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Freddie Hubbard_table_infobox_0

Freddie HubbardFreddie Hubbard_header_cell_0_0_0
Background informationFreddie Hubbard_header_cell_0_1_0
Birth nameFreddie Hubbard_header_cell_0_2_0 Frederick Dwayne HubbardFreddie Hubbard_cell_0_2_1
BornFreddie Hubbard_header_cell_0_3_0 (1938-04-07)April 7, 1938

Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.Freddie Hubbard_cell_0_3_1

DiedFreddie Hubbard_header_cell_0_4_0 December 29, 2008(2008-12-29) (aged 70)

Sherman Oaks, California, U.S.Freddie Hubbard_cell_0_4_1

GenresFreddie Hubbard_header_cell_0_5_0 JazzFreddie Hubbard_cell_0_5_1
Occupation(s)Freddie Hubbard_header_cell_0_6_0 Freddie Hubbard_cell_0_6_1
InstrumentsFreddie Hubbard_header_cell_0_7_0 Freddie Hubbard_cell_0_7_1
Years activeFreddie Hubbard_header_cell_0_8_0 1958–2008Freddie Hubbard_cell_0_8_1
LabelsFreddie Hubbard_header_cell_0_9_0 Freddie Hubbard_cell_0_9_1
Associated actsFreddie Hubbard_header_cell_0_10_0 Freddie Hubbard_cell_0_10_1

Frederick Dewayne Hubbard (April 7, 1938 – December 29, 2008) was an American jazz trumpeter. Freddie Hubbard_sentence_0

He played bebop, hard bop, and post-bop styles from the early 1960s onwards. Freddie Hubbard_sentence_1

His unmistakable and influential tone contributed to new perspectives for modern jazz and bebop. Freddie Hubbard_sentence_2

Career beginnings Freddie Hubbard_section_0

Hubbard started playing the mellophone and trumpet in his school band at Arsenal Technical High School in Indianapolis, Indiana. Freddie Hubbard_sentence_3

Trumpeter Lee Katzman, former sideman with Stan Kenton, recommended that he begin studying at the Arthur Jordan Conservatory of Music (now the Jordan College of the Arts at Butler University) with Max Woodbury, the principal trumpeter of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. Freddie Hubbard_sentence_4

In his teens, Hubbard worked locally with brothers Wes and Monk Montgomery and worked with bassist Larry Ridley and saxophonist James Spaulding. Freddie Hubbard_sentence_5

In 1958, at the age of 20, he moved to New York and began playing with some of the best jazz players of the era, including Philly Joe Jones, Sonny Rollins, Slide Hampton, Eric Dolphy, J. Freddie Hubbard_sentence_6 J. Johnson, and Quincy Jones. Freddie Hubbard_sentence_7

On 19 June 1960 Hubbard made his first record as a leader, Open Sesame at the beginning of his contract with Blue Note Records, with saxophonist Tina Brooks, pianist McCoy Tyner, bassist Sam Jones, and drummer Clifford Jarvis. Freddie Hubbard_sentence_8

Six days later he returned the favor to Brooks and recorded with him on True Blue. Freddie Hubbard_sentence_9

1960s Freddie Hubbard_section_1

In December 1960, Hubbard was invited to play on Ornette Coleman's Free Jazz after Coleman had heard him performing with Don Cherry. Freddie Hubbard_sentence_10

Then in May 1961, Hubbard played on Olé Coltrane, John Coltrane's final recording session for Atlantic Records. Freddie Hubbard_sentence_11

Together with Eric Dolphy and Art Davis, Hubbard was the only sideman who appeared on both Olé and Africa/Brass, Coltrane's first album with Impulse!. Freddie Hubbard_sentence_12

Later, in August 1961, Hubbard recorded Ready for Freddie (Blue Note), which was also his first collaboration with saxophonist Wayne Shorter. Freddie Hubbard_sentence_13

Hubbard joined Shorter later in 1961 when he replaced Lee Morgan in Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers. Freddie Hubbard_sentence_14

