularisation of the Age of Enlightenment produced a faculty psychology of different but inherent mental powers such as intelligence or memory, distinct (as in Aristotelianism) from the acquired habits. Faculties of the soul_sentence_5

See also Faculties of the soul_section_3

Faculties of the soul_unordered_list_1

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