Give Me Back My Man

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"Give Me Back My Man" is a song written and recorded by the American rock band The B-52's. Give Me Back My Man_sentence_0

It was released as the second single from their 1980 album Wild Planet and is one of many solo vocal performances from Cindy Wilson in the band's earlier years. Give Me Back My Man_sentence_1

Live performances Give Me Back My Man_section_0

"Give Me Back My Man" was a staple in The B-52's' concerts in the 1980s and was usually one of the first few songs played. Give Me Back My Man_sentence_2

Early on, it was played just as it was on the record, with Schneider playing extra synth and toy piano. Give Me Back My Man_sentence_3

After the release of the Party Mix! Give Me Back My Man_sentence_4

album in 1981, the band performed "Give Me Back My Man" and others in the extended style in which they were presented on that album. Give Me Back My Man_sentence_5

The song was re-integrated into the set of the B-52's' 2008 Funplex tour. Give Me Back My Man_sentence_6

Track listing Give Me Back My Man_section_1

Adapted from Discogs. Give Me Back My Man_sentence_7

Give Me Back My Man_ordered_list_0

  1. "Give Me Back My Man" — 3:52Give Me Back My Man_item_0_0
  2. "Give Me Back My Man" — 3:42 (instrumental)Give Me Back My Man_item_0_1

Chart performance Give Me Back My Man_section_2

The song charted on the U.S. Hot Dance Club Play chart along with album track "Party Out of Bounds" and prior single "Private Idaho", reaching number five (chart rules at the time allowed multiple album tracks to occupy the same position together). Give Me Back My Man_sentence_8

Released as a single in the UK, it hit number sixty-one on the UK Singles Chart. Give Me Back My Man_sentence_9

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