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SpecialtyGenu recurvatum_header_cell_0_1_0 Medical genetics, rheumatology Q5533802?uselang=en#P1995Genu recurvatum_cell_0_1_1

Genu recurvatum is a deformity in the knee joint, so that the knee bends backwards. Genu recurvatum_sentence_0

In this deformity, excessive extension occurs in the tibiofemoral joint. Genu recurvatum_sentence_1

Genu recurvatum is also called knee hyperextension and back knee. Genu recurvatum_sentence_2

This deformity is more common in women and people with familial ligamentous laxity. Genu recurvatum_sentence_3

Hyperextension of the knee may be mild, moderate or severe. Genu recurvatum_sentence_4

The normal range of motion (ROM) of the knee joint is from 0 to 135 degrees in an adult. Genu recurvatum_sentence_5

Full knee extension should be no more than 10 degrees. Genu recurvatum_sentence_6

In genu recurvatum, normal extension is increased. Genu recurvatum_sentence_7

The development of genu recurvatum may lead to knee pain and knee osteoarthritis. Genu recurvatum_sentence_8

Causes Genu recurvatum_section_0

The following factors may be involved in causing this deformity: Genu recurvatum_sentence_9

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Pathophysiology Genu recurvatum_section_1

The most important factors of knee stability include: Genu recurvatum_sentence_10

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Treatment Genu recurvatum_section_2

Treatment generally includes the following: Genu recurvatum_sentence_11

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  • Sometimes pharmacologic therapy for initial disease treatmentGenu recurvatum_item_2_30
  • Physical therapy:physiotherapy will be beneficial in patient with complaint of pain, discomfort.Genu recurvatum_item_2_31

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  • Occupational therapyGenu recurvatum_item_3_32
  • Use of appropriate assistive devices such as orthosesGenu recurvatum_item_3_33
  • Surgical treatmentGenu recurvatum_item_3_34

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