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For the Japanese letter, see He (kana). He (letter)_sentence_0

He (letter)_table_infobox_0

← Dalet He Waw →He (letter)_header_cell_0_0_0
PhoenicianHe (letter)_header_cell_0_1_0 He (letter)_cell_0_1_1
HebrewHe (letter)_header_cell_0_2_0 ה‎He (letter)_cell_0_2_1
AramaicHe (letter)_header_cell_0_3_0 He (letter)_cell_0_3_1
SyriacHe (letter)_header_cell_0_4_0 ܗHe (letter)_cell_0_4_1
ArabicHe (letter)_header_cell_0_5_0 هHe (letter)_cell_0_5_1
Phonemic representationHe (letter)_header_cell_0_6_0 hHe (letter)_cell_0_6_1
Position in alphabetHe (letter)_header_cell_0_7_0 5He (letter)_cell_0_7_1
Numerical valueHe (letter)_header_cell_0_8_0 5He (letter)_cell_0_8_1
Alphabetic derivatives of the PhoenicianHe (letter)_header_cell_0_9_0
GreekHe (letter)_header_cell_0_10_0 ΕHe (letter)_cell_0_10_1
LatinHe (letter)_header_cell_0_11_0 EHe (letter)_cell_0_11_1
CyrillicHe (letter)_header_cell_0_12_0 E, Є (Э), Ѧ?, Ѫ?He (letter)_cell_0_12_1

He is the fifth letter of the Semitic abjads, including Phoenician Hē , Hebrew Hē ה‎, Aramaic Hē , Syriac Hē ܗ, and Arabic Hāʾ ه. He (letter)_sentence_1

Its sound value is a voiceless glottal fricative ([h]). He (letter)_sentence_2

The proto-Canaanite letter gave rise to the Greek Epsilon Ε ε, Etruscan 𐌄, Latin E, Ë and Ɛ, and Cyrillic Е, Ё, Є and Э. He (letter)_sentence_3

He, like all Phoenician letters, represented a consonant, but the Latin, Greek and Cyrillic equivalents have all come to represent vowel sounds. He (letter)_sentence_4

Origins He (letter)_section_0

Arabic hāʾ He (letter)_section_1

The letter is named hāʾ. He (letter)_sentence_5

It is written in several ways depending on its position in the word: He (letter)_sentence_6

He (letter)_table_general_1

Position in word:He (letter)_header_cell_1_0_0 IsolatedHe (letter)_header_cell_1_0_1 FinalHe (letter)_header_cell_1_0_2 MedialHe (letter)_header_cell_1_0_3 InitialHe (letter)_header_cell_1_0_4
Glyph form:

(Help)He (letter)_header_cell_1_1_0

ه‎He (letter)_cell_1_1_1 ـه‎He (letter)_cell_1_1_2 ـهـ‎He (letter)_cell_1_1_3 هـ‎He (letter)_cell_1_1_4

Hāʾ is used as a suffix (with the harakat dictated by ʾIʿrab) indicating possession, indicating that the noun marked with the suffix belongs to a specific masculine possessor; for example, كِتَاب kitāb ("book") becomes كِتَابُهُ kitābuhu ('his book') with the addition of final hāʾ; the possessor is implied in the suffix. He (letter)_sentence_7

A longer example, هُوَ يَقْرَأُ كِتَابَهُ, (huwa yaqraʼu kitābahu, "he reads his book") more clearly indicates the possessor. He (letter)_sentence_8

Hāʾ is also used as the Arabic abbreviation for dates following the Islamic era AH. He (letter)_sentence_9

The hāʾ suffix appended to a verb represents a masculine object (e.g. يَقْرَأُهُ, yaqraʾuhu, 'he reads it'). He (letter)_sentence_10

The feminine form of this construction is in both cases ـهَا -hā. He (letter)_sentence_11

In Nastaʿlīq the letter has a variant, gol he, with its own particular shapes. He (letter)_sentence_12

As Urdu and other languages of Pakistan are usually written in Nastaʿlīq, they normally employ this variant, which is given an independent code point (U+06C1) for compatibility: He (letter)_sentence_13

He (letter)_table_general_2

Position in word:He (letter)_header_cell_2_0_0 IsolatedHe (letter)_header_cell_2_0_1 FinalHe (letter)_header_cell_2_0_2 MedialHe (letter)_header_cell_2_0_3 InitialHe (letter)_header_cell_2_0_4
Naskh glyph form:

(Help)He (letter)_header_cell_2_1_0

ہ‎He (letter)_cell_2_1_1 ـہ‎He (letter)_cell_2_1_2 ـہـ‎He (letter)_cell_2_1_3 ہـ‎He (letter)_cell_2_1_4
Nastaʿlīq glyph form:He (letter)_header_cell_2_2_0 ہHe (letter)_cell_2_2_1 ــــہHe (letter)_cell_2_2_2 ــــہــــHe (letter)_cell_2_2_3 ہــــHe (letter)_cell_2_2_4

For aspiration and breathy voice Urdu and other languages of Pakistan use the medial (in Nastaliq script) or initial (in Naskh script) form of hāʾ, called in Urdu do cashmī he ('two-eyed he'): He (letter)_sentence_14

He (letter)_table_general_3

Position in word:He (letter)_header_cell_3_0_0 IsolatedHe (letter)_header_cell_3_0_1 FinalHe (letter)_header_cell_3_0_2 MedialHe (letter)_header_cell_3_0_3 InitialHe (letter)_header_cell_3_0_4
Naskh glyph form:

(Help)He (letter)_header_cell_3_1_0

ھ‎He (letter)_cell_3_1_1 ـھ‎He (letter)_cell_3_1_2 ـھـ‎He (letter)_cell_3_1_3 ھـ‎He (letter)_cell_3_1_4
Nastaʿlīq glyph form:He (letter)_header_cell_3_2_0 ھHe (letter)_cell_3_2_1 ــــھHe (letter)_cell_3_2_2 ــــھــــHe (letter)_cell_3_2_3 ھــــHe (letter)_cell_3_2_4

Arabic ae He (letter)_section_2

Many Turkic languages of Central Asia like Uyghur as well as Kurdish use the modification of the letter for front vowels /æ/ or /ɛ/. He (letter)_sentence_15

This has its own code point (U+06D5). He (letter)_sentence_16

To distinguish it from Arabic hāʾ /h/ the letter lacks its initial and medial forms: [ـ] He (letter)_sentence_17

He (letter)_table_general_4

Position in word:He (letter)_header_cell_4_0_0 IsolatedHe (letter)_header_cell_4_0_1 FinalHe (letter)_header_cell_4_0_2 MedialHe (letter)_header_cell_4_0_3 InitialHe (letter)_header_cell_4_0_4
Glyph form:

(Help)He (letter)_header_cell_4_1_0

ە‎He (letter)_cell_4_1_1 ـە‎He (letter)_cell_4_1_2 ـە‎He (letter)_cell_4_1_3 ە‎He (letter)_cell_4_1_4

Hebrew Hei He (letter)_section_3

He (letter)_table_general_5

Orthographic variantsHe (letter)_header_cell_5_0_0
Various print fontsHe (letter)_header_cell_5_1_0 Cursive HebrewHe (letter)_header_cell_5_1_3 Rashi scriptHe (letter)_header_cell_5_1_4
SerifHe (letter)_header_cell_5_2_0 Sans-serifHe (letter)_header_cell_5_2_1 MonospacedHe (letter)_header_cell_5_2_2
הHe (letter)_cell_5_3_0 הHe (letter)_cell_5_3_1 הHe (letter)_cell_5_3_2 He (letter)_cell_5_3_3 He (letter)_cell_5_3_4

Hebrew spelling: הֵא‎ He (letter)_sentence_18

Pronunciation He (letter)_section_4

In modern Hebrew, the letter represents a voiced glottal fricative /ɦ/, and may also be dropped, although this pronunciation is seen as substandard. He (letter)_sentence_19

Also, in many variant Hebrew pronunciations the letter may represent a glottal stop. He (letter)_sentence_20

In word-final position, Hei is used to indicate an a-vowel, usually that of qamatz ( ָ‎ ), and in this sense functions like Aleph, Vav, and Yud as a mater lectionis, indicating the presence of a long vowel. He (letter)_sentence_21

Hei, along with Aleph, Ayin, Reish, and Khet, cannot receive a dagesh. He (letter)_sentence_22

Nonetheless, it does receive a marking identical to the dagesh, to form Hei-mappiq (הּ‎). He (letter)_sentence_23

