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Golden Lies is a 2000 album by the Meat Puppets. Golden Lies_sentence_0

After the You Love Me EP, in 1999, this was the second (and final) studio release from the second line-up of the Meat Puppets. Golden Lies_sentence_1

Reception Golden Lies_section_0

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Professional ratingsGolden Lies_table_caption_0
Aggregate scoresGolden Lies_header_cell_0_0_0
SourceGolden Lies_header_cell_0_1_0 RatingGolden Lies_header_cell_0_1_1
MetacriticGolden Lies_cell_0_2_0 60/100Golden Lies_cell_0_2_1
Review scoresGolden Lies_header_cell_0_3_0
SourceGolden Lies_header_cell_0_4_0 RatingGolden Lies_header_cell_0_4_1
AllmusicGolden Lies_cell_0_5_0 Golden Lies_cell_0_5_1
Rolling StoneGolden Lies_cell_0_6_0 Golden Lies_cell_0_6_1
Sno ConeGolden Lies_cell_0_7_0 (not rated)Golden Lies_cell_0_7_1
Pitchfork MediaGolden Lies_cell_0_8_0 (4.3/10)Golden Lies_cell_0_8_1

Al Shipley of Pitchfork was largely dismissive of the record, describing the album as settling "into a series of unremarkable mid-tempo hard rock tunes", describing the song "Hercules" in particular to be a "clear sign that something is terribly wrong". Golden Lies_sentence_2

Track listing Golden Lies_section_1

All songs written by Curt Kirkwood, unless otherwise noted. Golden Lies_sentence_3

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  1. "Intro" – 0:51Golden Lies_item_0_0
  2. "Armed and Stupid" – 3:21Golden Lies_item_0_1
  3. "I Quit" – 3:01Golden Lies_item_0_2
  4. "Lamp" – 5:53Golden Lies_item_0_3
  5. "Hercules" – 3:34Golden Lies_item_0_4
  6. "Batwing" – 3:08Golden Lies_item_0_5
  7. "Take Off Your Clothes" – 4:00Golden Lies_item_0_6
  8. "You Love Me" – 3:51Golden Lies_item_0_7
  9. "Pieces of Me" – 3:46Golden Lies_item_0_8
  10. "Push the Button" – 4:52Golden Lies_item_0_9
  11. "Tarantula" – 4:05Golden Lies_item_0_10
  12. "Endless Wave" – 4:30Golden Lies_item_0_11
  13. "Wipeout" – 3:54Golden Lies_item_0_12
  14. "Fatboy/Fat/Requiem" – 9:50Golden Lies_item_0_13

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