He played on several Blakey recordings, including Caravan, Ugetsu, Mosaic, and Free for All. Freddie Hubbard_sentence_15

In all, during the 1960s, he recorded eight studio albums as a bandleader for Blue Note, and more than two dozen as a sideman. Freddie Hubbard_sentence_16

Hubbard remained with Blakey until 1966, leaving to form the first of several small groups of his own, which featured, among others, his Blue note associate James Spaulding, pianist Kenny Barron and drummer Louis Hayes. Freddie Hubbard_sentence_17

This group recorded for Atlantic. Freddie Hubbard_sentence_18

It was during this time that he began to develop his own sound, distancing himself from the early influences of Clifford Brown and Morgan, and won the DownBeat jazz magazine "New Star" award on trumpet. Freddie Hubbard_sentence_19

Throughout the 1960s Hubbard played as a sideman on some of the most important albums from that era, including Oliver Nelson's The Blues and the Abstract Truth, Eric Dolphy's Out to Lunch! Freddie Hubbard_sentence_20 , Herbie Hancock's Maiden Voyage, and Wayne Shorter's Speak No Evil. Freddie Hubbard_sentence_21

Hubbard was described as "the most brilliant trumpeter of a generation of musicians who stand with one foot in 'tonal' jazz and the other in the atonal camp". Freddie Hubbard_sentence_22

Though he never fully embraced the free jazz of the 1960s, he appeared on two of its landmark albums: Coleman's Free Jazz and Coltrane's Ascension, as well as on Sonny Rollins' "new thing" track, "East Broadway Run Down" (on the 1966 album of the same name), with Elvin Jones and Jimmy Garrison. Freddie Hubbard_sentence_23

1970s Freddie Hubbard_section_2

Hubbard achieved his greatest popular success in the 1970s with a series of albums for Creed Taylor and his record label CTI Records, overshadowing Stanley Turrentine, Hubert Laws, and George Benson. Freddie Hubbard_sentence_24

Although his early 1970s jazz albums Red Clay, First Light, Straight Life, and Sky Dive were particularly well received and considered among his best work, the albums he recorded later in the decade were attacked by critics for their commercialism. Freddie Hubbard_sentence_25

First Light won a 1972 Grammy Award and included pianists Herbie Hancock and Richard Wyands, guitarists Eric Gale and George Benson, bassist Ron Carter, drummer Jack DeJohnette, and percussionist Airto Moreira. Freddie Hubbard_sentence_26

In 1994, Hubbard, collaborating with Chicago jazz vocalist/co-writer Catherine Whitney, had lyrics set to the music of First Light. Freddie Hubbard_sentence_27

In 1977 Hubbard joined with Herbie Hancock, Tony Williams, Ron Carter and Wayne Shorter, members of the mid-sixties Miles Davis Quintet, for a series of performances. Freddie Hubbard_sentence_28

Several live recordings of this group were released as V.S.O.P, V.S.O.P. Freddie Hubbard_sentence_29 The Quintet, V.S.O.P. Freddie Hubbard_sentence_30 Tempest in the Colosseum (all 1977) and V.S.O.P. Freddie Hubbard_sentence_31 Live Under the Sky (1979). Freddie Hubbard_sentence_32

Hubbard's trumpet playing was featured on the track "Zanzibar", on the 1978 Billy Joel album 52nd Street (the 1979 Grammy Award Winner for Best Album). Freddie Hubbard_sentence_33

The track ends with a fade during Hubbard's performance. Freddie Hubbard_sentence_34

An "unfaded" version was released on the 2004 Billy Joel box set My Lives. Freddie Hubbard_sentence_35

Later life Freddie Hubbard_section_3

In the 1980s Hubbard was again leading his own jazz group – this time with Billy Childs and Larry Klein, among others, as members – attracting favorable reviews, playing at concerts and festivals in the US and Europe, often in the company of Joe Henderson, playing a repertory of hard bop and modal jazz pieces. Freddie Hubbard_sentence_36

