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Giannelli ImbulaGiannelli Imbula_table_caption_0
Personal informationGiannelli Imbula_header_cell_0_0_0
Full nameGiannelli Imbula_header_cell_0_1_0 Gilbert Imbula WangaGiannelli Imbula_cell_0_1_1
Date of birthGiannelli Imbula_header_cell_0_2_0 (1992-09-12) 12 September 1992 (age 28)Giannelli Imbula_cell_0_2_1
Place of birthGiannelli Imbula_header_cell_0_3_0 Vilvoorde, BelgiumGiannelli Imbula_cell_0_3_1
HeightGiannelli Imbula_header_cell_0_4_0 1.86 m (6 ft 1 in)Giannelli Imbula_cell_0_4_1
Playing position(s)Giannelli Imbula_header_cell_0_5_0 Defensive midfielderGiannelli Imbula_cell_0_5_1
Club informationGiannelli Imbula_header_cell_0_6_0
Current teamGiannelli Imbula_header_cell_0_7_0 GuingampGiannelli Imbula_cell_0_7_1
Youth careerGiannelli Imbula_header_cell_0_8_0
1998–1999Giannelli Imbula_header_cell_0_9_0 US ArgenteuilGiannelli Imbula_cell_0_9_1
2000–2004Giannelli Imbula_header_cell_0_10_0 Racing ClubGiannelli Imbula_cell_0_10_1
2004–2005Giannelli Imbula_header_cell_0_11_0 Paris Saint-GermainGiannelli Imbula_cell_0_11_1
2005–2007Giannelli Imbula_header_cell_0_12_0 Racing ClubGiannelli Imbula_cell_0_12_1
2007–2009Giannelli Imbula_header_cell_0_13_0 GuingampGiannelli Imbula_cell_0_13_1
Senior career*Giannelli Imbula_header_cell_0_14_0
YearsGiannelli Imbula_header_cell_0_15_0 TeamGiannelli Imbula_cell_0_15_1 AppsGiannelli Imbula_cell_0_15_2 (Gls)Giannelli Imbula_cell_0_15_3
2009–2013Giannelli Imbula_header_cell_0_16_0 GuingampGiannelli Imbula_cell_0_16_1 90Giannelli Imbula_cell_0_16_2 (4)Giannelli Imbula_cell_0_16_3
2013–2014Giannelli Imbula_header_cell_0_17_0 Marseille BGiannelli Imbula_cell_0_17_1 2Giannelli Imbula_cell_0_17_2 (0)Giannelli Imbula_cell_0_17_3
2013–2015Giannelli Imbula_header_cell_0_18_0 MarseilleGiannelli Imbula_cell_0_18_1 66Giannelli Imbula_cell_0_18_2 (3)Giannelli Imbula_cell_0_18_3
2015–2016Giannelli Imbula_header_cell_0_19_0 PortoGiannelli Imbula_cell_0_19_1 10Giannelli Imbula_cell_0_19_2 (0)Giannelli Imbula_cell_0_19_3
2016–2020Giannelli Imbula_header_cell_0_20_0 Stoke CityGiannelli Imbula_cell_0_20_1 26Giannelli Imbula_cell_0_20_2 (2)Giannelli Imbula_cell_0_20_3
2017–2018Giannelli Imbula_header_cell_0_21_0 Toulouse (loan)Giannelli Imbula_cell_0_21_1 28Giannelli Imbula_cell_0_21_2 (1)Giannelli Imbula_cell_0_21_3
2018–2019Giannelli Imbula_header_cell_0_22_0 Rayo Vallecano (loan)Giannelli Imbula_cell_0_22_1 22Giannelli Imbula_cell_0_22_2 (1)Giannelli Imbula_cell_0_22_3
2019–2020Giannelli Imbula_header_cell_0_23_0 Lecce (loan)Giannelli Imbula_cell_0_23_1 3Giannelli Imbula_cell_0_23_2 (0)Giannelli Imbula_cell_0_23_3
2020Giannelli Imbula_header_cell_0_24_0 SochiGiannelli Imbula_cell_0_24_1 1Giannelli Imbula_cell_0_24_2 (0)Giannelli Imbula_cell_0_24_3
2020–Giannelli Imbula_header_cell_0_25_0 GuingampGiannelli Imbula_cell_0_25_1 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_0_25_2 (0)Giannelli Imbula_cell_0_25_3
National teamGiannelli Imbula_header_cell_0_26_0
2013Giannelli Imbula_header_cell_0_27_0 France U20Giannelli Imbula_cell_0_27_1 4Giannelli Imbula_cell_0_27_2 (0)Giannelli Imbula_cell_0_27_3
2013–2014Giannelli Imbula_header_cell_0_28_0 France U21Giannelli Imbula_cell_0_28_1 7Giannelli Imbula_cell_0_28_2 (0)Giannelli Imbula_cell_0_28_3
2019–Giannelli Imbula_header_cell_0_29_0 DR CongoGiannelli Imbula_cell_0_29_1 2Giannelli Imbula_cell_0_29_2 (0)Giannelli Imbula_cell_0_29_3