Although indistinguishable for most modern speakers or readers of Hebrew, the mapiq is placed in a word-final Hei to indicate that the letter is not merely a mater lectionis but the consonant should be aspirated in that position. He (letter)_sentence_24

It is generally used in Hebrew to indicate the third-person feminine singular genitive marker. He (letter)_sentence_25

Today, such a pronunciation only occurs in religious contexts and even then often only by careful readers of the scriptures. He (letter)_sentence_26

Significance of Hei He (letter)_section_5

In gematria, Hei symbolizes the number five, and when used at the beginning of Hebrew years, it means 5000 (i.e. התשנ״ד in numbers would be the date 5754). He (letter)_sentence_27

Attached to words, Hei may have three possible meanings: He (letter)_sentence_28

He (letter)_unordered_list_0

  • A preposition meaning the definite article "the", or the relative pronouns "that", or "who" (as in "a boy who reads"). For example, yeled, a boy; hayeled, the boy.He (letter)_item_0_0
  • A prefix indicating that the sentence is a question. (For example, Yadata, You knew; Hayadata?, Did you know?)He (letter)_item_0_1
  • A suffix after place names indicating movement towards the given noun. (For example, Yerushalayim, Jerusalem; Yerushalaymah, towards Jerusalem.)He (letter)_item_0_2

In modern Hebrew the frequency of the usage of he, out of all the letters, is 8.18%. He (letter)_sentence_29

Hei, representing five in gematria, is often found on amulets, symbolizing the five fingers of a hand, a very common talismanic symbol. He (letter)_sentence_30

In Judaism He (letter)_section_6

Hei is often used to represent the name of God as an abbreviation for Hashem, which means The Name and is a way of saying God without actually saying the name of God. He (letter)_sentence_31

In print, Hashem is usually written as Hei with a geresh: ה׳‎. He (letter)_sentence_32

Syriac Heh He (letter)_section_7

He (letter)_table_general_6

HehHe (letter)_header_cell_6_0_0
Madnḫaya HehHe (letter)_cell_6_1_0
Serṭo HehHe (letter)_cell_6_2_0
Esṭrangela HehHe (letter)_cell_6_3_0

In the Syriac alphabet, the fifth letter is ܗ — Heh (ܗܹܐ). He (letter)_sentence_33

It is pronounced as an h. He (letter)_sentence_34

At the end of a word with a point above it, it represents the third-person feminine singular suffix. He (letter)_sentence_35

Without the point, it stands for the masculine equivalent. He (letter)_sentence_36

Standing alone with a horizontal line above it, it is the abbreviation for either hānoh (ܗܵܢܘܿ), meaning 'this is' or 'that is', or halelûya (ܗܵܠܹܠܘܼܝܵܐ). He (letter)_sentence_37

