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Fermented milk products or fermented dairy products, also known as cultured dairy foods, cultured dairy products, or cultured milk products, are dairy foods that have been fermented with lactic acid bacteria such as Lactobacillus, Lactococcus, and Leuconostoc. Fermented milk products_sentence_0

The fermentation process increases the shelf life of the product while enhancing its taste and improving the digestibility of its milk. Fermented milk products_sentence_1

There is evidence that fermented milk products have been produced since around 10,000 BC. Fermented milk products_sentence_2

A range of different Lactobacilli strains has been grown in laboratories allowing for many cultured milk products with different flavors and characteristics. Fermented milk products_sentence_3

Products Fermented milk products_section_0

Many different types of cultured milk products can be found around the world including milk, cheese, yogurt, other cultured dairy foods, ice cream and more. Fermented milk products_sentence_4

Soured milk Fermented milk products_section_1

Fermented milk products_table_general_0

Country/region of originFermented milk products_header_cell_0_0_0 Product(s)Fermented milk products_header_cell_0_0_1
Fermented milk products_cell_0_1_0 acidophilus milkFermented milk products_cell_0_1_1
Fermented milk products_cell_0_2_0 buttermilkFermented milk products_cell_0_2_1
Fermented milk products_cell_0_3_0 cheeseFermented milk products_cell_0_3_1
ArmeniaFermented milk products_cell_0_4_0 matzoonFermented milk products_cell_0_4_1
Arab WorldFermented milk products_cell_0_5_0 leben, kishkFermented milk products_cell_0_5_1
Central AsiaFermented milk products_cell_0_6_0 chal/shubat, chalap, kumis, qatyq, qurt, suzma, ayranFermented milk products_cell_0_6_1
BrazilFermented milk products_cell_0_7_0 coalhadaFermented milk products_cell_0_7_1
BrittanyFermented milk products_cell_0_8_0 laezh-ribodFermented milk products_cell_0_8_1
BulgariaFermented milk products_cell_0_9_0 kiselo mlyakoFermented milk products_cell_0_9_1
Czech RepublicFermented milk products_cell_0_10_0 kefír or acidofilní mlékoFermented milk products_cell_0_10_1
DenmarkFermented milk products_cell_0_11_0 , , and ymerFermented milk products_cell_0_11_1
Dominican RepublicFermented milk products_cell_0_12_0 BorugaFermented milk products_cell_0_12_1
EstoniaFermented milk products_cell_0_13_0 soured milk and kefirFermented milk products_cell_0_13_1
FinlandFermented milk products_cell_0_14_0 piimä and viiliFermented milk products_cell_0_14_1
GermanyFermented milk products_cell_0_15_0 Sauermilch or Dickmilch (soured milk or thickened milk), QuarkFermented milk products_cell_0_15_1
GeorgiaFermented milk products_cell_0_16_0 matsoniFermented milk products_cell_0_16_1
GreeceFermented milk products_cell_0_17_0 xinogalo or xinogala (ξινόγαλα), ariani (αριάνι), kefiri (κεφίρι)Fermented milk products_cell_0_17_1
HungaryFermented milk products_cell_0_18_0 aludttej, joghurt, kefir, tejfölFermented milk products_cell_0_18_1
IcelandFermented milk products_cell_0_19_0 skyr and súrmjólkFermented milk products_cell_0_19_1
IndiaFermented milk products_cell_0_20_0 dahi, lassi, chaas or Moru (Indian ButterMilk), mattha, mishti doi and shrikhandFermented milk products_cell_0_20_1
IndonesiaFermented milk products_cell_0_21_0 dadiahFermented milk products_cell_0_21_1
IranFermented milk products_cell_0_22_0 doogh, kashk, gharaFermented milk products_cell_0_22_1
Kurdistan RegionFermented milk products_cell_0_23_0 MastawFermented milk products_cell_0_23_1
Middle EastFermented milk products_cell_0_24_0 lebenFermented milk products_cell_0_24_1
JapanFermented milk products_cell_0_25_0 Calpis, YakultFermented milk products_cell_0_25_1
LatviaFermented milk products_cell_0_26_0 rūgušpiens, kefīrs, paniņas, laktoFermented milk products_cell_0_26_1
LithuaniaFermented milk products_cell_0_27_0 rūgpienis, kefyrasFermented milk products_cell_0_27_1
MacedoniaFermented milk products_cell_0_28_0 kiselo mlekoFermented milk products_cell_0_28_1
MexicoFermented milk products_cell_0_29_0 jocoqueFermented milk products_cell_0_29_1
MongoliaFermented milk products_cell_0_30_0 airag, byaslag, tarag, khuruudFermented milk products_cell_0_30_1
NetherlandsFermented milk products_cell_0_31_0 (buttermilk), (usually fruit-flavoured fermented dairy beverages)Fermented milk products_cell_0_31_1
NicaraguaFermented milk products_cell_0_32_0 leche agria (soured milk)Fermented milk products_cell_0_32_1
NorwayFermented milk products_cell_0_33_0 or kulturmelk, kefir, andFermented milk products_cell_0_33_1
PakistanFermented milk products_cell_0_34_0 dahi and lassiFermented milk products_cell_0_34_1
PolandFermented milk products_cell_0_35_0 soured milk (including "acidofilne" milk), kefir, buttermilk, twarógFermented milk products_cell_0_35_1
RomaniaFermented milk products_cell_0_36_0 lapte bătut, lapte acru, kefir and sanaFermented milk products_cell_0_36_1
Russia, Ukraine, BelarusFermented milk products_cell_0_37_0 kefir, prostokvasha, ryazhenka, varenets, tvorog, acidophilineFermented milk products_cell_0_37_1
RwandaFermented milk products_cell_0_38_0 kivugutoFermented milk products_cell_0_38_1
ScotlandFermented milk products_cell_0_39_0 blaandFermented milk products_cell_0_39_1
SerbiaFermented milk products_cell_0_40_0 kiselo mleko and yogurtFermented milk products_cell_0_40_1
SlovakiaFermented milk products_cell_0_41_0 kefír or acidofilné mliekoFermented milk products_cell_0_41_1
SloveniaFermented milk products_cell_0_42_0 kislo mlekoFermented milk products_cell_0_42_1
South AfricaFermented milk products_cell_0_43_0 amasi (maas in Afrikaans)Fermented milk products_cell_0_43_1
SwedenFermented milk products_cell_0_44_0 filmjölk, långfil and A-fil (fil is the short form of filmjölk)Fermented milk products_cell_0_44_1
Turkic countriesFermented milk products_cell_0_45_0 ayran, qatiq, kefir, yogurt, kımızFermented milk products_cell_0_45_1
United StatesFermented milk products_cell_0_46_0 clabberFermented milk products_cell_0_46_1
Bosnia and HerzegovinaFermented milk products_cell_0_47_0 kiselo mlijeko and kefirFermented milk products_cell_0_47_1
Zambia Fermented milk products_cell_0_48_0 MabisiFermented milk products_cell_0_48_1
ZimbabweFermented milk products_cell_0_49_0 lactoFermented milk products_cell_0_49_1
BurundiFermented milk products_cell_0_50_0 urubuFermented milk products_cell_0_50_1
KenyaFermented milk products_cell_0_51_0 Kule Naoto, Maziwa Lala, Mursik, Amabere amaruranuFermented milk products_cell_0_51_1
EthiopiaFermented milk products_cell_0_52_0 ergoFermented milk products_cell_0_52_1
SudanFermented milk products_cell_0_53_0 robFermented milk products_cell_0_53_1
TanzaniaFermented milk products_cell_0_54_0 Maziwa Mgando, Maziwa MtindiFermented milk products_cell_0_54_1