Gilbert Imbula Wanga (born 12 September 1992), most known as Giannelli Imbula, is a professional footballer who plays for as Ligue 2 side Guingamp as a defensive midfielder. Giannelli Imbula_sentence_0

Born in Belgium, Imbula played youth football for France, before changing international allegiance to the DR Congo national football team. Giannelli Imbula_sentence_1

Imbula began his career with French club Guingamp, where he progressed from the youth teams to make his professional debut in October 2009. Giannelli Imbula_sentence_2

He helped Guingamp to promotion from the Championnat National in 2010–11. Giannelli Imbula_sentence_3

He established himself as a key member of the Guingamp team in Ligue 2 and one of the stand out players in the division which saw him win the Ligue 2 Player of the Year Award. Giannelli Imbula_sentence_4

This prompted Ligue 1 side Marseille to sign Imbula for a fee of €7 million. Giannelli Imbula_sentence_5

He spent two seasons at the Stade Vélodrome before joining Portuguese side Porto in the summer of 2015 for €20 million. Giannelli Imbula_sentence_6

After seven months at Porto, Imbula joined English club Stoke City for a club record £18.3 million. Giannelli Imbula_sentence_7

Despite making a promising start at Stoke, he had a poor 2016–17 season and was sent on loan to Ligue 1 side Toulouse in 2017–18, La Liga side Rayo Vallecano in 2018–19 and Serie A side Lecce in 2019–20. Giannelli Imbula_sentence_8

Club career Giannelli Imbula_section_0

Early career Giannelli Imbula_section_1

Imbula was born in Vilvoorde, Belgium, to Congolese parents, who moved to Paris when he was young. Giannelli Imbula_sentence_9

Growing up he played youth team football with US Argenteuil, Racing Club, Paris Saint-Germain before moving to Guingamp when he was 15. Giannelli Imbula_sentence_10

Imbula progressed through the youth team at the Stade de Roudourou and made his professional debut in Ligue 2 on 16 October 2009 in a game against Dijon, becoming the youngest player in Ligue 2 history at 17 years, 1 month and 4 days of age. Giannelli Imbula_sentence_11

He played 33 times in 2010–11, scoring twice and helping Guingamp gain an instant promotion back to Ligue 2. Giannelli Imbula_sentence_12

He made 30 appearances in 2011–12 as the side finished seventh which was followed by promotion to Ligue 1 in 2012–13, with Imbula making 36 appearances, scoring two goals and he was named Ligue 2 Player of the Year. Giannelli Imbula_sentence_13

Marseille Giannelli Imbula_section_2

In July 2013, Imbula joined Marseille for a fee of €7 million, including bonuses. Giannelli Imbula_sentence_14

He played 37 times for Marseille in 2013–14 as the team and Imbula failed to make a significant impact, finishing outside of the European places in sixth spot. Giannelli Imbula_sentence_15

However, under the management of Marcelo Bielsa in 2014–15, Imbula formed an effective understanding with André Ayew, André-Pierre Gignac and Dimitri Payet where they finished in fourth place in the league table and were the second highest goalscorers with 76 goals. Giannelli Imbula_sentence_16

Porto Giannelli Imbula_section_3

On 1 July 2015, Imbula signed a five-year contract with Portuguese side Porto for a club record fee of €20 million. Giannelli Imbula_sentence_17

He struggled, however, to settle in Portugal and reports emerged that Porto would be willing to let him leave in the 2016 January transfer window. Giannelli Imbula_sentence_18