As a numeral, He represents the number five. He (letter)_sentence_38

Character encodings He (letter)_section_8

He (letter)_table_general_7

Character informationHe (letter)_table_caption_7
PreviewHe (letter)_header_cell_7_0_0 הHe (letter)_header_cell_7_0_1 هHe (letter)_header_cell_7_0_3 ܗHe (letter)_header_cell_7_0_5 He (letter)_header_cell_7_0_7 He (letter)_header_cell_7_0_9 He (letter)_header_cell_7_0_11
Unicode nameHe (letter)_cell_7_1_0 HEBREW LETTER HEHe (letter)_cell_7_1_1 ARABIC LETTER HEHHe (letter)_cell_7_1_3 SYRIAC LETTER HEHe (letter)_cell_7_1_5 SAMARITAN LETTER IYHe (letter)_cell_7_1_7 MANDAIC LETTER AHHe (letter)_cell_7_1_9 ETHIOPIC SYLLABLE HAHe (letter)_cell_7_1_11
EncodingsHe (letter)_header_cell_7_2_0 decimalHe (letter)_header_cell_7_2_1 hexHe (letter)_header_cell_7_2_2 decimalHe (letter)_header_cell_7_2_3 hexHe (letter)_header_cell_7_2_4 decimalHe (letter)_header_cell_7_2_5 hexHe (letter)_header_cell_7_2_6 decimalHe (letter)_header_cell_7_2_7 hexHe (letter)_header_cell_7_2_8 decimalHe (letter)_header_cell_7_2_9 hexHe (letter)_header_cell_7_2_10 decimalHe (letter)_header_cell_7_2_11 hexHe (letter)_header_cell_7_2_12
UnicodeHe (letter)_cell_7_3_0 1492He (letter)_cell_7_3_1 U+05D4He (letter)_cell_7_3_2 1607He (letter)_cell_7_3_3 U+0647He (letter)_cell_7_3_4 1815He (letter)_cell_7_3_5 U+0717He (letter)_cell_7_3_6 2052He (letter)_cell_7_3_7 U+0804He (letter)_cell_7_3_8 2116He (letter)_cell_7_3_9 U+0844He (letter)_cell_7_3_10 4608He (letter)_cell_7_3_11 U+1200He (letter)_cell_7_3_12
UTF-8He (letter)_cell_7_4_0 215 148He (letter)_cell_7_4_1 D7 94He (letter)_cell_7_4_2 217 135He (letter)_cell_7_4_3 D9 87He (letter)_cell_7_4_4 220 151He (letter)_cell_7_4_5 DC 97He (letter)_cell_7_4_6 224 160 132He (letter)_cell_7_4_7 E0 A0 84He (letter)_cell_7_4_8 224 161 132He (letter)_cell_7_4_9 E0 A1 84He (letter)_cell_7_4_10 225 136 128He (letter)_cell_7_4_11 E1 88 80He (letter)_cell_7_4_12
Numeric character referenceHe (letter)_cell_7_5_0 הHe (letter)_cell_7_5_1 הHe (letter)_cell_7_5_2 هHe (letter)_cell_7_5_3 هHe (letter)_cell_7_5_4 ܗHe (letter)_cell_7_5_5 ܗHe (letter)_cell_7_5_6 He (letter)_cell_7_5_7 He (letter)_cell_7_5_8 He (letter)_cell_7_5_9 He (letter)_cell_7_5_10 He (letter)_cell_7_5_11 He (letter)_cell_7_5_12