Soured cream Fermented milk products_section_2

Fermented milk products_table_general_1

Country/region of originFermented milk products_header_cell_1_0_0 Product(s)Fermented milk products_header_cell_1_0_1
Fermented milk products_cell_1_1_0 cheeseFermented milk products_cell_1_1_1
Fermented milk products_cell_1_2_0 sour creamFermented milk products_cell_1_2_1
Central AsiaFermented milk products_cell_1_3_0 kaymakFermented milk products_cell_1_3_1
Central & Eastern Europe; and RussiaFermented milk products_cell_1_4_0 smetanaFermented milk products_cell_1_4_1
CroatiaFermented milk products_cell_1_5_0 mileram/kiselo vrhnjeFermented milk products_cell_1_5_1
FinlandFermented milk products_cell_1_6_0 kermaviiliFermented milk products_cell_1_6_1
FranceFermented milk products_cell_1_7_0 crème fraîcheFermented milk products_cell_1_7_1
IcelandFermented milk products_cell_1_8_0 sýrður rjómiFermented milk products_cell_1_8_1
HungaryFermented milk products_cell_1_9_0 tejfölFermented milk products_cell_1_9_1
LatviaFermented milk products_cell_1_10_0 skābais krējumsFermented milk products_cell_1_10_1
LithuaniaFermented milk products_cell_1_11_0 grietinėFermented milk products_cell_1_11_1
MexicoFermented milk products_cell_1_12_0 crema/cream espesaFermented milk products_cell_1_12_1
NorwayFermented milk products_cell_1_13_0 rømmeFermented milk products_cell_1_13_1
PolandFermented milk products_cell_1_14_0 kwaśna śmietanaFermented milk products_cell_1_14_1
RomaniaFermented milk products_cell_1_15_0 smântânăFermented milk products_cell_1_15_1
SerbiaFermented milk products_cell_1_16_0 kisela pavlakaFermented milk products_cell_1_16_1
SlovakiaFermented milk products_cell_1_17_0 smotanaFermented milk products_cell_1_17_1
SwedenFermented milk products_cell_1_18_0 gräddfilFermented milk products_cell_1_18_1
TanzaniaFermented milk products_cell_1_19_0 SamliFermented milk products_cell_1_19_1