Stoke City Giannelli Imbula_section_4

On 1 February 2016, Imbula joined Premier League club Stoke City on a five-and-a-half year contract for a club record €24 million (£18.3 million). Giannelli Imbula_sentence_19

He made his Stoke debut on 6 February 2016 in a 3–0 defeat against Everton. Giannelli Imbula_sentence_20

Imbula scored his first goal for Stoke on 13 February in a 3–1 win over Bournemouth. Giannelli Imbula_sentence_21

He made a good start to his Stoke career and earned the praise of teammate Geoff Cameron. Giannelli Imbula_sentence_22

He scored in a 2–1 victory against West Ham United on the final day of the 2015–16 season, helping Stoke to a ninth-place finish. Giannelli Imbula_sentence_23

Stoke and Imbula made a poor start to the 2016–17 campaign and he was dropped from the side by manager Mark Hughes. Giannelli Imbula_sentence_24

He returned to the side in December and January before again being left out of the squad by Hughes. Giannelli Imbula_sentence_25

Imbula made 14 appearances for Stoke in 2016–17 and it was reported that the club would be willing to cut their losses on Imbula in the summer transfer window. Giannelli Imbula_sentence_26

Whilst at Stoke, Imbula's attitude prompted some heavy criticism from some of his club teammates. Giannelli Imbula_sentence_27

Glen Johnson spoke on BBC Radio 5 Live in March 2019 about an occasion where Imbula subbed himself in a pre-season game after someone did not pass him the ball, only to sub himself back on again ten minutes later. Giannelli Imbula_sentence_28

Imbula's contract with Stoke was terminated on 22 February 2020. Giannelli Imbula_sentence_29

Loan to Toulouse Giannelli Imbula_section_5

In August 2017, Imbula joined Toulouse on loan for the 2017–18 season. Giannelli Imbula_sentence_30

Imbula played 34 times for Toulouse, helping them remain in Ligue 1 after they defeated Ajaccio in a relegation play-off. Giannelli Imbula_sentence_31

Loan to Rayo Vallecano Giannelli Imbula_section_6

On 30 August 2018, Imbula moved to La Liga side Rayo Vallecano on a one-year loan deal. Giannelli Imbula_sentence_32

Imbula played 24 times for Rayo in 2018–19 as the team finished bottom of the table, scoring once with a long-range strike in a 0-1 win at SD Huesca on his 14 September 2018 debut. Giannelli Imbula_sentence_33

Loan to Lecce Giannelli Imbula_section_7

Imbula joined Serie A side Lecce on loan for the 2019–20 season. Giannelli Imbula_sentence_34

On 21 February 2020 he received the consensual termination of the contract with the Italian club. Giannelli Imbula_sentence_35

Sochi Giannelli Imbula_section_8

On 3 March 2020, Imbula signed for Russian Premier League club PFC Sochi. Giannelli Imbula_sentence_36

He left Sochi in late July 2020. Giannelli Imbula_sentence_37

Return to Guingamp Giannelli Imbula_section_9

Imbula returned to Guingamp on 7 October 2020. Giannelli Imbula_sentence_38

International career Giannelli Imbula_section_10

Born to Congolese parents, Imbula was born in Belgium but raised in France, making him eligible for any of these three countries. Giannelli Imbula_sentence_39

In 2013, he received a call up from France under-21 team to compete in the Toulon Tournament. Giannelli Imbula_sentence_40

In October 2015, however, Imbula publicly expressed his desire to play for the Belgium national team, for which reason he has required authorization to FIFA to do so. Giannelli Imbula_sentence_41

Imbula was called up to the DR Congo national team squad to face Tanzania on 14 March 2018, but rejected the call-up. Giannelli Imbula_sentence_42

One year later, Imbula was named in the provisional DR Congo squad for the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations. Giannelli Imbula_sentence_43

However, he was not included in the final 23-man squad after his international clearance was not processed in time. Giannelli Imbula_sentence_44

He received international clearance in October 2019. Giannelli Imbula_sentence_45

Imbula debuted for the DR Congo in a 0-0 2021 Africa Cup of Nations qualification tie with Gabon on 14 November 2019. Giannelli Imbula_sentence_46

Style of play Giannelli Imbula_section_11

Imbula plays as a defensive midfielder and has been described by Mark Hughes as being able to play in centre midfield: "He's a defensive midfielder and he's got a lot of attributes in terms of understanding that role, but he can play in a three as well. Giannelli Imbula_sentence_47

