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Fred Lonberg-HolmFred Lonberg-Holm_header_cell_0_0_0
Background informationFred Lonberg-Holm_header_cell_0_1_0
BornFred Lonberg-Holm_header_cell_0_2_0 (1962-10-01) 1 October 1962 (age 58)

DelawareFred Lonberg-Holm_cell_0_2_1

GenresFred Lonberg-Holm_header_cell_0_3_0 Free jazzFred Lonberg-Holm_cell_0_3_1
Occupation(s)Fred Lonberg-Holm_header_cell_0_4_0 MusicianFred Lonberg-Holm_cell_0_4_1
InstrumentsFred Lonberg-Holm_header_cell_0_5_0 CelloFred Lonberg-Holm_cell_0_5_1
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Fred Lonberg-Holm (born 1 October 1962) is an American cellist based in Chicago. Fred Lonberg-Holm_sentence_0

He moved from New York City to Chicago in 1995. Fred Lonberg-Holm_sentence_1

Lonberg-Holm is most identified with playing free improvisation and free jazz. Fred Lonberg-Holm_sentence_2

He is also a composer of concert works. Fred Lonberg-Holm_sentence_3

As a session musician and arranger, he is credited on rock, pop, and country records. Fred Lonberg-Holm_sentence_4

As leader Fred Lonberg-Holm_section_0

Lonberg-Holm has led Valentine Trio, with Jason Roebke (bass) and Frank Rosaly (drums). Fred Lonberg-Holm_sentence_5

This jazz trio performs original compositions as well as tunes by both jazz composers (e.g. Sun Ra) and pop songwriters (e.g. Jeff Tweedy, Syd Barrett). Fred Lonberg-Holm_sentence_6

The group released its first album, Terminal Valentine, in 2007, which was reviewed by AllAboutJazz critic Nils Jacobson. Fred Lonberg-Holm_sentence_7

He has directed performances of his Lightbox Orchestra, an improvising ensemble with a flexible, ever-changing membership. Fred Lonberg-Holm_sentence_8

Lonberg-Holm does not play an instrument in this group but rather conducts its non-idiomatic improvisations via the "lightbox" and by holding up handwritten signs. Fred Lonberg-Holm_sentence_9

The lightbox contains a light bulb for each musician which Lonberg-Holm switches on or off to suggest when they should play. Fred Lonberg-Holm_sentence_10

Other groups Fred Lonberg-Holm_section_1

Lonberg-Holm was a member of Terminal 4, which released an album in 2003 called When I'm Falling that received four and a half stars by Allmusic, The Boxhead' Ensemble, Pillow, the Lonberg-Holm/Kessler/Zerang trio (with Kent Kessler and Michael Zerang), and the Dörner/Lonberg-Holm duo (with Axel Dörner). Fred Lonberg-Holm_sentence_11

He has been a member of the Vandermark 5 and Vandermark's Territory Band, the Joe McPhee Trio, the Peter Brötzmann Chicago Tentet, and Keefe Jackson's Fast Citizens. Fred Lonberg-Holm_sentence_12

When he lived in New York, Lonberg-Holm collaborated with the rock group God Is My Co-Pilot pianist and composer Anthony Coleman as well as multi-instrumentalist Paul Duncan of Warm Ghost. Fred Lonberg-Holm_sentence_13

In Chicago, he worked with Jim O'Rourke, Bobby Conn, The Flying Luttenbachers, Lake of Dracula, Wilco, Rivulets, Mats Gustafsson, Sten Sandell, Jaap Blonk, and John Butcher. Fred Lonberg-Holm_sentence_14

As composer Fred Lonberg-Holm_section_2

Lonberg-Holm's concert works have been premiered by William Winant, Carrie Biolo, the Austin New Music Co-Op, Subtropics Ensemble, Duo Atypica, the Schanzer/Speach Duo, New Winds, Paul Hoskin, Kevin Norton, the E.S.P. Fred Lonberg-Holm_sentence_15

Ensemble, and others. Fred Lonberg-Holm_sentence_16

His scores for dance have been performed at the Brooklyn Academy of Music and Dance Theater Workshop as well as many other venues. Fred Lonberg-Holm_sentence_17

He is a former composition student of Anthony Braxton and Morton Feldman. Fred Lonberg-Holm_sentence_18

He performed improvised music in the role of a troubled composer who finds inspiration in the love of a couple he spots on the street in a short film for the Playboy channel. Fred Lonberg-Holm_sentence_19

Discography Fred Lonberg-Holm_section_3

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  • Theory of Motion 1990 (Curious/Pogus)Fred Lonberg-Holm_item_0_0
  • Solos and Trios 1991 (Curious/Collision)Fred Lonberg-Holm_item_0_1
  • Personal Scratch 1996 (EDM)Fred Lonberg-Holm_item_0_2
  • Joy of Being 1997 (Knitting Factory)Fred Lonberg-Holm_item_0_3
  • Building a Better Future 1998 (Miguel)Fred Lonberg-Holm_item_0_4
  • Terminal 4 2001 (Atavistic)Fred Lonberg-Holm_item_0_5
  • A Valentine for Fred Katz 2002 (Atavistic)Fred Lonberg-Holm_item_0_6
  • When I'm Falling 2003 (Truck Stop)Fred Lonberg-Holm_item_0_7
  • Dialogs 2004 (Emanem) Reviewed by AllAboutJazzFred Lonberg-Holm_item_0_8
  • Other Valentines 2005 (Atavistic)Fred Lonberg-Holm_item_0_9
  • Terminal Valentine 2007 (Atavistic)Fred Lonberg-Holm_item_0_10
  • VCDC 2011 (Hispid)Fred Lonberg-Holm_item_0_11
  • Gather 2012 (Delmark)Fred Lonberg-Holm_item_0_12

With Anthony Coleman Fred Lonberg-Holm_sentence_20

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With Stirrup Fred Lonberg-Holm_sentence_21

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