Comparison chart Fermented milk products_section_3

Fermented milk products_table_general_2

ProductFermented milk products_header_cell_2_0_0 Alternative namesFermented milk products_header_cell_2_0_1 Typical milkfat contentFermented milk products_header_cell_2_0_2 Typical shelf life at 4 °CFermented milk products_header_cell_2_0_3 Fermentation agentFermented milk products_header_cell_2_0_4 DescriptionFermented milk products_header_cell_2_0_5
CheeseFermented milk products_cell_2_1_0 Fermented milk products_cell_2_1_1 1-75%Fermented milk products_cell_2_1_2 variesFermented milk products_cell_2_1_3 a variety of bacteria or moldFermented milk products_cell_2_1_4 Any number of solid fermented milk products.Fermented milk products_cell_2_1_5
Crème fraîcheFermented milk products_cell_2_2_0 creme fraicheFermented milk products_cell_2_2_1 30-40%Fermented milk products_cell_2_2_2 10 daysFermented milk products_cell_2_2_3 naturally occurring lactic acid bacteria in creamFermented milk products_cell_2_2_4 Mesophilic fermented cream, originally from France; higher-fat variant of sour creamFermented milk products_cell_2_2_5
Cultured sour creamFermented milk products_cell_2_3_0 sour creamFermented milk products_cell_2_3_1 14–40%Fermented milk products_cell_2_3_2 4 weeksFermented milk products_cell_2_3_3 Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis*Fermented milk products_cell_2_3_4 Mesophilic fermented pasteurized cream with an acidity of at least 0.5%. Rennet extract may be added to make a thicker product. Lower fat variant of crème fraîcheFermented milk products_cell_2_3_5
FilmjölkFermented milk products_cell_2_4_0 filFermented milk products_cell_2_4_1 0.1-4.5%Fermented milk products_cell_2_4_2 10–14 daysFermented milk products_cell_2_4_3 Lactococcus lactis* and LeuconostocFermented milk products_cell_2_4_4 Mesophilic fermented milk, originally from ScandinaviaFermented milk products_cell_2_4_5
YogurtFermented milk products_cell_2_5_0 yoghurt, yogourt, yoghourtFermented milk products_cell_2_5_1 0.5–4%Fermented milk products_cell_2_5_2 35–40 daysFermented milk products_cell_2_5_3 Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilusFermented milk products_cell_2_5_4 Thermophilic fermented milk, cultured with Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilusFermented milk products_cell_2_5_5
KefirFermented milk products_cell_2_6_0 kephir, kewra, talai, mudu kekiya, milkkefir, búlgarosFermented milk products_cell_2_6_1 0-4%Fermented milk products_cell_2_6_2 10–14 daysFermented milk products_cell_2_6_3 Kefir grains, a mixture of bacteria and yeastsFermented milk products_cell_2_6_4 A fermented beverage, originally from the Caucasus region, made with kefir grains; can be made with any sugary liquid, such as milk from mammals, soy milk, or fruit juicesFermented milk products_cell_2_6_5
KumisFermented milk products_cell_2_7_0 koumiss, kumiss, kymys, kymyz, airag, chigeeFermented milk products_cell_2_7_1 4%?Fermented milk products_cell_2_7_2 10–14 daysFermented milk products_cell_2_7_3 Lactobacilli and yeastsFermented milk products_cell_2_7_4 A carbonated fermented milk beverage traditionally made from horse milkFermented milk products_cell_2_7_5
ViiliFermented milk products_cell_2_8_0 filbunkeFermented milk products_cell_2_8_1 0.1-3.5%Fermented milk products_cell_2_8_2 14 daysFermented milk products_cell_2_8_3 Lactococcus lactis subsp. cremoris, Lactococcus lactis* biovar. diacetylactis, Leuconostoc mesenteroides subsp. cremoris and Geotrichum candidumFermented milk products_cell_2_8_4 Mesophilic fermented milk that may or may not contain fungus on the surface; originally from Sweden; a Finnish specialtyFermented milk products_cell_2_8_5
Cultured buttermilkFermented milk products_cell_2_9_0 Fermented milk products_cell_2_9_1 1–2%Fermented milk products_cell_2_9_2 10 daysFermented milk products_cell_2_9_3 Lactococcus lactis* (Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis*, Lactococcus lactis subsp. cremoris, Lactococcus lactis biovar. diacetylactis and Leuconostoc mesenteroides subsp. cremoris)Fermented milk products_cell_2_9_4 Mesophilic fermented pasteurized milkFermented milk products_cell_2_9_5
Acidophilus milkFermented milk products_cell_2_10_0 acidophilus cultured milkFermented milk products_cell_2_10_1 0.5-2%Fermented milk products_cell_2_10_2 2 weeksFermented milk products_cell_2_10_3 Lactobacillus acidophilusFermented milk products_cell_2_10_4 Thermophilic fermented milk, often lowfat (2%, 1.5%) or nonfat (0.5%), cultured with Lactobacillus acidophilusFermented milk products_cell_2_10_5

lactis Fermented milk products_sentence_6

See also Fermented milk products_section_4

Fermented milk products_unordered_list_0

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