I like that flexibility in players because it gives me more options. Giannelli Imbula_sentence_48

He's a good young player with good power, good ability on the ball, and a good range of passing." Giannelli Imbula_sentence_49

Personal life Giannelli Imbula_section_12

Imbula married his fiancée, Linda, in the summer of 2016. Giannelli Imbula_sentence_50

Imbula was caught speeding in Stockport in March 2016. Giannelli Imbula_sentence_51

Career statistics Giannelli Imbula_section_13

Giannelli Imbula_description_list_0

  • As of match played 19 June 2020Giannelli Imbula_item_0_0

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Appearances and goals by club, season and competitionGiannelli Imbula_table_caption_1
ClubGiannelli Imbula_header_cell_1_0_0 SeasonGiannelli Imbula_header_cell_1_0_1 LeagueGiannelli Imbula_header_cell_1_0_2 CupGiannelli Imbula_header_cell_1_0_5 League CupGiannelli Imbula_header_cell_1_0_7 OtherGiannelli Imbula_header_cell_1_0_9 TotalGiannelli Imbula_header_cell_1_0_11
DivisionGiannelli Imbula_header_cell_1_1_0 AppsGiannelli Imbula_header_cell_1_1_1 GoalsGiannelli Imbula_header_cell_1_1_2 AppsGiannelli Imbula_header_cell_1_1_3 GoalsGiannelli Imbula_header_cell_1_1_4 AppsGiannelli Imbula_header_cell_1_1_5 GoalsGiannelli Imbula_header_cell_1_1_6 AppsGiannelli Imbula_header_cell_1_1_7 GoalsGiannelli Imbula_header_cell_1_1_8 AppsGiannelli Imbula_header_cell_1_1_9 GoalsGiannelli Imbula_header_cell_1_1_10
GuingampGiannelli Imbula_cell_1_2_0 2009–10Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_2_1 Ligue 2Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_2_2 2Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_2_3 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_2_4 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_2_5 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_2_6 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_2_7 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_2_8 Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_2_9 2Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_2_11 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_2_12
2010–11Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_3_0 Championnat NationalGiannelli Imbula_cell_1_3_1 28Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_3_2 2Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_3_3 1Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_3_4 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_3_5 4Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_3_6 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_3_7 Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_3_8 33Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_3_10 2Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_3_11
2011–12Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_4_0 Ligue 2Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_4_1 27Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_4_2 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_4_3 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_4_4 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_4_5 3Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_4_6 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_4_7 Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_4_8 30Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_4_10 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_4_11
2012–13Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_5_0 Ligue 2Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_5_1 34Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_5_2 2Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_5_3 2Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_5_4 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_5_5 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_5_6 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_5_7 Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_5_8 36Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_5_10 2Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_5_11
TotalGiannelli Imbula_header_cell_1_6_0 91Giannelli Imbula_header_cell_1_6_2 4Giannelli Imbula_header_cell_1_6_3 3Giannelli Imbula_header_cell_1_6_4 0Giannelli Imbula_header_cell_1_6_5 7Giannelli Imbula_header_cell_1_6_6 0Giannelli Imbula_header_cell_1_6_7 Giannelli Imbula_header_cell_1_6_8 101Giannelli Imbula_header_cell_1_6_10 4Giannelli Imbula_header_cell_1_6_11
Marseille BGiannelli Imbula_cell_1_7_0 2013–14Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_7_1 CFA 2Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_7_2 2Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_7_3 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_7_4 Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_7_5 Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_7_7 Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_7_9 2Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_7_11 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_7_12
MarseilleGiannelli Imbula_cell_1_8_0 2013–14Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_8_1 Ligue 1Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_8_2 29Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_8_3 1Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_8_4 2Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_8_5 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_8_6 2Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_8_7 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_8_8 4Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_8_9 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_8_10 37Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_8_11 1Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_8_12
2014–15Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_9_0 Ligue 1Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_9_1 37Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_9_2 2Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_9_3 1Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_9_4 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_9_5 1Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_9_6 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_9_7 Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_9_8 39Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_9_10 2Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_9_11
TotalGiannelli Imbula_header_cell_1_10_0 66Giannelli Imbula_header_cell_1_10_2 3Giannelli Imbula_header_cell_1_10_3 3Giannelli Imbula_header_cell_1_10_4 0Giannelli Imbula_header_cell_1_10_5 3Giannelli Imbula_header_cell_1_10_6 0Giannelli Imbula_header_cell_1_10_7 4Giannelli Imbula_header_cell_1_10_8 0Giannelli Imbula_header_cell_1_10_9 76Giannelli Imbula_header_cell_1_10_10 3Giannelli Imbula_header_cell_1_10_11
PortoGiannelli Imbula_cell_1_11_0 2015–16Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_11_1 Primeira LigaGiannelli Imbula_cell_1_11_2 10Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_11_3 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_11_4 3Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_11_5 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_11_6 3Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_11_7 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_11_8 5Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_11_9 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_11_10 21Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_11_11 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_11_12
