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Giannelli is an Italian surname. Giannelli_sentence_0

Notable people with the surname include: Giannelli_sentence_1


  • Alessandro Giannelli (born 1963), Italian former racing cyclistGiannelli_item_0_0
  • Fred Giannelli (born 1960), American electronic musicianGiannelli_item_0_1
  • Mario Giannelli (1920–2003) nicknamed "Yo-Yo", American football guard in the National Football LeagueGiannelli_item_0_2
  • Paul Giannelli (born 1945), American lawyer, consultant and law professorGiannelli_item_0_3
  • Pietro Giannelli (1807–1881), Italian cardinalGiannelli_item_0_4
  • Ray Giannelli (born 1966), former American Major League Baseball third basemanGiannelli_item_0_5
  • Simone Giannelli (born 1996), Italian volleyball playerGiannelli_item_0_6

See also Giannelli_section_0


  • Giannelli Imbula, (born 1992), French professional footballerGiannelli_item_1_7

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