Hubbard played at the Monterey Jazz Festival in 1980 and in 1989 (with Bobby Hutcherson). Freddie Hubbard_sentence_37

He played with Woody Shaw, recording with him in 1985, and two years later recorded Stardust with Benny Golson. Freddie Hubbard_sentence_38

In 1988 he teamed up once more with Blakey at an engagement in the Netherlands, from which came Feel the Wind. Freddie Hubbard_sentence_39

In 1988, Hubbard played with Elton John, contributing trumpet and flugelhorn and trumpet solos on the track "Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters (Part Two)" for John's Reg Strikes Back album. Freddie Hubbard_sentence_40

In 1990 he appeared in Japan headlining an American-Japanese concert package which also featured Elvin Jones, Sonny Fortune, pianists George Duke and Benny Green, bass players Ron Carter, and Rufus Reid, with jazz vocalist Salena Jones. Freddie Hubbard_sentence_41

He also performed at the Warsaw Jazz Festival, at which Live at the Warsaw Jazz Festival (Jazzmen 1992) was recorded. Freddie Hubbard_sentence_42

Following a long setback of health problems and a serious lip injury in 1992 where he ruptured his upper lip and subsequently developed an infection, Hubbard was again playing and recording occasionally, even if not at the high level that he set for himself during his earlier career. Freddie Hubbard_sentence_43

His best records ranked with the finest in his field. Freddie Hubbard_sentence_44

On June 25, 2019, The New York Times Magazine listed Freddie Hubbard among hundreds of artists whose material was reportedly destroyed in the 2008 Universal fire. Freddie Hubbard_sentence_45

Legacy and honors Freddie Hubbard_section_4

In 2006, the National Endowment for the Arts accorded Hubbard its highest honor in jazz, the NEA Jazz Masters Award. Freddie Hubbard_sentence_46

On December 29, 2008, Hubbard died in Sherman Oaks, California from complications caused by a heart attack he suffered on November 26. Freddie Hubbard_sentence_47

Freddie Hubbard had close ties to the Jazz Foundation of America in his later years. Freddie Hubbard_sentence_48

He is quoted as saying, "When I had congestive heart failure and couldn't work, The Jazz Foundation paid my mortgage for several months and saved my home! Freddie Hubbard_sentence_49

Thank God for those people." Freddie Hubbard_sentence_50

The Jazz Foundation of America's Musicians' Emergency Fund took care of him during times of illness. Freddie Hubbard_sentence_51

After his death, Hubbard's estate requested that tax-deductible donations be made in his name to the Jazz Foundation of America. Freddie Hubbard_sentence_52

Discography Freddie Hubbard_section_5

As leader/co-leader Freddie Hubbard_section_6

Sortable table with last recording session for each release as primal order. Freddie Hubbard_sentence_53

