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Gene Orloff (born 1922 or 1923 – died March 23, 2009) was an American violinist, concertmaster, arranger, contractor and session musician. Gene Orloff_sentence_0

Background Gene Orloff_section_0

The son of a Russian immigrant violin maker, Orloff would try and get his father's violin down from the piano and try to play it. Gene Orloff_sentence_1

He was only three at the time. Gene Orloff_sentence_2

By the time he was five, he was playing recitals in his home city of Boston. Gene Orloff_sentence_3

Later, he was playing concerts at venues which included performances at Carnegie Hall and with the Boston Symphony. Gene Orloff_sentence_4

Having won a scholarship at the Curtis Institute of Music, he left due to the schedule and found work as a commercial musician and, on occasion, was working for 15 hours work per day. Gene Orloff_sentence_5

During his time, the artists that Orloff performed with included The Bee Gees, Aretha Franklin, Frank Sinatra and Barbra Streisand. Gene Orloff_sentence_6

Orloff's daughter Marcy said that one of his favorites was Van McCoy. Gene Orloff_sentence_7

Career Gene Orloff_section_1

In the late 1940s, he was in Neal Hefti's orchestra, together with, among others, Curley Russell, Shelley Manne and Flip Phillips, on a recording date backing Charlie Parker, and with Nat King Cole's trio/The Muleskinners, backing Woody Herman on vocals. Gene Orloff_sentence_8

1970s Gene Orloff_section_2

Working under Van McCoy's direction, he handled the arrangements for the horns and strings on the Faith Hope & Charity album by Faith Hope and Charity which was released in 1970. Gene Orloff_sentence_9

Other musicians to play on the album were Richard Tee and Leon Pendarvis on keyboards, guitarists Eric Gale and David Spinozza, bassists Gordon Edwards, percussionists Arthur Jenkins, George Devens and drummer Steve Gadd. Gene Orloff_sentence_10

He also played on the Disco Baby album by Van McCoy & The Soul City Symphony which was released in 1975 and featured "The Hustle". Gene Orloff_sentence_11

Discography Gene Orloff_section_3

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