He (letter)_table_general_8

Character informationHe (letter)_table_caption_8
PreviewHe (letter)_header_cell_8_0_0 𐎅He (letter)_header_cell_8_0_1 𐡄He (letter)_header_cell_8_0_3 𐡤He (letter)_header_cell_8_0_5 𐢇He (letter)_header_cell_8_0_7 𐣤He (letter)_header_cell_8_0_9 𐤄He (letter)_header_cell_8_0_11 𐩠He (letter)_header_cell_8_0_13 𐪀He (letter)_header_cell_8_0_15 𐿤He (letter)_header_cell_8_0_17
Unicode nameHe (letter)_cell_8_1_0 UGARITIC LETTER HOHe (letter)_cell_8_1_1 IMPERIAL ARAMAIC LETTER HEHe (letter)_cell_8_1_3 PALMYRENE LETTER HEHe (letter)_cell_8_1_5 NABATAEAN LETTER HEHe (letter)_cell_8_1_7 HATRAN LETTER HEHe (letter)_cell_8_1_9 PHOENICIAN LETTER HEHe (letter)_cell_8_1_11 OLD SOUTH ARABIAN LETTER HEHe (letter)_cell_8_1_13 OLD NORTH ARABIAN LETTER HEHHe (letter)_cell_8_1_15 ELYMAIC LETTER HEHe (letter)_cell_8_1_17
EncodingsHe (letter)_header_cell_8_2_0 decimalHe (letter)_header_cell_8_2_1 hexHe (letter)_header_cell_8_2_2 decimalHe (letter)_header_cell_8_2_3 hexHe (letter)_header_cell_8_2_4 decimalHe (letter)_header_cell_8_2_5 hexHe (letter)_header_cell_8_2_6 decimalHe (letter)_header_cell_8_2_7 hexHe (letter)_header_cell_8_2_8 decimalHe (letter)_header_cell_8_2_9 hexHe (letter)_header_cell_8_2_10 decimalHe (letter)_header_cell_8_2_11 hexHe (letter)_header_cell_8_2_12 decimalHe (letter)_header_cell_8_2_13 hexHe (letter)_header_cell_8_2_14 decimalHe (letter)_header_cell_8_2_15 hexHe (letter)_header_cell_8_2_16 decimalHe (letter)_header_cell_8_2_17 hexHe (letter)_header_cell_8_2_18
UnicodeHe (letter)_cell_8_3_0 66437He (letter)_cell_8_3_1 U+10385He (letter)_cell_8_3_2 67652He (letter)_cell_8_3_3 U+10844He (letter)_cell_8_3_4 67684He (letter)_cell_8_3_5 U+10864He (letter)_cell_8_3_6 67719He (letter)_cell_8_3_7 U+10887He (letter)_cell_8_3_8 67812He (letter)_cell_8_3_9 U+108E4He (letter)_cell_8_3_10 67844He (letter)_cell_8_3_11 U+10904He (letter)_cell_8_3_12 68192He (letter)_cell_8_3_13 U+10A60He (letter)_cell_8_3_14 68224He (letter)_cell_8_3_15 U+10A80He (letter)_cell_8_3_16 69604He (letter)_cell_8_3_17 U+10FE4He (letter)_cell_8_3_18
UTF-8He (letter)_cell_8_4_0 240 144 142 133He (letter)_cell_8_4_1 F0 90 8E 85He (letter)_cell_8_4_2 240 144 161 132He (letter)_cell_8_4_3 F0 90 A1 84He (letter)_cell_8_4_4 240 144 161 164He (letter)_cell_8_4_5 F0 90 A1 A4He (letter)_cell_8_4_6 240 144 162 135He (letter)_cell_8_4_7 F0 90 A2 87He (letter)_cell_8_4_8 240 144 163 164He (letter)_cell_8_4_9 F0 90 A3 A4He (letter)_cell_8_4_10 240 144 164 132He (letter)_cell_8_4_11 F0 90 A4 84He (letter)_cell_8_4_12 240 144 169 160He (letter)_cell_8_4_13 F0 90 A9 A0He (letter)_cell_8_4_14 240 144 170 128He (letter)_cell_8_4_15 F0 90 AA 80He (letter)_cell_8_4_16 240 144 191 164He (letter)_cell_8_4_17 F0 90 BF A4He (letter)_cell_8_4_18
UTF-16He (letter)_cell_8_5_0 55296 57221He (letter)_cell_8_5_1 D800 DF85He (letter)_cell_8_5_2 55298 56388He (letter)_cell_8_5_3 D802 DC44He (letter)_cell_8_5_4 55298 56420He (letter)_cell_8_5_5 D802 DC64He (letter)_cell_8_5_6 55298 56455He (letter)_cell_8_5_7 D802 DC87He (letter)_cell_8_5_8 55298 56548He (letter)_cell_8_5_9 D802 DCE4He (letter)_cell_8_5_10 55298 56580He (letter)_cell_8_5_11 D802 DD04He (letter)_cell_8_5_12 55298 56928He (letter)_cell_8_5_13 D802 DE60He (letter)_cell_8_5_14 55298 56960He (letter)_cell_8_5_15 D802 DE80He (letter)_cell_8_5_16 55299 57316He (letter)_cell_8_5_17 D803 DFE4He (letter)_cell_8_5_18
Numeric character referenceHe (letter)_cell_8_6_0 𐎅He (letter)_cell_8_6_1 𐎅He (letter)_cell_8_6_2 𐡄He (letter)_cell_8_6_3 𐡄He (letter)_cell_8_6_4 𐡤He (letter)_cell_8_6_5 𐡤He (letter)_cell_8_6_6 𐢇He (letter)_cell_8_6_7 𐢇He (letter)_cell_8_6_8 𐣤He (letter)_cell_8_6_9 𐣤He (letter)_cell_8_6_10 𐤄He (letter)_cell_8_6_11 𐤄He (letter)_cell_8_6_12 𐩠He (letter)_cell_8_6_13 𐩠He (letter)_cell_8_6_14 𐪀He (letter)_cell_8_6_15 𐪀He (letter)_cell_8_6_16 𐿤He (letter)_cell_8_6_17 𐿤He (letter)_cell_8_6_18