Freddie Hubbard_table_general_1

TitleFreddie Hubbard_header_cell_1_0_0 YearFreddie Hubbard_header_cell_1_0_1 LabelFreddie Hubbard_header_cell_1_0_2
Open SesameFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_1_0 1960Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_1_1 Blue NoteFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_1_2
Goin' UpFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_2_0 1960Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_2_1 Blue NoteFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_2_2
Hub CapFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_3_0 1961Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_3_1 Blue NoteFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_3_2
Groovy!/Minor MishapFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_4_0 1961Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_4_1 Fontana/Black LionFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_4_2
Ready for FreddieFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_5_0 1961Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_5_1 Blue NoteFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_5_2
The Artistry of Freddie HubbardFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_6_0 1962Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_6_1 Impulse!Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_6_2
Hub-TonesFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_7_0 1962Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_7_1 Blue NoteFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_7_2
Here to StayFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_8_0 1962Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_8_1 Blue NoteFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_8_2
The Body & the SoulFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_9_0 1963Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_9_1 Impulse!Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_9_2
Breaking Point!Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_10_0 1964Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_10_1 Blue NoteFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_10_2
The Night of the CookersFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_11_0 1965Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_11_1 Blue NoteFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_11_2
Jam Gems: Live at the Left BankFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_12_0 1965Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_12_1 Label MFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_12_2
Blue SpiritsFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_13_0 1966Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_13_1 Blue NoteFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_13_2
BacklashFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_14_0 1966Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_14_1 AtlanticFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_14_2
Fastball: Live at the Left BankFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_15_0 1967Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_15_1 HyenaFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_15_2
High Blues PressureFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_16_0 1968Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_16_1 AtlanticFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_16_2
A Soul ExperimentFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_17_0 1969Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_17_1 AtlanticFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_17_2
The Black AngelFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_18_0 1970Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_18_1 AtlanticFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_18_2
The Hub of HubbardFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_19_0 1970Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_19_1 MPSFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_19_2
Red ClayFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_20_0 1970Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_20_1 CTIFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_20_2
Straight LifeFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_21_0 1970Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_21_1 CTIFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_21_2
Sing Me a Song of SongmyFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_22_0 1971Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_22_1 AtlanticFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_22_2
First LightFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_23_0 1971Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_23_1 CTIFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_23_2
Sky DiveFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_24_0 1973Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_24_1 CTIFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_24_2
Keep Your Soul TogetherFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_25_0 1973Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_25_1 CTIFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_25_2
Freddie Hubbard/Stanley Turrentine in Concert Volume OneFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_26_0 1973Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_26_1 CTIFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_26_2
In Concert Volume Two with Stanley TurrentineFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_27_0 1974Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_27_1 CTIFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_27_2
Polar ACFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_28_0 1975Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_28_1 CTIFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_28_2
High EnergyFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_29_0 1974Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_29_1 ColumbiaFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_29_2
GleamFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_30_0 1975Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_30_1 Sony (Japan)Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_30_2
Liquid LoveFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_31_0 1975Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_31_1 ColumbiaFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_31_2
WindjammerFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_32_0 1976Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_32_1 ColumbiaFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_32_2
Bundle of JoyFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_33_0 1977Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_33_1 ColumbiaFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_33_2
Super BlueFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_34_0 1978Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_34_1 ColumbiaFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_34_2
The Love ConnectionFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_35_0 1979Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_35_1 ColumbiaFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_35_2
SkaglyFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_36_0 1979Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_36_1 ColumbiaFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_36_2
Live at the North Sea Jazz FestivalFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_37_0 1980Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_37_1 PabloFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_37_2
Mistral with Art PepperFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_38_0 1981Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_38_1 East World (Japan)/LibertyFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_38_2
OutpostFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_39_0 1981Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_39_1 EnjaFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_39_2
SplashFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_40_0 1981Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_40_1 FantasyFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_40_2
Rollin'Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_41_0 1981Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_41_1 MPSFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_41_2
Keystone Bop: Sunday NightFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_42_0 1981Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_42_1 PrestigeFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_42_2
Keystone Bop Vol. 2: Friday & SaturdayFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_43_0 1981Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_43_1 PrestigeFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_43_2
Born to Be BlueFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_44_0 1981Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_44_1 PabloFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_44_2
Ride Like the WindFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_45_0 1982Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_45_1 Elektra/AsylumFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_45_2
Above & BeyondFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_46_0 1982Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_46_1 MetropolitanFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_46_2
Back to BirdlandFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_47_0 1982Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_47_1 Real TimeFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_47_2
Sweet ReturnFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_48_0 1983Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_48_1 AtlanticFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_48_2
The Rose TattooFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_49_0 1983Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_49_1 Baystate (Japan)Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_49_2
Double Take with Woody ShawFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_50_0 1985Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_50_1 Blue NoteFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_50_2
Life FlightFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_51_0 1987Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_51_1 Blue NoteFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_51_2
The Eternal Triangle with Woody ShawFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_52_0 1987Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_52_1 Blue NoteFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_52_2
Stardust with Benny GolsonFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_53_0 1987Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_53_1 DenonFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_53_2
Feel the Wind with Art BlakeyFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_54_0 1988Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_54_1 TimelessFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_54_2
Times Are ChangingFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_55_0 1989Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_55_1 Blue NoteFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_55_2
Topsy – Standard BookFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_56_0 1989Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_56_1 Alpha/ComposeFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_56_2
BoliviaFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_57_0 1991Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_57_1 MusicMastersFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_57_2
At Jazz Jamboree Warszawa '91: A Tribute to MilesFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_58_0 1991Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_58_1 StarburstFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_58_2
Live at Fat Tuesday'sFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_59_0 1991Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_59_1 MusicMastersFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_59_2
Blues for MilesFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_60_0 1992Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_60_1 EvidenceFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_60_2
MMTC: Monk, Miles, Trane & CannonFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_61_0 1995Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_61_1 MusicMastersFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_61_2
New ColorsFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_62_0 2000Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_62_1 Hip BopFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_62_2
On the Real SideFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_63_0 2007Freddie Hubbard_cell_1_63_1 Times SquareFreddie Hubbard_cell_1_63_2

