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Fontana DistributionFontana Distribution_table_caption_0
IndustryFontana Distribution_header_cell_0_0_0 Music & entertainmentFontana Distribution_cell_0_0_1
GenreFontana Distribution_header_cell_0_1_0 VariousFontana Distribution_cell_0_1_1
FateFontana Distribution_header_cell_0_2_0 Acquired by Universal Music in 2019 along with the owner INgrooves, future unknown because Universal owns Caroline Distribution.Fontana Distribution_cell_0_2_1
PredecessorFontana Distribution_header_cell_0_3_0 Island Trading Co.

Independent Label Sales (ILS)Fontana Distribution_cell_0_3_1

FoundedFontana Distribution_header_cell_0_4_0 1980 (as Island Trading Co.)

1989 (as Independent Label Sales) 2004 (as Fontana Distribution)Fontana Distribution_cell_0_4_1

FounderFontana Distribution_header_cell_0_5_0 Island RecordsFontana Distribution_cell_0_5_1
HeadquartersFontana Distribution_header_cell_0_6_0 San Francisco, California, United StatesFontana Distribution_cell_0_6_1
ServicesFontana Distribution_header_cell_0_7_0 Distribution, production, warehousing, marketing, sales, brand partnerships, merchandising, finance, back officeFontana Distribution_cell_0_7_1
ParentFontana Distribution_header_cell_0_8_0 Universal Music GroupFontana Distribution_cell_0_8_1
DivisionsFontana Distribution_header_cell_0_9_0 Fontana Distribution

Fontana Label Services Fontana InternationalFontana Distribution_cell_0_9_1

WebsiteFontana Distribution_header_cell_0_10_0 Fontana Distribution_cell_0_10_1

Fontana Distribution is a division of San Francisco-based Isolation Network (now owned by Universal Music Group since 2019). Fontana Distribution_sentence_0

A minority stake of the company was owned by Universal Music until INgrooves acquired Fontana Distribution from UMG in 2012 to form INgrooves Fontana. Fontana Distribution_sentence_1

In 2019, Universal Music acquired Fontana's owner, INgrooves, returning Fontana back to Universal. Fontana Distribution_sentence_2

Profile Fontana Distribution_section_0

Fontana deals in distribution, as well as in a range of sales, marketing, and back office support services, for a diverse roster of independent record labels and their artists. Fontana Distribution_sentence_3

The company takes its name and logo from the Fontana Records label; it was initially launched by Universal Music Group in 2004 and later sold to Isolation Network in 2012. Fontana Distribution_sentence_4

The company includes a UK-based operation, Fontana International, which handles territories outside of North America. Fontana Distribution_sentence_5

The company also has a joint venture in Canada with MapleCore known as Fontana North. Fontana Distribution_sentence_6

The company is the successor of PolyGram's Independent Label Sales (ILS), previously known as Island Trading Co., which folded after the 1999 merger of the MCA and PolyGram families of labels that created Universal Music Group. Fontana Distribution_sentence_7

Fontana Distribution has been known to successfully round up albums worldwide from national Universal Music Group companies for American release or for distribution into further territories. Fontana Distribution_sentence_8

Fontana Distribution also partners with Executive Music Group, Chicago Independent Distribution, and Twenty Two Music Group Distribution, which in turn distribute other independent labels. Fontana Distribution_sentence_9

During the acquisition of EMI Records North America (including EMI Music Distribution), Universal Music Group decided to retain Caroline Distribution and later sold Fontana Distribution to Isolation Network. Fontana Distribution_sentence_10

After the acquisition of INgrooves by Universal, the Caroline and Fontana's future still unknown if Universal will sell one of them or will merge both into one. Fontana Distribution_sentence_11

Fontana Distribution-affiliated labels Fontana Distribution_section_1

Fontana Distribution is affiliated with more than 30 labels, including the following: Fontana Distribution_sentence_12

Divisions Fontana Distribution_section_2

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  • Fontana DistributionFontana Distribution_item_0_0
  • Fontana Label ServicesFontana Distribution_item_0_1
  • Fontana InternationalFontana Distribution_item_0_2

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