Stoke CityGiannelli Imbula_cell_1_12_0 2015–16Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_12_1 Premier LeagueGiannelli Imbula_cell_1_12_2 14Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_12_3 2Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_12_4 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_12_5 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_12_6 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_12_7 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_12_8 Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_12_9 14Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_12_11 2Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_12_12
2016–17Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_13_0 Premier LeagueGiannelli Imbula_cell_1_13_1 12Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_13_2 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_13_3 1Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_13_4 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_13_5 1Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_13_6 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_13_7 Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_13_8 14Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_13_10 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_13_11
2017–18Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_14_0 Premier LeagueGiannelli Imbula_cell_1_14_1 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_14_2 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_14_3 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_14_4 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_14_5 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_14_6 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_14_7 Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_14_8 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_14_10 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_14_11
2018–19Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_15_0 EFL ChampionshipGiannelli Imbula_cell_1_15_1 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_15_2 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_15_3 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_15_4 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_15_5 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_15_6 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_15_7 Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_15_8 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_15_10 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_15_11
2019–20Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_16_0 EFL ChampionshipGiannelli Imbula_cell_1_16_1 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_16_2 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_16_3 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_16_4 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_16_5 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_16_6 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_16_7 Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_16_8 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_16_10 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_16_11
TotalGiannelli Imbula_header_cell_1_17_0 26Giannelli Imbula_header_cell_1_17_2 2Giannelli Imbula_header_cell_1_17_3 1Giannelli Imbula_header_cell_1_17_4 0Giannelli Imbula_header_cell_1_17_5 1Giannelli Imbula_header_cell_1_17_6 0Giannelli Imbula_header_cell_1_17_7 Giannelli Imbula_header_cell_1_17_8 28Giannelli Imbula_header_cell_1_17_10 2Giannelli Imbula_header_cell_1_17_11
Stoke City U23Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_18_0 2016–17Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_18_1 Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_18_2 Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_18_3 Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_18_5 Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_18_7 1Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_18_9 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_18_10 1Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_18_11 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_18_12
Toulouse (loan)Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_19_0 2017–18Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_19_1 Ligue 1Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_19_2 28Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_19_3 1Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_19_4 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_19_5 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_19_6 2Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_19_7 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_19_8 2Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_19_9 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_19_10 34Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_19_11 1Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_19_12
Rayo Vallecano (loan)Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_20_0 2018–19Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_20_1 La LigaGiannelli Imbula_cell_1_20_2 22Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_20_3 1Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_20_4 2Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_20_5 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_20_6 Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_20_7 Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_20_9 24Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_20_11 1Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_20_12
Lecce (loan)Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_21_0 2019–20Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_21_1 Serie AGiannelli Imbula_cell_1_21_2 3Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_21_3 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_21_4 1Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_21_5 1Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_21_6 Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_21_7 Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_21_9 4Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_21_11 1Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_21_12
SochiGiannelli Imbula_cell_1_22_0 2019–20Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_22_1 Russian Premier LeagueGiannelli Imbula_cell_1_22_2 1Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_22_3 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_22_4 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_22_5 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_22_6 Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_22_7 Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_22_9 1Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_22_11 0Giannelli Imbula_cell_1_22_12
Career totalGiannelli Imbula_header_cell_1_23_0 249Giannelli Imbula_header_cell_1_23_3 11Giannelli Imbula_header_cell_1_23_4 13Giannelli Imbula_header_cell_1_23_5 1Giannelli Imbula_header_cell_1_23_6 16Giannelli Imbula_header_cell_1_23_7 0Giannelli Imbula_header_cell_1_23_8 12Giannelli Imbula_header_cell_1_23_9 0Giannelli Imbula_header_cell_1_23_10 290Giannelli Imbula_header_cell_1_23_11 12Giannelli Imbula_header_cell_1_23_12

Honours Giannelli Imbula_section_14

Individual Giannelli Imbula_sentence_52

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