As sideman Freddie Hubbard_section_7

Sortable table with main artist alphabetically as primal order. Freddie Hubbard_sentence_54

Freddie Hubbard_table_general_2

Main artistFreddie Hubbard_header_cell_2_0_0 TitleFreddie Hubbard_header_cell_2_0_1 LabelFreddie Hubbard_header_cell_2_0_2 YearFreddie Hubbard_header_cell_2_0_3
Manny AlbamFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_1_0 The Soul of the CityFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_1_1 Solid StateFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_1_2 1966Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_1_3
Roberto Ávila & SaravaFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_2_0 Come to BrazilFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_2_1 SonetFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_2_2 1989Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_2_3
George BensonFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_3_0 The Other Side of Abbey RoadFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_3_1 A&M/CTIFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_3_2 1969Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_3_3
Walter BentonFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_4_0 Out of this WorldFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_4_1 JazzlandFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_4_2 1960Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_4_3
Art BlakeyFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_5_0 MosaicFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_5_1 Blue NoteFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_5_2 1961Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_5_3
Art BlakeyFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_6_0 Buhaina's DelightFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_6_1 Blue NoteFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_6_2 1961Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_6_3
Art BlakeyFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_7_0 A Jazz Hour with Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers: Blues MarchFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_7_1 Jazz HourFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_7_2 1961Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_7_3
Art BlakeyFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_8_0 Three Blind MiceFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_8_1 United ArtistsFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_8_2 1962Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_8_3
Art BlakeyFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_9_0 CaravanFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_9_1 RiversideFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_9_2 1962Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_9_3
Art BlakeyFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_10_0 UgetsuFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_10_1 RiversideFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_10_2 1963Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_10_3
Art BlakeyFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_11_0 KyotoFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_11_1 RiversideFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_11_2 1964Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_11_3
Art BlakeyFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_12_0 Free for AllFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_12_1 Blue NoteFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_12_2 1964Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_12_3
Art BlakeyFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_13_0 Golden BoyFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_13_1 ColpixFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_13_2 1964Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_13_3
Art BlakeyFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_14_0 Soul FingerFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_14_1 LimelightFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_14_2 1965Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_14_3
Tina BrooksFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_15_0 True BlueFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_15_1 Blue NoteFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_15_2 1960Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_15_3
Kenny BurrellFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_16_0 God Bless the ChildFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_16_1 CTIFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_16_2 1971Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_16_3
George CablesFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_17_0 Cables' VisionFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_17_1 ContemporaryFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_17_2 1979Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_17_3
Betty CarterFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_18_0 Droppin' ThingsFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_18_1 VerveFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_18_2 1990Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_18_3
Paul ChambersFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_19_0 GoFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_19_1 Vee-JayFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_19_2 1959Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_19_3
Ornette ColemanFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_20_0 Free Jazz: A Collective ImprovisationFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_20_1 AtlanticFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_20_2 1960Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_20_3
John ColtraneFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_21_0 Olé ColtraneFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_21_1 AtlanticFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_21_2 1961Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_21_3
John ColtraneFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_22_0 Africa/BrassFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_22_1 Impulse!Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_22_2 1961Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_22_3
John ColtraneFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_23_0 AscensionFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_23_1 Impulse!Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_23_2 1965Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_23_3
Richard DavisFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_24_0 Muses for Richard DavisFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_24_1 MPSFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_24_2 1969Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_24_3
Eric DolphyFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_25_0 Outward BoundFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_25_1 New JazzFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_25_2 1960Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_25_3
Eric DolphyFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_26_0 Out to Lunch!Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_26_1 Blue NoteFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_26_2 1964Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_26_3
Kenny DrewFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_27_0 UndercurrentFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_27_1 Blue NoteFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_27_2 1960Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_27_3
Charles EarlandFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_28_0 Leaving This PlanetFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_28_1 PrestigeFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_28_2 1973Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_28_3