He (letter)_table_general_9

Character informationHe (letter)_table_caption_9
PreviewHe (letter)_header_cell_9_0_0 𐫆He (letter)_header_cell_9_0_1 𐭄He (letter)_header_cell_9_0_3 𐭤He (letter)_header_cell_9_0_5 𐮄He (letter)_header_cell_9_0_7 𐼏He (letter)_header_cell_9_0_9 𐼳He (letter)_header_cell_9_0_11 𐾵He (letter)_header_cell_9_0_13
Unicode nameHe (letter)_cell_9_1_0 MANICHAEAN LETTER HEHe (letter)_cell_9_1_1 INSCRIPTIONAL PARTHIAN LETTER HEHe (letter)_cell_9_1_3 INSCRIPTIONAL PAHLAVI LETTER HEHe (letter)_cell_9_1_5 PSALTER PAHLAVI LETTER HEHe (letter)_cell_9_1_7 OLD SOGDIAN LETTER HEHe (letter)_cell_9_1_9 SOGDIAN LETTER HEHe (letter)_cell_9_1_11 CHORASMIAN LETTER HEHe (letter)_cell_9_1_13
EncodingsHe (letter)_header_cell_9_2_0 decimalHe (letter)_header_cell_9_2_1 hexHe (letter)_header_cell_9_2_2 decimalHe (letter)_header_cell_9_2_3 hexHe (letter)_header_cell_9_2_4 decimalHe (letter)_header_cell_9_2_5 hexHe (letter)_header_cell_9_2_6 decimalHe (letter)_header_cell_9_2_7 hexHe (letter)_header_cell_9_2_8 decimalHe (letter)_header_cell_9_2_9 hexHe (letter)_header_cell_9_2_10 decimalHe (letter)_header_cell_9_2_11 hexHe (letter)_header_cell_9_2_12 decimalHe (letter)_header_cell_9_2_13 hexHe (letter)_header_cell_9_2_14
UnicodeHe (letter)_cell_9_3_0 68294He (letter)_cell_9_3_1 U+10AC6He (letter)_cell_9_3_2 68420He (letter)_cell_9_3_3 U+10B44He (letter)_cell_9_3_4 68452He (letter)_cell_9_3_5 U+10B64He (letter)_cell_9_3_6 68484He (letter)_cell_9_3_7 U+10B84He (letter)_cell_9_3_8 69391He (letter)_cell_9_3_9 U+10F0FHe (letter)_cell_9_3_10 69427He (letter)_cell_9_3_11 U+10F33He (letter)_cell_9_3_12 69557He (letter)_cell_9_3_13 U+10FB5He (letter)_cell_9_3_14
UTF-8He (letter)_cell_9_4_0 240 144 171 134He (letter)_cell_9_4_1 F0 90 AB 86He (letter)_cell_9_4_2 240 144 173 132He (letter)_cell_9_4_3 F0 90 AD 84He (letter)_cell_9_4_4 240 144 173 164He (letter)_cell_9_4_5 F0 90 AD A4He (letter)_cell_9_4_6 240 144 174 132He (letter)_cell_9_4_7 F0 90 AE 84He (letter)_cell_9_4_8 240 144 188 143He (letter)_cell_9_4_9 F0 90 BC 8FHe (letter)_cell_9_4_10 240 144 188 179He (letter)_cell_9_4_11 F0 90 BC B3He (letter)_cell_9_4_12 240 144 190 181He (letter)_cell_9_4_13 F0 90 BE B5He (letter)_cell_9_4_14
UTF-16He (letter)_cell_9_5_0 55298 57030He (letter)_cell_9_5_1 D802 DEC6He (letter)_cell_9_5_2 55298 57156He (letter)_cell_9_5_3 D802 DF44He (letter)_cell_9_5_4 55298 57188He (letter)_cell_9_5_5 D802 DF64He (letter)_cell_9_5_6 55298 57220He (letter)_cell_9_5_7 D802 DF84He (letter)_cell_9_5_8 55299 57103He (letter)_cell_9_5_9 D803 DF0FHe (letter)_cell_9_5_10 55299 57139He (letter)_cell_9_5_11 D803 DF33He (letter)_cell_9_5_12 55299 57269He (letter)_cell_9_5_13 D803 DFB5He (letter)_cell_9_5_14
Numeric character referenceHe (letter)_cell_9_6_0 𐫆He (letter)_cell_9_6_1 𐫆He (letter)_cell_9_6_2 𐭄He (letter)_cell_9_6_3 𐭄He (letter)_cell_9_6_4 𐭤He (letter)_cell_9_6_5 𐭤He (letter)_cell_9_6_6 𐮄He (letter)_cell_9_6_7 𐮄He (letter)_cell_9_6_8 𐼏He (letter)_cell_9_6_9 𐼏He (letter)_cell_9_6_10 𐼳He (letter)_cell_9_6_11 𐼳He (letter)_cell_9_6_12 𐾵He (letter)_cell_9_6_13 𐾵He (letter)_cell_9_6_14

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