Booker ErvinFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_29_0 Booker 'n' BrassFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_29_1 Pacific Jazz RecordsFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_29_2 1967Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_29_3
Bill EvansFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_30_0 InterplayFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_30_1 RiversideFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_30_2 1962Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_30_3
Joe FarrellFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_31_0 Sonic TextFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_31_1 ContemporaryFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_31_2 1980Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_31_3
Curtis FullerFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_32_0 Boss of the Soul-Stream TromboneFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_32_1 WarwickFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_32_2 1960Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_32_3
Curtis FullerFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_33_0 Soul TromboneFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_33_1 Impulse!Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_33_2 1961Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_33_3
Curtis FullerFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_34_0 Cabin in the SkyFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_34_1 Impulse!Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_34_2 1962Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_34_3
Dizzy Gillespie, Clark Terry and Oscar PetersonFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_35_0 The Trumpet Summit Meets the Oscar Peterson Big 4Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_35_1 PabloFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_35_2 1980Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_35_3
Dizzy Gillespie, Clark Terry and Oscar PetersonFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_36_0 The Alternate BluesFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_36_1 PabloFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_36_2 1980Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_36_3
Benny GolsonFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_37_0 Take a Number from 1 to 10Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_37_1 ArgoFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_37_2 1961Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_37_3
Benny GolsonFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_38_0 Pop + Jazz = Swing — jazz part also released as Just Jazz!Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_38_1 Audio FidelityFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_38_2 1962Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_38_3
Benny GolsonFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_39_0 Time SpeaksFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_39_1 BaystateFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_39_2 1982Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_39_3
Dexter GordonFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_40_0 Doin' AllrightFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_40_1 Blue NoteFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_40_2 1961Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_40_3
Dexter GordonFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_41_0 ClubhouseFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_41_1 Blue NoteFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_41_2 1964Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_41_3
Dexter GordonFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_42_0 GenerationFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_42_1 PrestigeFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_42_2 1972Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_42_3
Dexter GordonFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_43_0 The Other Side of Round MidnightFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_43_1 Blue NoteFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_43_2 1986Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_43_3
Slide HamptonFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_44_0 Slide Hampton and His Horn of PlentyFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_44_1 StrandFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_44_2 1959Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_44_3
Slide HamptonFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_45_0 Sister SalvationFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_45_1 AtlanticFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_45_2 1960Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_45_3
Slide HamptonFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_46_0 Drum SuiteFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_46_1 EpicFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_46_2 1962Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_46_3
Herbie HancockFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_47_0 Takin' OffFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_47_1 Blue NoteFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_47_2 1962Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_47_3
Herbie HancockFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_48_0 Empyrean IslesFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_48_1 Blue NoteFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_48_2 1964Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_48_3
Herbie HancockFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_49_0 Maiden VoyageFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_49_1 Blue NoteFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_49_2 1965Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_49_3
Herbie HancockFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_50_0 Blow-UpFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_50_1 MGMFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_50_2 1966Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_50_3
Herbie HancockFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_51_0 V.S.O.P.Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_51_1 ColumbiaFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_51_2 1977Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_51_3
Herbie HancockFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_52_0 V.S.O.P. The QuintetFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_52_1 ColumbiaFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_52_2 1977Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_52_3
Herbie HancockFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_53_0 V.S.O.P. Tempest in the ColosseumFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_53_1 ColumbiaFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_53_2 1977Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_53_3
Herbie HancockFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_54_0 V.S.O.P. Live Under the SkyFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_54_1 ColumbiaFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_54_2 1979Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_54_3
Herbie HancockFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_55_0 Round Midnight (soundtrack)Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_55_1 ColumbiaFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_55_2 1986Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_55_3
Jimmy HeathFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_56_0 The QuotaFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_56_1 RiversideFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_56_2 1961Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_56_3
Jimmy HeathFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_57_0 Triple ThreatFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_57_1 RiversideFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_57_2 1962Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_57_3
Joe HendersonFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_58_0 Big BandFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_58_1 VerveFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_58_2 1996Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_58_3
Andrew HillFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_59_0 PaxFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_59_1 Blue NoteFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_59_2 1965Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_59_3
Andrew HillFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_60_0 Compulsion!!!!!Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_60_1 Blue NoteFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_60_2 1965Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_60_3
Bobby HutchersonFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_61_0 DialogueFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_61_1 Blue NoteFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_61_2 1965Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_61_3
Bobby HutchersonFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_62_0 ComponentsFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_62_1 Blue NoteFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_62_2 1965Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_62_3
Bobby HutchersonFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_63_0 KnucklebeanFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_63_1 Blue NoteFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_63_2 1977Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_63_3
Bobby HutchersonFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_64_0 Highway OneFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_64_1 ColumbiaFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_64_2 1978Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_64_3
Milt JacksonFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_65_0 SunflowerFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_65_1 CTIFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_65_2 1973Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_65_3
Milt JacksonFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_66_0 Goodbye— trumpet on "S.K.J." onlyFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_66_1 CTIFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_66_2 1974Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_66_3
Billy JoelFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_67_0 52nd Street — trumpet on "Zanzibar" onlyFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_67_1 ColumbiaFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_67_2 1978Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_67_3
Elton JohnFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_68_0 Reg Strikes BackFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_68_1 Rocket/MercuryFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_68_2 1988Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_68_3
J. J. JohnsonFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_69_0 J.J. Inc.Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_69_1 ColumbiaFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_69_2 1961Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_69_3
Quincy JonesFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_70_0 I Dig DancersFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_70_1 MercuryFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_70_2 1960Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_70_3
Quincy JonesFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_71_0 The QuintessenceFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_71_1 Impulse!Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_71_2 1962Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_71_3
Quincy JonesFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_72_0 Golden BoyFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_72_1 MercuryFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_72_2 1964Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_72_3
Quincy JonesFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_73_0 I/We Had a BallFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_73_1 LimelightFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_73_2 1965Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_73_3
Quincy JonesFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_74_0 Walking in SpaceFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_74_1 A&M/CTIFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_74_2 1969Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_74_3
Quincy JonesFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_75_0 Gula MatariFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_75_1 A&MFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_75_2 1970Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_75_3
Chaka KhanFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_76_0 Echoes of an EraFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_76_1 Blue NoteFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_76_2 1982Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_76_3
John LewisFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_77_0 EssenceFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_77_1 AtlanticFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_77_2 1962Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_77_3
Mel LewisFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_78_0 Mel Lewis and FriendsFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_78_1 A&M/HorizonFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_78_2 1977Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_78_3
Kirk LightseyFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_79_0 TemptationFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_79_1 TimelessFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_79_2 1991Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_79_3
Jeff LorberFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_80_0 Water SignFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_80_1 AristaFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_80_2 1979Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_80_3
Ronnie MathewsFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_81_0 Doin' the Thang!Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_81_1 PrestigeFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_81_2 1963Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_81_3
Jackie McLeanFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_82_0 BluesnikFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_82_1 Elektra/MusicianFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_82_2 1961Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_82_3
The Modern Jazz QuartetFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_83_0 MJQ & Friends: A 40th Anniversary CelebrationFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_83_1 AtlanticFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_83_2 1994Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_83_3
Wes MontgomeryFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_84_0 Fingerpickin'Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_84_1 Pacific JazzFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_84_2 1958Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_84_3
Wes MontgomeryFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_85_0 Road SongFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_85_1 A&MFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_85_2 1968Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_85_3
Hank MobleyFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_86_0 Roll CallFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_86_1 Blue NoteFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_86_2 1960Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_86_3
Alphonse MouzonFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_87_0 By All MeansFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_87_1 PausaFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_87_2 1980Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_87_3
Oliver NelsonFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_88_0 The Blues and the Abstract TruthFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_88_1 Impulse!Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_88_2 1961Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_88_3
Cecil PayneFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_89_0 CerupaFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_89_1 DelmarkFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_89_2 1993Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_89_3
Duke PearsonFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_90_0 Dedication!/Minor Mishap (Hubbard)Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_90_1 Prestige/Black LionFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_90_2 1961Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_90_3
Duke PearsonFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_91_0 Sweet Honey BeeFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_91_1 Blue NoteFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_91_2 1966Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_91_3
Duke PearsonFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_92_0 The Right TouchFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_92_1 Blue NoteFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_92_2 1967Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_92_3
Oscar PetersonFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_93_0 Face to FaceFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_93_1 PabloFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_93_2 1982Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_93_3
Sam RiversFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_94_0 ContoursFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_94_1 Blue NoteFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_94_2 1965Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_94_3
Max RoachFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_95_0 Drums UnlimitedFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_95_1 AtlanticFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_95_2 1965Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_95_3
Sonny RollinsFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_96_0 East Broadway Run DownFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_96_1 Impulse!Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_96_2 1966Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_96_3
RufusFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_97_0 NumbersFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_97_1 ABCFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_97_2 1979Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_97_3
Poncho SanchezFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_98_0 CambiosFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_98_1 Concord PicanteFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_98_2 1991Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_98_3
Lalo SchifrinFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_99_0 Once a Thief and Other ThemesFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_99_1 VerveFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_99_2 1965Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_99_3
Don SebeskyFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_100_0 Giant BoxFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_100_1 CTIFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_100_2 1973Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_100_3
Wayne ShorterFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_101_0 Wayning MomentsFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_101_1 Vee-JayFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_101_2 1962Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_101_3
Wayne ShorterFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_102_0 Speak No EvilFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_102_1 Blue NoteFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_102_2 1964Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_102_3
Wayne ShorterFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_103_0 The SoothsayerFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_103_1 Blue NoteFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_103_2 1965Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_103_3
Wayne ShorterFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_104_0 The All Seeing EyeFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_104_1 Blue NoteFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_104_2 1965Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_104_3
Leon ThomasFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_105_0 A Piece of CakeFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_105_1 PalcoscenicoFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_105_2 Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_105_3
Stanley TurrentineFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_106_0 SugarFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_106_1 CTIFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_106_2 1970Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_106_3
Stanley TurrentineFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_107_0 More Than a MoodFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_107_1 MusicMastersFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_107_2 1992Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_107_3
McCoy TynerFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_108_0 TogetherFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_108_1 MilestoneFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_108_2 1978Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_108_3
McCoy TynerFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_109_0 Quartets 4 X 4 — on three tracks as part of one quartetFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_109_1 MilestoneFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_109_2 1980Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_109_3
Cedar WaltonFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_110_0 SoundscapesFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_110_1 ColumbiaFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_110_2 1980Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_110_3
Randy WestonFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_111_0 Uhuru AfrikaFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_111_1 RouletteFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_111_2 1960Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_111_3
Randy WestonFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_112_0 Blue MosesFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_112_1 CTIFreddie Hubbard_cell_2_112_2 1972Freddie Hubbard_cell_2_112_3

Filmography Freddie Hubbard_section_8

Freddie Hubbard_unordered_list_0

  • 1981 Studiolive (Sony)Freddie Hubbard_item_0_0
  • 1985 One Night with Blue NoteFreddie Hubbard_item_0_1
  • 2004 Live at the Village Vanguard (Immortal)Freddie Hubbard_item_0_2
  • 2005 All Blues (FS World Jazz)Freddie Hubbard_item_0_3
  • 2009 Freddie Hubbard: One of a KindFreddie Hubbard_item_0_4

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